Silverware is a term used for utensils for serving or eating food that, such as forks, spoons, knives, etc.

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How do you strip silver plate silverware?

You don't. It costs more to recover the silver from a plated item than the value of the silver.


What are all the types of silverware?

The types of silverware would be the knife, fork, and spoon....

Sometimes there is a little thing called a 'spork' which is a combination of a spoon and fork, but to my knowledge it is only plastic ware.


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Is carbon in silverware dangerous to ingest?

Well honestly if it was, then we would all probably be dead. It shouldn't be harmful, considering it goes through a dish washer and when they first make the silver in a factory they only put the carbon in them in order to hold there shape. They go through a series of test first to make sure no chemical is unbalanced. so don't worry about it.


If by silverware you mean eating utensils made of Sterling Silver, there is no carbon in silverware. Sterling Silver contains (by law) 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals - typically copper.

If by silverware you follow the American custom of calling all flatware "silverware" you might include iron, steel, German Silver, or stainless steel in the materials present. Of these, only the iron and steel items would contain carbon. In those alloys the carbon is bound tightly with the metal and will not be released.

As far as the toxicity of pure carbon - it isn't toxic. Well done steaks and toast would be very unpopular if carbon were toxic.


Can sharing silver ware get you HIV?

Sharing silverware will not transmit HIV.


Where to sell rogers bros international silver?


You will be hard pressed to sell anything by Rogers Brothers. They made silver PLATED items, not sterling silver. The amount of silver is microscopic. Often times low end antiques shops or even Goodwill will sell pieces for 25 cents each.

You are probably better off keeping and using it as much of that stuff is very nice... just not sellable.

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What is the value of original Winchester poster-panels for firearms cutlery and sporting goods from 1922 and 1923?

basically I need to see pictures to help you out. Send some pictures to my e-mail. I have a large collection of winchester/sporting posters/calendars. I should be able to help.

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In what ways is stainless steel better than pure iron in making cutlery?

Pure iron is soft, so knives will not stay sharp for long and the tynes of fork will easily bend. Pure iron would get rust on it.

stainless steel is rust proof.

stainless steel is harder than pure iron.

You can also go to this website for better answer: but links are not allowed to given (so so sorry) :( :)

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How much did all the cutlery crockery and glassware at the new Wembley Stadium cost when it was first built?



Did the Ancient Egyptians have any silverware?

no they ate with ther bare hands . but mabye the Pharaoh had gold ,siver or copper silverware.

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Why do they use stainless steel for cutlery?

because of all the grease that gets on it, it needs to clean so they used STAINLESS steel and also beause we use cutlery to eat so it always has to be looking cleaning or else if they used steel it self you may be affected with chemicals or sorts of kind thats another reason why we used STAINLESS.

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What does gauge of stainless steel flatware mean?

Gauge refers to the thickness of the metal used to forge or press the utensils. I see some people are confusing gauge with composition which is normally expressed as the ratio of the 2 types of metal added to the steel in the flatware (ie. 1810, 18/10). I have also seen some people incorrectly stating that the nickel is for lustre... that is only 1 function, it is mainly for corrosion resistance and HARDNESS. ANY metal will polish up nicely.


In order to be called stainless steel, a steel alloy must contain at least 11.5% chromium. 18/10 is the highest quality, it contains 18 percent chromium, and 10 percent nickel.

Chromium makes the metal rust proof and stain resistant, while the nickel provides some additional corrosion resistance and makes the metal hard. The rest is composite steel, which makes the utensils strong. 18/8 stainless steel is normally less expensive and has slightly less corrosion resistance. Really though, it's probably not very noticeable. I have recently seen 18/0 since the world supply of nickel is rather low lately. I would not recommend getting these as they will not hold up well & may even look rather cheap after a few rounds through the dishwasher.


Gauge is a measure of thickness, generally from 1 to 4 millimeters, and often determines weight and price of the set. Gauge can be compared by looking at pieces of flatware from the side.

Not all utensils in the same set will have the same gauge... the dinner fork should have a thicker gauge and the salad fork a thinner gauge. The butter knife should have a thicker gauge than all of the other utensils. The gauge imparts strength to the utensil, but it also affects the balance & feel of the utensil in your hand. Good flatware should feel balanced in your hand and feel comfortable whether you are cutting, lifting or piercing food. The gauge reflected on the packaging is generally the average gauge of the utensils. Some more unscrupulous companies my label the package with the thickest gauge piece in the package....

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What is the is stand for on 1847 rogers bros flatware?

Rogers Bros. became part of the Meriden Britannia company. The Meriden Britannia company absorbed dozens of other silverware makers in the area and expanded its operation overseas, after which it became known as the International Silver Company(IS). International Silver may have used the 1847 Rogers mark as early as 1852. The successor to the International Silver Company is still in business and uses the 1847 trademark to this day.


How do you identify your meriden cutlery co antler handle knife?

As the blade lies on the table with the point facing to the left there will be a maker's mark approximately 1.75 inches from the point where the blade and handle join. The mark will say "MERIDEN CUTLERY CO" and there will be a small anvil above it. I am just now learning about this company after having inherited a staghorn-handled carving set in 2009. I haven't seen any like mine on the 'net yet. My set has staghorn handles that are complete to the point of the horn, not cut and capped like those I have located. I would like to know more about dating this set, as I am relatively sure it came from my Kentucky side of the family and could be mid- to early 19th Century.


Where is Oneida flatware made?

All flatware is now imported from Indonesia, Vietnam or China. There may be a few leftovers that say USA

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Where is Starkemunich cutlery made?

In Italy! (...I guess)

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Which flatware is thicker 16 or 18 gauge?

16 ga is thicker than 18 ga.... the lower the number the thicker the wire size


What is causing rust stains on silverware and dishes in the dishwasher if you're on city water?

AnswerYou should never put silver, gold platted or good wine glasses in your dishwasher. The minerals or chlorine can leave marks on your silver. Always hand wash them in warm soapy water. Clean them, wash them in warm soapy water, and use suran wrap to roll them in to keep the air out. Next time you use them you won't have to clean them again. Air will tarnish silver as you know.

The above also applies to pottery dishware, mugs, cups, and also good china with gold or silver trim. Hand wash.


In Houston, when they periodically flushed the pipes, the water throughout the household was rusty colored at those times. Try using a commercial rinse agent in your dishwasher or add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse water. Maybe you should also check out how long your dishes are actually wet after the wash cycle is over.

If your dishwasher is an older model, the tips of the plastic racks sometime wear off exposing the metal below. These tips will start to rust and leave deposits on your dishes.


Is Oneida flatware made in China?

My "Easton" place settings and replacement pieces I bought up until 2004, or so, said made in USA. The replacement place spoon I just received (Feb 2008) says it was made in Indonesia.


Why do you have to use mild detergent to clean the silverware?

Abrasive cleansers can scratch the silver.

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Why is sodium not used to make cutlery?

Here are a few good reasons:

  • First, sodium is highly reactive with water and dissolves in an exothermic reaction so that the hydrogen released will ignite. So cutlery made from sodium would be a one shot affair and would likely result in your meal exploding.
  • Secondly, as a metal sodium is very malleable and would only be good for soft food.
  • A high sodium diet is simply not healthy.
  • Elemental Sodium Metal is extremely reactive with water, and will even react with the moisture in air. It would be dangerous to use it to cut anything that would contain the slightest bit of moisture... and would even be dangerous to handle with one's own hands.... especially sweaty hands. It could explode into flames if ever washed in water.
  • Sodium Chloride actually is a wonderful substance. It is extremely hard, but also brittle. But, unfortunately it will dissolve readily in water. So, it would either break on usage, or would dissolve in contact with food containing significant amounts of water, or if someone ever washed it in water.
It is noted that Sodium Chloride disks are often used for IR Spectroscopy, and they can last a very long time if well cared for and never allowed to touch water.
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How can you tell the difference between sterling silver and silver plated flatware?

  1. American sterling silver products made after 1850 are always stamped with the word "sterling," and sometimes also include the numbers .925, indicating the silver is 92.5% pure.
  2. British sterling carries 4-5 stamped hallmarks identifying the company, the location, date of manufacture, etc. These can be matched with photos in the silver hallmark database. Similarly, American manufacturers employ hallmarks or sponsor's marks that can be identified by matching photos.
  3. The first patent for silver plating was issued in 1840. Older pieces are sterling, although they may not be stamped as such.
  4. Some of the early makers of silverplate flatware were Rogers Bros, Rogers & Bros. FB Rogers Silver, Wm Rogers, the Meriden Britannia Company, Middletown Plate Co. (Superior Silver Company) and others. Many of these names were used well into the 20th century. In 1898, this group of companies formed International Silver Company.
  5. Some of the silverplate manufacturers also released sterling patterns, but these are stamped "sterling," whereas the plate is not. Many of the sterling pattern numbers are recorded in a database or databases.
  6. Some of the stamps used to distinguish silverplated tableware are: IS (International Silver), IC, Brittania, EPNS (Electical Plated Nickle Silver), A1, Triple Plate, 3x, Quadruple Plate, 4x, Silver on Copper, EP, EP on Copper, and a whole host of initial and pictorial marks that can be matched with pictures in the silverplate database.
  7. Myth: Silverplate is magnetic; silver is not. In truth, neither is magnetic. Stainless steel shows varying degrees of magnetism.

    Myth: Silverplate doesn't tarnish like genuine silver. In truth, both will tarnish, because both are genuine silver. The difference is, sterling is sterling silver all the way through; plate only has a thin skin of silver over a base metal. Stainless steel doesn't tarnish.

  8. Silverplate has no scrap value. Even the thickest plate is only about .20mm (8/1000th of an inch) thick, and refineries won't buy it because the process of reclaiming silver from plate is too expensive.

Is a wombat is used for cleaning silverware?


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Which is the world's best crockery and cutlery?

Maxwell and Williams by far...affordable and reliable. it really is fantastic


Were can you find nice sterling silver silverware?

Sterling silver silverware can be found at many antique shops. Pawn shops, estate sales and even rummage sales frequently have sterling silver silverware.


Is 1847 Rogers Bros IS silverware sterling silver or plated?

The Rogers Bros. silverware is silver plated flatware. IS means your set was made after Rogers Bros. was acquired by International Silver Company, around 1898.

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