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A sub-category devoted to the famous word processor made by Microsoft.

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What is the storage size of a word on a computer?

It depends on the size of bit support the processor.
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What happens if you press F11 on a Word document?

When automated fields are in a Word document, F11 will move from one to the next one. ...
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What is a footer in a paper?

A Footer in a paper appears on the bottom of each page including the page # or a last name and page # combined. For example Page #1 or Smith 1 or 1. ...
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What does portrait orientation mean?

it means vertical allignment, document is more heigh then wide
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What are the advantages of word processing over the typewriter?

There are many advantages of using word processors over a typewriter. Some of them are: -The word processors are faster and easier to use than typewriters. -In word processors, you can store documents and you can make as many copies as you want, while with typewriters you cannot do so. -With word processors you have formatting choices and can change the font, text size, use bold,italic e.t.c. -Word processors help you improve your writing skills e.g vocabulary and also spelling mistakes. ...
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Is Microsoft Word office an application program?

yes, if you buy office 2010 , it include word , excel, powerpoint, outlook and so on recommend you to buy office 2010 ...
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What does undo the redo mean?

Using the Undo command in Microsoft Word immediately after the Redo command causes a surprisingly stable temporal loop to occur. All previously redone actions will be undone ad infinitum, and vice versa. ...
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What is the function of drawing toolbar?

It provides various tools to enable you to draw and format things like shapes, text boxes and pictures. ...
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How do you make text glow in word 2007?

Sorry but you cant, i have tried to but it only works with powerpoint and excel etc but not word Then it is only for microsoft 2010 then....... ...
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How do you add an icon and hyperlink to a document?

On Insert tab,first highlight text you want to put hyperlink,or just press hyperlink and icon can be added through insert-picture or insert-object ...
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Is there a font larger than 72 in Word 2003?

yes it can go up to 1638, you just need to highlight the number in the font size box and type in any font size you want. ...
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What are similarities between Microsoft word and publisher?

both programs have tools to work with text, but publisher is designed for commercial printing and have some different features like container for images. ...
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How is the font size in Word and Excel measured?

Microsoft Word measures fonts in points. A common example would be something like 10 or 12 point Arial or Times New Roman. Excel is similar. ...
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How do you draw a partition in Microsoft Word?

You can do that with table, Insert - Table. Table can have visible or invisible borders, Design tab (appears when you insert or draw table) Table Styles section - Borders. ...
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Where is the undo button located?

Since Office 2007 it is located in the top left corner of the page in the Quick Access toolbar. You can also use the Ctrl - Z shortcut key to undo things. ...
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What is the PIM software in MS Office?

Microsoft Outlook would be the closest, though aspects of all of the Microsoft Office products could be used in some way to facilitate PIM requirements. ...
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What are the parts of Microsoft Word?

Parts of Microsoft WordHome This is the tab that has almost everything you need when completing a word document. You can change your font, font size, paragraph orientation, add bullets, etc. Insert The Insert Tab allows users to add a table, clip art, or chart to a document. Anything that is an additional graphic "insert" will most likely be found here. Page Layout The Page Layout tab provides options for page orientation, size, columns, borders, page color, etc. References Add an index or bibliography page here. Mailings Create Address...
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What are advantages to the new Word file format?

Better privacy, Improved damaged-file recovery, More control over personal information. I'm pretty sure that is what it is. ...
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Difference between paste and paste special?

In word programs, there is normal pasting which is normally done with images, text, etc, then there is special pasting which allows you to copy a section of text from word for example and past it into another word program as a picture eg. It just allows you to copy one type of information and paste it as another. ...
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What is the purpose of the redo button?

.... Sigh the use of the redo button on almost anything is to redo what you just did, lets say you write something on one website, on another website wanting to type the same thing. Or you accidentally press the UNDO button but you didn't mean to so you press redo to undo your undo! Plus its self explanatory re- doing again- do basically means work, or an action ...
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How do you make ç in Microsoft word?

You press <Ctrl> and comma at the same time, then you press c.
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Does The insertion point move in a Word document when the PageUp or PageDown keys are pressed?

it will not hurt you if you try,if you asking yourself will somebody answer,yes i answered ...