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Visual Basic Programming

Visual Basic programming involves the use of a language that allows programmers to create simple and complex applications. It is a combination of visually organizing components or controls, specifying their attributes and actions, and writing additional codes for better functionality.

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What is the full meaning of BASIC?

Beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code
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Factorial of a number in visual basic 6?

dim num as integer, factorial as single num=inputbox("enter a number") factorial = 1 for x = 1 to num factorial = factorial * x next x print"factorial is" ; factorial or By Recursive Method Private Function FindFactorial(number As Integer) If number < 1 Then FindFactorial = 1 Else FindFactorial = number * FindFactorial(number - 1) End If End Function ' recursive is faster and simpler for finding factorial ...
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How do you convert a .doc file into a .pdf file using VB code?

Originally, a full version of Adobe's Acrobat application was required to create PDF (Portal Document Format) files from any application, including Microsoft Word. Subsequently, a number of companies sold inexpensive PDF conversion software to compete with the more expensive Adobe product. These applications, like Acrobat, used a printer driver to "print" Postscript-based PDF files. The Mac OS central window server caches window graphics in PDF, allowing any Macintosh application to print to a PDF file from within the OS. Today, all current versions of...
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How do you replace in visual foxpro?

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How do you convert non alphanumeric characters in visual basic?

Try using entities, &, pictureboxes and make a picture. Because any non numeric character can only be as string, because it can't be a number. And remember to use the quotation marks. -- Real Answer by AC352 You can't do it directly in vb.net. You need to read it from a file, lines = System.IO.File.ReadAllLines("C:\TEST.txt, System.Text.Encoding.Default) when you put the System.Text.Encoding.Default you will be able to read the non alphanumeric characters. ...
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How do you write a program in visual foxpro?

Same with other Visual Basic program, programming in FoxPro will require you to have the right syntax. ...
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What is Visual Cadd?

Visual Cadd is a super-productive 2D design and drafting software for a very reasonable price. You can try out Visual CADD 5 by downloading the 30 day trial. This is a fully functional version, and includes all features including the ability to save and print Visual CADD files as well as import/export Generic CADD and AutoCAD files. ...
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What is meant by BASIC in visual basic?

BASIC stands for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
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What are the net framework services?

.net framework services are : ASP.NET Web forms Windows forms ADO.NET XML Support Throughout ...
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Advantages of using an array?

1. An array cuts down on the number of variables that need to be declared. For example, if you wanted to store the numbers 1 to 10 without using an array you would literally have to declare ten separate variables. Dim int1 as Integer = 1 Dim int2 as Integer = 2 Dim int3 as Integer = 3 Dim int4 as Integer = 4 Dim int5 as Integer = 5 Dim int6 as Integer = 6 Dim int7 as Integer = 7 Dim int8 as Integer =...
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How do you retrieve the target path of any existing shortcut such as a lnk file in Visual Basic?

Here is how to open a Windows Shortcut file Using VB6. This is a safe and documented method. Create a New VB6 Project In the Project References Add "Windows Script Host Object Model" Place a Command Button on the form named CommandButton1 Click on CommandButton1 Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Oshell As New WshShell Dim Osh As WshShortcut Dim Fn As String Dim Otarget As String 'Set the path and file name of the shortcut Fn = "C:\shortcut path\shortcut filename.lnk" ' ' If the shortcut file is existing, it will open...
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How could you set the selections available in a Microsoft Access form combo box to be dependent on the selection made in a previous combo box?

I haven't used Microsoft Access in a while but I think you would have to modify the action properties of the combo box (i.e. you select choice 1 from the first combo box, then choices a,b and c appear in the second combo box). In the second combo box's row source property add a reference to the first combo box in the criteria section of the field that matches the first combo box. For example, if the first combo box is bound...
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What are the ten examples of high level programming language?

Java C Python Scheme Prolog C++ C# Java script Lisp Ruby
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How do you restore a form after closing another in VB?

Suppose you have form 1, form 2 and form 3. form1 and form2 are showing. You press a button on form1 and form2 dissapears but form 3 shows. The code to the button would be as simple as this: Form2.Hide() Form3.Show() And when you want to close a form make sure you use Hide() not Close() if you want to be able to restore it later. if you want to re open form2 but hide form form3 then just reverse it and also...
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Free download visual basic.net 2008?

msdn.com(Express version). Make sure you have a windows live/hotmail account though because you will need it to get the express version free. ...
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How can you transfer data from PC to mobile through visual basic codes?

Easiest way to send stuff from a computer to a mobile device is by SMS (a text message) or MMS (a picture message). It will vary between mobile devices. On a Verizon cell phone, if your phone number is (321) 558-2057, send an email to 3215582057@vtext.com and it will come out on your cell as a text message. The problem with this is the 120 character limit (someone correct me if that number is wrong). If you send the email to...
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What is a tooltip in vb?

A tool-tip is a small box that is displayed at the mouse location when hovering above wherever the tool-tip is set for a brief period of time, it provides a help prompt to the user. An example of its use would be on an invalid entry into a form, you would point out the error in say, the password field and highlight it in a red box. When the user runs their mouse over this box you would use a tool-tip...
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What is Visual Basic?

Microsoft Visual Basic is a programming language and is considered RAD(rapid application development) software that is used for creating applications. Visual Basic uses a programming language called NET Frameworks to take one programming language and decompile and recompile into a different language (vb to c#/c++). Some other popular programming languages are C++, HTML, JAVA, SQL, PHP, DELPHI, etc. Programming languages are the most common method of creating computer programs. VB is a BASIC-based language that allows a programmer to make Windows applications very easily....
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How do you create a menu editor in visual basic 6.0?

Men editor is a most important feacture of any application that enables a large number of commands in a small area. Visual basic provides to creating menu editor in our application. The following step is used to create a menu editor in visual basic 6.0- Click on the 'Tools' menu of VB application window. Select menu Editor from this. A dialogue box is appear. Here we named the menu, named its caption select shortcut for the menu. After doing this click on ok...
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What do you means by Mask Edit Box control in VB 6.0?

this is a control which is use for storing the special type of data like storing the NIC number or complete phone number with code of a person. i hope now you have knowledge about it. Muhammad Naseem ...
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What is app.helpfile in vbnet?

For providing context-sensitive help to VB5 and Vb6 applications, we can set the property called App.helpfile and hook-up the helpfile with the application. For VB 5 and above one can use .hlp files as help files. For Vb6 and above one can use .chm files as application help files. In VB.NET this property is not used for providing F1 help to the applications. Instead a control named - Helpprovider is dropped on the form and configured for associating help topics frm the...
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How do you write a program in VB to compare three number and print larger number?

Public Sub Main() Dim X As Integer Dim Y As Integer Dim cnt As Integer 'Our counter. cnt = 1 Do Debug.Print X X = Y + X Y = X - Y If cnt >= 8 Then Exit Do Else cnt = cnt + 1 End If Loop End Su ...
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Where can 'Borland C Book' be read in e-book form?

Wherever you want to. Provided you have an e-book reader, and you have got the book on it. ...
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Can you make a fighting game in visual basic?

of course you can make it. all you need is a correct, organized instruction which must be executed at the given event, and on the particular object. ...