The Smurfs

Little blue creatures made popular in the 1980's by an animated television series produced by the Hanna-Barbera Studios. Featuring Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and Gargomel, this series delighted Saturday morning cartoon followers and produced a plethora of related products.

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If you choke a Smurf what color does it turn?

Drop That Smurf!This question assumes that a smurf requires oxygen to survive, which is a valid assumption considering smurfs fear drowning as much as any normal air-breathing creature does. Furthermore, if smurfs require oxygen, then they must have some kind oxygen-transport molecule in their bloodstream. In vertebrates, this molecule is heme with an iron atom at its center and is what gives blood its red color. Since smurfs appear to be vertebrates, we can assume they also have heme in their blood. Now when a naked-skinned vertebrate is choked, namely humans, their faces turn red because surface capillaries in the skin dilate and blood rushes in. Assuming the same thing happens to smurfs, their faces would turn purple.
  • Believe it or not, this was answered on an episode of the Smurfs, in which one of them threatened to hold his breath until he turned red. But instead he turned a dark purple.
  • They are peaceful creatures, for one you should not choke them.
  • Choking smurfs is illegal.
  • Let's pretend that smurfs are little blue human beings. Human beings turn red at first when you choke them. Red+Blue = Purple.
  • I happen to know from experience, that if you choke a smurf (which you can do), they turn invisible. Its actually a very simple concept if you are intelligent enough to understand it, which, unfortunately, none of you are.
  • I once choked a smurf, but seeing as they don't have any lungs it didn't do anything.
  • I'm sure if you choke a Smurf they would turn white. It Chokes the blue right out of em.
  • Logically, I would say red, but I think it would be sweet if they turned green or orange or something really bright.
The Smurfs

Are Smurfs real?


The Smurfs

What does it mean if people call you Smurf?

They are criticizing your appearance, particularly your height (or lack thereof).

It could also be a compliment, depends on the context

The Smurfs

How do you get grumpy Smurf on smurfs?

by not dying in real life... yup that's essential

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The Smurfs

What was papa Smurf's real name?

papa smurf

The Smurfs

What is in Smurf dope?

Smurf dope is one of two things. Its either (a) Meth that is cut with a substance to make it that color as a marketing tool for dealers or (b) very strong highly pure dope that has turned that color due to its purity and method of cooking to create such a high quality product (this being the type I have seen for myself)

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The Smurfs

Who wrote the original smurfs comic book?

Pierre Culliford also known as 'Peyo' is credited with creating the Smurfs comic book.

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The Smurfs

What is the answer to papa smurfs 3rd riddle?

it is a fire

The Smurfs

Which colour is papa smurfs hat?

Papa Smurf's hat and pants are red.

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The Smurfs

What does the Thanksgiving statue on smurfs do?

It unlocks the pumpkin plant, so you can plant it.

The Smurfs

Does hefty love smurfette?

Yes in my opinion because she always kisses Hefty the most.And you never see her kissing Brainy or Vanity (aka the gay smurf)or clumsy or even Papa smurf for that matter.If I were Hefty I would totally love Smurfette.

The Smurfs

Why does garbage smell try to catch the smurfs?

Garbage Smell tries to catch the smurfs because as proven in the television series is because he wants to eat them, but as proven in the movie because of the magic they posses!

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The Smurfs

Are the smurfs evil?


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The Smurfs

Where did smurfette come from?

well when papa smurf was having fun she popped out

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What color are the Smurfs?

Smurfs are short, blue creatures.

Most Smurfs are blue, with white hats. Papa smurf I believe has a red hat & beard, while Brainy smurf wears glasses. Smufette (the only girl) had Blonde hair. (:

Blue. White hat and white pants/dress. Although, Papa Smurf has red hat and pants and also has a white beard. Grampa Smurf has yellow clothes, a very long white beard and a walking stick. Some of the newer Smurfs' have special clothes that embolize there interests. Vanity has normal clothes except for a flower in his hair and a hand mirror.
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What is the answer to papa Smurf's second riddle?


The Smurfs

How many times do they say the word Smurf in the smurfs movie?

There are no official reports with the number of times they say the word Smurf in the Smurf movie. Most people that saw the movie suggest that they said it over 200 times.

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The Smurfs

How many times smaller is a group of 7 coins than a group of 21 coins?


The Smurfs

What color is grandpa smurfs hat?

It is probably white.

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The Smurfs

What is the answer to papa smurfs first riddle?

"I may seem tough, I may seem dry, but beneath the surface I make you cry. What am I?"

-- Garlic

The Smurfs

How do smurfs have babies?

As Smurfs are asexual creatures, Smurfs use a commensalist relationship with storks to repopulate. In the case of Papa Smurf's village, Feathers the Stork brings infant Smurfs to replenish the Smurf population.

The Smurfs

What are the names of the 6 smurfs in the 2011 movie?

The names of the six smurfs are:

1. Papa Smurf

2. Smurfette

3. Clumsy

4. Grouchy

5. Greedy

6. Smurf

The Smurfs

How do you beat smurfs handy car step by step video?

look on the internet

The Smurfs

Are the smurfs demonic?


My opinion, no.

My mom says that they are supposed to be either little blue aliens or little blue genies(?).

Well my answer yes. P.S. When you choke a Smurf what color dose it turn?

The Smurfs

How do you unlock radish on smurfs?

By smacking yourself.


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