Android OS

Android is a Linux-based operating system developed and owned by Google. Its applications are on touchscreen devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop/tablet hybrids.

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Can you run Windows 10 on Android tablet?

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No, it is not possible to run Windows 10 on an Android tablet. Windows 10 is a desktop operating system designed primarily for computers, while Android is a mobile operating system designed for tablets and smartphones. While there may be hacks or workarounds available, they are not reliable and can cause technical issues. It is always recommended to use the appropriate operating system for your device to ensure optimal performance and security. If you are looking to upgrade your Windows product key, you can visit reputable websites such as Microprokey. com which offer affordable and easy-to-use upgrade keys. By applying the coupon code MCK80, you can even get a discount of up to 80%. However, please note that these upgrade keys are only applicable for Windows operating systems and not for Android devices.

What are all the elements in doodle devil?

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Air = Starting element

Ash = Fire + House

Earth = Starting element

Energy = Air + Fire

Fire = Starting element

Lava = Earth + Fire

Metal = Stone + Fire

Steam = Water + Fire

Stone = Water + Lava

Water = Starting element


Bat = Vampire + Air

Beast = Starting element

Dove = Rat + Air

Egg = Magic + Stone

Fish = Beast + Water

Piranha = Fish + Weapon

Rat = Beast + Diseases

Snake = Egg + Worm

Wolf = Beast + Wrath

Worm = Magic + Man


Chaos = Starting element

Darkness = Starting element

Death = Human + Life

Diseases = Tobacco + Man

Inferno = Human + Murder

Magic = Demon + Energy

Sect = Heresy + Religion

Sin = Human + Apple

Styx = Water + Death

Suffering = Fire + House


Angel = Life = Light

Friendship = Human + Human

Heavens = Fire + Witch

Life = Man + Woman

Light = Starting element

Order = Starting element

Prayer = Angel + Human

Religion = Human + Prayer

Resurrection = Soul + Corpse

Soul = Demon + Human


A.I. = Computer + Life

Car = Oil + Mechanism

Cellphone = Radio Wave + Computer

Computer = TV + Book

Cyborg = AI + Robot

Electricity = Energy + Metal

Internet = Computer + Computer

Radio Wave = Electricity + Air

Robot = Mechanism + Computer

TV = Mechanism + Demon


Blood = Weapon + Beast

Corpse = Human + Murder

Food = Weapon + Beast

Human = Starting element

Lawyer = Human + Copyright

Politician = Human + Pride

Man = Starting element

Sekz = Man + Woman

Witch = Woman + Magic

Woman = Starting element


Cerberus = Beast + Death

Cthulhu = Demon + Water

Demon = Beast + Darkness

Dragon = Magic + Egg

Frankenstein = Corpse + electricity

Hydra = Snake + Beast

Mutant = Human + Darkness

Vampire = Blood + Human

Werewolf = Man + Beast

Zombie = Life + Corpse


Apple = Starting Element

Coffee = Seeds + Energy

Grass = Earth + Seeds

Mushroom = Earth + Seeds

Seeds = Apple + Earth

Tobacco = Grass + Fire

Tree = Earth + Seeds


Envy = Sin + Greed

Gluttony = Sin + Food

Greed = Sin + Money

Heresy = Religion + Sin

Lust = Sin + Sekz

Murder = Sin + Corpse

Pride = Sin + Sin

Sloth = Sin + Work

Theft = Sin + Money

Wrath = Sin + Weapon


Atheism = Human + Heresy

Book = Human + Knowledge

Censored = Mechanism + Sekz

Copyright = Demon + Order

Gambling = Human + Greed

Knowledge = Human + Apple

Money = Soul + Demon

Psychology = Human + Heresy

War = Politician + Pride

Work = Man + Money


Acid = Water + Sulfur

Bomb = TNT + Metal

House = Stone + Human

Mechanism = Metal + Work

Nuclear Bomb = Bomb + Mushroom

Oil = Earth + Knowledge

Poison = Tobacco + Coffee

Sulfur = Inferno + Air

TNT = Oil + Acid

Weapon = Human + Metal

Why can't Angry Birds original or Angry Birds rio be downloaded on an Android tablet?

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You can play Angry Birds on Google Chrome and Facebook.

If you want to play angry birds on computer follow the related link below.

How do i reset my blackberry 7250?

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A "soft reset" can be performed with "shift-alt-del".

A "hard reset" can be performed with the pin-button under the battery cover or by removing the battery.

If you are trying to do a factory wipe or reset then you should enter the wrong password 10 times for an automatic wipe and then follow the security policy removal steps.

If you are trying to remove the cell phone company's "sim lock" on your phone you will need to contact your provider or buy an unlock code from someone on ebay.

How do you play Subway Surfers?

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You and your friend both have to run 50 times and then you click on them and go against each other there you go

Can you download Sims 2 for your Android phone?

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unfortunetly not, it's a whole different program and game to the The Sims 2 PC

How can you play Super Smash Flash 2 on Android?

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Install the Puffin Web Browser (the free one works great) from the App Store. Go to and find the Super Smash Flash2 game. Let it load. If it gets "stuck" at 100% reload the page. Open the in game options. Change the keys to the ones onscreen.

Are you able to download minecraft on an Android tablet?

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition was released for mobile devices, beginning with the Xperia Play initially, then was expanded to all Android devices on the Google Play Store. It is also available for iOS as well.

How many different Android phones are there?

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Android versions :-

  1. Cupcake, Android 1.5
  2. Donut, Android 1.6
  3. Eclair, Android 2.0
  4. Froyo, Android 2.2
  5. Gingerbread, Android 2.3 (currently the latest for cellphones)
  6. Android 3.0 (but it has been specially designed for tablets and not cell phones, so stands separately then the conventional versions)

Why you are using Android?

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I'll say the reason why I use an Android device is because:

- Cheap (Android devices are available a lowered price point other than iOS devices )

- Limitless Boundaries with Android (Every Android device is different and you can customise your device just like the way you want not like the what vendors want to show others)

- Possess Open Source Architecture ( Can be used in all the devices other than smartphone like refrigerators,televisions etc...)

- Investing on Android means guaranteed return (You can't deny the fact that 85% of devices are powered by Android)

Which one is superior iPhone or Android and why?

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It depends on what your needs are, and what kind of user experience you want to have. Both Apple/iOS and Android have fairly strong ecosystems, have the largest app catalogs (App Store for Apple, Google Play and Amazon for Android), has plenty of developer support, and both have a plethora of accessories available. Both Apple and Android's operating systems have reached the point where they both have very similar features (iOS 8.1 and Android 5.0 as of this writing). There are distinct differences:Apple--

  • Easy to use, but locked-down ecosystem
  • Consistent OS updates
  • Limited widgets (introduced in iOS 8)
  • Media transfer via the desktop
  • Limited to the "i" devices (iPhone, iPad, Touch, Apple TV, Apple Watch)


  • Open-sourced and customizable ecosystem
  • OS updates vary depending on manufacturer, those from Google (ie: Nexus) are typically first to get updates
  • Plenty of widgets
  • Varied media transfer depending on manufacturer
  • Available to most manufacturers, and the Nexus/Google line of devices

Which company developed Android?

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Android as a company started out on their own in 2003. They were developing an operating system which at first was for digital cameras, but later expanded to smartphones. They were later acquired by Google in 2005.

What is airplane mode for?

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because u would die usually so u will die more painfully this way

How do you unlock a cricket huawei hb5k1h phone?

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how to unlock your ZTE phone when you forget pattern

Is there FaceTime On an android?

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Well, I don't think that face time app is available over Android environment rather than its available with iOS environment. But this doesn't means that you can make video call over Android its just that FaceTIme app isn't available for Android but alternative of FaceTIme is available which means yes you can FaceTIme on Android.

How do you change your phone number on Viber?

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You can change your phone number in Viber by uninstalling* and re-installing Viber. However, upon re-installation, merely register with your new phone number.

*Please note that this will erase your call and message history. You will not be able to get this history back

What happens when sprint Android phone isn't working?

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you may have to take it to a sprint store and have them look at it. There could be many different things wrong with it.

How do you update an Android tablet to 2.2?

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yu can't but if u wanna dwnload real android apps from google play just go to and download apps :)

Can you crack voice mail pass codes metropcs?

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how to crack voicemail passcode for a metropcs cell phone?

How do you unfreeze an android Verizon phone?

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Generally pressing the lock/power key, then unlocking the phone once more resolves the issue with stock ROMs. You can also do a battery pull if that does not resolve the issue.

If you really want to solve the issue of your phone freezing on you, you should consider rooting it and flashing a custom ROM, as they tend to be more stable and faster than the stock ROM included with the phone. As a side note, rooting WILL void your warranty, so if you are not experienced with computers or cannot follow instructions well I recommend sticking with the stock ROM.

What features are on the Android tablet 7?

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The Samsung Android tablet has a variety of impressive features. For example, the Galaxy Tab has a 3MP webcam, 8 gig of memory with capacity to increase up to 32 gig, GPS capabilities as well as full HD video playback.

How do you jail brake an Android phone?

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first u got to put in 3232 then slam it on the ground three times as hard as u can then throw it at a friend 100% sure it works

and comment back if it does not work

How do you download Instagram in Nokia Lumia 800?

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You cant its only for Android and ios (iphone/ipod/ipad)

How do you explain Android OS?

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If you are learning about Android OS as a consumer, you should be able to navigate through it as the learning curve is fairly low. For developers, there are various sites on how to utilize the operating system. An official site for Android developers is listed below under Related Links.

How do you block your cell phone number when sending a text message?

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If you're texting from your cell phone, you can't (well, not legally, at least). You could use a web-to-text service like VText, but that requires internet access.