Water Fountains and Ponds

Water fountains and ponds are welcome features of lawns, gardens, courtyards, and businesses. They attract beneficial insects and birds at the same time that they delight the ear and eye of the beholder with their refreshing play of light and sound. Typical contributions include questions about building materials and methods; environmental impact; maintenance schedules; and most likely problems, costs and benefits.

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Water Fountains and Ponds

What happens to the change people throw in wishing wells and fountains?

There are a few different places the money can end up. In the most noble cases, the change is donated to a charity. For example, the fountains in the Mall of America collect roughly $24,000 a year, and that money is donated to several different worthy causes. In other, more practical cases, the money goes toward the cleaning and maintenance of the fountain.

Finally, the far too common alternative is for the change to go back into the pockets of citizens. Maeri Ferguson from the New York City Parks and Recreation Department’s press office told The Atlantic, “[Fountains] are cleaned regularly by Parks staff (every few weeks) but we consistently find that most of the coins have already been removed by entrepreneurial New Yorkers and there is not a significant amount left to be collected.”

Water Fountains and Ponds
Freshwater Fish

How do you get rid of fish ammonia in pond?

The best way is to do at least a partial water change - remove some old water & add fresh new.
In addition, you should check for too much debris or dead plants in the pond and remove them, and re-plant some fresh new plants.
If you have filtration for the pond, consider upgrading it, and lastly, if there are too many fish in the pond (which can happen), try to re-home some of them.

Math and Arithmetic
Water Fountains and Ponds

How many liters in a cubic meter?


Water Fountains and Ponds
How To

How to scare frog away from pond?

Send in CAT!

First, WHY? It's a sign your land is healthy and they eat mosquito larvae and are a joy to have about. I have at least 20 and at night, their croaking is like an "Alls Well..." Snakes and lizards eat frogs. as do crows and magpies. If you make the environment sterile, no hidey holes, you'll discourage them but it's meanspirited.

Water Fountains and Ponds

What eats water lily leaves?

cows, chicken and horses. I found you can put carps in your pond.

Pool Care and Cleaning
Water Fountains and Ponds

Cleaning cement around a pool?

Hire a high pressure cleaner

Water Fountains and Ponds
Ecology and Bionomics

How do fish get in new ponds if the ponds are not stocked?

How Fish Get Into New PondsThere are birds such as cranes that fly from one pond to another. They could carry fish eggs on their feet and legs, or beak. This way new ponds get fish without being stocked. Also, if there is a ditch coming from another pond or creek the fish can travel this way.

Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers:

  • Flooding, that temporarily connects one or more bodies of water.
  • Walking, some fish, like the walking catfish, and the northern snake head can travel short distances on land. During unusually wet seasons bodies of water may be fairly close, allowing them to "walk" over.
  • Man, since man came on the earth, we have done the majority of stocking of landlocked ponds and lakes.
  • Weather - rain and storm clouds - occasionally fish eggs will be drawn up and carried along by clouds, where they mature and it rains fish.
Water Fountains and Ponds

What is an As-built drawing?

The phrase "as-built" in construction is equivalent to "as-is." Drawings deemed "as-built" are thus drawings that show the EXISTING conditions as they are, or "as-is" — these are the actual existing conditions as opposed to designs or proposed conditions, which are more common for the content of drawings. As-built drawings can be documented either after or during construction. When it's after construction, a qualified technician collects accurate data to reconstruct the drawings. When it's during construction, the design drawings are redmarked for editing. For example, if you are a Contractor installing sewer pipe in the road at a buried depth of 5.00' and you suddenly encounter an abandoned pipe and must change your buried depth to 6.50' , then you should be responsible for the as-built conditions. The installing contractor should redmark his set of drawings to show how the sewer line was actually installed so that a draftsman can later edit the drawings into an "as-built" set.

Water Fountains and Ponds

How many ounces are in 1.05 pints?

16.8 oz

Water Fountains and Ponds

Like ripples from a stone thrown into a pond?

Like ripples thrown into a pond means very angry or very fast

Water Fountains and Ponds
Example Sentences

A sentence with murky?

I looked into the pond water and tried to see my reflection, but the water was just too *murky*.

Water Fountains and Ponds
Freshwater Fish

What to feed bluegills in a pond?

Feeder fish, small lancefish, goldfish or minnows if you can find them live. Also try blood worms, I find that large carniverous fish enjoy them and they are quite affordable and easy to store.

I had wild bluegill in my ponds and they did quite well eating whatever fell into the pond and/or tried to land on the surface. They also would eat koi food and goldfish flakes but they prefered softer food (didn't like hard pellets). They seemed to prefer to eat food on the surface.

Math and Arithmetic
Water Fountains and Ponds
Cooking Measurements

Four and one fourth pints equals how many ounces?

68 oz.

Water Fountains and Ponds
Home Appliances

What is Hydan co ltd?

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Water Fountains and Ponds

What is a man-made waterway called?


Water Fountains and Ponds

What is the price of sintex 1000 liter water tank?

4000 liter sintex price

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Water Fountains and Ponds
Mechanical Engineering

What is suction pressure and discharge pressure?

Answer: The terms suction and discharge are the terms refer to hydraulics. In hydraulics if the the liquid has to be lifted or pumped to the usage area the hydraulic pump will be used . This pump will have to functions that is first suction to lift the fluid and the discharge or delivery . The familiar words in pair are lift and discharge; suction and discharge. The specification of pump for these terms are suction head and discharge head.Answer

The suction pressure refers to the pressure of the referigerant being "sucked" back into the compressor. The suction pressure is a critical variable in ensuring the accuracy of the refrigerant charge, along with the tepmerature of that line as well. The "superheat", or heat added to the vapor in that line can be monitored in this manner.

You have not mention which suction pressure... Actually Where ever the suction is presented that pressure is called suction pressure.... and suction pressure in practical cases normally always less that atmospheric pressure and in case of delivery pressure it is opposite

Saying that suction pressure is " the pressure of the referigerant being "sucked" back into the compressor " is not accurate.

Simply , the suction pressure of a pump is the absolute pressure of a fluid , measured at the inlet of the pump ( in your answer , the pump is the compressor , and the fluid is whatever refrigerant. )

The discharge pressure , is the absolute pressure of the liquid measured at the outlet of the pump.

Obviously, the discharge pressure is usually bigger than suction pressure.

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Water Fountains and Ponds

What is a water fountain called in the Navy?

The Scuttlebutt.

Water Fountains and Ponds
Civil Engineering
Bridges and Tunnels

Why is iron used in bridges?

because it is very strong and cheap, however it does corrode (rust)

Pool Building and Repair
Pool Care and Cleaning
Water Fountains and Ponds
Snow and Ice

What is the best way to cover an above ground well so it doesn't freeze?

Construct a shed around it and push insulation material (Get it from Home Depot or the like) in between the 2 x 4's. Do not wrap insulation material of any kind around the pump because it needs to "breath". You could wrap insulation around parts of it but do not block its ventilation area. If you live in an area of very deep freeze you may want to run a small heater in this shed with a timer for just a few hours during the worst temperature - sounds awful but its cheaper than replacing a pump or other vital well part.

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Water Fountains and Ponds
The Difference Between

What is the difference between a lake and a pond?

The difference between a pond and a lake isn't just in their overal size. Lakes have what we call "thermoclines". A thermocline is a what separates the top and bottom of a lake. It involves a rapid change in temperature between to layers.

(sometimes things lakes have the word pond in their name so dont get confused)

For example:

Have you ever gone swimming in a lake during the summer? In the summer, the top part (also called the epilimnion) of the lake is warm(ish) and the bottom part (also called the hypolimnion) is cold.

In the winter, the bottom part of the lake is warm (or above 0ºc) and the top is cold.

Pool Care and Cleaning
Water Fountains and Ponds
Kiwis (birds)

What are the Swarm of flying brown insects that came in with rain landed in pool and detached wings leaving golden brown larvae or worm like bugs floating on surface of pool along with wings?

either Termites or may flies,

Water Fountains and Ponds
Garden Weeds
Pest Control

Will a salt block kill weeds in a pond?

Yes and any fish that are in it also,

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Water Fountains and Ponds
Doctor Who

Where is Amy Pond's leather jacket from?

I don't quite know but it said in a magazine that the costume department get Amy's costumes from Primark so you're best looking there but remember that doctor who was filmed a while ago so they may not be in stock anymore but good luck finding it!


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