Database Design

Database design is the process of creating a detailed data model of a database. It is the next step after requirement gathering and before coding begins. A good database design can save a lot of time during the database development.

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Database Design

How do you make a database more reliable?

First design the schema based on the requirements for the database . Then decide the fields required to be stored in the database. Then analyse the design for a better and more reliable database .

Database Design

What does design template mean?

A design template is nothing but just like an outline on a paper . Inside a design template we can add our things.Design template is like a structures that guides you to do whatever you are planning to do but in an efficient manner .

Database Design

What is the more common name for attribute?

In a database management system (DBMS), an attribute may describe a component of the database, such as a table or a field, or may be used itself as another term for a field. Commonly we can say that an attribute is a "propety" of a database field or its a characteristic or facet of the data field..

Database Design

What is the latest database technology?

There are number of new technologies in database, the one prevailing in industry is No-SQL.No-SQL is a database that is used to handle the unstructured data which is not possible in SQL.

Example of some No-SQL database are MongoDB , Cassandra, CouchDB etc.

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Database Design

How does a computer convert data into information?

A computer performs certain operations on the data. Suppose we give any input to the computer . The computer then process the data . Finally it gives the information to us as an output that is nothing but the processed data.

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Database Design

What is the full form of DIGITAL?

D= data

I= intense competition





L=low cost

Database Design

What is the basic structure of SQL Select statement?

SQL is acronym for structured query language. In database we retrieve data with the help of SQL.SQL commands are of four types DCL , DML, DDL and DRL. Example of DRL (data retrieval language) select * from table-name; .

Database Design
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What network application establishes standards for the electronic exchange of data?

To be in a network and communicate we need to follow a set of rules and procedures . These set of rules and procedures are called protocols. So to exchange information these protocols should be followed.

Database Design

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Few points

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Database Design

Where chained declustering is used?

Chained De-clustering is a method used to manage replicated data. It is usually implemented in a shared nothing architecture. This technique is capable of providing both high availability in addition to being able to fully balance the workload among the operational nodes in the event of a failure. In the chained declustering strategy, nodes are divided into disjoint groups called relation-clusters. The tuples of each relation in the database are declustered across the disk drives of one relation cluster. The chained declustering strategy maintains two physical copies of each relation. The first copy (termed the primary copy) is declustered over all disks in a relation-cluster using one of Gamma’s three partitioning strategies (hashed, range, or round-robin) [DeWi86]. The second copy (termed the backup copy) is declustered using the same partitioning strategy but the corresponding fragments from both copies are stored on different nodes. The fragments are distributed among the disks using the following algorithm: Assume that there are a total of M disks numbered from 1 to M. For every relation R, the i th fragment of the primary copy is stored on the {[i-1+C(R)] mod M + 1}-th disk drive, and the i th fragment of the backup copy will be stored on the {[i+C(R)] mod M + 1}-th7 disk drive; insuring that the primary and backup fragments are placed on different disk drives. The function C(R) is devised to allow the first fragment of relation R to be placed on any disk within a relation-cluster. We name this data replication method chained declustering because the disks are linked together, by the fragments of a relation, like a chain.

Database Design

What is relational state?

Relational database state is a union of all the individual relation states, whenever the database is changed a new state arise. Relational state is also cartesian product of degree n on domain.

Database Design

What is dbms job?

If I understand your question you are asking what a JOB is in say Sql Server 2000? A job, or the job component in SQL server is basically an engine that allows you to schedule objects to fire. As an example lets say you have a stored procedure that is setup to retrieve data from a table or set of tables, analyze it and split this data off into new tables, perhaps with additional information added, and maybe even delete some of the records that fit within certain rules. That said now you don't want to have to go and execute (run) this stored procedure on your own, manually; do you? Now you can setup a job that you will assign a schedule to (ie: Run every few minutes, every hour, once a day, whatever you want). And in this JOB or schedule you will attach this stored procedure. The SQL engine looks at the scheduled jobs, compares the last run time with when it is set to run again and then fires off whatever is associated with the job; in this example our stored procedure.

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Database Design

How do you draw an Er diagram on school management system?

An Er diagram is an Entity Relationship diagram. It presents a relational database. It requires use of a VU-UML or Visual Paradigm for UML tool. It is an advanced idea based on the system of flowcharts.

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Database Design

Explain differetn types of views in dbms?

Hi .....
Basically there are are two Views regarding to DBMS.
(1)Regression based Views
(2) Interpolation based Views

Regression based Views:

Regression techniques are routinely and very successfully

used in many application domains to model the values of a

continuous dependent variable as a function of the values of

a set of independent or predictor variables. These models are

thus a natural fit in many environmental monitoring applications

that use sensor networks to monitor physical properties

such as temperature, humidity, light etc

Interpolation based Views:

We describe a second type of view in this section, the interpolation

view. In an interpolation view an interpolation function is used to estimate the missing values from known

values that bracket the missing value. The process is similar

to table lookup: given a table T of tuples of the form

(T, V ), and a set of T0 values with unknown V 0 values, we

can estimate the v0 2 V 0 value that corresponds to a particular

t0 2 T0 by looking up two pairs (t1, v1) and (t2, v2)

in T such that t1 _ t0 _ t2. We then use the interpolation

function to compute the value v0 from v1 and v2..
Database Design

Two Disadvantages Of A Paper-Based Database?

Paper database is a traditional way of storing information. It has the following disadvantages :1) The data is not easy to handle , complete human effort required .

2) The data can be easily lost and also difficult to manage.

3) The data is difficult to access, everything has to be done manually.

Database Design

What does Data Redundancy mean in database design?

In database there are number of issues to be handled ,like redundant data, inconsistent data, unorganized data etc. Redundancy of data is the repetitive data that is taking the storage unnecessarily . So the redundant data must be removed or at least reduced.

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Database Design

How do you delete MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase?

Babies From The MoonIn Windows, in My Computer, right-click on the System Volume Information folder and pick Properties from the context menu. Uncheck Read Only and pick Apply. At the command prompt, change to the folder, change the attributes of that directory: attrib System Volume Information -s -h. Change to the directory: CD "System Volume Information" then change the attributes of the file: attrib MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase -s -h, then del MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase.
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Database Design

What is outsourcing in ERP?

Outsourcing is basically pushing off parts of a project to a 3rd party outside of the internal development team. ERP is a paradigm buzzword that basically means multiple interconnecting layers, so the two together would mean that some of those layers will be going to a 3rd party dev team (probably in India).

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Database Design

What does the term field mean in databases?

In database the key element for storing the data is a table. A table can be defines as some number of rows and columns. The columns have some name called attributes or fields.

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What is the transparency of emerald?

The transparency of an emerald is transparent (able to transmit light through) to translucent (able to transmit light but not fully).

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Database Design

List four significant differences between a file processing system and a DBMS?

1) In a traditional file processing system the work of IT was very hectic while this is not so in DBMS.2) In DBMS redundancy of data is tried to reduced while this was not so in FPS.

3) DBMS maintains data integrity but FPS do not.

Database Programming
Database Design

Why 3NF is preferred in database design?

Engineer requirements should be higher, on the application of large databases to achieve proficiency or proficiency level, so the relatively low level of development engineers database, the cost is lower. Data architects, general business needs one or two. Of employment database development engineer is the most extensive. Here are some cases for reference only. (

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Database Design

What is redundancy and inconsistency in data base management system?

Redundancy refers to the repetitive data in the database consuming storage capacity unnecessarily . Also redundant data can cause ambiguity. Inconsistency refers to the inconsistency in the data in terms of standardized methods to store related data.

Database Design
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What are the objectives of fact finding?

you can find the truth about something.

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Database Design
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What is decantation?

'''''Decantation''''' is a fast method for separating a mixture of a liquid and a heavier solid. In this process , first the solid impurities are allowed to sediment at the bottom of the container. Then, the pure liquid is poured out carefully from the container into another container. The precipitate or solid is left behind at the bottom of the container.


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