Smurfs' Village (Game)

Smurfs' Village is an app game by Beeline Interactive, Inc. It is available on most iDevices, as well as some Androids. The game starts out with the destruction of the village by the evil Gargamel. The player must rebuild the village so that the Smurfs can gradually return home.

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Smurfs' Village (Game)

How can you move things in Smurfs' Village?

First hit the hammer/mallet in the bottom right corner then in the bottom left corner there is a move symbol. The you tap on and object and tap where you want to move it. Or you can rotate or delete the object by hitting the X. When you are done in the bottom right there is a done button.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How can i pause Smurfs' Village?

You go to the store and then click move and then at the bottom of the screen and it will have a house picture with a check mark click it everything will go gray and that's one of the ways i pause it i bet there are plenty more like log off it and go where it says play and everything but that's just the way i use it.

On Smurfs' Village but there is no way to pause it while you playing the game the smurfs always move. HAVE FUN!

PS, everything will go gray but the paths and smurfs. Sry if you dont like i was just giving you a way.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How many smurfs are there in Smurfs' Village?

there are exactly 100 smurfs. papa, clumsy, grouchy, smurfette, smarty and vanity are basically the main smurfs. 99 of the smurfs are related but the only girl (smurfette) is not related because she was created by the evil dude for evil purposes. papa found her and raised her like the rest.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do you delete a house in Smurfs' Village?

You go to the build bit then you click on the move icon in the bottom left of the screen. You then select the house you wish to delete and click the red banned icon (3 along)

hope this helps

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do you upgrade the Christmas tree in Smurfs' Village?

Press the icon next to the build thing I tried and it worked!!

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do you get a harvest wagon on Smurfs' Village?

Go to the store and click on the berry tab. Look for it. When you find it, you will see that it costs 15 smurfberries.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

What is the highest level in Smurfs' Village?

As of the latest update the max level is 40, this was released for IOS on 25 Nov 2011 and Android on 13 Dec 2011. This may increase with future updates.

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The Smurfs
Smurfs' Village (Game)

What color are smurfs?

Smurfs are short, blue creatures.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do you get the architect's hut in Smurfs' Village?

According to the App Store, the architect joins the island and can customize huts after level 20. This is after Handy opens his hut shop in the village.

You have to complete Handy's quests in order to open a hut shop. Once the hut is open, you can build an architect house. You acquire a blueprint through random interactions with the special smurfs.

Complete all Papa Smurf's quests

  • Gather some things for Handy Smurf. Find parts of Handy's notebook by sending Smurfs into the forest to look for pages.
  • Find Blueprint
  • Collect 30 pieces of wood from Timber Smurf.
  • Upgrade a hut with a shed
  • Travel to the island and talk to Papa Smurf to finish getting Architect Smurf.
  • Build Architect's Hut.

Please refer to the related link for a detailed description of Papa Smurfs tasks that need to be completed.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

Can you play Smurfs' Village the game in your computer?

i Dont know i cant find one on facebook

Smurfs' Village (Game)

Where can you play Smurfs' Village online?

English to Italian
The Smurfs
Smurfs' Village (Game)

What is 'good Smurf' when translated from English to Italian?

Puffa buona in the feminine and puffo buono in the masculine are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "good Smurf." Context makes clear which form suits. The respective pronunciations will be POOF-fa BWO-na" in the feminine and "POOF-fo BWO-no" in the masculine in Italian.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

What is Smurf village?

The Smurfs (aired_1981-1989) lived in tiny mushroom houses. Papa Smurf had a slightly larger mushroom house (being the leader). The Smurfs aired an amazing amount of 256 episodes (telling 421 stories). But was sadly canceled by NBC in 1989 due to decreased ratings.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

Can you play smurfs village on pc?

No smurfs village is only for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and Android

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do you get Handy's hut shop in Smurfs' Village?

Once you have found the notebook pages from Papa Smurf's tasks in the main village, you have to customize a hut. Once this has been completed you can return to the island to build architect Smurf's house.

Handy's shop is available after level 9. It cost 500 coins, and takes 24 hours to build.

Easy, you find a bungee ( a.k.a boss of the Internet) and kill it. ( which is impossible)

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do you get the alchemist smurf on Smurfs' Village?

You have to wait until level 23 for Papa Smurf to send you on a 24 hour quest. When the Smurf comes back he is with him and you will be given the option to upgrade papa smurfs house which you have to do for 500u coins

Smurfs' Village (Game)

What was the password to Smurfs' Village?


Smurfs' Village (Game)

Are there any cheats in the game Smurfs' Village?

Yes there is

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How many levels are in Smurfs' Village?


Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do you unlock the island on Smurf village?

Hi! I am a smurfs' village player and I can tell you how to unlock Dreamy Smurf and get the island. First of all, you have to be level 19 to get Dreamy which will appear by Papa Smurfs quest. Now when you complete some tasks of dreamy smurf in level 19, a quest will show that you have to visit the island. Press the ship in the beach and VOILA you just visited the island! You have to unlock the beach in the previous levels to get the ship.

Hope I helped.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do pass the quest on smurfs village to bake a cherry cake?

Well, first build Greedy Smurf's bakery. Next, you will see a picture of a cake moving up and down above the bakery. Then, click on that picture. After, you slide the screen all the way to the right. Finally, click the box with the picture of the cherry cake. Now, play. Good luck! Or Smurferoo! :-D

Smurfs' Village (Game)

Can you play Smurfs' Village the game on your computer?

Yes you can!

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How do you get smurf berries on smurf village the game?

Every once you level up, you will receive some. You can buy them too. Or also, Jokey Smurf can give you if you log in daliy to Smurf Village.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How can you get free smurfberries in Smurfs' Village?

Only sometimes when jokey gives u a gift or sometimes when u go to a next level. When u go to level 10 and up u start getting 2 smurfberries everytime
You either have to level up or buy them.

Smurfs' Village (Game)

How much are Smurf berries on Smurfs' Village for ipod touch?

Well you get some free when you level up but you can buy more they vary in price depending on how many you want.





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