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Tablets and handheld computers are fully functioning computers with the added benefit of mobility. Ask questions about the iPad and other tablets here.

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Tablets and Handheld Computers

What is a wacom bamboo tablet?

A Wacom Bamboo Tablet is hard to explain, but it is a tablet the hooks up to the computer. It comes with a pressure sensitive pen that you can draw or write with, or even go on the Internet with.

All tablets come in different sizes so you can get bigger ones to draw with.

Tablets and Handheld Computers
Intel 8086 and 8088
The Difference Between

What is load effective address?

Load effective address, in assembler terms, and in the case of for example "lea eax, [esp-8]" means "please compute and put the address of [esp-8] into the register eax".

In other terms, "mov" works only on values, except you tell it to get the address of your source arg (you could do mov eax, offset [ebp-8]), while "lea" works on addresses only.

Tablets and Handheld Computers
Abstract Algebra

What is the significance of Boolean algebra?

It is used in science and proofs of proofs in maths, taking an example:

Hypothesis: Bananas are red.

(There exists) x x (is an element of) Red (and) Banana

Banana (implies) Red

(not) Red (implies) (not) Banana

If a yellow banana is found,

(There exists) y y(is an element of)Banana (therefore) y(is an element of) Red

There is a contradiction, as the banana must be red, but it is yellow.

Tablets and Handheld Computers
Computer Keyboards

Who is the founder of keyboard?

The term "piano keyboard" is used to refer to the keyboard on a piano and to a synthesizer. The first piano was built by Bartolomeo Cristofori. The synthesizer was invented by Elisha Gray in 1876.

Mathew Roper invented the QWERTY keyboard in 1875 when he produced the first commercial typewriter. The invention of the computer keyboard (QWERTY keyboard) starts with the typewriter.

Tablets and Handheld Computers

What is the cheapest tablet computer?

I recommend the Nexus tablet to you with a 199 dollar price tag. it has a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor and 1GB of ram and ice cream sandwich OS but there are many tablets in the market such as this $60 tablet.

Tablets and Handheld Computers
Android OS

How do you change OS tablet to android tablet?

Android tablets are ARM-based, which means that any tablet computer based on Intel architectures cannot run Android. However, there is a side project aimed at getting Android to run on Intel's x86 architecture which has made a lot of progress and may suit your needs depending on what device you are referring to.

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Wireless Communication

What is the number one selling cell phone?

The number one selling phone is the iPhone of course because of the unique touch screen and easy to getapps

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Tablets and Handheld Computers

What is an IR port?

An IR port is a port which sends and receives infrared signals from other devices. It is a wireless type port with a limited range of 5-10ft. You can buy it as a USB device or you can buy it as an add-on to your motherboard. I have one that communicates with my palm pilot so I don't have to dock it just to deal my email/schedule. Very handy and pretty inexpensive, 10-25$.

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Tablets and Handheld Computers

What is the best bang for your buck in tablets?

Depending on your needs:

Kindle Fire

Asus Eee Pad

MP3 Players Audio and Sound Systems
Tablets and Handheld Computers
The Difference Between

What is the difference between an iPod and other MP3 players?

If you use an iPod and want to download mp3 music from your personal computer, you should install iTunes software on your computer. iPod download music from computer via iTues which supplied by Apple company. iPod is a name of an MP3 player manufactured by Apple Inc., while other players are just called different things like Microsoft's Zune. The iPod's touch wheel is a special navigation feature. Other players cannot have this. Imitation iPods are built with a slightly different click wheel. An iPod does not have features like FM Radio, which may be found on some other MP3 players. An iPod does not have a SD card slot (so far) or any other form of expandable memory. An iPod cannot play .wma, wmv formats.

An iPod is a type of mp3 player. An mp3 player is any portable device that plays mp3s. An iPod just happens to do a lot of other things: watch video, surf the web, play games, etc.

Tablets and Handheld Computers

What is a hp docking station for?

Docking station is a solution for Laptops or mobile devices that need to be used as a desktop or in a more comfortable way.

The Docking station (or cradle for hand held devices) usually connects to the device with one single connector and transfer few connections to the device from the back side of the docking station.

In this way you can connect your mobile device or laptop to one cable or even better to place in in the docking station and instantly have it connected to the charger, external monitor, USB devices, printer and more which all stay connected to the docking station at all time.

As for your full question; HP docking station will be used with a small range of HP devices with the same type of connector and physical shape of device.

Tablets and Handheld Computers
iPod Touch
Android OS

What are the most popular free call app?

Line 2, it is amazing and u can text people

Skype is probably the best-known app, but calls are only free to another Skype user - you have to pay to call a non-Skype number.

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How does an IR port in a mobile device communicate with the computer?

Short answer: just like your TV's remote control!

Long answer: IR stands for infrared, it's a certain frequency of light, just like FM, AM, X-rays, etc. You know that little shiny black spot on the top of your nokia phone? Well, most laptops have one of those ports, too. You point the two ports at each other, and, with the right software configuration, etc, you can beam information from one to the other. I can give more information, are you looking for technical tidbits, like the actual circuitry, etc, involved, or are you looking for some help using a couple specific products?

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Best Companies To Buy Authentic Wholesale Cell Phones?

IF you looking to get Iphone in bulk legally without risking your money go to Apple store If not go buy from another source. Too many counterfeiters are out there to get your money

Tablets and Handheld Computers

Can an iPad get viruses?

Only a Jailbroken iPad could get a Virus.

Tablets and Handheld Computers
Plural Nouns

What company did Fujio masuoka went to?

He went to this electronic company called Toshiba.

Tablets and Handheld Computers

When did the first iPad come out?

The iPad was announced on January 27, 2010 and first arrived in US stores on April 3, 2010.

Tablets and Handheld Computers

How do you change email address on literati?

You can't change an email address on literati or ANYWHERE, period.

So, you'll just have to make a new one.

Tablets and Handheld Computers

How do you save a picture from twitter on iPad?

Hold your Finger down on the Image. The option to "Save Image" will appear. Click on 'Save Image,' and the picture will be saved to your camera roll.

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Video Games
Nintendo DS
Sony Playstation 3

Where is the best action fighting with swords and weopens. no guns. download game with no viruses and and you have to sign up then download then play?

look at they got some good things there. Sarah114 or RuneScape

Tablets and Handheld Computers

How do you log out of Twitter?

Hover your mouse on your username located on the upper right-hand corner of the page. Then, click Sign out.

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How can you send a picture from a lap top with an IR port to the IR port of a cell phone?

you have to buy IRDA Wireless Connection Adapter(USB Adapter).

1. you should Plug & install the Driver of IRDA Adapter to Computer. 2. IF you have CD of software that which cell your are using (Sony T310, Nokia 6610) You should install that also to computer. 3. Enable your IRDA port in your cell phone.4. Keep your cell phone near IRDA adapter face to face in which your cell phone contains that IRDA port. 5. Then the System will detects the cell phone in your system.6. open the software of the cell phone which is installed in your system. You should select send files in that software, transfer the jpg. image to your cell.7. in your cell phone you should press O.K. or Yes to receive the image.8. Then You'll receive the Image.

To send the image from cell phone to computer:

You should open the image & select the send option 'send over infrared'.

after sending you will receive it on recived folder in your system in which drive software installed.

you should do all these steps Keeping the IRDA Adapter & IRDA port in cell phone face to face.


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Tablets and Handheld Computers

What is lupicet tablet?

It is recommended for allergy like scabies....Bt dont take it without consulting.

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Acronyms & Abbreviations

What does PLC stand for?

PLC in Electronics, and computers stands for Programmable Logic Controller.


Public limited company, in the UK, Ireland, Nigeria and Philippines - a type of limited company whose shares may be sold to the public.
The abbreviation of PLC is programmable logic controller which is widely used in industries for control and automation.

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The Difference Between

What is the difference between raster scan and random scan and explain on computer graphics?

Raster-scan system:-
1)raster displays have less resolution.
2)the lines produced are ziz-zag as the plotted values are discrete.
3)high degree realism is achived in picture with the aid of advanced shading and hidden surface technique.
4)decreasing memory costs have made raster systems popular.
5)In this case, the electron beam is swept across the screen, one row at a time from top to bottom.
6)Picture definition is stored in a memory area called the refresh buffer/frame buffer.
7)Refreshing on raster scan displays is carried out at the rate of 60 to 80 frames/second. Random scan system:-
1)random displays have high resolutions since the picture definition is stored as a set of line drawing commands and not as a set of intensity values.
2)smooth lines are produced as the electron beam directly follows the line path.
3)realism is difficult to achieve.
4)random-scan system's are generally costlier.
5)Here CRT has the electron beam directly only to the parts of the screen where a picture is to be drawn.
6)Picture definition is stored as a set of line drawing commands in an area of memory referred to as refresh display file.
7)Random scan systems are designed to draw all the component lines of a picture 30 to 60 times each second.

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