Information Technology

Information technology refers to the “acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of telecommunications and computing”. It covers various areas including processes, computer software and hardware, programming languages and data constructs.

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Information Technology

How does information technology help in finance?

Technology these days can solve finance problems at lighting fast speeds. They can sort your files and even secure them from sneaky eyes. While these problems are being worked, they give you more time to think for yourself and think ahead for your assets.

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Information Technology

How can you get kcpe results 2010?

How do I log out of this app it won't let me log out

Information Technology

How do science and technology help daily life?

They make things easier and allow people to do more in a day. EXAMPLE Phones = communication, internet = information and more communication. combine the 2 and now you have something even better.

And at the same time, they make us lazier and less interactive. Agree with that?

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Information Technology

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication is useful to frequently publish all updated works including news headlines, blog entries etc. This RSS document also known as web feed, feed or channel that incorporate summarized text including metadata i.e. authorship and publishing dates etc.
However, RSS feeds make the publishers flexible by syndicating the content automatically. There is a standardized file format XML that lets the information to be published once which can be visible to several distinct programs. Also, this make readers more ease to get updates timely by allowing them to subscribe from their favorite sites.

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Information Technology

What is the difference between computer science and information technology?

At the most basic level, Computer Science is a "Hard" Science, well grounded in what is now known in the field of Mathematics as Information Theory. Computer Science (as a field) is concerned with developing new ideas around the use and design of computing systems, and with the mathematical concepts of computation and information.

Information Technology, on the other hand, is a practical Engineering discipline, concerned with implementing solutions to practical problems using current-day technology.

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Information Technology

What character traits do veterinarians need?

In general, veterinarians need a high level of self-confidence - they are the professional and even if they aren't entirely sure of what is happening or what the proper next step is, they need to trust themselves to make a decision and to present both positive and negative information to the owners.

Veterinarians also need good self-discipline and self-management. Particularly in private practice, veterinarians work fairly autonomously, so they have to self-supervise to ensure they are both providing good quality service and are being good employees of the clinic.

Other useful traits include good communication abilities (active listening, demonstrate empathy, reflective statements and seek clarification), leadership and resilence.

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Information Technology

Why were computer bureau popular?

In the 1960s and early 1970s computer time on mainframes and large minicomputers cost from $400/hour to $1000/hour. By timesharing one computer with many remote users instead of having to charge batch setup and postprocessing charges while only running one job on the computer at a time, they could make the cost of computing more economical to more people.

There was much discussion at the time of actually setting up Computing Utilities, that operated the Power or Phone Utilities.

The microprocessor kinda killed that idea.

Information Technology

What is the difference between Information Systems and Information Technology?

Information Systems is a large umbrella referring to systems designed to create, store, manipulate, or disseminate information. An example of an information system is a pencil and a piece of paper. The two objects themselves are just tools, but together they create a system for writing (information).

Information technology falls under the information systems umbrella but has nothing to do with systems per say. IT deals with the technology involved in the systems themselves, e.g. an information system like contains many information technologies. Servers, server operating systems, web server software (IIS, Apache, et al.), and code written for the web server software (PHP, C#, VB, PERL, Ruby, et al.).

Information Technology

Is Akamai Technologies a malware?

Akamai Technologies (AKAM) is a Public Listed (NASDAQ) company.

Information Technology

What are the uses of statistics in information technology in Pakistan?

uses of statistics in information technology

Information Technology

What metal is a hob made of?

High speed steels such as M2, M3, M4, M42, T15, REX 54, REX 76, and also carbide.

The type of tool (hob) to be used is dependent on the application.

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Information Technology

What is the role of the ALU in data processing?

it is used to calculate arithmetic and logical operation

Information Technology

What is the full form of SGML?

standard generalised markup language

Information Technology

What Msbte sample question paper of IF 3rd sem polytechnic?

For all MSBTE Sample Question Papers, see related link.

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Information Technology

What is monel material?

Monel Alloy

A nickel-copper alloy with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance in a range of media including sea water, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, and alkalies. Used for marine engineering, chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment, valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, fasteners, and heat exchangers.

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Information Technology

Is koti IT is a subsidiary company of reliance information technology?

yes Koti Information Technologies is a subsidiary company of Reliance Information Technologies INC

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Information Technology

Unethical issues in information technology?

There is no doubt in it that information technology has blessed us with countless benefits but at the same time it has brought a lot of troubles for us too. The unethical use of IT causes countless troubles for us daily. Unethical data theft, access unethical websites by young people are the worst things I would like to highlight here.

Information Technology

What are the advantages and disadvantages of information technology?

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Information Technology

What is the features of Information and Communication Technology?

a)information is human.

b)information is expandable.

c)information is substitution.

d)information is diffusive,transportable, sh-arable etc.

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Information Technology

How can Information technology support a company's business processes and decision making and give it a competitive advantage Give examples to illustrate your answe?

IT provides a huge platform for a company to connect the global world with Internet. Internet has a wide range of many resources which are company expects to meet such as customers, buyers, service providers, technical staff, etc. with the help of Internet business can run on a single website like General Electric company.

then it also saves company's cost because some works can do automatically with help of a website.

Information system and technology provide various channels to communication like E-mail, Instant messages, SMS servers, etc to all employees at any time all over the world. This type of software helps to saving time and cost. Of the company Software are very important for a company for instant Information of stocks, assets valuation, sales, purchases, and service.


Decision making theory helps to get a decision about something very easy than genaral. so after IT, its more clear that management can get a right decision with no tired ( )because its(IT) provide latest information to the management about employee, stocks, sales, purchase, and services, etc.

The management can make a decision after check IT reports.

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Information Technology

Use of information technology in entertainment?

All entertainment that is done over internet is a good wide starting point. You should Google "Cloud Gaming" or "OnLive" for an interesting entertainment technology.

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Information Technology

What is meant by feasibility study and what is it meant to achieve?

In basic terms, a person in charge of a business, or people looking to start a business of any kind, need to know the relationship between the COST of starting/maintaining the business, and the VALUE of the business once it is in place. By value I mean the projected income that the business will produce. In order to have the best possible estimates of these things, the people involved need to look at cost of engineering and design that has to go into the business, costs of raw materials and other kinds of resources that will be needed for building and for whatever product will be made, the availability of a work-force, and also the MARKET for the product-- are there people/companies who will buy what you are proposing to make? Is the location appropriate? Can you reasonably rely on a NEED for the product over a foreseeable time span? Can you sell the product at a competitive price, given what you will have to be spending in overhead?

To achieve something is to get it, to attain it. If you want to create a successful business, and then you actually CREATE it, you have achieved your goal-- or at least your short-term goal.

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Information Technology

Why is standardization and quality control difficult to manage throughout the service delivery process?

Everyone has competing interests. Standardization does not lend itself to that philosphy. Culture plays huge part in how business is allowed to be carried out and it often defies logic. I see it everyday in my Fortune 100 company. Same goes for logic which you would expect to be measureable in numerous aspects, financials, value add etc.

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Information Technology

Give you a sentence for the word information technology?

Information technology is cool.

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Information Technology

What is the difference between information technology and computer science engineering college degrees and which has a better scope?

The information technology course module has been designed with more of software part in the course whereas Computer Science includes more of computer hardware part like networking, chip level knowledge etc. Although some of the subjects are same in both the streams.

AnswerInformation Technology is the business side of computers - usually dealing with databases, business, and accounting. The cs engineering degree usually deals with how to build micro processors, how to write a compiler, and is usually more math intensive than IT. One way to think of it is one is dealing with information - data which would be the IT and the other is dealing with the "science" or "how to make it" of computers. Answer

The exact answer depends heavily on the college or university in question, as each tends to split things slightly differently. As a generalization, there are actually three fields commonly associated with computers:

Information Technology - this sometimes also goes by the names "Information Systems", "Systems Administration", or "Business Systems Information/Administration". This is a practical engineering field, concerned primarily with taking existing hardware and software components and designing a larger system to solve a particular business function. Here you learn about some basic information theory, applied mathematics theory, and things like network topology/design, database design, and the like. IT concerns itself with taking building blocks such as servers, operating systems, network switches, and software applications and creating a whole system to solve a problem (such as creating a sales order handling systems).

Computer Science - this is a theoretical field, with emphasis on the mathematical basis which underlies modern programming. That is, computer science is primarily software-oriented, as it concerns itself with developing new algorithmic ways to solve a problem. Such algorithms are then actually implemented in software. Here you will learn about the fundamentals of programming languages, a large variety of information theory and algorithm theory (plus, linear and discrete mathematics), how to design a software program, and how to run a successful software development team. CS can also encompass items such as compiler and Operating system design and implementation. In general, if it concerns actually writing any form of software, whether to solve a practical problem or as part of a more academic research project, CS is the place to be.

Computer Engineering - this is an hardware engineering field. Some places treat it as a specialty of Electrical Engineering. This field teaches the design of hardware components, and also the assembly of those components into a larger hardware system. It encompasses information theory, electrical engineering, VLSI design, and digital logic. Here you will be involved with designing CPUs and other Integrated Chips to perform specific tasks, and will also learn about very low-level programming (usually, the type of programming use to create firmware). In essence, CE involves the creation of hardware devices intended to perform a very specific function (e.g. a modem, a CPU, a DRAM chip, etc.)


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