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Caffeine is a very common psychoactive drug. It is found naturally in some plants, and is added to consumer items, such as soft drinks. Caffeine has a stimulant effect, and it can be mildly addictive.

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How much caffeine does a mars bar have?

Milk chocolate has very little caffeine. Generally only dark chocolate has any appreciable amount of caffeine. Nhs guidelines suggest a 50g bar of milk choc would have approximately 25mg. The amount of actual chocolate in a Mars bar is small so caffeine will be slight. Won't bring you anywhere near the 200mg recommended daily limit. A Mars bar will have almost no caffeine. A mars bar is 58g total, milk chocolate makes up ~...
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Are caffeine use and ADHD connected?

Caffeine is mildly effective on adults with ADHD, but nowhere near as effective as prescription medications. It should be avoided for children and teens....
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Does liquid coffee mate contain caffeine?

NO. it has lots of glucose though. like,really...a lot.
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Does faygo red pop have caffeine?

Faygo make a large number of soft drinks, of which only Faygo Cola, Diet Cola, and Moon Mist are caffeinated. ...
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Does orange Fanta contain caffeine?

No, it does not.
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Does tea have more caffeine than coffee?

A cup of coffee tends to have much more caffeine than a cup of tea. Tea (including black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, etc.) tends to have about 15-70mg of caffeine per 8 oz. cup, whereas the same size cup of coffee tends to have about 80-135mg of caffeine. You cannot generalize about one type of tea (black, green, etc.) containing more or less caffeine. However, by dry weight, tea actually contains substantially more caffeine than coffee. This fact can be...
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Is there caffeine in Ibuprofen?

Plain ibuprofen tablets (Advil, Motrin) do not contain caffeine. Some products specially marketed for migraine headaches or menstrual discomfort may contain caffeine. Read product labels -- caffeine will be listed in the "active ingredients" section. ...
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Does Tramadol contain caffeine?

No, Tramadol does not contain caffeine.
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Does barks root beer have caffeine?

Yes. In fact, it has the most caffeine of any soda available.
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Does flavored tea have caffeine?

Yes. Regular teas, regardless of nature, have about half the caffeine of coffee. About 50mg. ...
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Does sweet tarts contain caffeine?

No. SweetTarts contain Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Malic Acid, and Less than 2% of Calcium Stearate, Artificial Flavors, Blue 1 Lake, Blue 2 Lake, Red 40 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake. ...
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Why don't Jehovah's Witnesses eat caffeine?

There is no religious prohibition against the consuming of caffeine for Jehovah's Witnesses. Whether they consume caffeine therefore rests a personal decision. ANSWER FROM ONE OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES... We can and do consume caffeine in such products as coffee, pop and other food stuffs. ...
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Does white chrysanthemum tea have caffeine?

No, chrysanthemum tea is an herbal tea made from chrysanthemum flowers (usually white chrysanthemum). It does not have any caffeine, as it does not contain any actual tea. ...
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Do apples have as much caffeine as coffee?

No. Not even a little bit. Apples, as a pomaceous fruit, do not naturally contain caffeine. They do, however, have about 19 grams of sugar for one average medium - natural sugar, which is much healthier than the 4 grams of Sweet 'N Low mixed into your daily coffee. So despite the high sugar levels, eating an apple is a much healthier alternative to drinking coffee. The sugars are also one of the main reasons apples have similar effects to caffeine. ...
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Does ginger ale green tea have caffeine?

The amount of caffeine in green tea is widely variable. A lot of sources claim that green tea is lower in caffeine than black tea, but this is not necessarily true. It's hard to generalize about whether green or black teas contain more or less caffeine. Nearly all tea, however, has much less caffeine than coffee. People sensitive to caffeine and drinking green tea as an alternative should be aware that green tea still contains caffeine which will affect you if you...
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Does red velvet cake have caffeine?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't; that would be weird, don't you think?
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Does tequila have caffeine?

No. Most alcoholic drinks do not, unless mixed with a caffeinated beverage or sold (and advertised) while stating that they do ...
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Is caffeine more polar than paracetamol?

Yes, caffeine is more polar than paracetamol. It has more and stronger interactions than paracetamol (ibuprofen). ...
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Why caffeine is used for calibration of HPLC?

Caffeine responds in 3 wavelength regions i.e 196 - 208nm in which caffeine maxima at 203±2nm 240 - 248nm in which caffeine minima at 244±2nm 270 - 278nm in which caffeine maxima at 273±2nm So it covers the operation range of HPLC UV detector to perform wavelength accuracy. Apart from this Caffeine elutes in approx 2 min when using any C18 column which helps in reducing run time. That s the caffeine is preferred than any other standards for HPLC calibration K S Badrinath ...
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Does bold coffee have more caffeine?

No. The more caffeine is in the light, blonde roasts.
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Do Jehovah's Witnesses drink beverages with caffeine?

Assuming you are asking whether JWs have a restriction against the consumption of caffeine, and the answer is no they do not have any such restriction. They do not see anything wrong with the consumption of beverages containing caffeine. There is nothing in the bible, their primary source of guidance which would condemn the consumption of caffeine. ...
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Does white almond bark have caffeine?

no i believe it doesn't.
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Is there caffeine in gum?