Announced in January 2010 and released in April, the iPad is Apple's touchscreen tablet computer.

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Can you carry an iPad on a domestic flight?

Yeah, it gets treated like a laptop. So just separate it as you go through security.

You will also have to be sure that it is off during take off and landing.

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What are the negative effects of modern technology on human life?

one bad effect of technology on life is that with more technology placing barriers between people, face to face meetings happen less.

This small, simple change leads to a whole host of very serious problems with society in general. People are becoming more lazy; choosing to stay at home and play video games than go to a basketball game or get together with friends.

On top of that, the new barriers that are made because of technology gives those who are most effected by them a decaying sense of pride in their country. In fact, it is this lack of pride that has spurred many of the anti-American feelings that are felt and publicized by people of this very country.

Not all technology is bad or evil, but we do need to be careful that we don't become slaves (meaning obsessed with, not actual slaves) to our own creations. newspapers and local agencies and music stores have been forced to shut down since items are available online.

Also, the more technology that we create the more technology that we dispose of. This problem is exponentially growing. Practically everyone has a cellphone which has a life span of about 3 or 4 years, when we replace them they are usually thrown into a big pile and left to leach harmful agents into the environment.


Who makes the battery for the Apple iPad?

The batteries are made in Taiwan by Simplo Technology (60%) and Dynapack International Technology.


Does the iPad have a camera for Skype?

Yes it does. The iPad has 2 cameras... one for facetime and skype in the front, and one on the back for pics and videos.


How do you install HTML5 on your iPad?

HTML 5 is a set of standard instructions that a modern browser should be able to use when rendering content from a website. The iPad's Safari browser uses the HTML 5 standards so there is nothing to install.


Does the iPad have voice?

In the Tech specs on the apple website, the iPad has a microphone, so for example you could use the iPad with 3G to do VoIP (skype).


How do you make the font bigger on a iPad?

On most iPad applications just put both fingers together in the center of the screen, then while holding pressure on the screen separate them almost like you were stretching a piece of paper. If you are unhappy with your iPad, many companies have Windows 7 Tablets including Dell, Toshiba and Fluid Computer Systems.

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Do you need a service provider for my Apple iPad?

You will need a service provider if you buy one that supports 3G. In the United States you can get a 3G/Wifi iPad that will work on either AT&T or Verizon.

There is also a Wifi only version available, though you will need access to a wireless Internet connection in order to download apps.

You may only need a internet service provider if you IPAD 3g/wifi


Can the iPad download program off the internet?

The iPad cannot natively download anything off the internet aside from pictures.

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How many free Angry Birds apps are available for the iPad?

Three: The Original, Rio, and I THINK Seasons


Where do you put earphones in the iPad?

Just push your headphones into the top left jack. It's a bit tough, but just push really hard.

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What sort of computer should you buy for an ISP?

AnswerHow big is your ISP? How many clients you have? Do you have a mail server? Are you supporting newsgroups? Need to know more of what you want to use this for. Answer"Server" Can mean so many things. Is this a Quake server for your customers, a mail server, a firewall, web server, FTP. . . What services do you want to run on it, and what Operating system are you comfortable using?

give us some more info please so we can direct you in the right direction


What is comparable to an iPad?

Samsung galaxy tab


How do you log off Facebook on iPad?

On my I pad 2 i go to the menu...where it has your name...messages...friends ect on the left. There is a list...on the bottom of the list the will be settings. click on this and you may the log off in red...If not hit the account button and you will find it there. It took me hours to figure this out. I hope this helps.

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Where can you download movies to iPad for free?

There are many sites online providing free iPad movies, Hulu, Netflix, Freetube,etc.


What does 3G do on the iPad?

It allows you to Browse the Web anywhere you are without needing a Wi-Fi Connection.


Does AirDrop work with the iPad?

No, to make airdrop work both the receiving and sending device must have lion installed. Apple has yet to announce if they will indeed support it on the iOS os.


Why did they invent the iPad?

beocause they thought it would be a great idea for the teenagers so they wont be able to cary all of the books in their hands so there books are in the ipad


How do you remove items from iPad home page?

You press and hold the app that you want to remove this also works if you want to move it to a diffrent page

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Can an iPad get viruses?

Only a Jailbroken iPad could get a Virus.

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When did the first iPad come out?

The iPad was announced on January 27, 2010 and first arrived in US stores on April 3, 2010.


Does an iPad work like a computer?

Yes and No. The IPad runs on IOS opposed to Windows or Mac OS X IOS was created as a mobile based experience. It was made for the IPhone and IPod Touch, Later got Optimismed for IPad. It has Internet and you can download programs/ Apps like ms office. The app store has over 60,000 apps. The IPad does not have Flash for video content on the Internet. There is a app called I Swiffter the has flash but cost $4.99. There is a YouTube app which you can watch videos. It does not run like a computer it does some of the same stuff. This typing was done on an IPad


How do you listen to live radio on iPad?

You can download apps that provide this functionality (and more); I suggest Tunein Radio, available in the App Store. Alternatively, you can go to from your browser and select or search for the preferred station.


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