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What is file oriented approach and database oriented approach?

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The file is store the data as document type, we don't have give particular data-type of data which will be store in it. But in database system there are specified structure (like in table format) of data store. First we have to make format with particulate data-type for the data, which will store in it. other The file has no record system, while database system store data with record in row, it is easy to maintain.
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What is the charge of Cs?

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Cs also known as cesium has an atomic number of 55 which means it has 55 electrons. as well as having a atomic mass of 132, which means that there are 132 particles in the nucleus made up of protons and neutron, protons having a positive charge and neutrons having a neutral charge (no charge), electrons have a negitive charge that orbit the nucleus creating the atomic structure for Cs. hope this helped :D
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Write a c program to print factorial?

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/*program for finding the factorial*/ void main() { int a,b=1; clrscr(); printf("Please enter any number to find its factorial\n"); scanf("%d",&a); while(a>1) { b=b*a; a--; } printf("factorial is %d",b); getch(); }
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What are the steps in Object Oriented Analysis?

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1) The analysis phase starts with a problem statement which includes a list of goals and a definitive enumeration of key concepts within a domain. This problem statement is then expanded into three views, or models: an object model, a dynamic model, and a functional model. The object model represents the artifacts of the system. The dynamic model represents the interaction between these artifacts represented as events, states, and transitions. The functional model represents the methods of the system from the perspective of data flow. The analysis phase generates object-model diagrams, state diagrams, event-flow diagrams, and data-flow diagrams. The analysis phase is now complete. The major step of analysis: •obtain a problem statement and a system description •develop use cases •build the analysis (domain or business) object model •develop dynamic model •verify, iterate, and refine the models Analysis output: •problem statement, and system description •use cases •object model, dynamic model
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How do you make a dot plot on Excel?

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It's called an X-Y scatter plot. The procedure is different depending on which version you have. Basically, you highlight all of the cells containing, the data; click on 'Insert' then click the icon that looks like a 'dot plot' and it should have the word 'scatter' underneath it.
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How can you define null statement in loop in C programming?

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If you are using for loop for(;;); or you can also define condition and iterations but the loop has to close there itself without any statement inside it. In the similar way you can define while and do while loop without any statement.
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What is a 'flat wicket' in Cricket?

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The more grass a wicket has on it, the more "lively" it will be. Which means that the ball is more likely to move around. If a wicket is flat, then it will be bare and is unlikely to offer assistance to bowlers. Batsmen usually enjoy the wicket being flatter.
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What are the advantages of platform independent programming languages?

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A platform is a machine that interprets and executes code. Different platforms have different rules when interpreting code, as humans read different languages uniquely. Platform independent programming languages are universal, and can execute on all major machines. Programmers may write one script and needn't worry about target machinery. This is the sole advantage compared to platform dependent languages, which execute on a single machine. Unless a programmer would like the executable to work on one machine, additional work is necessary to bring it to other platforms.
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Do while loop program in C for printing the even numbers?

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main() { int n,i=1; printf("Enter the Number till you want to print even numbers"); scanf("%d",&n); printf("Even Numbers till %d are",n); while(i<n) { if((i%2)==0) printf("%d",i); i++; } } OR main() { int n,i=1; printf("Enter the Number till you want to print even numbers"); scanf("%d",&n); do { if(i%2==0) printf("%d",i); i++; }while(i<n); } OR void main() { int i=0,n; printf("Enter the number till you want to print even numbers:"); scanf("%d",&n); do { printf("%d\t",i); i+=2; }while(i<=n); }
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Why are local variable stored on stack?

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Because they are created and destroyed on 'last-in-first-out' principle.
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How do you Open Local File in AS3?

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set it up as a URL but put the file location in instead and it will open i, you will need to change the \ to / or the other way around i forget :)
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What is linker?

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C language has a function that contains the object code for predefined functions.for example,the printf() is a library function.if the C program uses any of the library functions, the object code produced for the source code should be combined with the object code of the library functions to generate the final executable code.this process is called linking and it is performed by a 'linker'.
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Example of open source appication software?

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Examples of open source software Linux (see a computer operating system and kernel originating as a UNIX system and existing in many versions. GNOME (see a desktop development environment providing tools for developing desktop applications (as well as its own basic desktop applications) and available for Linux and other UNIX systems. KDE (see another desktop development environment. Apache (see a web server program (for supplying pages in response to requests) used in most web server computers and available for Windows as well as Linux and other UNIX systems. Firefox (see a web client program (for viewing and hearing web pages) available for Windows and Mac as well as Linux and other UNIX systems. Dovecot (see an email server program (for sending and receiving email) supporting POP3 and IMAP and available for Linux and other UNIX systems. Postfix (see an email server program (for sending and receiving email) supporting SMTP and available for Linux and other UNIX systems. SquirrelMail (see an email application (for reading and writing email through a web client program) supporting IMAP and SMTP and available for Windows and Mac as well as Linux and other UNIX systems. Thunderbird (see an email client program (for reading and writing email) supporting POP3, IMAP and SMTP and available for Windows and Mac as well as Linux and other UNIX systems. OpenOffice (see an office application set (for word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, picture drawing and data base access) compatible with all other major office application sets such as Office and available for Windows and Mac as well as Linux and other UNIX systems. KOffice: (see another office application set. Asterisk: (see a Private Branch eXchange (PBX) providing features such as interactive voice response, conference bridging and call queuing (as well as analogue, digital and VoIP telephony), supporting H.323, SIP and IAX2 (and other VoIP protocols), and available for Mac as well as Linux and other UNIX systems. FreeSWITCH (see a VoIP development environment providing tools for developing applications like phones and switches, supporting H.323, SIP and IAX2 (and other VoIP protocols), and available for Windows and Mac as well as Linux and other UNIX systems. GnuGK (see a VoIP gatekeeper (for some H.323 deployments) available for Windows and Mac as well as Linux and other UNIX systems.
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What is traversing in data structure?

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visit each element in a list at least onces.
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How flashget works?

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It downloads files using several simultaneous http get requests for different byte ranges, and then puts the pieces together. This sometimes circumvents bandwidth caps put in place by the people who run the site which limit the speed on each http connection.
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How is computer programming related to algebra?

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Computer Programming is all about algebra. In algebra, you solve for variables like x and y in their simplest form, in programming, the variables can pass on values or accept values and give you the result. For eg: Find the area of a square with side 'a' units. In algebra: Area=a2. In Programming, the program can find the area by taking input from the user. float area,a; cout<<"Enter length of side"; cin>>a; area=a*a; cout<<"The area is "<<area; Basically, Programming is bringing algebra to life.
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Write a shell program in unix to add two numbers?

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echo "enter the value of a" read a echo "enter the value of b" read b c=`expr $a + $b` echo "the sum of a and b is $c" Or, alternatively, one could also... #!/bin/sh A=5 B=10 C=`echo "$A + $B"|bc -l` echo "$A + $B = $C" The above examples illustrate the use of back ticks to fork a child process in shell, however the first example uses the 'expr' command to perform the arithmetic while the second example uses the 'bc' command to perform the calculation. As is nearly always the case in Unix or Linux, there are multiple methods of arriving at the same correct solution. While the wonderful and all powerful Perl language is perhaps, technically, not a shell, it is theoretically possible to accomplish this goal in Perl as well. Let me see now, to make this example as educational as possible, I'll use a couple of subscripts of the array @array to store our values and an off-the-shelf printf function to display the results of our calculations... perl -e '@array = (5, 10); printf("%s + %s = %s\n", $array[1], $array[0], ($array[0]+$array[1]));' As the purpose of this site is to teach, I briefly entertained and then discarded a notion to shoot for maximum obfuscation. Larry, Randy and Nathan will be proud of me I hope. :) Naturally, there are numerous other ways to accomplish this goal in Linux.
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What are disadvantages of event driven programming?

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Disadvantages: Complex, Hard to control, Time consuming to get event loops and event handlers running.
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Definition of In-house software development?

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When a company needs a piece of software written they sometimes choose to use programmers within their own company to write it. This is known as "in-house" development.
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What are the names of any four procedural programming languages?

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ABC Ada Algol 60 Algol 68 APL Arc Assembly Awk BASIC Batch BCPL Befunge BETA C C++ C-- C# (pronounced C-sharp) CHILL Clipper Cobol CobolScript Component Pascal Cyclone D DATABUS Euphoria Forth Fortran Free Pascal GNU Pascal Icon IDL Jal JavaScript Jovial Lagoona Leda Limbo Lua m4 Maple Mathematica MATLAB Modula-2 Modula-3 Mumps Oberon Objective Caml (OCaml) Occam Oz-Mozart Pascal Perl PHP PL PL/1 Pliant PL/SQL PostScript PowerBuilder Proteus REBOL Rexx S-Lang Small C Snobol Tcl-Tk T3X VBA Visual Basic Visual DialogScript Yorick Note: Some of these languages, such as PHP, Perl, Caml/OCaml, and IDL also support object oriented programming. Others on the list (C++, JavaScript, C# ) are primarily object-oriented languages which can also (though less commonly) be used to program procedurally. Some are macro or scripting languages (Rexx, Awk, m4) which, while they do support some procedural concepts, aren't really procedural languages, but rather interpreted streams. Also note that Assembly is NOT a high-level language, and generally is not considered a procedural language, as it doesn't have enough abstraction. Finally, traditional COBOL is NOT a procedural language (in fact, one of the long-standing criticism of it is that it lacks any structured programming characteristics). Current-day COBOL has some ability to use procedural programming concepts, but, overall, should not be considered a real procedural language. SNOBOL is similar, in that the original version were certainly not procedural in nature, but modern versions are much more structured programming friendly (and can be considered a procedural language).
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How class accomplish data hiding?

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Data hiding is one of the important aspects of a class. Data hiding means to hide the members of the class and providing the access to only some of them. we can make the members of the class private or public. in private,the outside world cannot access those members which been made private.and rest we can make public.only the public members are accessed by the out side world and all the private members can be accessed using only the public this way a class provides security to its data members.
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How do you convert a .doc file into a .pdf file using VB code?

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Originally, a full version of Adobe's Acrobat application was required to create PDF (Portal Document Format) files from any application, including Microsoft Word. Subsequently, a number of companies sold inexpensive PDF conversion software to compete with the more expensive Adobe product. These applications, like Acrobat, used a printer driver to "print" Postscript-based PDF files. The Mac OS central window server caches window graphics in PDF, allowing any Macintosh application to print to a PDF file from within the OS. Today, all current versions of Microsoft Word will save directly into PDF format. There's no need to use Visual Basic, assuming you have Microsoft Word. You can create PDF files programmatically in VB6. You'll need the mjwPDF class and the appropriate PDF fonts. A tutorial on the subject has been attached to this page as a related link: Tutorial - Create PDF files with VB6 Inaddition, you also can use enolsoft PDF Creator to do that. It's fast and simple yet.
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What is a degenerate binary search tree?

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A degenerate binary tree is one where most or all of the nodes contain only one sub node. It is unbalanced and, in the worst case, performance degrades to that of a linked list. If your add node function does not handle rebalancing, then you can easily construct a degenerate tree by feeding it data that is already sorted.