Navajo Indians

One of the largest of the Native American Tribes, they lived in the Southwest of the United States and Northern Mexico.

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What is the Navajo word for heart?


Means a heart not just heart.

Shijéí- my heart, nijéí- your heart, bijéí- her, his, it's heart, nihijéí- their heart and so on. There is also a plural and dual possessive.

In non medical settings ajéídíshjool is more often used. It useles for all the same particles in show possession.

In Navajo body parts such as heart or eye must always be in the possessive. The word " heart" does not exist on it's own. They are inalienable. The marks above the vowels mean they are high tone.

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What is the Navajo word for grandfather?

Shicheii for my maternal grandpa.

Shinalí for my paternal grandpa.

For a better translation, I need to know if you want Your, my, his/her, thier, A grandpa. It's a verb heavy language.

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What is the Navajo word for fire?


The mark under the O makes it nasalized like in the French word "bon". The mark at the end is the Navajo consonant called a glottal stop. We have it in the middle of "uh'oh".

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How do you say thank you for coming in Navajo?

In Navajo not everything is word for word like it is in English.

You could just say ahéhee'. (ah-hyeh-he') meaning "thank you."

If you are starting to talk to a gathering you might say: Ahéhee' shikéí dóó shidine'é… (Thank you my friends/family and my people…)


you might say if someone has come to see you: Shaa yíníyáhígíí baa 'ahééh nisin.

---Which means "I'm grateful (or appreciate or thankful) for you coming to see me".

You can say this many ways with slight differences that change it a great deal in the way you say it in Navajo.

"I'm thankful for you for coming to see me like you usually do" would make a different conjugation than : "I'm grateful for you coming to see me over and over".

Usually you need more careful particulars in the Navajo than you need in the Navajo because there are modes and aspects in Navajo as well as tense and the verb conjugates as to who is being spoken about with a dual and plural and fourth person and indefinite person too. Sometimes the verb changes depending on what sort of object is being acted upon, such as picking up a round object vs a long thin flexible one.

Navajo Indians

How do you say good night in navajo language?

You can (try to) say

Yá'át'ééh hiiłchi'į'

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What animals did Navajo hunt?

deer, elk, fish, , antelope and rabbits

Navajo Indians

How do you say I love you in Navajo?

'Ayóo'anííníshní, or 'Ayóo'ííníshní

The marks above vowels are high tone marks not a stress.

Two vowels make the sound longer except i which changes from i as in bit to an ee sound.

The marks above and before of between things are glottal stop consonants.

I have attached a video of short romantic phrases in Navajo.

Navajo Indians

How do you say Hello in Navajo on audio?


see the link below.

The marks above make it high tone, not an accent or stress. Navajo is tonal ans tone changes meaning just like "bit" and "bet" are different words in English.

The T' is different than T. It is a glottalized consonant. Hold your breath in your throat and say T.

The ' means the consonant glottal stop. We have it in "uh'oh". It is one of the most common Navajo consonants.

The H at the end is pronouced. Give a extra H breath out at the end.

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How do you my name is in Navajo?



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What kind of food did the Iroquois eat?

Mostly corn, squash, beans and what game or fish they could hunt.

cow ,donkey and dairy chocolate

brries,nuts,deer,wild turkey,migratory birds,salmon,trout,bass,and witefish

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What is the Navajo spelling of the word Small?

The Navajo word for small or little is "yazzie", as in dibeh-yazzie (sheep-little) = lamb.

The standard spelling in the orthography that is now taught is:

"yázhí". The marks are high tone marks.

Navajo is a tonal language and needs tones to be correct. The zh sound is somewhere between z and the sound in the middle of the word "pleasure".

shí ashkii yázhí- "my little boy"

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How to say buffalo in Navajo?

The Navajo word meaning buffalo or bison is 'ayání.

The last two vowels are high tone.

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What is the Native American tribe name pronounced like Sue?

Sioux Sioux

Navajo Indians

What time of day did the Navajo tribe hunt?

night because it was the best time they could hunt with camouflage and more of there weapons so that they could sneak up on their food that they wanted

Navajo Indians

What are facts abut Navajo houses?

Traditional Dine' homes are called Hogan in English and Hooghan ( long o not u and the gh is a sound like the ch in Scottish) in Navajo language (Dine' Bizaad). They were usually made of logs ( some times stone too) with earth covering all or part of it. They are very energy efficient because of this. Now they are made of many materials. They always have the door facing east. This is the cardinal direction in Dine' culture and maps for them have east at the top not north. There are two types of hooghan, as there are most things in Navajo, male and female. The male ones are rare nowadays. They are more cone shaped. the more common ones are 6 or 8 sided. Besides the door to the east there is a smoke hole in the center. sometimes now they have windows but never to the north. If someone died in a hogan in the old days it was abandoned and a hole was broken in the north side to remove the body. You should never enter a abandoned hogan with a hole on the north side. When being built there are always four post , one for each direction. There is a special blessing ceremony after it is built. People still do all this rituals and more today. The hogan has important and deep cultural, philosophical and religious meaning in it's every part. Navajo religious rituals must take place in one.

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How many people where in the Navajo tribe?

Today there are over 300,048 enrolled member of the Navajo Tribe. About a little less than 200,000 live on the Navajo Nation. There are quite a few more who are part Navajo.

In 1864 when the US army forced them on the Long Walk, 9000 went and about 1-2000 or so hid out. By 1900 there were about 20,000 and 39,000 in 1930. It is unknown how many Navajo there were prior to this. The Spanish and the Mexicans did not have full control of the area and did no census.

It is assumed that, just as other tribes, the Navajo experienced epidemics from new European diseases. This would have happened before 1540 so there is not many ways to know the correct number.

We do know that in 1900 the Navajo had an unusualy long average lifespan. Life expectancy for Navajo was 58 years compared to whites at the time who had 50, blacks: 41 and Cherokee: 41 years old, Seneca:30, Yakima:24

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What did the Navajo Indians eat?

The very first Southwest Native Americans hunted mammoths until they became extinct. Then people began to hunt buffalo, also known as bison, as well as collect wild plants for food. They also learned to grow maize, or corn, that was their most common grain, which became domesticated in Mexico.

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How do you spell mom in Navajo?


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What is the Navajo word for crazy?

Shi Cho' Adehn



or: diigis nishłį́ ---"to be crazy"

or: t'óó nishłį́

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What were the subgroups of the Navajo Indians?

There weren't any sub-groups as such in the way you are asking. Leadership was not nor is inherited and leadership was just based of personal charisma and perhaps wealth in sheep or influence do to ritual knowledge.. Groups were just family and clan based. There were not area subgroups. Clans were always mixing as you can't marry anyone in your clan.

There are about 60 Navajo clans. They are said to come from four original clans created by Changing Woman. They are:

Kinyaa'aanii- The Towering House Clan,

Honaghaahnii -One-walks-around clan,

Todich'ii'nii - Bitter Water clan,

and Hasht l'ishnii -Mud clan.

You inherit your clan from your mother. You are "born for" your father's. You can't marry anyone in any of the four ones of your grandparent's clans. It is incest.

Politically today most Navajo are part of the large Navajo Nation which is in AZ, UT and NM. Some belong to the Ramah resevation in NM near Zuni. Other's are Alamo and Tohajiilee, also in NM. These are also part of the Navajo nation. It is is 27,000 square miles. There are 300,048 members. 58 % live on the Navajo Nation. Others live all over the country. It is divided into 5 "Agencys" and 110 "Chapters". Chapters are legislative districts sort of like counties.

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What type of craft did the Navajo make?

The Navajo are well known for their beautiful weaving, jewelery, baskets and pottery. Because of the central philosophical concept of hózhǫ́ , many Dine' are attacked to creating beautiful things. There are well many known artists, painters, poets, writers, singers, jewelers, potters, and weavers.

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What is your name in Navajo?

To say "what is your name " in Navajo you say: daash yinílyé

To answer you say: (Name) yinishyé."

And you?: nishą'?

The marks over vowels make them high tone. They are as important in Navajo as changing the vowel is in English like "bit" and "bet".

The mark under the "a" makes it nasalized.

Two vowels together make it held longer not change the sound very much as it would in English.

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What is fp hallmark on American Indian jewelry?

If it is stamped into the silver, "fp" is probably the initials of the artist who created the piece: the artist's hallmark. If it is just etched in with a Dremel tool, it still could be

an artist's hallmark, but most likely it's an identifying mark or inventory mark of the



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