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The Japanese were a member of the Axis forces and the primary belligerent in the Pacific Theater of war.

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Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because they wanted to control the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese purpose was to destroy Pearl Harbor to make the Americans force less, useless and purposeless. The outcome resulted in the opposite. So that US would surrender and not fight back in WW2. Essentially, the Japanese attack the US Navy at Pearl Harbor so that the United States would not be able to interfere with Japan's expansion in the Pacific. While the attack slowed the US response, it did not...
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What does jetta mean when translated into English?

Like most car names - it's kind of a nonsense word. It's in reference to the Jet Stream, however. Many Volkwagen model names reference wind. Jetta j(et)-ta as a girl's name is pronounced JET-ah. It is of Danish origin. Modern name. Refers to jet, an intensely black, shiny gemstone. The mineral name means "stone from Gagai". The latter was a city in Lycia, Asia Minor. ...
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Why wasn't Hirohito executed as a war crime in world war 2?

By getting to keep their Emperor was the one condition the Japanese insisted on before they would surrender. The Japanese believed he was a living god, but he had to admit to the Japanese people that he was not divine, not a god. He spoke to the Japanese people in a radio address at that time, and it was the first time the people had ever heard his voice. The US and the British had made a big deal out of...
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What are arguments for and against the atomic bombings of Japan being justified?

Here are summaries of opinions from FAQ Farmers on the moral or immoral nature of the decision to bomb Japan with nuclear weapons. Fewer Americans died * The war in the Pacific had been raging for almost four years. The two battles immediately preceeding the bomb decision were Iwo Jima and Okinawa, two battles where the Japanese fought to the death and the cost in American casualties was horrific. It was predicted that the invasion of the Japanese mainland at the Island...
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India's place in world?

A country in Asia - A growing industrial nation known for her Vedic culture and ancient history and one of the fast developing countries. ...
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What North African countries were occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Basically French North Africa was controlled by Vichy a German puppet. A lot of fighting took place in Italian North Africa and into Eygpt - then a British puppet. No actual countries were "Occupied" as such. Modern countries formed from or including bits of these areas are - Algeria, Tunisa, Libya and Eygpt (obviously) ...
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How did hide from x japan die?

Hide was found hanging from his bathroom door with a towel around his neck. They said it was suicide. Like the answer before said, hide was found hanging from his bathroom door with a towel around his neck and police said it was a suicide. Some people though, including the members of X Japan believe it was an accident, or even a prank gone horribly wrong, as hide was drunk at the time it happened. ...
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What was the second plane that drop a atomic bomb in world war 2?

The B-29 bomber 'Bockscar', dropped the second atomic bomb named 'Fat Man' upon the Japanese city of Nagasaki . ...
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Did Japan ever attack Alaska?

Yes, in the Aleutian Islands, starting on June 4, 1942. At Kiska, Attu & Dutch Harbor. ...
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Why did Japan invade Manchuria in 1931?

1. The Wall Street Crash. It crippled the USA's economy and therefore they starting importing less. Japan also struggled without enough trade from the USA. Eg; One of Japan's key exports was silk and America decided to stop importing it, making it themselves instead. 2. To try and gain more natural resources and raw materials to support their massive expansion and militarization. They no longer wanted to rely heavily on the U.S for resources and decided Manchuria was ideal for a Japanese expansion...
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Why did the US drop the atomic bombs on Japan?

Here are explanations: To put an immediate end to the war The USA was facing the prospect of invading Japan to subdue it. The last few battles, Iwo Jima and Okinawa particularly, were incomprehensibly bloody. Japan had no regard for its own citizens' lives and planned to turn their whole island into a fortress. It was estimated that casualties would be 1 million Americans and half a million British in the first invasion alone. Some cynics say we used it to scare Stalin...
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What is the blast and EMP radius of a 20KT nuclear warhead detonated at surface level?

It really depends on the terrain surrounding the blast and the altitude of the blast. EMP would be negligible, as those effects are only seen during very high altitude detonations (in space or upper atmosphere, for instance). I'd have to say a safe answer of one to two miles if you're including overpressure capable of damaging a building or less as a general rule for a weapon of this yield. According to my circular slide rule nuclear weapons effects calculator, the blast damage...
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Civilian bombing was done mainly for what reason?

Supposedly to demoralize the populace into changing their government and sue for peace . ...
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Is Japan banned from nuclear weapons?

No, but Japan banned them within their own territory themselves.
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What does POW stand for in world war 2?

Prisoner of war, usually said as POW camp.
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What is the plural of bomb?

The plural of bomb is bombs.
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How can war change a person for the good or bad?

war can change a person in many ways but the 2 most important are if you are on the front lines you will be able to see things that a person shouldn't witness and this can lead to depression, drinking and being scarred when you go home. Waking up in the middle of the night having nightmares or having delusions of people trying to kill you....... But the good things that resolve are Collage Degrees for Engineering Medical, Leadership...etc. I Hope This...
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What are Flash's superpowers?

His power is to move really fast. if you see him pass through an object, that is because his body is vibrating so fast that he can pass through thin objects. ...
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Was Attack on Pearl Harbor a war crime?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was not a war crime but rather an act of conventional warfare. See dictionary definition of war crime. n. Any of various crimes, such as genocide or the mistreatment of prisoners of war, committed during a war and considered in violation of the conventions of warfare. war criminal war criminal n. ...
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How do you write Sebastian in Japanese?