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Are cats colorblind?

No, they are not color blind. They see some colors, but not all colors. And they see colors differently than humans do. Cats seem to be able to distinguish between higher frequency colors, meaning cats respond to the colors purple, blue, green and possibly yellow range. Red, orange and brown colors appear to fall outside cats color range and are most likely seen as shades of grey or purple. Purple, blue and green appear to be the strongest colors perceived by cats. Tests...
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What color do cats see?

We believe cats do see in color, although not exactly the way we do. In past tests, cats appeared to distinguish between the low to mid light wave spectrum (higher frequency), meaning cats responded to the colors purple, blue, green and yellow range. Red, orange and brown colors appear to fall outside cats color range and are most likely seen as shades of gray or purple. Cats appear to see less saturation in colors than do humans, meaning cats do not...
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How can you treat your cat if it has a cold?

You should not do anything yourself to treat your cat's cold. Most upper respiratory infections in cats are caused by viruses that are very common in the cat population, so there aren't any medications available even through your veterinarian that will do anything about the infection. In general, antibiotics are a waste of time and money (plus aggravating if your cat doesn't want to cooperate with taking them) because antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. If the symptoms don't clear up in a...
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Why do cats lick when you scratch their back?

Not all felines will exhibit a licking behavior when their back is being scratched. The licking behavior, while common, is more of an individualistic behavior, and most likely a grooming response. When the cats back is being scratched, the cat feels something similar to self grooming or grooming from another cat, and some will lick the air in time with the stroking. Licking in response to stroking or scratching is not necessarily a species wide behavior however, and not all cats will react similarly. A...
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Can cats have Tylenol?

No, you cannot give Tylenol to cats for pain because it can cause a fatal reaction (Heinz body anemia). Even a single pill is far too much and could kill your cat. This is why you should never give people medication to pets - they are not small humans and what would be safe for you may be lethal to them. ...
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Is friskies or whiskas better for kittens?

Neither. Both brands are incredibly low quality. Both the dry food is packed with grains and cereals that offer no nutritional value whatsoever to a cat or kitten, and both dry and wet of both Friskies and Whiskas have a very low meat quality and content. The ingredients of Whiskas in particular, are very unclear on what exactly is in the food. Kittens and cats are strict carnivores. They get all their nutritional needs from meat. Kittens in particular, need a lot...
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How many litters can a cat have in a cats lifetime?

Cats often come into heat every couple of weeks, with a gestation period of around 63 days. A Queen will often come back into heat when the kittens are weaned (around six to eight weeks). So, a female cat can have many, many litters during her lifetime. ...
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Can you feed a baby squirrel cat milk?

The cat milk will not have all the nutrients, or enough of the nutrients that the squirrel requires. I'm no expert and i don't think it will hurt the squirrel but it would be better if the baby squirrel could have its mother instead. or course if the mother is out of the option you could always talk to a vet or wildlife management; there should also be plenty of info on the web about it; but don't feed it processed...
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My cat has green puss coming out of eyes for 2 days what is that?

It most likely means your cat has an infection. See a vet for a proper examination. ...
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How do cats get worms?

Cats can pick up worms by ingestion such as with flea's and the tapeworm which is carried by the Flea, hookworms in the grass, and by other animals that already have these parasites. some kittens get them from their mothers who have them already. and yes cats can get heartworm also, from our mosquito non friends. ...
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What does it mean when there is a dead CAT in front of the door?

It means that it died of hunger or cold. or maybe someone poisoned it.. lol maybe it has something to do with bad luck too? ...
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Will dog flea drops hurt a cat?

Yes! It well harm your cat because dog flea drops are much too strong for a cat! If you do then immediately wash it off with a wet whipe or a wet (paper) towel! You should just give it cat flea medicine. that is most safe. ...
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How old does a cat need to be neutered?

Vets usually recommend 4 1/2 to 5 months, the Humane Society and Animal Control will do it much earlier (8wks) in order to get them adopted sooner. Most veterinarians do not recommend doing it that early though. In the United States, most veterinarians advocate neutering your male cat at about 4 months of age. However, a veterinarian experienced with performing surgery for a shelter can neuter a kitten down to about 2 months of age with no worries about surgical complications - the...
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Why can cats eat raw meat without getting food poisoning?

A cat's digestive tract is adapted to eating raw meat. Raw meat doesn't necessarily cause food poisoning. If it has become contaminated with harmful bacteria and allowed to decompose, a cat will avoid it. They have a sense of smell that is much more acute than ours. ...
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Is Gentamycin Eye Drop safe for the children?

Yes, as long as the antibiotic is not expired, and has not been contaminated by something else, gentamycin is safe for children. ...
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How many cups of cat food are in a 5 lb bag?

approximately 30 cups of cat food. one cup = 2.7 oz.
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Do cats eat you when you die?

Humourus Answer Would you eat your cat if it died? No. You would most likely bury it. Cats will do the same for you. Since they are much smaller and weaker than us, they will take you apart piece by piece and attempt to bury you in the litter box. So make sure your litter box is kept clean so your cats have a place to bury you. It is also recommended that you keep your wallet in a place easily...
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Why do cats wander away and disappear for a week?

The first thing I'd ask is, is the cat a tom? And if so, is he fixed? A tomcat in his natural state is driven by instinct to wander, so he can expand his territory to include as many females as possible. While girl cats are happiest with a small area of territory around their home, where they feel safe, tomcats are used to confrontation and territorial war. If your cat is neutered or female, this becomes a more difficult question. (Unless...
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Can Systane eye drops be used on cats?

You should never use a product that is intended for humans on any animal. Schedule an appointment with your vet about your cat's eye problems. ...
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What is good quality inexpensive kitten food?

Any kind of kitten chow, pretty much. Friskies, Meow mix, Purina, etc.
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How long does advantage work?

The kind you put on in drops on the skin works for 30 days if no bath is given to the cat. ...
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Why do cats eat string?

Cats are very playful, and they see string as a toy. Biting and chewing are some of the ways a cat will play with an object. However, you shouldn't let your cat eat string, or even play with string, due to health risks associated with cats eating string. String can easily get caught around or block up part of the cat's digestive system which, in some cases, can be fatal. It is also quite possible for the cat itself to get...
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How do you work out your age in cat years?

Allow 15 human years for the first year of your cat's life. Add nine years for the second year. A two-year old cat will approximate 24 human years. Add four human years each for successive years of his life. ** ...
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Do cats eat sugar?

In a natural environment, a cat would not eat sugar. Studies over the past several years have concluded that all cat species, including the domestic cat, lack the ability to taste sweetness. In addition to this, cats lack the ability to digest sugar, particularly processed sugar found in many human foods and even some cat foods. While it is inconclusive that sugar is one of the causes for feline diabetes, it is agreed that feeding a cat foods that are high in sugar...
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Can you fix a male cat at home?

By fix you obviously mean neutered and that requires an operation which can only be preformed by a vet in proper conditions. It should not be done at home because if something goes wrong the cat's life is in danger. Also the vet has years of training and only they should handle your cat. So never attempt to neuter a cat at home. For a male cat they generally put him under general anaesthesia so it's very important to take him...