Costumes are worn by all sorts of people, young and old. Costumes can reflect characters, cultures, or eras in time. They can be seen on kindergartners in the school play or on knights at the Renaissance Festival.

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What are some Edgar Allan Poe costume ideas?

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Some Edgar Allan Poe costume ideas could include dressing as the author himself with a black suit, ruffled shirt, and maybe a fake crow or raven perched on your shoulder. You could also go as one of Poe's famous characters like the narrator from "The Tell-Tale Heart" with a blood-stained shirt or as the narrator from "The Raven" with a feathered cape and dark makeup.

What kind of clothes would Tom Buchanan from The Great Gatsby wear?

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Tom Buchanan, a wealthy and arrogant character from "The Great Gatsby," would likely wear tailored suits made of expensive materials such as silk or wool. He would favor traditional styles reflecting his old-money background, with classic details like pinstripes or cufflinks. Additionally, his outfits might feature bold colors or patterns to emphasize his status and flamboyant personality.

What materials do you need to make a swimmable mermaid tail?

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To make a swimmable mermaid tail, you will need a monofin (for the swimming propulsion), fabric like spandex or neoprene, a sewing machine or needle and thread, and optionally, embellishments like sequins or rhinestones for decoration. It's important to ensure that the materials you choose are durable and waterproof.

Where can you find a jacket scarf and shirt like Merlin's from BBC?

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You may be able to find similar clothing items by searching online retailers, costume shops, or specialty stores that sell medieval or fantasy-themed clothing. Another option is to search for replica costumes specifically designed to resemble Merlin's outfit from the BBC series.

What did people wear in 1303 Verona?

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In 1303 Verona, people would have worn clothing typical of the medieval period, such as tunics, long dresses for women, and hose or breeches for men. Nobility would have worn more elaborate and luxurious fabrics, while commoners would have worn simpler, more practical clothing made of wool or linen. Head coverings like hoods and hats were also common.

What Poem has 10 syllables per line?

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there was once a teacher

who instructed (his/her) poor kids

to write (him/her) up a poem

with at least 10 lines, (he/she) bids.

all of the students went home

and began to work on their rhymes

but there was one in particular

who simply could not find the time

to write (him/her) a poem

with #10 as the last line

How do you make a snow-queen costume?

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To make a snow queen costume, start with a long, flowing white dress as your base. Add sparkly embellishments like sequins, glitter, or rhinestones to mimic a frosty effect. Accessorize with a tiara, a cape made of sheer or shimmering fabric, and silver or blue jewelry to complete the look. Finish by styling your hair in a slicked-back braid or loose curls and adding icy makeup with blue and silver tones.

Where can you find an Alice Cullen costume?

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You can find an Alice Cullen costume at various costume shops, online retailers like Amazon or eBay, or specialty shops that cater to cosplay and themed events. You may also consider creating your own costume by piecing together different items that resemble Alice's signature style from the Twilight series.

How can you make a super suit?

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Creating a super suit typically involves designing a functional, durable, and aesthetic costume that provides protection and enhances abilities. This can be achieved by using specialized materials like Kevlar for durability, incorporating tech gadgets for enhanced abilities, and adding design elements that reflect the wearer's identity and purpose. Seek help from costume designers, engineers, and technology experts for a well-rounded creation.

How many types of dresses can you list?

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bubble dress

ball gown



pleated dress

mini dress

maxi dress

formal dress

sheer dress

Quinceañera dress

any competition dress

tutu dress

ballet dress

layered dress

flower dress


pillowcase dress

princess dress

i think thats about all i could name

Where is the Curvysea swimwear shop?

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Curvysea swimwear shop is an online boutique selling plus size swimwear and plus size lingerie. Their swimwear brand and their designs are unique.

Where to buy Animal Costumes for Kids in Karachi?

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Funnyman Magic at Khadda Market Defence has large variety of Dinosaurs & Animal Costumes for Children. Call 0345-2503089 for details

Read more: Where_to_buy_Halloween_Costumes_in_Karachi

How do you get the pirate costume in I am learning?

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In the I am learning game, you can get the pirate costume by completing specific tasks or challenges within the game. These tasks may involve completing levels, earning a certain number of points, or achieving certain objectives. Once you have completed the requirements, the pirate costume will be unlocked and available for your character to wear.

Where can you buy a Jane and the Dragon costume?

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You can buy a Jane and the Dragon costume online from websites like Amazon, eBay, and various costume retailers. Additionally, you may find it at local costume shops during the Halloween season or specialty stores that cater to themed costumes and accessories.

How do you make a costume?

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To make an ant costume, you need black gloves, a black headband, black tights, black pants, a black long sleeved shirt, dark shoes, two pipe cleaners and rubber bands. Make legs with the tights by cutting them off at the panty line, stuffing them with fiberfill, and making joints using rubber bands. Sew them into the shirt. Use the pipe cleaners to make antennas and wrap them around the headband.

Where can you buy a mermaid tail that you can swim with?

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you can either make one using BurnOutHappy's video on youtube called: How to make a mermaid tail

or, there is another great site called www.merfolktails-foxmoonproductions.

i hope this helped! :)

Who are thing 1 and thing 2?

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its this game where you are creation created systems corp and u want kill your creator so u have to go thru 4 games to complete the saga then go to thing thing arena 1, 2 and 3 and kick some thing thing asss! :)

How much does vampire fangs cost?

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Umm....I don't know. But first find a dentist willing to do that.

Who is Calvin Harris dating?

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Yes, his current girlfriend is Rita Ora

How do you make stage props?

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Stage props may be created from real items, such as tables, cups, or lamps. Since they do not always need to perform their real function, however, they may also be made of other substances, like a "rock" made out of paper mache and painted to look real.

How do you make a cucumber costume?

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Whether you or your child want to go as a vegetable or you are big fans of Veggietales, there are a variety of reasons to consider making a cucumber costume. In order to do so you will need your sewing machine, green material cut to the length you need. You need to measure the person then cut out long shapes the height that you need, sew them together, and slip over your head.

How do you make a pencil costume?

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I'm creating a crayon costume for Halloween. I found a great site that has some ideas on just how to do it. Check it out after I add it.

How do you convert number sizes to letter sizes?

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Men's Tops

Sizes.........Chest (in)








Note: Men's numerical sizes usually match the chest (in.) measurements.

To get your chest measurement, use a tailors' measuring tape

to measure around your chest just under your arms.

Women's Tops

# Size......Letter size...Bust (in)

00 ............ XXS/XS.......31

0 ………....XS...............32

2 ………… S.................33

4 ………… S.................34

6 ………… M................35

8 ………… M................36

10 ……….. L................37.5

12………… L................39

14 ……….. XL.............40.5

16 ……….. XL..............42

18 ……,….XXL............44

Note: Women's letter sizes usually cover two numerical sizes.

To get your bust measurement, use a tailors' measuring tape

to measure completely around your bust at the fullest point with your arms relaxed at your sides.

What are costumes used for?

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space bar it activates what ever power your costume has but it can't hurt anyone