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Software engineering is the process of applying well-developed techniques and practices in order to create new software products. Questions about everything from design patterns to requirements and specification belong here.

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Software Engineering

What next after BE Computer?


you should go for M.Tech after you BE, because this is your core stream or core engineering is best option for your bright future

If you need more information about the admission process ,then check out the websites of some of these universities given below:- BITS , BHU , LOVELY PROFESSSIONAL UNIVERSTY , AMITY UNIVERSITY....etc...

Software Engineering

What ITP means in engineering terms?

ITP en términos de ingeniería significa '' Plan de Inspección y Prueba "

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What is conditional asymptotic notation?

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What is the full form of CASE in software engineering?

Computer Aided Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Define system hierarchy in software engineering?

The computer can only do what it has been programmed to do.

The first layer of the software is setup software that tells the computer how to use some of its hardware such as BIOS software.

The next layer of software is an operating system like Windows that tells the computer how to use the hard drive and how to load programs and how to interact with the user using the keyboard and mouse.

The next layer of software is application programs such as Microsoft Office or specific programs such as PhotoShop.

Each layer of software - needs the previous layer to operate, hence a hierarchy of software.


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What do you know about effective modular design?

Effective modular design is the art of breaking down a software algorithm into small pieces such that each can be well designed and tested. Often, this means that the modules might only do a few things, but when you look at the big picture, you can get a very complex algorithm running with a minimum of effort.

There are several "rules of thumb", and it is really up to the experience and capabilities of the programmer on where to draw the line.

One recommendation that I saw many, many years ago was the concept that a modules should not extend beyond one page of printed output; that if it got larger than that, it was a candidate for further modularization. One of the driving forces for that recommendation was the fact that an addressable segment on the IBM MainFrame was only 4kb, and that making it larger required more base registers. This is not so much an issue anymore, but the concept is still quite valid. (I still remember working on 60 or 70 page assembler programs that required 4 or 5 base registers, 3 or 4 linking registers, TRT registers, and entry/exit registers, leaving only a few registers to hunt around for when you had to do something as simple as add one instruction. And, of course, the person you wanted to scream at had left the company 20 years ago. :-)>)

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Is networking better of software development?

Off course networking play an important role in the process of software development. In software development the connectivity between the front end and back end is done with the help of networking in software development. Due to its related framework it is important to do connectivity properly otherwise some real time module can be malfunctioned.

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What are some places where a computer is used?

Computers are used in many places:

  • schools
  • colleges
  • banks
  • hospitals
  • railway stations
  • airports
  • children's museums
  • tax accounting offices
  • at construction projects
  • doctors' offices
  • cars
  • stock trading offices
  • computer shops
  • houses
  • malls
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What are binary trees used for?

Binary trees are used to store comparable items that need to be searched often. While adding and removing items to a binary tree are costly compared to a typical list, searching an element takes logarithmic time versus the linear time of a list or array.

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What is stubs and drivers in software testing?

While doing an Integration , If we dont have all the modules get ready and Need to test a particualr module which is ready then We Use Stubs and Drivers. Stubs and drivers used in Integration testing for a Top Down Integration testing and Botton Up Integration Testing. For EX : If we have Modules x,y,z . X module is ready and Need to Test it , But i calls functions from y and z.(Which is not ready)To test at a particular module we write a Small Dummy piece a code which Simulates Y and Z Whch will return values for X, These pice of Dummy code is Called Stubs in a Top Down Integration So Stubs are called Functions in Top Down Integration. Similar to the above ex: If we have Y and Z modules get ready and x module is not ready, and we need to test y and z modules Which return values from X,So to get the values from X We write a Small Pice of Dummy code for x which returns values for Y and Z,So these piece of code is called Drivers in Botton Up Integration So Drivers are calling Functions in Bottom Up Inegration. Thanks Sandhya

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Why the graph of breakdown voltage is cheaper than knee voltage?

Break down voltages happens at low voltages (.6 for silicon & .3 for germanium), whereas knee voltages at higher voltages. That's why its cheaper.

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What is data abstraction in oops?

Data abstraction refers to data hiding in OOPS . Data hiding is the hiding of data and and showing only the one you want to show . For example in a radio all wiring and system are covered by a plastic body .

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How can you connect a PC and laptop without a LAN card?

I can only think of two ways you can connect two computers if they don't have network cards: 1. Use a serial cable. All computers have serial ports, so this would be the easiest solution, though it will be a little slow. Look up directions online on how to do this. 2. If both computers have an IR (infra-red) port you can use that to connect the two. More input from FAQ Farmers: * or you can do it with a usb cable thingy, see it is like $5.00 and it works great if both have usb ports. by parallel cable by usb cable For newer macbooks hold down the t key to make it a drive then connect it to the desktop You can also buy ethernet / usb connectors. Pretty much its a wire with USB on one end and ethernet on the other. You just plug the USB side into your computer and now you have a ethernet port.

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What are the risks of using threading?

A)Testing and debugging difficulty


C)Data races

D)B and C

E)A, B and C

Any one?

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What is SAP and how is it different from ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is enterprise wide information system which consolidate information from various functions/departments of an organisation.

Here function means Supply chain Management, Manufacturing, Operations,

Customer relationship management,Human resource,Payroll, accounts, finance,Warehouse Management,etc.


SAP (Systems,Applications and Products) is a name of a company which offers

ERP solution for various industries to integrate information from various

functions of that industry under one system.

In this there are 8 Modules in all

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What do you understand by complexity of sorting algorithms?

What do you understand by Complexity of Sorting Algorithms?

i want ans this question

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How many bits would be needed to represent a 45 character set?

45 in binary is 101101, so you need at least 6 bits to represent 45 characters.

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What does the term software evaluation mean in software engineering?

Checking to see if it does what it is supposed to do, in a reasonable time, under the various conditions it might be expected to meet.

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In prolog and erlang both make a distinction between atoms and strings. What is the difference?

Atom are fixed constants which are only used for matching patterns, while string are variables which can used for pattern matching and string operations are possible.

In terms of efficiency, atom can be stored in system table (2 bytes regardless of size) while string will occupy memory based on the number of chars. (in erlang each character uses 8 bytes of memory. Erlang stores each character as a 32-bit integer, with a 32-bit pointer for the next item in the list (remember, strings are lists of characters.)

Comparison - atom can be compared based on internal identifier at runtime, while string it has to compare char by char

Software Engineering

What are the Advantages of arithmetic coding over Huffman coding?

1.the compression ratio is higher compared to huffman coding.

2.efficiency is greater comparatively.

3.Redundancy is much reduced.

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What is pilling bedworth rule?

According to Pilling-Bedworth rule, if the volume of oxide layer formed is greater than the volume of the metal, the oxide layer is protective and non-porous. However if the oxide layer formed has volume lesser than that of the underlying metal then the oxide layer is porous and non-protective.

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How the value of information can be measured?

Does the idea create a hope or a short lived fantasy? Popular demand can create trade value.

Software Engineering

What does valid data mean?

Valid data in computer refers to the correct data. A valid data is something that satisfies a particular condition. For example for integer data type 10 is valid data while "a" is not .

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Latest seminar topics on computer science engineering?


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Is linear sequential model and waterfall the same process models?

Hi there,

My answer is yes for your question bro. let me tell you why..

This is because in general linear sequence means step by step process and waterfall is also in a step wise manner.


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