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This graphical operating system (OS) from Apple was initially released in 2002 for Macintosh computers. It is a UNIX-based system built on technologies developed from the mid-1980s to 1996. It is the second most used OS after Microsoft Windows.

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What is the difference between OS and RTOS?

A real-time operating system is intended for systems that need to tightly control responsiveness and performance. With an RTOS you can prioritize operations such that the most critical areas of the application get control of the processor exactly when they need it. All other lower priority operations are paused. An RTOS also gives you all of the other advantages of an OS: * a consistent coding platform * a rich set of APIs to save coding time and errors * processor housekeeping...
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How do you create 160by2 account?

Hai, I am sunny how are you?
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How do you delete a bookmark on Firefox on a mac?

Use the "Bookmarks" menu. The first item is "Show All Bookmarks" select this. The Library window should pop-up. When this does, click on "Bookmarks Menu" (the words, not the carrot to expand it). This should open show all bookmark folders and bookmarks not in folders. Then highlight the bookmark you want to remove and hit the delete key ...
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Does Switched on Schoolhouse work on the Mac Book?

From what I understand they do not have a version of SOS for the mac, but some people have been successful running it on a mac by running a windows virtual machine on a mac. I wouldn't try it as my husband ran windows on his mac for a while and said it was choppy and crashed a lot (typical for windows :). Alpha Omega also has Monarch which is web based and will run on a mac using safari...
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How do you delete a bookmark on a Mac?

click on the bookmark and press back space
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Sony version of the IEEE 1394 interface?

The Sony version of the IEEE 1394 interface is called iLink.
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Why cant Mac OS X support VB6?

Microsoft does not provide a Mac version of Visual Basic. Mac developers would use something like Real Studio (See links below) which offers VB compatibility as well as Mac / Windows / Linux cross platform support. ...
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What are three faces of Mac OS X are?

-Darwin = Microsoft DOS -Classic = Microsoft Win 3.1 family -Aqua = Microsoft Win GUI ...
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Why Mac OS X has been named after a member of the cat family?

Because somebody had such idea and others liked it. There is no particular reason why it is named like that and not otherwise. Perhaps marketing purposes. ...
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How do you print mulitipule pictures on one paper?

Follow these steps: Select bunch of photos in folder; Open them in Preview application (default application for viewing images, can simple press Command + O); Select pictures you want to print in sidebar; File -> Print Selected Images... (Alternative + Command + P); Now you are in printing window. At the bottom of the window there is drop down box called "Images per page". You can choose from 1 to 16 pictures on one page. Press "Print" button. iPhoto solutions: Select bunch of pictures you want to...
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Which is faster Windows 7 or Mac OS X?

The speed of a computer depends on many factors such as processor speed, amount of memory available, hard disc access speed etc. so it is impossible to measure the speed of an operating system without reference to the hardware. If Windows 7 is running on a Mac, and speed is a consideration, Windows 7 will run faster when booted natively rather than running it virtually on top of Mac OS X although the latter is perfectly adequate for most purposes. ...
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Can you install Mac OS X on a standard PC?

An unpatched copy of Mac OS X will not install on a standard PC. There do exist cracked versions of Mac OS X that will allow you to install it on a select variety of PCs. WikiAnswers does not provide any information on how to patch OS X, nor any information on how to install it on a non-Apple branded computer. ...
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What is the difference between Mac OS X and Windows?

OS X is a BSD Unix based operating system with a GUI which is more user friendly than Windows for many users. The OS allows for permissions based accounts, and has better access controls to limit the spread of malicious software (yes, there are viruses and proof of concepts which target Apple software), and protects the system folder from write actions unless a user has administrative privileges. The ease of use is often cited as a primary reason for educational institutions and art...
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How do you remove 'toolbar' from your PC?

I have Firefox on my mac and to disable or delete a toolbar you just click tools, add-ons, then click on the name of the toolbar and either, enable, disable, or delete it. I am not sure if it is the same for Firefox on a Windows computer. 1. For Windows users, Go to the control panel, and go to programs and uninstall a program you do not want or toolbar. (Microsoft Windows) 2. For mac users, go to applications, and drag...
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How do you set up a minecraft 1.8 server with craftbukkit?

There are tons of tutorials out there. If you are running Minecraft Beta 1.8, you should update to the newest version. ...
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Will Skyrim run on a MacBook Pro?

Yes, Skyrim will run on a MacBook Pro with Windows installed via BootCamp or a virtualization software such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Virtualization software, however, means simultaneously running Windows and its programs (such as Skyrim) at the same time as the Mac OS, which may result in poor performance during gameplay. You can also run it through a Cider wrapper or WineSkin, however, that isn't as easy. Using BootCamp (included with your Intel-based Mac) for Windows is the easiest method. ...
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Are there any free video converters for Mac 10.4.11?

Yes it is called Prism. I have it and it works very well. I'm using a free Mac total video converter called snowfox total video converter for Mac, but it's free to try for 15 days, i got the register code from their giveawayoftheday. ...
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My Minecraft Mods don't work on my Mac?

This is a question to ask on the My Minecraft Mods forum topic. It may not be compatible with a Mac yet. ...
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What are some strengths of Mac OS X Lion?

If you mean to ask; "what are the key features of Mac OS X Lion?", then you should head to the Apple website. But it's open to interpretation, 'strengths' in an OS are completely up to the user, it's different for everyone. The best way to find out is to head to your local Apple Store or Authorized Reseller and try out a computer with Mac OS X Lion installed for yourself. One factor that has been a strength of many Apple...
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Is there any antivirus software for the Mac OS X 10.3.9 Panther?

There is an older version of ClamXAV available (See links below) for Mac OS X 10.3 but as there are no viruses that attack Mac OS X anti virus software is superfluous. ...
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Is Macpaw safe and effective for your Mac?

I work at MacPaw and I would just like to say that CleanMyMac is probably the safest and the most complete cleaning solution money can buy. You may think that I am interested in saying that and that I 'must' write this reply. No, I'm not, I just know it really is a good product. You can check that by reading the feedback of our happy customers :) ...
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Will a new Mac Mini with only 32 megs of video memory be sufficient for general web surfing and webcam viewing?

It sounds like a fine machine. Keep in mind though that if the video memory is shared (which at that amount it most likely is) that it won't be very good for any type of gaming. If web surfing and cam viewing are strictly what you are limiting the machine to, then this should be adequate. Keep in mind that for fluid webcam viewing your bandwidth (internet connection speed) is far more a determining factor than is your video card. ...
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Who invented the first mouse driven graphical user interface?

The printing company of XEROX but they thought it was useless and gave it away to Apple (ironic). Then Microsoft took it from Apple causing them to get sued. But Microsoft won. (interesting fact.. you may delete if you want... Microsoft's lawyer was Jon R. Stark... My math teacher and retired lawyer LOL) ...
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What is difference between OS and compiler?

An OS is an Operating System. This is the main software running on a computer that you interface with and run your programs... such as Microsoft Windows, or Apple's Mac OS X. A complier is a tool used to take the programming source code that someone has written to make a program, and build it into an actual application to run... which will then run on an OS most of the time.... though OSes are programmed and compiled as well. ...