Antiques are man-made items that have survived the passage of time. Definitions vary by the type of item, but typically anything over 100 years old is easily an antique. For answers to your questions about that old "whatever" that you're wondering about, ask your questions here!

Office Supplies

What is the value of an olivetti lexikon 80 typewriter produced in 1948?

The value of an olivetti lexikon 80 typewriter approximately $33.
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Art Collecting

What is approximate value of an Ullman Mfg Co. print from the late 1800s or early 1900s?

This is a difficult question to answer because curiosity about the prints is higher than the demand for them. Most of the interest has been generated by people discovering pictures in attics and basements or at garage sales and hoping they've stumbled onto a treasure. The reality is Ullman Mfg. Co. mass produced lots and lots of prints and photographs, and distributed them widely. Some prints may be easier to find than others, however.

Bear in mind the value of an item is dictated by how readily available it is in the marketplace at the time a person decides to buy, how much the buyer wants the print, and competition from other buyers. If someone documents the available prints and other ephemera, collectors may show more interest, leading to an increase in value.

In general, Ullman framed lithographs sell for $35-90 in online auctions and on commercial websites, and a sometimes for a little more, $115-140, at live auctions. Antique stores tend to overprice the merchandise: recent [December 2010] prices recorded from common prints with price tags of $195 (Swinburne Seascape) to $375 (Priscilla, "Why don't you speak for yourself, John?"). To put this in perspective, the identical framed Priscilla image sold at auction for $80 in 2006, and for $25 in 2008.

Ullman postcards are also plentiful and cheap, ranging in price from $2-20, with most selling in the $4-10 range. Due to the wide variety they're inexpensive and fun to collect, but they have virtually no investment value at this time.


Are unopened can can pearls worth money?

This depends greatly on they type and quality. Some can can pearls will sell for only $10, while others will sell at auction for $300.

Home & Garden

What is gilt brass?

Quite simply, brass that has a gold wash over it. Vermiel = gold over silver.....Ormolu = gold over bronze....dore = gold over brass. Commonly this was used on drawer pulls, brass feet, and many other metal accents on furniture, mostly so that the brass would not have to be polished...the gold always stayed bright and shiney. This is also a common technique on costume jewelry...thus the brass will not turn green when it touches your skin....until the gold is worn off, or polished off. A very common mistake...gilt surfaces should not be polished....mild soap and water does all the cleaning required...anything more harsh or abrasive only removes the gilt finish.

Hobbies & Collectibles

Is a 1923 Sears Roebuck catalog worth anything?

If you can find a good collector it can be sold for major bucks.

**Be careful about Sears and Roebuck catalogs because there are many duplicates or novelty reproductions out there. The most important thing is the condition of the catalog. Most catalogs did not survive because, during the Great Depression, catalogs were used as wall insulation and even toilet paper.

The best source to validate any publication works, especially for appraisals and or condition, is with rare books and printings shops. They would have immediate access to references to properly identify it.


What is the value of a mimeograph machine?

Its exact value, like gold on the market, can only be determinded by the mental state of the man with a dollar in is pocket.

Pastor James Jones

Instrument Buying and Selling

What is the value of a crown pump organ?

Although in its time Geo P. Bent and the "Crown" brand were one of the best known piano and organ brands in the country, the company has long since fallen into obscurity. A turn-of-the-last-century Crown pump organ is quite large and rather ornate, and it is not something to show up on the market often, particularly those bearing the Geo P. Bent name. That said, one working and in good cosmetic condition - intact and without any major damage beyond normal wear and tear - could be worth as much as $900-1000 on the right day to the right buyer (at least as of the time of this answer in November 2013). As antique analog instruments have gained some new interest in the modern market, it's possible that one closer to mint condition could go for more, but it may take some time to find the right buyer. The biggest hurdles would be finding a buyer truly interested in this unique machine who is either A) local and able to pick it up or B) willing to shell out the extra cash for freight.


What is the value of a daisy glass butter churn?

I agree with the price range of $50 to $150 given previously, but to get in that range, the wooden paddle and crank mechanism must be in very good working condition.


What is the year of your lane cedar chest Serial No 083128 style no 44835 aroma titetop prevents moth damage?

well - this might be a semi-educated guess - but - dates of the lanes prior to 1930 are the six digit serial number read forward , after that they are reversed, and the later seven digit ones you drop the first number(reading forward) so I would say it was made Aug 31,1928 , style would help determine that , and Lanecedar chest .com can tell you for certain at any rate

Investing and Financial Markets
Gold and Precious Metals

Where can you sell sterling silver for its silver value?

Here are some opinions from our community:

  • I would caution you against using eBay. I stopped selling silver there because you will by FAR get you the worst price. Between the eBay fees and PayPal fees, you will lose 11% right off the bat. Not to mention deadbeat bidders, scam artists, etc.
  • Most coin dealers will buy bullion silver. Any pawn shop will give you something for it. Some jewelers will, too.
  • Take your pieces to a local jewelry store, one that specializes in estate jewelry would be best. This is where you will get the best return on selling your items.

Special Note:

Make sure your silver is actually sterling which usually means it will have the word "Sterling" or ".925" marked on it. If not, it could be silver plated, which would have no melt value at all.


How much are your Watling scales worth?

well it really depends on the model and condition, as well as the extra bells and whistles on the model itself. I have seen the smaller ones that just tell your weight go for up to $650.00 but that's retail in an antique store. The larger ones that have the mirror on the front or tell a fortune etc, can be valued from anywhere in the $500.00 to the several thousand dollars. It's all related to what the machines offer in terms of options and their condition. They are getting harder and harder to find in good working condition and the price should only go up from here on out.


Silver hallmarks what does b and g mean?

There is no answer to your question. If you are talking about English hallmarks, the initial indicates the year on manufacture, But the alphabet only has 26 letters and I am not cerain that all those letters were used. Anyway, assuming that they were, every 26 years, the sequence would have to start over at 'a' again. So, different styles of lettering were used so that an exact year of manufacture could be ascertained. You need to check in your local public library or purchase a handbook of English silver marks. To confuse matters even further, the same letter might indicate a totally different year depending upon which city the item was made in, London. Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle for instance.

B&G could indicate the name of the silversmith. Generally the hallmarks(stamped impressions) indicate the silversmith, location of office of item being assayed, year letter,silver content(Sterling or Britannia). Russian silver does not have year letters only numbers.

Entertainment & Arts
Instrument Buying and Selling
Music Collecting

How much is a record for the victor talking machine worth?

what about record 1905 1 sided record?


How much is it worth? Like all collectables, the answer is subjective as far as to the individual record itself. The artist, the condition of the record, the number of copies of that record in existance, etc., all come into play. Some might be worth a dollar or less, others might be worth hundreds. Victor's from 1910 to 1920 in good shape (no skips etc) could easily average $25 or more.

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US Coins

What is 1863 US penny made of?

The coin has a composition of .880 copper & .120 nickel, so it's a copper-nickel coin.


What was the Ullman Manufacturing Co?

For those interested in further information on the ULLMAN MFG. Co., I did find a listing that may have a direct connection to the company in the "Greater New York Edition" of the "Printing Trades Blue Book for 1918" that reads:

L. ULLMAN & Sons

There is also a Martin ULLMAN who is among those rare few contributers singled out in the final issue of "AD Magazine," where he is listed as having been a member of the Society of Designers for Industry, in New York, and is credited for the April/May 1940 issue.

The latest listing I have found for the actual company, thus far, is that they were recorded as having done the illustrations for the book "Journal, 1803," by Washington Irving, working with the well-known Plimpton Press, of Norwood, MA and the Oxford Univ. Press, of New York. This was published in 1934. (You may be interested to know that the type of work they were doing at that time was colloidal printing.) This may have been one of their last major projects, as I found a notation in the files of the Alfred J. Frueh Papers, in the Archives of American Art that lists his contact with the company as ending in 1939 (specifically, 1921- 1939). My guess is that this is when they either changed their company name or ended doing business, completely. The most interesting bit of information to come out of that search, though, is that this is the first time that the ULLMAN MFG., Co. is found in a second listing, where it is shown in a clear relationship with another company, in this case Viafora (I presume Gianni Viafora, as later noted). The section of the listing that should be of interest is posted exactly as follows:

Ullman Manufacturing Company - Viafora, 1921-1939, undated

There is some interesting information on the website for the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City(, although some of the dates are off, I believe. It may be of interest to note some of the names that follow the stuff about ULLMAN, such as the one for "Underhill," as I believe there is some question about an artist with a same last name floating around, as well. (I did find a Nelson Underhill who was a railroad office worker in the late 19th C., in Colorado, which makes him an unlikely candidate. Instead, I would suggest the artist is, perhaps, a woman, and that the two names actually make up a single surrname, such as that belonging to "Edmund W. and Mary S. Nelson Underhill." Certainly the subject matter of the artwork done by "Nelson Underhill" would place it squarely in the 19th C. woman's realm.)

Hope this does not just confuse the issue all the more!

We also have a print from the Ullman Mfg Co. dated 1900. It depicts two young women, the younger blonde is seated reading a letter while the older brunette is watching over her shoulder. It is on or under glass and the subjects are in front of a large curtained window with spinning wheels at their sides. If anyone would care to comment with a name or any other information, I would be interested!

i have a print showing a house and people fishing at a river front. it is signed : copyright 1900 the ullman mfg & co. new york. i hope that helps to know that they produced art prints...thomas.

I just discovered an Ullman MFG.CO. print copyright 1899.

It is a black and white print of the Madonna and Child. I'm looking for more information on the Ullman MFG. CO.


I also have a beautiful color print by the Ulman Mfg. Co New York copy right dated 1898. It appears to be a mother and child in a library or study in a mansion type setting.

I have a print dated 1907 from Ullman Mfg Co. It is a picture of a man at anvil repairing a doll carraige wheel while a little girl with her doll stand waiting

I also have an old b/w photo from the Ullman Mfg. Co.. It is a picture of a woman chained to a cross. Someone said it was Joan of Arc, but I'm not sure. It's dated 1901

I am looking for the person who responded that they had a 1907 Ullman print of a man at anvil repairing a doll carraige wheel while a little girl with her doll stand waiting. Please e-mail me.


Apparently they produced prints. I have two. One is of a man and women, they look like pilgrims, and she is holding his arm, he has a musket and looks like maybe he's going to leave her for a battle? The other is of a lady in a beautiful pink beaded dress in front of a church looking building, she is holding some sort of book. They were mounted under glass and the frames were not real eye catching. Copyright 1900 in the bottom left corner.

Like so many others, I, too have a print that appears to be a photograph with a colorized process. In the corner is Copywrite 1899 The Ullman Mfg. Co. New York. The picture is an 8x10 of a beautiful,young 1880's woman sitting on a rock on a rocky beach with letter in hand and the background shows a ship sailing away. Of special colorized note is her pink hat and parasol.

I have a black and white photograph that seems to be hand-colored and is named " Dressing the Bride" it is by Nelson or Nilsin Anderhall or Anderhill. Could anyone give me some info about it. It was given to my mother as a wedding gift.

I too have a print by Ullman Mfg. Co. It is of a woman, appears to be a pilgrim, standing on shore & looking out to sea with a ship far off in the background. The copyright on mine is 1899. I don't suppose anybody knows if & what these prints may be worth? It would be nice to know. Thanks.

What I found on the Ullman Mfg Co is they made postcards and smaller prints. Mostly turn of the century, if I remember right.

I have a print of a painting by H. Raymond, also stamped copyright 1900 Ullman Mfg Co. New York.

I have a picture of it on my website. under pics and such.

It's a sepia picture of a mill with a waterwheel. I'm almost positive I've seen this painting in color.

Does anyone know anything about this painter?

I have a colorized print signed by Nelson Underhill, of a young girl sitting in a rocking chair, being attended to by a woman. By the signature it says "Dressing for her birthday". Does anyone have any info on this?

I'm so curious to know what happened to Ullman Mfg? Did they sell to another company where their records would be stored so all of us curious people could find our answers. You would think with the historians of NY they would be able to guide us somewhere. I have a painting called "Tumbling waters" is mostly browns and tan tones and the only color you see, is the color of the man's jacket which is red, and his hat is white. he is fishing in the creek and his not facing the front, and the only other color in the painting is this lime green on the tips of some plants amists the sides of the hills to the left. it is signed only by the name "Rose" copyright 1898. and of course Ullman Mfg Co. Is still in its orig. frame and everything. I did have to have the back re matted due to age, but made them keep it all orig. backing. I noticed on the back of the painting was written "1-05289" then below was written " Rhodes" and below that name it said Mound City. So I would like all of you love to know about this. And it's history as much as it's worth. I really would love to know the history and artist more than the worth. I love the picture. I just wish so that we could find out about Ullman and what happened to all there records. How can something like that just vanish? Please email me with any info at Thank you so much.

We also have two prints copyright The Ullman Manufacturing Co., dated 1899. Each print is of a single pilgrim women standing on a rocky shore along a coast line.

I also have a print dated 1901 with Joan of Arc.

Ullman Mystery LadyAs I posted on another section of this website, I have beautiful black and white print of a young woman in profile marked "Ullman Manfacturing Co., 1902". The print is in its original gilded, black-enameled frame. It is very haunting.

Does anyone have nay more information on the company or the source of the image? Thanks

Ullman Mfg. co

I have an Ullman, New York,picture dated 1899. It has a signature in the bottom left corner, Anthony Blake. It is a color print, showing a maid driving a few cattle to a spring with a house and bay or river in the background. It has a heavy gilt and dark wood frame approx. 6'' deep.The picture itself is approx. 15'' by 19''. Anyone know the worth or history of these prints ?

Mark Twain
Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

What is the value of Tom Sawyer copyright 1955?

The value would be based on the condition of the book and it it had any famous persons that signed it.

Famous Artworks

What is a turner wall painting of blue boy worth?

The famous painting entitled 'The Blue Boy' is an oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough. It is currently in the Huntington Library in San Marino, California and is not for sale. Paintings on the level can sell for millions when put to auction.


How can you find the value of The Singer Manufacturing Co?

I have a Singer machine do not have the year, but it does say machine class 306. It is still in its original case and still in working order but would need a service.


Is there any value in a Allen chair co chair?

Not sure of it's actual value but yes it is worth money. The Allen Chair Co. went out of business around 1956. This chair was made in Concord, MA


What is a pickle castor?

The Victorian pickle castor was made primarily for serving pickles at the dining table, giving high society women a way to serve pickles without having to bring out the pickling jar.


How much are 1900 antique rifles worth?

Around US$ 2,000 depending on its conservation status.

Without DETAILED descriptions the range could be 100-10000 USD or more.

While they may be old, a 1900 rifle is NOT legally an antique. US law has a specific legal definition of antique firearm, Unless they are muzzle loading guns, they must have been made in 1898 or earlier to be an antique. Values will be based on specific make, model, condition, and originality. without detailed information, we cannot even make an educated guess at value.


Antique horsedraw plow how much is it worth?

As far as I can see from researching this topic, the value can be based on its condition, its weight, and how much someone wants it. Then you have to figure out how far away that person lives and how much it will cost to get it there. Scrap metal recycling places pay per pound for iron, steel and other metals. That might be the best bet if you don't want to hang on to the plow but could use the money. On the other hand, some people like to use them as planters or you could sell or donate it to a museum.

Metros and Subways

Can you take a bicycle on the Paris metro?


Academic Writing
Amateur Radio

Character sketch of leela benare in silence the court is in session?

Miss leela banera is the most striking,chivalrous and ammusing lady in Vijaya Tendulkar's play,silence!The court is in session!since she has been assigned the accused role in the mock-trial and a prisoner has no privilege to give suggestion,own opinion in the court,her character has got little revelation.But act-1,where she is comefree not yet accused has seen her young.Chivalrous and progressive attitude,full of fun and pratical wisdom.Towards the end of the play,the audience once more witnesses her vivacious wit,strong emotional urges,lawyer-like argument and straight forwardness in declaring the compulsion under which she accented unmarried maternity.............................

Hobbies & Collectibles

Are antiques worth a lot of money?

Antiques can go from worth nothing to worth thousands of dollars. If you are wondering how much to sell something for you should have a professional look at your antique as second hand shops will not buy a valuable item at its proper price.


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