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Tea is a drink made from cured leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis. Each type of tea (white, yellow, green, oolong, black and post-fermented) has a distinct method of preparation in order to produce the best flavor.

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Can you get sick drinking expired tea?

If you're talking about loose-leaf tea that has been properly stored (in a dry area), then no. Tea starts to break down and lose flavor, but it generally does not spoil. If you have tea that has been stored for a very long time, it will often taste very bland, and it may develop "off" aromas. But it is generally not harmful, unless it has been stored improperly (such as in too damp an area) and has grown mold. A taste test...
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Is smoking tea bad for your health?

Any form of smoke inhalation is bad for your health. All forms of smoke contains tiny particles of carbon and partially-burned carbon chains that has the ability to latch onto your bodily cells and damage them, causing injury to those cells and even the growth of cancer. Smoke also contains other sub-chemicals which dissolve in the bloodstream, causing damage to the arteries and making them inflamed. Over time they will also cause fat to be clogged up in your arteries, causing strokes and...
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What type of hats do the Tetley tea folk wear?

The hats are supposed to represent Yorkshire flat-caps. This is according to the Tetley tea company itself. However they look closer to resembling a desert cap due to the apparent flaps at the back. The flaps at the back of the Tetley folk hats are probably supposed to be hair-nets, part of the required uniform in food production to prevent contamination. ...
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How do you prepare onion tea?

Take a large onion and peel out the external layer of it. Retain the clean, fresh and fleshy colored skin on it. This serves you as an excellent source of beneficial facts. Take a container and put about two cups of water in it. Allow it to simmer and after sometime reduce the flame to low. Now take the onion whose outer skin is removed and cut it into two or four halves and add it into the container with boiling water....
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Where did the saying more tea vicar come from?

England. A vicar is a Church of England priest. Oscar Wilde- The Importance of Being Ernest (1895). A question frequently asked of Dr Chasuable, the local vicar, during afternoon tea. ...
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How much acid is in Earl Grey tea?

Earl Grey tea has a level of acidity similar to other black teas. Earl Grey uses a standard black tea, often a Ceylon black tea, as the base. The flavoring, bergamot oil, adds aroma but does not hugely effect the acidity. Also, acidity is a function of concentration, so it is hard to give an exact estimate of acidity...because tea contains mildly acidic substances, the stronger the tea is, the more acidic it will be. As a general rule, tea, including Earl Grey...
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Can you take manasul tea twice a day?

Yes. I did so I could lose extra pounds quickly, and it worked. I lost 5lbs in one week. But the first time you take it if you are backed up you'll feel horrible. So take a peice of ginger with it to help sooth the cramps. ...
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Will jasmine tea make a woman go into labor?

I've never heard of inducing labor through tea, but... who knows, I guess that since there are certain chemicals that can induce labor (i.e. Castor oil, or natural oxytocin) but I think that only rose-hip tea has castor, and only sexual means (usually via intercourse or nipple stimulation) causes oxytocin releases... My guess is that jasmine tea'd be fine, but one would need to consult their doctor (OB-GYN, family dr, etc...) first. There are certain herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy but...
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What are the bad effects of rose tea?

There are some side effects, including heartburn, rose tea can give you. For example, bladder and kidney stones can develop if excessive amounts of vitamin C are digested. Too much vitamin C has also been resulted in sickle cell crisis in rare cases. Some people have found that, besides heartburn, rose tea has led to respiratory problems. While these are some of the more severe side effects, other less serious side effects are headache, insomnia, nausea, and heartburn; rose tea has been...
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What do you call the thing you put tea leaves in?

It's called a caddy, a tea ball, or an infuser.
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Can you still drink bitter tea?

Of coarse you can still drink it. In my opinion it does not taste very good but it won't poison you or anything. ...
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Does darjeeling tea have high acidity?

Tea varies widely in its acidity. It is easy to assess the acidity of tea by taste--the more sour it tastes, the more acidic it is. Strong black teas (often described as tannic) tend to be more acidic, but there are some lighter teas that are acidic as well. Sometimes the sour taste can be masked by bitterness in strongly bitter teas. It is hard to generalize about all Darjeeling tea, because it can be diverse, but Darjeeling tea tends to be...
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Why did his tea smell of bitter almonds?

the tea smelled of bitter almonds because old drugs smelled that way. she was trying to kill him by drugging the tea. ...
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Can you make herbal slimming tea at home?

Herbal slimming tea can be made by everyone with the right ingredients and recipes. Homemade herbal teas are healthier and help to slim down more. They also do not contain any preservatives and consumers know what exactly goes in there. ...
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What is chippy tea?

a visit to the fish and chip shop usually on a Friday between 4.30pm to 6.00pm when go to buy fish chips and peas for your evening meal very north of England ...
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Which has more calories coffee or tea?

Neither. Coffee and tea are essentially colored and flavored water. There are no calories until the sugar and creams are added. ...
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Is chamomile tea good during pregnancy?

Chamomile tea is often suggested in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and digestive problems. Chamomile is gentle enough that it is frequently used to treat children and as an evening beverage for pregnant women. Used normally (not as the only beverage taken) it is perfectly healthy for most people. The exception being people with allergies to the plant or other plants in the same family. ...
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How do you make poppy seed tea?

There are numerous ways to extract Morphine and Codeine alkaloids from Poppy Seeds. One method is smoking. You can create home-made opiate extract from as little as 1 pound of poppy seeds. First pour your seeds into a pan with water, and begin to boil. Let it boil until the water is half gone. Then strain out the seeds, and begin boiling again. This time, boil until all the water is gone, and there is a tar looking substance at the bottom...
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What does the drink dittany tea mean?

Dittany is a type of wild plant that makes good herbal tea.
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Does chamomile tea get you high?

The answer is yes and no. Some people do get high on chamomile tea, but that doesn't mean that chamomile tea gets everyone high. You will have to try it yourself and notice how it affects you. ...
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Why do you use cold water to make tea?

Some people prefer their tea cold, and you use hot water for hot tea, and cold water for cold tea. ...
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How much Caffeine is in earl grey tea?

Black Tea averages 40mg per serving.
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How much caffeine does black tea have?

The caffeine content of black tea is widely variable, but in general, all tea, including black tea, has substantially less caffeine than coffee. Tea tends to have around 15-70mg per 8 ounce cup, usually based on a typical tea bag or 1 teaspoon of dry loose leaf tea. By comparison, brewed coffee tends to have around 85-135mg per 8 ounce cup. Keep in mind, most standard small cups in coffee shops are 12 ounces and a medium is usually twice an 8...