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Verizon's smartphone, the Motorola Droid, is a major competitor to Apple's iPhone and runs on a Google operating system. Ask questions about the Droid here.

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Motorola Droid

When Motorola released its Droid cell phone it had to get permission from which Hollywood director?

George Lucas

Motorola Droid

How do you jailbreak a droid 2?

"Jailbreak" is a term coined for removing the limitations on Apple-made products. Removing the limitations of an Android device is called rooting.

1.) Download and install a program called "SuperOneClick" to your computer. Once installed, open the program.

2.) Dismount the SD card, connect the phone to the computer via USB cable, and enable USB Debugging Mode (Go to Settings > Applications > Development USB Debugging. Click to enable.

3.) Click Root to root the phone. The program will say OK when it finishes. Check to see if Superuser shows up in your apps. If it does, you have successfully rooted your phone.

DISCLAIMER: Rooting a phone can damage the phone and WILL void all warranties the phone has. Do so with caution. Neither nor I claim any liability for damages created before, during or after rooting of a device. These steps are provided for informational purposes only.
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How do you get music off my memory card on my env touch on page plus?

if u are talking about the memory card is it micro? [usually located on side of phone or behined sim]

If it is a micro u will have to go to your provider and get the micro reader it is a bigger card known as a sd card.

then u need to go to your laptop it might have a reader, mine does.

if not to your local tech store, for a sd card reader. then into your computer and read away or delete etc.

depending on the phone it might also have blue tooth u can send that way as well as infra red

or u can sms the info to another phone does this help there are thousands of ways to approach this problem the above will fix it.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone?


- Ability to make phone calls while away from a land-line phone.

- It can be used as a mp3 player, instead of carrying around your mobile and your iPod or what ever type of music thing you have.


What are the use and abuse of mobile phone - Having to answer inconvenient phone calls, i.e., from your boss.

- You can loose signal in different places depending on how close you are to signal things.

AnswerThere are so many advantages of mobile phone on the human life like connecting people ,GPS,net surfing etc.but , it havs some disadvantages as well like it has pushed people apart from each other e,g instead of going to see the parents just call them and one does not need to go and see them so just to find out how are you is not enough.


cell phones make you financially uplifted,it lessen your boredom,could take photos,easier access to internet,can carry it anywhere,contains many other useful functions like calculator,calender etc.


expensive and you are craved to buy every new model which comes into become lazier as you just talk on phones rather than to meet your relatives or friends,it causes disturbances at your work or school.its electromagnet waves/radiation can cause health problems like cancer.While driving it catches your attention and concentration from driving causing accidents.

that were some advantages and disadvantages of cell phones.don't just read...also act upon it!

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Motorola Droid

Is it bad to root your droid?

Depends on why you are trying to root it in the first place, Rooting it will erase all apps and stored information you have on it. The apps you can re-download for free, but any contact data, pictures, music and others may not be so easily replaced.

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How do You get the check mark sign from mobile?


Motorola Droid

How do you make time on little alchemy?

Sand and Glass

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Can a droid 2 be flashed with metro flash?


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Motorola Droid

How do you make cells on alchemy classic?


Motorola Droid
Alchemy Classic

How do you make corals on alchemy classic?

plankton and rock

Motorola Droid

How do you make Land on the Droid App Alchemy?

you can't that isn't one of the 360 elements

Motorola Droid

How do you make murder on little alchemy?

It’s not in little alchemy I know because if we searched it will pop up a list of anwsers of hints

Motorola Droid
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How do you make methane in alchemy classic?

vegetable waste and earth or swamp

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Where you get Tamil songs very speed freely?

try or tamiltorrent

Motorola Droid
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How do you make borscht on alchemy?


Motorola Droid

Is a virus app necessary for droid X?

It is always good to have an antivirus software in your device. If your device gets infected it would be really hard for the user. There is an antivirus app by Droidsecurity INC.

Motorola Droid
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What is the purpose of Android?

Android is a mobile operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is a project run by Google. It is used to power smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Motorola Droid

Can you put a signature on a droid x?

Yes, you can. go to messages&&hit menu then setting's...i forgot from there but its not hard to figure out

Motorola Droid

How do you make star on zeds alchemy?

vampire plus warewolf

Motorola Droid

How do make wood in little alchemy?


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Motorola Droid

What is the little colored stripe at the 12 o'clock position on some steering wheels for?

Drivers use the tape as a marker for the steering wheel. A couple examples for the use are as follows: When checking for the alignment after a wreck or damage, they line up the tape and check for drifting to ensure the car still drives straight. If the steering wheel ever comes off(wreck, relief driver, etc) they use the tape to determine where it goes back. Some use it as a marker for how far to turn the wheel into a turn. Watching a few NASCAR races will also help answer your question

AnswerIt also helps in pit stops to make sure the driver keep the front wheels straight. The wheel openings on speedway cars are made as small as possible for areodynamic reasons that the tires won't come off quickly for a good pit stop.

To go a little deeper in the previous answer, as far as handling issues. A driver can use that as a gauge, if the car starts pushing, he can tell how much it changed by how much farther he has to turn the wheel. And after a wreck, if the tape isn't centered when the car is going straight, he knows that the front end alignment has been affected. Then by passing that info on to the crew chief, along with how the car is now handling, they can make a plan of action for the next pit stop on what to do to fix the car.

Motorola Droid

How do you make bullet on little alchemy?


Motorola Droid
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How do you make volcano on alchemy classic?

Volcano = Earth + 2 x Fire

Motorola Droid

Did two brothers start the Motorola?

No. Elmer Waverling and William Lear started Motorols in the early 1920s. Neither man had a brother involved in this venture.

Motorola Droid

How do you make heat in little alchemy?

how do you make heat in little alchemy


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