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Roblox is an online building game mainly geared towards kids although there are old people that play it. You design your own places using a modified version of Lua. You can also visit other people's creations, customize your character, create clothing items for other people to buy (using in game currency), or participate in the forums. Any and all questions relating to any aspect of Roblox belongs in this category.

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How do you get 1000000 robux for free?

If you think free robux and ROBLOX Premuim for free then your wrong, IF there are games claiming to give you free anything its fake. They are trying to steal your account. Trust me ive fallen for it and ive been password hacked....
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Can you get free robux on roblox?

If you sign up for Builder's Club on ROBLOX, you get free Robux everyday. Otherwise, it is a scam. ...
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How do you steal shirts or pants on Roblox?

the number id for the shirt... say its 172624 make the last number... 1 bellow so make that 172623 that will take you to the shirt decal and right click on the image and click save as ...
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How do you play ROBLOX on the Wii?

You can go on roblox on the wii, but you can't play any roblox games on the wii ...
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How do you snipe on roblox?

You must first have a sniper rifle, of course, which can be found in some games, made, or found in Free Models if you are a builder. If you are referring to the act of zooming in while using a sniper rifle, most sniper rifles use the key "z", although since the rifles are made by users, it may be other things. ...
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How do you get arms and legs on Roblox?

you have harms and legs first only but if u want some more good like a soldier first go in my roblox then stuff then down theres wriiten packages click it and buy it note:u can buy only if ur in bc builders club ...
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What is a good thing to build on roblox?

Answer 1: On ROBLOX you can build anything you want to by using an unlimited amount of bricks. If you can't think of anything to build, take a common object and just build it. Answer 2: Well for starters, you could build a zombie or a gun. Once you build one of those you could possibly make a game called Zombie Infection, (if you built a zombie) or Gun War. (if you built a gun) Remember, practice makes perfect. Answer 3: some...
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How do you add items to a set in roblox?

First find the model or decal you want to add to an set. Put your mouse over the star in the upper left hand corner of the picture of the item. Assuming the item is yours or public domain, there will be a pop-down to add it to a set. ...
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How do you get roblox engine v 1?

I dont know but dont download its gonna ban you!!
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Can you get 100 robux every 10 seconds in Roblox?

To get 100 robux every 10 seconds in ROBLOX you would need a popular game and every 10 seconds 1,000 people would need to visit because for every place visit you get 1 Ticket so 1,000 Tickets = around 100 Robux ...
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How do you get a poplar group on ROBLOX?

You can get a popular group on Roblox in several ways. One way is to create a group with a lot of interest then invite a lot of people to join it. Otherwise you can Just invite your friends and tell them to invite friends and so on. Also, if your group is inactive it will not likely grow, so do stuff with it. ...
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Who sells white stag T Shirts?

I'm sorry, I searched it and it looks like no one sells white stag t shirts. Of coruse, if you have BC you could make one yourself. ...
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How do you join a group in roblox?

Scroll near down the bottom of the page, there will be a button that says "Join Group". You may not be able to join a group because it may be Builder's Club only or Request to Join (private). Free members can join up to 5 groups, Builder's Club members can join up to 10, Turbo Builder's Club members can join up to 20, and Outrageous Builder's Club members can join up to 100. ...
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How do you open the chat menu on ROBLOX?

Press / on your keyboard if you are over 13.
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What are cheats on roblox?

There are you cheats on roblox builderman(the maker of roblox) put security filters on the web site no one has ever hacked roblox all the people go on Google crome and use inspect element to change their money but it is only a fake picture. ...
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What are some good ROBLOX War group names?

Avoid anything with "ROBLOX", "United" and "Clan" in it's title. If you're trying to think of a name, be creative. ROBLOX Assault Platoon Elites works, but I'm not exactly sure it abides by the rules. War clans suck. heli wars survival add me krissteal Join Brutal Squad and Rebel Squad Be active in these groups. ...
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Does down loading roblox give you a virus?

No. ROBLOX does not give any viruses. If your computer becomes slow after downloading ROBLOX, you probably are just running out of space on your hard drive. ...
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Who are famous robloxians with free models?

Telamon and TheFurryFox.
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How do you accept group join requests on roblox?

If you lead the group or you can accept join requests, you click the request and click accept. ...
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How do you delete an object in roblox studio?

First, select a brick of any type. You can also click on a group. Then, press the delete button on the keyboard. This will remove the object from the game. You can get this object back by pressing Ctrl + z. ...
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Do you have to download roblox?

yes? Roblox download is completely free. And No viruses.
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How do you get a shotgun on roblox?

You can go to places with shotgun tool on it...or place a shotgun on your place...But if you want a shotgun anywhere you go, you need to buy it for robux.And if you own one already, but it doenst appear, go to a game where it allows "Melee Weapon" and "Ranged Weapon" or "Explosives". Hope this helps! ...
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How do you get tix on roblox in minutes?

A way to get Tickets in minutes on roblox is to have a Popular game, get Ambassador links ( - Use that website for Ambassador), get people to donate you or sell clothing. ...
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How to chat in Roblox?

When signing up on ROBLOX, you are asked to give a birthday month and year. This is to figure out your age.. ROBLOX does this to know if you should be able to chat or not. If you are under the age of 13, you will not be allowed to chat. To fix this, create a parent account and allow your account to chat. ...
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How do you use models on Roblox?

In Roblox studio select all the object you want to be in a model, then click the group button. A model can be moved more easily than a brick and allows you to move an group of bricks like one big brick. After you have made a model you can also upload it to the Roblox website for other users to use. You can also use other people's models if they choose to let you. ...