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Computer Science is the systematic study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information. It includes the theoretical foundations of information and computation and the practical techniques of applying those foundations to computer systems. Among the many subfields of Computer Science are computer graphics, computer programming, computational complexity theory, and human-computer interaction. Questions about Computer Science, terms such as algorithms and proofs, and methodologies are encouraged in this category.

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Why bcnf is stronger than 3nf?

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A relation R is in 3NF if and only if every dependency A->B satisfied by R meets at least ONE of the following criteria: 1. A->B is trivial (i.e. B is a subset of A) 2. A is a superkey 3. B is a subset of a candidate key BCNF doesn't permit the third of these options. Therefore BCNF is said to be stronger than 3NF because 3NF permits some dependencies which BCNF does not.

Will there be any sc st reservation in seats or in fee in lovely professional university?

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LPU provides a range of scholarship opportunities based on various criteria only. One of the criteria is the candidate's academic performance, where scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved more than 70% in their intermediate exams.

Additionally, scholarships are also available based on the candidate's performance in the LPUNEST exam. This means that students who excel in both their 10+2 percentages and the LPUNEST exam have the chance to receive scholarships. Furthermore, LPU also recognizes the achievements of the toppers in the university by providing them with scholarships.

Apart from academic performance, LPU offers scholarships based on other factors as well. These include national level tests such as JEE (Main), NEET, UCEED, CAT, MAT, GATE, GPAT, as well as performance in sports, cultural activities, research and development, co-curricular activities, social service, and bravery awards. Moreover, there are specific scholarship schemes for PhD students and toppers of school education boards.

In addition to scholarships, LPU also provides financial aid to those in need. This includes financial aid for serving or retired defense personnel, CAPF, para-military personnel, and their dependents.

Financial aid is also available for orphans and individuals with certain disabilities. It is important to note that while applying for any of these scholarship categories, the required set of documents must be submitted as well.

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What is the data found in the cache is called?

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The data found in the cache is called cache data. It typically consists of recently accessed or frequently used instructions or data that are stored in a smaller and faster memory area for quicker access by the processor.

What is difference between null value and not null value?

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Putting it very simply a null value is empty and a not null value contains something.

How do measure memory?

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Megabytes and Gigabytes.

1024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte.

The computer has L2 Cache on the CPU. this is very fast memory that cannot be changed.

The other type of RAM (Random Access Memory) is Main Memory, which is in "sticks" on the motherboard, usually 2-3 inches from the CPU. this memory is supplied in (DDR2):

256mb; 512mb; 1gb; 2gb; 4gb.

What is the difference between BSc Computer Science course and BTech computer Science course?

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B.Sc(computer science) is a simple and easy to do computer science degree. it is a 3 year graduation degree with basic science, broad and theoretical science. You don't need to have excellence in maths n science for this. To get good job opportunities, student must do after If you are comfortable with basic science and not more declined towards technical aspects of science, then is a good option. is a tough and demanding computer science degree. its a 4 year degree with technical experience(6 months of practical internship during the graduation). Student must have expertise in maths and science,good career prospects with the choice of engineering discipline + further specialization under it gives an edge to choose and follow your career goals in that segment.

What is the date of the results of Pune University FY BSc Computer Science exams held in March-April 2009?

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How do you connect a Nintendo DS with a PC without Wi-Fi connection?

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You'd need at least the DS Opera browser cartridge, which comes with a RAM expansion to go in Slot-2. The DS really isn't powerful enough for proper browsing otherwise, which is why no inbuilt browser is provided.

Give at least 10 uses of computer?

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Five uses of a computer:

1. You can look up many kinds of information

2. You can view movies and pictures

3. You can save and edit all your photos

4. You can order things through the internet

5. You can send emails

How many GB are 241101 KB?

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There isn't any there is 1024kb in a 1mb and 1024mb in 1gb so the is 1024000kb in 1gb

What is difference between starvation and deadlock?

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Two processes are said to be in deadlock situation if

process A holding onto resources required for process B and

where as B holding onto the resources required for process



This is mostly happens in time sharing systems in which the

process which requires less time slot is waiting for the

large process to finish and to release the resources, but

the large process holding the resources for long time

(almost for forever) and the process that requires small

time slot goes on waiting. Such situation is starvation for

small process

Advantage and disadvantage of neural network?

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Advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Neural Network


· A neural network can perform tasks that a linear program cannot.

· When an element of the neural network fails, it can continue without any problem by their parallel nature.

· A neural network learns and does not need to be reprogrammed.

· It can be implemented in any application and without any problem.


· The neural network needs training to operate.

· The architecture of a neural network is different from the architecture of microprocessors therefore needs to be emulated.

· Requires high processing time for large neural networks.

What are the four main components of general purpose computer?

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  • Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU)
  • Control unit
  • Memory
  • Input output devices (collectively termed I/O)

What is the advantage and disadvantage of computer?

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Advantages: 1.Provides fastest services e.g collects,store,calculates,evaluate,reproduce and analyse data,run machines and instruments,informations and communications links etc. 2.Saves time and energy, 3.Provides accuracy, 4.Provides growth of informations and human developmet. 5.Remove shortage of workforce in developed societies. Disadvantages: 1.Adverse effects on human body,particulary damages eye sight and memory. 2.Since computer can do the work which many individual had to do in the past,therefore,it created un-employment in underdeveloped societies.

How is information derived from data?

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Input devices sends data to the central processing unit. Central processing unit (CPU) excutes computer instructions. Memory holds data and programs currently in use. In the same time secondary storage devices stores data and programs. Lastly output devices make processed data (information) available.

Elements of EDP?

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please tell me about the specific form of EDP Audit

Difference between dataflow diagram and flow chart?

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A Data Flow Diagram provides no information about the timing of processes, or about whether processes will operate in sequence or in parallel. It is therefore quite different from a flowchart, which shows the flow of control through an algorithm, allowing a reader to determine what operations will be performed. It can also trace the route that data travels in a system, from start to finish

What are disadvantages of database approach?

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The advantages of a relational database are that they contribute to sound logical design, are easy to understand and program, and should be amenable to change as business requirements change. The main earlier systems include file-based systems and Codasyl databases. File-based systems were complex and tended to be inherently restrictive and quickly reached the point where a complete rewrite became necessary if business requirements changed. Codasyl databases were a vast improvement on the old file-based systems, but required a high level of expertise to design properly and, once again, tended to be unable to support changes to business requirements. Because a properly designed relational database reflects business entities and the relationships among those entities, they should be more logical and easier to understand. If the business structure or requirements change in any logical way, the database can be changed in a parallel way, to support those requirements. Relational databases are designed at two levels. First, there is a logical design, normalised at third normal form - where there should not be duplicate data values. Then, there is a physical design, where any necessary denormalisation is carried out.

How have laptops impacted society in a positive way?

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Smartphones and Laptops are devices you can take somewhere and use it on the way. So, basically it has enabled people to Socialise with portable devices and tis means people may respond to an email or reply to something quick than usual.

Search Advantages of Social Networking, Or Advantages of Social Networking on portable devices.

What is the difference between geographic information system with other information system?

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There is very less difference between GIS and land information system.

One is that Land info. system is subset of GIS .

Actually GIS takes care of the entire geography of the earth ,it takes into

account the every part of the earth be it land ,mountain,ocean ,desert,lake and many more geographical structure whereas the land info. sys. just gives the information about

the land areas of the earth and the land use information also.

But both take help of multiple data sources like remotely sensed data ,GPS,

different datum projection system..........

Avinash Kumar Sahu


Indian Institute of Technology

Bombay - 400076

Can computers learn?

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Not in the sense that humans do. However computers can be programmed to develop their abilities and broaden their range of tasks. On the internet there are examples, like intelligent routers. Over a period of time they will build a database of other computers and routers that communicate with them. They can then become more efficient at sending data across the internet, by sending it to a router that it will know can pass it on a shorter or quicker route. This is just one of many examples of how computers can learn. But they have to be designed to do so, so the ultimate control still remains with those that design the hardware and software.