Costumes are worn by all sorts of people, young and old. Costumes can reflect characters, cultures, or eras in time. They can be seen on kindergartners in the school play or on knights at the Renaissance Festival.

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How do you make a swimmable mermaid tail pattern?

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See the Related Links below to see a YouTube video on how to make a mermaid tail.
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Where can you get the Chii ears accessory for MMD?

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try searching with google "chobits chii cosplay ears" and you should find them!
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Where can you get a cheap dead space costume?

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You can try making your own Dead Space costume. There are instructions on You can also try to find them on eBay or Redbubble.
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How Do You Make Costumes In Champions Online?

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Sadly You Have To Buy A Slot From The Cryptic Store.
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How do you use fake blood tablets?

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Dependeing on what you are trying to do... Place them in your mouth and bite down on them. Remove caplets when they are empty. If not for that purpose, cut a small hole in the ends and placed where desired.
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How do you make a fake scar?

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Use some dark color makeup, on the spot where you are faking your scar! Use,a little bit of black,purple and blue,mix and apply on the spot. Do not over use, just a dab on each spot of the skin and your done!
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How can you make a caterpillar costume?

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Check out the tutorial at the relevant link below .
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Where in Australia can you get Bleach costumes?

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I cant really give a certain answer as I don't cosplay (yet) But your best bet is is to see if you can get a costume made at a costume store (I think they call them Tailors). If the store can make costumes than all I think you'd have to do is supply them with a picture of the character and your measurements and voila they should be able to make one. A much more easier way would be ordering costumes online as there would be a drastic decrease in time you would have to wait to get it.
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What do carnival costumes look like?

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The Brazilian carnival costumes look bright, colourful and unusual and they have loads of music to make it come together. Brazilian Carnival costumes are different and artistic and really pretty. Your Welcome
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Where can you buy Lady Sovereign clothes?

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try kidrobot, Adidas original or reedspace
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How much do custom made snowboards cost?

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about 200 dollars ANSWER: maybe about $200 to $250 depending on how complicated the design. ANSWER: Yeah, maybe $200, but I think it would be much lesser when you look for someone, whose making snowboards on hand.
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How do you make an artificial Amelia Earhart costume?

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Look I know that it may be hard and you wanna be able to do this spending no money. So if you have a leather jacket use it or if you dont its fine. Second underneath the leather jacket wear a button up collar neck. Also just wear your hair down. And for pants wear jeans or tan jeans. Hope this helps
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What did vassals wear in Medieval Times?

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n a fully developed vassalage, the lord and the vassal would undertake a commendation ceremony, composed of two parts: the homage and the fealty, including the use of Christian sacraments, to show its importance. Such refinements were not included from the outset, however: according to Eginhard's brief description, the commendatio made to Pippin in 757 by Tassillo, duke of Bavaria, involved the relics of Saint Denis, Saint Rusticus and Saint Éleuthère, Saint Martin and Saint Germain, which had apparently been assembled at Compiègne for the event [1]. Feudal society was increasingly based on the concept of "lordship"- in French the seigneur- which was one of the distinguishing features of the Early Middle Ages which evolved out of Late Antiquity.[4] In Charlemagne's time, the connection slowly developed between vassalage and the grant of land, the main form of capital at that time: contemporaneous social developments included agricultural "manorialism" and the social and legal structures labelled- but only since the 18th century- "feudalism". These developments proceeded at different rates in various regions. In Merovingian times, only the greatest and most trusted vassals would be rewarded with lands. Even at the most extreme devolution of any remnants of central power, in 10th century France, the majority of vassals still had no fixed estate (Ganshof 1964). The stratification of a fighting band of vassals into an upper group composed of great territorial magnates, strong enough to ensure the inheritance of their benefice to the heirs of their family, and a lower group of landless knights attached to a "count" or "duke", might roughly be correlated with the new term "fief" that was superseding "benefice" in the 9th century. The social settling out process also received impetus in fundamental changes in conducting warfare. The example of the Huns resulted in the supersession in the Romanised world of disorganised infantry by cavalry, armies became more expensive to maintain. A vassal needed economic resources to equip the cavalry he was bound to contribute to his lord to fight his frequent wars. Such resources, in the absence of a money economy, was only to be found in land and its associated assets, which included peasants, as well as wood and water. Mongol vassalage The Mongols during the Mongol Empire period created vassal states out of cities they wanted to conquer. A chance of a city and country becoming a vassal was more possible if the city surrendered to the Mongols beforehand. Then they would be required to send tribute and goods to the Mongols to show their submission. If a city resisted, the chance of becoming a vassal was much reduced and would result in the Mongols destroying much of the city. Also some cities surrendered beforehand and pledged to give tribute in order to not fight war with the Mongols. The Mongols would also install ambassadors and tribute collectors in the city to collect the tributes in a timely fashion. If the tributes stopped or didn't arrive in the agreed to timeframe, the Mongols would attack.
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Where can you get a bad bunny mask?

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You could get one at a store with Halloween costumes or order it from a Halloween store online.
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Should you wear lolita to school?

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I would, and have worn lolita to school. However, there are two concerns. One is that you cannot be afraid to be laughed at, made snide comments about, or cat-called. The second is that if your school has a very strict dress code, they may not allow you to wear it. But if neither of these apply to you, then go right ahead. I hope this helps :D
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Where is the cheapest mermaid tails?

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possibly target or Halloween city
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What costumer has won the most Oscars?

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Edith Head, who received 35 Academy Award nominations during her career, won eight times.
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What do Trinidad holiday costumes look like?

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all white because Trinidadians do vodu for a living more than people in Haiti.