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iPad 2 has breakthrough retina display, 5MP iSight camera or even the ultra fast wireless internet. This is the place to start to ask that burning question or find the answer you just wanted to know!

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Is the iPad bigger than the iPad 2?

the screens are the same size, but the ipad 1 is thicker than the ipad 2. The new iPad (3rd generation) is slightly thicker than the iPad 2.

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How do you set up Firefox on your iPad 2?

There is currently no version of Firefox for any iOS devices including the iPad, however Mozilla and the Firefox development team are currently developing a browsing app currently called "Junior" that is set to be released either in 2012 or 2013.

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How much does an iPad 2 cost?

About $499 in the USA or about £399 in the UK, the cost will vary from country to country.

General unit prices are 16GB cost $499, 32GB $599 and the 64GB is $699.

The price of the iPad will go up roughly an extra $100 for memory increase or if you want a 3G model. The 3G version allows you to use your iPad 2 without needing a broadband internet connection at home. The iPad 2 are also available in 4G. Some carriers insist on a plan however, you can buy the iPad 2 unlocked and purchase the micro sim and use pay as you go internet access which is used over the mobile network. It pays to shop around for both the iPad 2 and micro sim cards. A micro sim card of course is not required if you only want to use your iPad 2 at home using your wifi via your broadband connection.

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Can you use iWork on iPad 2?

iPad 2

Does the ipad2 have gorilla glass?


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Can you use an iPad 2 while it is charging?

Yes you can.

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How did the people respond to the IPad2 when it first came out?

People bought so many of them that even Apple was having a hard time cathing up.

Hpe this helps

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What should you do if you forgot your password on your iPad2?

If you have forgotten your password completely then you must restore your Ipad from your most recent backup. This can be done in iTunes, but remember that EVERYHING YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED IF YOU HAVE NOT BACKED IT UP WILL BE DELETED PERMENANTLY, EVEN PAID APPS/SONGS!!!

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How do you put a SIM card in to a IPAD 2?

u look at th side and if you see something thats open put it in there

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Who is the short haired actress in the new Verizon ipad 2 commercial?

Lauren Rees

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Can you Skype with an iPad 2?

Yes, you can. By going to the App Store you can download for free the Skype app. There is the iPad app or iPhone app. Both usable.

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How do you log out of twitter on iPad?

Go to the main display of the ipad, click on the settings of the iPad and to the left hand side you will see most of your aps downloaded, click on twitter, and highlight your username, then click delete account :) ....Or you could... Exit the web page by clicking on the small 'x' on the left hand side, then turn your iPad off and then turn it back on again and you should be logged off! :D

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Is FaceTime on ipad 2 free?

Yes, as long as you have Wi-Fi.

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Which is better for architecture Student ipad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

ipad 2

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What battery has the longest life?

I have done resarch for science fair and the battery that last the longest is definitly Duracell

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Does the iPad 2 have iPad 2 written on the back of it or is it just iPad?

It's just iPad.

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Who invented iPad2?

Apple, Steve Jobs.

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Does the iPad 2 have free wifi?


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Can you get more space on your iPad 2?

Erase more stuff

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How do you Transfer pictures from iPad to Facebook?

Pictures can be transferred from an iPad to Facebook with the free Facebook app (See links below).

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Where is 1 on the distributor cap 1994?

The #1 plug on the distributor on my 94 tracker is here: find the front hold down screw for the cap (away from the firewall), go counter-clockwise from the screw and the first plug you come to will be #1. The firing order is 1, 3, 4 ,2 moving clockwise around cap.

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Where can you get help with using your DVR hardware?

If you need help with your DVR hardware, visit your DVR manufacturer

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Why did they invent the iPad 2?

Apple saw the need for a computing device that used the iPhone operating system IOS, but had a larger screen similar to a netbook. Tablet computers had been around for many years, but always were hampered by an operating system designed for keyboards and mice. Apple was right, and have sold millions of iPads around the world.

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How big is the iPad 2?

It is 9.50 x 7.31 inches and is 0.34 inches thick.

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Is it OK to use both a gas and electric clothes dryers in the same home if both connections are available?

Both are only an appliance. Neither knows anything about the presence of the other. They won't get jealous or have some kind of fight during the middle of the night. Why not if you feel that you need them?


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