This branch of technology deals with the design, development, operation, structural disposition and application of robots. Robotics is related to other sciences including software, mechanics and engineering. Current robots have the capability to move and speak.

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Where are robots commonly found?

So far, the use of robots is mainly found in manufacturing, search engines. However, they are constantly being improved. I think it will be useful for you to learn about the introduction of artificial intelligence

here you will find very useful information

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Why hissing noise occur in transformer?

A: Hissing is because is overheating before it destroy itself. But other noises are caused by loose lamination of the core.

B: Hissing noise is produced due to this reason but here is another important point is about frequency (e.g for 50 Hz) the core lamination face attractive and repulsive forces fifty times in one

cycle because frequency is 50 Hz.

Another Answer

The original answer is unnecessarily melodramatic. Transformers are fitted with protective devices that will disconnect the transformer long before a rise in temperature will cause it to 'destroy itself'!

'Hissing', as opposed to 'humming', is usually caused by the ionisation of air in the immediate vicinity of the transformer's high-voltage bushings (hollow insulators). This also manifests itself, after dark, as a blue-coloured luminous discharge.

'Humming', on the other hand, is due to something called 'magnetostriction', a distortion to the core laminations -exactly as described in the original answer, except that the attractive/repulsive forces are twice that of the supply frequency (i.e. 100 times, in the case of 50 Hz), together with harmonics based on that frequency.


What is self healing robots?

Self healing robots are robots that can find replacement parts to help themselves repair. This could be as simple as finding something to shield sensitive components or as complex as creating new parts.

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Line follower robot with comparator circuit?

maybe ask in adifferent way or go to a different site I'm a real person not a machine thank you bye

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List 10 advantages of computer?

1. It helps you automate various tasks that you can not do manually.

2. It helps you organize your data and information in a better way.

3. It has much more computing and calculating power then an ordinary human.

4. It may help your work to be a lot easier.

5. It may be the storage of your important data and files.

6. It may be your handy book.

7. It may help you solve problems faster than an ordinary human being can do.

8. It has speed, storage, reliability, consistency and communications.

9. It helps you to find useful information using the Internet.

10. It helps in businesses, factories, offices, schools and homes.

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Which one is better electronics or computer engineering?

A: Knowing electronics sure makes computer understanding a snap. Computer engineering is more like a specialized field where knowledge of machine language is essential plus languages to communicating with it essential


What jobs will robots do in the future?

probably everything people don't want to (and can't) do. Oh and is UR wondering if robots will rule the world, it's impossible.


What is the name of the first female robot?

Robots are gender neutral. When building a robot the manufacturer may decide to endow it with what we may consider to be male or female characteristics, but the robot will still be gender neutral.

And of course, the builder of the robot may give it whatever name he/she decides.

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What would happen to the output of an ac generator if one of the stator windings has open?

There would be a significant decrease in the output of the generator. Depending on the type of generator, it could stop working altogether.


Should teachers be replaced by robots?

It would be improbable, since robots are not nearly advanced enough to cope with the needs of 30 odd pubescent school children. Heck, I doubt many teachers are unprepared in that category to, I know I am.


What are the Advantages of self healing robots?

Advantages of self healing robots are:

1. Recover from minor damages

2. Low maintenance cost

3. Adjustable to the environment

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What is binary linked list?

There is no such thing. There are binary trees and linked lists.


Did the satellite hit anybody?

i dont know for sure but im pretty sure it hit somewhere in the UK or like some where in the Western Hemishpere


Is there someone inside the titan robot?

no there isn't

sorry to rain on someones parade :)


What happened to the robot from lost in space?

The B-9 Robot from Lost in Space TV series is own display at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle , Washington .


What was the first robot created?

it was of course a robot made by an infamous scientist in Ohio

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What is the latest machine invented?

That has to be the can-opener, invented by Mr. Norman Borman of Lone Wolf, Oklahoma just this afternoon ...
at least 125 years late.

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Why are robotics helpful?

Robotics can be seen as an extension of the human brain and imagination. Robots are pre-programmed autonomous vehicles/machinery that have the ability to process and repeat certain commands. They are extremely useful pieces of technology and the current limit to the vast human imagination. In industry for instance, they replace most of the human labor and their accuracy certainly puts them ahead in many areas, not to talk about the fact that they never experience fatigue.


What is the conclusion for robotics?

ConclusionToday we find most robots working for people in industries, factories, warehouses, and laboratories. Robots are useful in many ways. For instance, it boosts economy because businesses need to be efficient to keep up with the industry competition. Therefore, having robots helps business owners to be competitive, because robots can do jobs better and faster than humans can, e.g. robot can built, assemble a car. Yet robots cannot perform every job; today robots roles include assisting research and industry. Finally, as the technology improves, there will be new ways to use robots which will bring new hopes and new potentials.

What are the bad things about robots?

  • They break down.
  • When the programmers try to anticipate all possible conditions they inevitably miss something and the robot will "error out" or do something unexpected, causing the programmer to go back and reprogram the specific function.
  • Some people complain that they displace workers, but the reality is, most robotic devices simply do a specific job better and with fewer errors (once programmed properly); for example, an automotive manufacturing painter robot is far more likely to properly cover all surfaces that need paint, and do it more consistently than a human doing the same job. Same with the robotic welders.

There are some who think that robots are almost human, but that's only for the comic books and fantasy movies. In the real world, robots are simply machines that are controlled by a computer.


What sensors are used in metal detection?

matal detectors are usually used but digging helps too!

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What is the best welder to use for a go kart?

Depends on a lot of things. Slickest work, but most expensive - TIG. Cheapest - arc (stick) welder. Reasonably user friendly and inexpensive - wire-feed arc/ MIG welder.) Most versatile - Oxyacetylene. Oxy will give have the biggest heat affected zone and is the hardest to use (IMO). If your kart is really thin wall tubing you can forget about the stick welder and even the MIG will be quite tricky.


What is the difference between an automaton a robot and android?

While I am hardly an expert, the explanation that I've heard is that a robot is a preprogrammed mechanical device, an automaton means a self-operating machine (essentially the same thing as a robot) and an android refers to a robot or automaton that physically resembles a human. The female equivalent of an android is a gynoid (from the Greek meaning "female").


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