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Car Fuses and Wiring
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What is meant by a defective fuse?

in electronics the term defective fuse can arise if.

it does not open at Imax of it's value.

it is releasing more flame after open circuit

it generate heavy spikes.

if it opens after very long time.

Acronyms & Abbreviations
Software Engineering
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What is the full form of CASE in software engineering?

Computer Aided Software Engineering

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Are processors interchangeable?

Each motherboard is Chip specific. If your motherboard is for an AMD then you will only be able to use AMD processors in it. If you want change your Processor then you would have to get the right motherboard for that processor.


Processors (regardless of who makes them) have a set of electrical and communications standards which they use, and a physical design of the package. Processors which have the identical package, electrical characteristics, and bus communication standards can be interchanged with each other (provided the BIOS or PROM can properly understand the identity value the CPU has).

For a variety of reasons, mostly related to patents, interchangability these days (post 2005) is limited to processors from a single manufacturer, and within a "family".

Ultimately, you will have to refer to the MOTHERBOARD manufacturer's documentation to find out which CPUs can be used in that particular system.

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What is the history of the word engineer?

The word engineer is derived from the Latin root ingenium, meaning "cleverness

Broadband Internet
Electronics Engineering
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Application of SSB-Sc modulation?

it is used in telephone communication

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How do you get fullscreen view on poptropica?

You can't. However, 24 Carrotene Island Beta (members only) has a bigger screen.

Computer History
Mac OS
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How did apple got its name from?

because Steve jobs and Steve wozniak(they were the first people to sell apple) were working in an apple farm

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Is a black and white tv cable ready or not?

No, it was designed for VHF (2-13) and UHF (14-63) and obviously UHF doesn't even exist anymore.

Computer Terminology
Electrical Wiring
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What is descending order of mb gb kb tb byte bit?

Terrabyte, gigabyte, megabyte, kilobyte, byte and bit.

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What does Blue Edition of Microsoft Mean?

Blue Edition, Means..

That the software you downloaded are Activated allready

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What is the CMH in Air flow?

Cubic Meters Per Hour:

A measurement of airflow that indicates how many cubic meters of air pass by a stationary point in one hour. Cubic meters per hour is abbreviated m³/hr.

Football - Soccer
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Most popular team names in the United States?

The Patriots

Electronics Engineering
Software Engineering
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What signal is the electrical equivalent of message signal?

Modulating Signal,

MP3 Players Audio and Sound Systems
Sales and Customer Service
Marketing Advertising and Sales
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The customer service number to the ematic MP3 player?

The number is !-888-968-1985 . This is the number to customer service, I have called several times myself. But I have never gotten an answer only a voice mail. They did return my call after my 3rd message, so good luck ! Hope yours is better than mine!

Computer Terminology
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Disadvantage of java programming language?

Not always reliable

Another Perspective

Like any other language, Java is as reliable as the programmer using it. The fact that it is used in so many devices around the world suggests that java is a powerful and reliable language.

The fact that it is "object oriented" causes some people to experience difficulty changing their way of thinking toward java programming.

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Mathematical Constants

How do you calculate Coupling constant j value?

Here is how you calculate a coupling constant J: For the simple case of a doublet, the coupling constant is the difference between two peaks. The trick is that J is measured in Hz, not ppm.

The first thing to do is convert the peaks from ppm into Hz. Suppose we have one peak at 4.260 ppm and another at 4.247 ppm. To get Hz, just multiply these values by the field strength in mHz. If we used a 500 mHz NMR machine, our peaks are at 2130 Hz and 2123.5 respectively. The J value is just the difference. In this case it is 2130 - 2123.5 = 6.5 Hz This can get more difficult if a proton is split by more than one other proton, especially if the protons are not identical.

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Do IT professionals make good spouses?

A persons profession would have little to do with this. Being married is a completely separate thing to ones job, though it can impact upon it.

At the same time what a person spends the day focusing on absolutely impacts their state of mind. IT professionals tend to be analytical on individual levels and very focused.

DVD Players
Computer Terminology
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Do wma sound files play on xanga?

Yes. They are really annoying. -DJ Craig

Computer History
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iPod Shuffle

Features of 1st to 5th computer generation?

First generation (1940-1956) Vaccum Tubes

Second Generation(1956-1963)Transistors

Third Generation(1964-1971)Integrated circuits

Fourth Generation(1971-present)Microprocessors

Fifth Generation (present-future) Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Phones
SMS and Texting
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What year did they start sending text messages?

The first sms text was sent in 1992

The first text message was sent in (idk)

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Is frequent use of fertilizers good or bad?

It's both. On the good side it give more crops. On the bad side some of the fertilizer will always leak out into the streams and waterways where it can cause overgrowth of algae and such, where it messes up the environment.

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How do you remove Skype user names from the Skype start up page?

This worked for me in Vista and also Windows 7

1. Press Windows Key+R and you will get a pop-up window.

2. Type in %appdata%/skype and then press ENTER

3. Then locate the folder that contains the user you want to delete.

4. Press on it once and delete that folder. DONE!

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What Features of tall organizations from that of flat organization?

find and replace

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Simple Machines (engineering)

What is a Oscillating Motion?

An Oscillating motion is one that moves forwards and backwards in an arc or circle repeatedly. is called oscillatory motion ... by : anushka rai

Electronics Engineering
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What is the mechanism used to minimize torque in tricopter?

A small tilt is applied to one rotor to counteract yaw from unbalanced rotor torque


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