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Which is the best engineering branch amongst computer technology information technology and electronics and telecommunication engineering?

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the best engineering branch amongest computer technology information technology and electronics and telecommunication engineering is Networking

What is the filipino youth today?

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The Filipino Youth Today

  • According to the 1995 NSO survey, children 0-17 years old, comprise approximately 41% of the total Philippine population of 68M.
  • Many of the 1.6M illiterate children with ages at least 10 years old are streetchildren, child laborers, victims of armed conflict and natural disasters, and children of indigenous peoples.
  • In a study conducted in 1994, there are 2.75 M young smokers and 4.7 drinkers.
  • The most critical period affecting a person's development is the preschool period (0-6 years). This age group comprised 11,639,775 or 10% of the Philippine's total population of 60.7 years in 1990.
  • Children 13-18 years old are found to be the most susceptible victims of sexual abuse accounting for half of the reported cases throughout the regions, followed by children, 7-12 years old.
  • The July 1995 survey of the National Statistics Office (NSO) reports that there were 3.7 M working children. 70% is engaged in fishing, agriculture and forestry; 24% work in services and sales; and 5% work in industries.
  • The same survey reveals that nearly 1.3 M girl children work, making up nearly 1/3 of the child labor force.
  • As of December 1996, there were a total of 1,156 HIV seropositives reported to the national AIDS Registry. Of this, 295 are classified full-blown AIDS and about 154 have died.

When you go to YouTube and play videos it plays for 10 secondes and stops how do you get it to play the whole vidio with out stoping?

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Usually I give it about 2 to 3 min to load on my computer and then play it. It usually doesnt stop unless its a HUGE video.

Answer 2:

For users that have a slower internet connection or dial-up, it's best to pause the video right at the beginning (at around the 0:00 mark) and wait for the red bar (the fainter red bar that shows that the video is loading) to make its way all the way to the other side before clicking play. This is usually best if you have a video that is at least a minute long. And it also depends on how long that little red bar will go to how long the video or movie is. Sometimes it takes ten minutes to load: other times it takes hours (like if you are about to watch an hour long movie on YouTube.)

Can you share an operating system to another computer?

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No, unless you have a restore CD copy.

There are at least a couple of options.

One of them is to physically remove the HDD from one pc (old) to the other (new). In order to do this you must first update the HDD driver from the motherboard where the HDD will be installed and install a generic HDD driver. Then switch off (do not restart) the pc. This will save you from gettting a blue screen if you install another HDD in a pc that has worked with a different one.

Once you've done that, the rest is not too difficult.

Replace your HDD and when you power it up you have your OS transferred onto the other pc. Remember to update all the drivers for the components in the new PC accordingly.

The second option is to make an exact image of your HDD onto another HDD and use the latter in the same way as described above. You can use quite a few programs to help you do that and I have personally used Macrium Reflect and it works wonders.

Where was the first transatlantic wireless message sent from?

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I believe from England to Newfoundland.

Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor, proved the feasibility of radio communication. He sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895. By 1899 he flashed the first wireless signal across the English Channel and two years later received the letter "S", telegraphed from England to Newfoundland. This was the first successful transatlantic radiotelegraph message in 1902.

In 1866, Mahlon Loomis, an American dentist, successfully demonstrated "wireless telegraphy." Loomis was able to make a meter connected to one kite cause another one to move, marking the first known instance of wireless aerial communication.

What is the impact factor of IJCSIT?

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having No impact factor as per ISI web of knowledge

What is Babbage machine?

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Babbage designed 3 machines but built none:

  1. Difference Engine - This was a machine for calculating polynomial functions by the "method of differences". He had a government contract to design and build a prototype, but he got diverted by ideas for a better machine (Analytical Engine) that could solve a much wider range of problems also he argued repeatedly with his machinist delaying parts. Eventually parliament canceled the contract for nonfulfillment and the project died.
  2. Analytical Engine - This was an actual general purpose programable digital mechanical computer, but without funding it couldn't be built.
  3. Difference Engine II - This was a redesigned Difference Engine using concepts from the Analytical Engine, the parts count was reduced by over a factor of 6 thus reducing the cost by a similar factor but with the same calculation ability as the original Difference Engine. Babbage tried to convince the government to fund this, but parliament decided they had wasted enough money on this crackpot already, and without funding it couldn't be built.

Two copies of Difference Engine II have been built by the London Science Museum, to prove that the machine could be built to 1840's machining tolerances and work (a long debated point). Both work as designed computing correct answers. However the machines have a tendency to break difficult to replace parts, so the museums tend to select simple problems to solve that avoid using known broken parts instead of replacing them.

How did chales Babbage get the idea to invent the computer?

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he got frustrated being a human computer, with human computer error rates, with typesetting errors of human computers hand written answers, and said "there has to be a way to do this with steam!"

Positive effect of technology?

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Positive effect of technology This website is a very good example of a positive effect of technology. Without computers or the internet, no one could get questions answered from all over the world.

Technology aims to provide facilities to people, tries to make their life easy, reduces hardship, brings in business opportunities, jobs.

Short answer:

Technology positively effects us by making tasks easier.

Long answer:

Technology can help people by:

1. Spreading information

2. Doing some things faster than possible by humans (for example, calculators)

3. Doing things more precise than possible by humans (robots used in surgery)

4. Making it less expensive to do normally expensive tasks

5. Finding enjoyment (sometimes)

Where was the microphone invented?

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Several early inventors built primitive microphones, called transmitters, prior to Alexander Bell, but the first commercially practical microphone was the carbon microphone conceived in October 1876 by Thomas Edison. Many early developments in microphone design took place at Bell Laboratories, including the first condenser microphone, described by Wente in 1914. Cheers ebs

How much did a DVD player cost in 1996?

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I actually bought one in 1996...

At Radio Shack a bare bones (but considering today's technology, there were all bare bones) RCA DVD player ran me $300 bucks plus tax. At the time HDMI didn't exist, so I used an optical audio cable (which at the time was 40 bucks for 4 feet), and a component video cable (which ran me 40 bucks too). At the time with the equipment I had I couldn't tell a difference between a brand new VHS movie (that didn't have wear points in the tape) and DVD.

The first DVD I bought after I bought the player was Face/Off, which was the cheapest on the entire rack at Wal-Mart, which cost 25 bucks.

What is silent sound technology?

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Electromyography is the technology used in silent technology. This is done by monitoring muscular movements converted into electrical pulses. The pulses can then without sound be turned into speech.

How do you edit a video with the same person in it?

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It depends on how you obtained the video. If it is on YouTube, you need a YouTube video downloader. [The best video downloaders are Mozilla Firefox addons.] Once you have the video saved on your computer, you can edit that video the same way you'd edit a video if you took it yourself.

How do microprocessors work in refrigerators?

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== == It controls the temperature inside the fridge, so you don't have to

Can you delete a ringtone on samsung corby 2?

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Phone profiles

Edit "Normal"

Go to the right "New Messages"

Everything you want to change is in there

What is a contextual tab?

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If someone mentions contextual tab, they are talking about Microsoft Office Word 2007. In that program, a contextual tab is a tab along the top that only appears when you have selected a certain piece of material. For example, if you click on a table, or a picture, a contextual tab appears. It is a different color that the rest of the tabs.

How computer are used in air traffic control?

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Now days with the more extended use of electronic data strips in the enroute and terminal environments, and the use of radar systems, computers are very extensively used. If you go inside of one of the 20 or so ARTCCs (air route traffic control centers) in the U.S., you will find that all of the radars are essentially computers hooked up to a large network served by a few master servers that are connected to another network on radars and communication equipment.

Also, there are various programs used for grabbing weather, NOTAMs, SOPs, LOAs, etc.

How do you unlock an LG rhythm without the code?

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You ask the person you stole the phone from or open the phone, insert your own cracking device and walla, you have illegally opened your LG Rythm

Examples of general purpose application software?

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A general purpose software would be anything that aids in allowing you to accomplish simple computer related tasks. For example: word processing software, spreadsheet software, etc. See link:

Types and kinds of technology?

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In modern times there are a number of different types of technologies emerging; these are centered around ways we live and how we make our lives more comfortable. For example:

1. Assistive technology is technology used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible

2. Medical technology refers to the diagnostic or therapeutic application of science and technology to improve the management of health conditions

3. Information technology refers to both the hardware and software that are used to store information

4. Communications technology

5. Transport technology

6. Defense technology

How do you put videos on your phone?

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you could try emailing it but instead of putting in an email into the to: field put a phone number. I don't know if it will work but worth a try! Pictures From Phone to Computer

We all know that cell phones are one of today's big crazes. An even bigger one is camera cell phones. Before we know it, all cell phones will probably have camera abilities, because the world today likes to see real images rather than just words. So, it may be a good idea to know what you can do with the pictures you take on your phone after the shooting is done.

Picture Messaging

A common way that people transfer photos from their cell phones to their computers (that doesn't really have any additional cost from your regular monthly bill) is picture messaging. It works pretty much the same as text messaging; you just have to have text messaging enabled on your cell phone. If you don't, this method will not work.

Note: Expect this method to be a little different for various phone models, but the following directions are pretty basic and similar for all phones.

If you would like to send a picture to another person's cell phone or if you want to e-mail a picture to a friend or even to yourself, you just need to open your phone and go to the Menu. Find your phone's Media Gallery and then choose Pictures. At this point, you can pick the photo you'd like to send. Once you have it chosen, go to Options and choose Send in Message (like you're sending a text message). This is where you choose to send it to one of the Contacts listed in your phone or if you want to e-mail it to someone or yourself. Pick the person you're sending it to and push the OK button and then Send.

You can also send text with the picture if you want to do that. If you end up e-mailing the picture to someone, you will just have to type in their e-mail address and they will get it in their Inbox. You just need to make sure the person you're sending the picture to has picture capabilities too.

Data Cable

Another way you can transfer photos to other people is to put them directly onto your computer, so you can e-mail them to your friends or save them to a disk or a CD. So, to do that, you have to have some sort of a USB data connection kit, which comes with the cable cord that plugs your phone into your computer's USB port and the software that will help you in transferring the pictures from your phone. You usually have to purchase these kits separate from your phone. The store where you buy your phone should have them available and they will be able to tell you which one will work with your type of phone.

Once you have your phone and computer connected, you can start transferring the pictures. Again, keep in mind that these kits are phone specific, so you need to make sure that you get one that will be compatible with your phone model.


Another way to handle the pictures on your cell phone that is becoming more popular every day is a wireless technology called Bluetooth. Bluetooth works with short-range wireless technologies that allow you to easily send photos from your phone to a laptop or desktop computer. The computer you are sending them to just has to be equipped to accept the pictures.

The most difficult (but it can sometimes be fairly easy) part about Bluetooth is matching the phone to the computer, so they are both compatible with each other. But, once that it is done, sending the images couldn't be easier.

As long as your phone has the Bluetooth software on it, you can send the images without any extra charges billed to you. You can also send photos to other Bluetooth users' phones without any wires or additional charges. This seems to be the most versatile way to go if you're looking to maybe spend a little more money up front for the Bluetooth works, but it will save you money in the long run when you don't have to pay any extra charges when sending your pictures back and forth.


Another way for you to send pictures between your friends and family is to e-mail them. Your cell phone has to have e-mail capabilities for this to work, but a lot of the phones these days come with that ability. You can e-mail them to other people or, as mentioned above, to yourself. You just have to type the e-mail address in the To: field just like you would if you were using Outlook Express and it will be sent.

If you see something while you're out and about that you just have to take a picture of, you can snap the photo on your phone, send yourself a quick e-mail and when you get home, the picture will be on your computer waiting for you. You can then send it off to other people or do something like set it as your desktop wallpaper.

Removable Memory Cards

Another new technology that is presenting itself with camera phones is an external memory card for your phone. The phone just comes with a slot for the card and you can transfer the shots to your computer in a snap. You will need to purchase an external memory card reader so it will all work, but it's one of the easiest ways to go if you takes several pictures with your cell phone.

When you have the card reader installed, you just remove the memory card from your phone, insert it into the reader and your computer will recognize it as another drive. You can then drag and drop the photos wherever you want them to go, e-mail them to others, etc. The options are pretty endless with this choice. You can then get rid of the existing pictures on your phone (since they're on your computer and not lost) and go out and take more. It's that easy!

Just one more reminder: all of these applications work differently with different phones, so make sure you refer to your phone's manual before doing anything you're not sure of.

Information technology has done more harm than good?

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There are many good reasons for information technology. There are many bad reasons as well, there are more children on the computer and cell phones then outside playing, and adults getting mis information and lack of social outings.

Who invented first Graphics processing unit?

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Nivida invented the first graphics card available to the public.

IBM invented the first graphics card with Nivida for the US Navy.