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Where can you find information about the Chicago Portrait Company?

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Chicago Portrait Company Chicago Portrait Company was founded in 1893 and located 509 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Info from visitors: My photo is marked "The Studios of the Chicago Portrait Company. Located on Wabash Ave, Chicago in 1936. There was also a "Chicago Portrait Company" in St Louis, MO in 1919. I have a portrait of a family member taken in 1927 at the Chicago Portrait Company, 509 South Walbash Avenue Chicago Illinois. The gold plate on the back of portrait says this is an Heirloom portrait then it has the lady's name, and at the bottom it says Gothic Design Patent No 65301. One final note at the bottom, on the back of the portrait it also has E H Baese (art director). My Uncle Grant reportedly worked for the Chicago Portrait Company in the 1930s. He would travel around the country, taking photographs of people, and mailing the film to the Chicago Portrait Company. The company would mount the photos in large frames and return them to the customers. Today my mother gave me a portrait of her grand mother and father, Jacob and Kathern Braun, on the back stamped "CATHEDRAL DESIGN Design Patented June 24, 1924 Made and sold by CHICAGO PORTRAIT COMPANY" Looks like it was in a bubble glass frame. Written on the back with a crayon 2/3-2904. I just located two pictures - one of my grandparents, the other, my father when he was about 3 years old. Both frames have bubble glass and metal-like cathedral frames. No date is on the frames but they say Chicago Portrait Company- frame price $7.90. I believe the date to be in the 1920's somewhere.$7.90 was a big price in the 1920's. I have no other information. I too have an oval glassed portrait of my grandfather. On the other side is a portrait of an old man holding a sheep. The signature is ?? Carson. This is all I have. My gr.father was born in 1846 and died in 1926. The portrait is inside a unique bubble glass frame. I have a rare historical book on the corporate history of the Chicago Portrait Company, dated 1905. The information concerns the period 1893 - 1904 andfollows the corprate philosophy, purpose, structure, strategies, etc. It is leather bound, abot 6" by 11" and contains many photographs of personnel, Board Members, facility, equipment, transportion, etc. I have a beautiful waterfall print by W.A. Carson that also has 1924 Chicago Portrait Co. The portrait company got into some legal trouble with the IRS and federal trade commission around that time. They were in the business of enlarging photographs into portraits and misrepresenting them to be handpainted. There was also problems with their contracts and misstating revenue or something like that. Last week on eBay a buck print by W.A. Carson with a cathedral arched frame and convex glass (common for his prints) sold for $61. His original paintings are selling for $1500 and up. My grandfather always had a picture of himself hanging in his basement & I remember looking at it forever as a child. Now that he has been dead for 16 years, it is mine. As I was about to rehang it, I noticed the markings in crayon on the back and the stamped "Price of Frame $5.90 includes back and glass & back only" It then goes on to state "One price-cannot be altered or changed, workmanship and material guaranteed Chicago Portrait Company Chicago, Ill." It too is a cathedral design Stamped "June 3d, 1934" Incorporated in 1893, by Thomas J. Ogara, Thomas J. Durkin, C.M. Stumcke. Address for many years at 590 Wabash, intersection of Wabash and Congress.
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Where is the Random Button on Wikipedia?

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Go to then click a language. On the left side, there should be a link called "Random Article". There are languages who don't show that button, there you can go to the page special:random and you will see a random page.
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Why can't i connect to Wikipedia?

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you might have been blocked by admins from wikipedia you should, however, still be able to read everything if you are blocked, unless your ISP or government blocks the access to wikipedia
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Where do you get the answer to your question asked here?

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First, find the question. If you don't have the URL you can use the search feature. Click "Search" in the top toolbar or use the form in the right-side column of this page. When (and if) someone who knows the answer replies, their answer will appear below your question on this page, in the same way that this answer appears here. If you registered with a username, you can set your control page to be notified by email whenever there is a modification to your question, or you can put the question on your Watchlist and check back every few days.
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Where can you find information about the Leaf Gum Company?

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I do believe this company still exists in the Chicago suburbs. The Chicago Plant on Cicero near Division moved sometime in the 1980's. To my understanding, the building no longer exists. Answer I don't know where Leaf Gum was located. However, it's famous for being sold as "Card-O". For a penny you got a wrapped slab of gum and a beautiful airplane card. This was in 1942 and later. Because of the war and its lack of chicle for civilian use plus the rationing of sugar, most kids, after they'd bought Card-O three or four times, wouldn't bother chewing the gum, which was probably the worst gum in history (during WWII, anyway), since it had absolutely no flavor, and just keep the card. Later, Card-O added U.S. warships. This was probably in 1943, and it's possible that by then they didn't even include the gum, but I can't vouch for that. Best, Richard O'Brien Answer Hi! Folks: Let it be known; I used to work there and have an excellent memory (photo graphic) I may say. It has been 30 plus years. I can relate any thing from managment to mechanical through delegation of authority that managed production workers. From the machine shop to Gum base and how they would spot check to determine "SHRINKAGE" theft of product. They also hired many "DP's" displaced persons from Europe, Germans, Polish, Egypt'ans,(one Paul NaHabidian ran the dept. that put chocolate on Whoppers. He was good, he could sense the right air conditions to keep the "Pans" from clumping.) Lithuanians and Italians Lots of Italians in the PAN depts. Hard coat, soft coat, non pareils reminded me of the seven drawfs, often times family members of existing employees. FACT!! In the center of every TRUE Jaw Breaker is a single grain of sugar!!! That has been added to with thin syrup, in multi colored layers. Leaf some times bought jaw Breaker starts from Mellville Confections out in Melrose Park centers buildt up to 1/4", later they just started with a small gum ball. They had a certain presense of Jews of which I am one. Others Sol Shankman, Martin Leaf, Si Snitcher, Alvan Crueckshank. They hired a lot of Blacks from the community; names that stick with me "Benny from Leaflet dept. printing the chocolate onto traveling belt. First step to making there product "Leaflet" knock off on M&M or their own product "Sixlet", he was an over see'r he also worked in Mr. Freeze." Chester Tabis was Mechanic in Mr.Freeze Dept.. Mathias Polliac Mechanic on Austedt Making Rollo Product(both of these boys were Polish) some labeled as "Bunny Play Boy Chocolate".Paul Peacock was the Chocolate EXPERT in charge of Tempering Chocolate so it would shine when ejected from the Tin molds onto the enrober belt prior to being wrapped infoil thence overwrapped with presentation label. Buy a "ROLLO" Look at it. The chocolate came from Bloomer Mfg and had to be processed. This was a large plant, strictly production minded, not a place for kids to take a tour. Other blacks I remember Masiel Thomas Packer on the Ten Ball; that was ten 120 count Whoppers in a Poly-Bonded to Cellophane Tube. That was one -One legged man at the ass kicking contest operation, to try to make a wage-plus bonus on. She would fall behind and Harry Frosdick and I would pull product from some secret pallet drop non labled and allow it to be dated that day and credited to her ticket. We had an operator on that machine that could produce 300% but she would only be able to bonus out at 175% so we kept surplus on Pallets Marked with a Health inspectors hold ticket for emergencys. LEAF BRANDS was a living breathing BIG-DOG in production of candy for vending and Kid point of interest purchases, the strips of non parted off cello wrap hanging from pins at the discount stores was for kid appeal and cost more than a nickle, Leaf was into small change sales and they also knew how to rack up major contracts. 40 foot truck and rail car loads at a time. Information related here is just a "SMIDGE". I could write a book and 500 pages of small print would not cover it. Ask me about any dept., any machine, promotions, pay-offs, how certain people were awarded with "CUSH JOBS". Companies they had bought out, Government Candy, Rations going to the Army that Jingled in your pack so giving your position away. Mil-KO Cone product how it was bought out as a company and promoted and it being about 95% refeed from their wafer dept Running gangs of Vickers ovens , it could not be refed it was to dark, so becoming the product you pay extra for at the Ice Cream Stand. Commonly called a sugar cone. The owners had their fingers in a lot of Honey-Pots. If the truth be known their production may have exceeded Brachs. This was the best job I ever had, it taught me much, once I was given a second chance by Martin Leaf, because I had broken the company rule of not being nice to a most common employee that screwed up causing a machine wreck."That caused me a chewing out and Mr. Frosdick to fall behind in production." These people were fair and polite to the employees. Martin gave me a leave of absense so I might work with an insurance collector, in the neighborhoods where the Blacks called home, so I could learn compassion for people struggling to earn a living. To the guy who says the gum has no flavor; some didn't but the PAL bubble gum did, I had to ask what the flavor was. Spearmint. How about Hot-Dog bubble gum. One of the noisest machines in the plant pounded and tore it into shape. A true 24 hr a day pick it up and put it down. They had more than 100 products, large warehouses and dock facilities and a machine shop that had cornered the market on the MOGUL mixer for gum base. Yes 500 pages of very small print will not cover the experience. cmv Answer The building STILL exists, But the factory moved to I believe Bannockburn, A far NW suburb of Chicago.
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Where can you find information about the George J Cooke Brewing Company?

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Go to for more info. George Joseph Cooke was my grandfather, but I know little about the brewery. Third-hand hearsay says there was some sort of scandal (a bad batch of beer?). I believe it became Cooke Cold Storage before financial demise. I could find no info at, as someone suggested. You can see a photograph of the Cooke brewery, circa 1902, at the web site "Photographs from the Chicago Daily News - Chicago Historical Society" at: enter the search words: Cooke brewery Since posting my previous reply, I have come upon the obituary of George J Cooke's father, J.S. Cooke. It explains a lot: Source: Chicago Tribune Date: Monday, March 13, 1899 JOHN S. COOKE IS DEAD South Side Brewer Succumbs to Attack of Heart Failure Stricken while attending services in St. James' Catholic Church on March 5 Native of Ireland and resident of Chicago since 1857 Manufacturer of beer and bottler of mineral water Once a democratic candidate for City Treasurer. John S. Cooke, President of Cooke Brewing company, died at 6:50 o'clock last evening at his residence, 2976 Michigan avenue. He was attacked by heart failure on Sunday, March 5, while attending services in St. James' Catholic Church, and sank gradually until he expired. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, but the details have not yet been arranged. John S. Cooke was born in 1838 at Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland and when 14 years old came to America. He lived in New York City until 1857, when he came to Chicago, where he reared a family and built up a fortune. His first employment in Chicago was in the service of Sidney Kent, who conducted one of the few packing houses here at that time, but shortly afterwards he went to work for Michael Keeley, who was at that time in the soda-water business. He married Miss Charlotte Rowland of Rochester, N.Y., in 1864, and the following year he accepted a position with Smith, Schwab & McQuaid, wholesale liquor dealers. When the business was sold later to Monheimer Bros. He remained with the house, and in 1880 bought out one of the partners, and the name was changed to Monheimer & Cooke. Mr. Cooke remained in business with the Monheimers till 1885, when he purchased the plant of the Union Brewing company, twenty-seventh street and the lake, and formed Cooke Brewing company. For the last few months the Cooke Brewing company has enjoyed the distinction of being the only independent brewing concern in Chicago. Mr. Cooke having steadily resisted all efforts to draw him into any of the numerous brewing combines. Several years ago Mr. Cooke built a handsome summer residence at Lake Geneva, Wis., where he had a steam launch, and in season entertained many friends. He named the place Ara Glen, after a beautiful spot near his birthplace in Ireland. Two years ago he formed a company to bottle and sell mineral spring waters from Wauwatosa, Wis., and Quincy, Ill., and named it the Ara Glen Mineral Water Bottling company. Mr. Cooke was a Democrat, and in 1895 allowed his name to be placed on the Democratic ticket as candidate for City Treasurer in the election which made George B. Swift Mayor. He left a widow and four children - Charles F., George J., and John R. Cooke, and Charlotte Irene Welch, wife of Dr. P. H. Welch. All reside in Chicago. Chicago History It appears the submitter John Blow is the grandson of my aunt Mary, my father Edward's oldest sister. In February, 1959, my brother Ed tape recorded some family history from our parents. A portion of it is included below. Mr. and Mrs. Kerwin were my father (Edward, Mary Kerwin Cooke�s younger brother) and mother (Marie). Ed was my brother Ed. Mr. Kerwin: The oldest child was Mary Elizabeth, who was born on May the 20th, 1876 - ... and Mary died in - the date is missing here � Lake Forest, Illinois. [July 25, 1953] Ed: That was Mary Cooke wasn't it? Mr. Kerwin: Yes, Mary had married George Cooke. Mary and George Cooke had five children � three girls and two boys. They were married by the way, on June 24th, 1896, in Chicago. George Cooke's family owned and operated the Cooke's Brewing Company, which was located not far from the Keeley Brewing Company previously referred to. The father of the family was John S. Cooke. The five children that Mary and George had were: Catherine, who married George Blow, and now lives in Virginia; - now wait till Mother comes. Mother! Come up a little closer here! Mother can tell us the Blow children. Mrs. Kerwin: The Blow children were: George, and Tony � (Anthony)- there's one other in between there - and John is the youngest; Michael, there's a Michael. But I don't know whether Michael or Anthony comes second or third, but John. is the youngest. No girls. ... So there are some of George Cooke's grandchildren. Paul Kerwin
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What is frankincense essential oil used for?

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== == Frankincense is one of the oils that can really calm and soothe the whole body and mind. It eases all aches and pains, clears the lungs and acts as a skin tonic. * Burners and vaporizers ** In vapor therapy, frankincense can be used for bronchitis, colds, coughs and voice loss, as well as to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and cultivating internal peace and placing past obsessive states into perspective. * Blended massage oil or in the bath ** Frankincense oil can be used in a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath for colds, coughs, bronchitis, rheumatism, chilliness, poor circulation, exhaustion, nightmares, heavy periods, respiratory problems and mucus congestion. It also has a good astringent effect on the skin and perks up older more mature skin and helps wounds, sores and ulcers heal properly. * Creams and lotions ** Frankincense oil can be added to a base cream or lotion to help with general skin tone and condition while reducing oily skin, rejuvenating more mature skin, while at the same time helping wounds, ulcers and sores heal better. * Wash or use as a compress ** To promote healing and prevent ugly scarring on wounds, add a few drops to the water when washing the wound. For cracked skin and bed sores, apply gently (suitably diluted) directly on to affected areas or use as a compress. Frankincence Essential oil is popularly used in aromatherapy. Eassential oils are known antiseptic agents plus the soothing effect. It is used extensively as aromatherapy agent in most hotel spa resorts and wellness centers around UK.
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Why isn't smbz on Wikipedia?

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Because it's an online show.It's never been on tv.
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Where can you find informatioon about the Hanover Arms Company?

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Gary, No other markings? If not marked with the manufacturer's name or trademark it may be impossible to make a positive identification. If you can post pictures on the Gun ID & Value board at, someone may recognize it from the style. However, lacking such an identifying mark does indicate that it is most likely a utility-grade gun and as such the going price would probably be about $150 assuming it is complete and undamaged but not in like-new condition. And if gggranddad bought it new, we know it is 108 years old. If second hand, it could be 30-35 years older than that. (It is a breech-loading gun? If percussion muzzle loader would be c. 1810 - 1875, flintlock even older.) Folsom imported most of these Belgian shotguns from about 1893 to WWI. I doubt if any factory documents still exist to determine the exact manufacture date.
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Is WikiAnswers related to Wikipedia?

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WikiAnswers & Wikipedia Although each of these two sites is a "wiki" site - meaning that the public in general supplies the information - WikiAnswers is not associated with the online encyclopedia Wikipedia; WikiAnswers is a question and answer site. WikiAnswers uses a modified form of the MediaWiki software that Wikipedia also uses, so editing on one site is very similar to editing on the other. However, - the parent site of WikiAnswers - does include content from Wikipedia. So what exactly is Wikipedia? It is a wiki-encyclopedia, containing pages written by the public as accurately as possible to serve as a free, "open-source" encyclopedia. Wikipedia gives an all-out definition with extreme accuracy and many, many paragraphs of information, while WikiAnswers allows users to answer a specific question, the 'human' side of the answer, so it is defined well enough for the asker to get the information they want right away, rather than sift through pages of information.
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How can you find information on IT companies?

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If the IT company is publicly traded, you can find a great deal of information in their SEC filings. Most companies make these available on their Web sites, or you can visit a site like Yahoo! Finance or EDGAR. Another option, which is helpful when researching private companies, is to purchase a Business Information report from Dun & Bradstreet or D&B. Some of these reports are even free.
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Where can you find information on 'Piles Guerrillas' Company H CSA in the WV or KY area?

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Ralph, do you have any other info at all? I've done some digging and run a few searches and can find nothing at all on "Piles Guerillas." In fact, I'm not even sure a guerrilla unit would be structured enough to have 'companies' and such unless it was a large well organized unit, like Quantrill's Raiders - and I'm not even sure the more famous guerrilla groups had that kind of internal structure. I'll be happy to help you if I can, but I'm afraid I haven't had any luck with the data provided. Are you looking for a specific soldier? If so a surname might help. Dates, more specific locations, even stories you may have heard. Whatever info you can give me - no matter how insignificant it may seem - will help me find what you need. If it can be found at all, that is. E-mail me if you come up with any more data I could use. (I'm taking a break from my own genealogy research right now.) Tina Tina, I'm not a Civil War buff. I am trying to get information about my great grandmother who was born in Wayne County, (now West) Virginia in 1850. Her name at birth was Rebecca Fannin and she had an older brother, Theodore, according to census. Extensive research has turned up little to nothing on Theodore. I happened on to this in's military information. Name: Theodore Fannon Company: H Unit: Piles Guerillas. Rank - Induction: Private Rank - Discharge: Private Allegiance: Confederate Notes: Fannin Theodore Source Information:United States National Archives. Civil War Compiled Military Service Records [database online] Provo, UT:, 1999-. Silas Fannin was the father of Theodore and Rebecca and several other children. They were found in Wayne County (VA, WV) censuses 1850 through 1880, then apparently disappeared from public records. I was surprised to find this information on a Theodore Fannin/Fannon, but the time frame would fit for him to be son of Silas. The surname is found Fanning, Fannin, and Fannon. Silas's descendants have been found recorded as Fannin mostly, but sometimes Fannon. In the original the spelling was Guervillas, which I assumed and corrected to Guerillas. I, too, wondered if Piles Guerillas were part of Quantrills Raiders, but as I said I've had no interest in Civil War history. Tina,Thank you for staying with this. I keep in close contact with those on Rootsweb and's GenForum who submit messages about Silas Fannin and family. Is there any way you can access and follow-up with the Source Information:United States National Archives. Civil War Compiled Military Service Records [database online] Provo, UT:, 1999-? Piles'Guerillas must have been attached closely to Company H. Maybe finding out what battles (if any) was in would provide additional clues. I was not able to find it online. Ralph, Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I have several posts here I check on occasionally and I forget some of them once in a while. I apologize. I will see what I can do with the latest info you have provided: Tina � Camp Chase Cemetery Pvt Theodore Fannin Death: Jan. 13, 1865 Inscription: Pvt. Theodore Fannin Co.H **1st VA. Inf. CSA Note: Confederate POW who died while in Yankee captivity during the civil war. Burial:Camp Chase Cemetery ColumbusFranklin CountyOhio, USAPlot: Grave No.757-CC From: "Toni Carter" <>To: <>Date: June 15, 2005 Dear Mr. Sayre: This is in response to your email message of June 1, 2005 to the library of the Virginia Historical Society. The VHS Civil War expert was able to find additional information about Theodore Fannin, that I wanted to pass on to you. His Confederate service record consists of no enlistment papers or any official documentation, just POW records. We think he was involved in 'unofficial' guerrilla warfare in western Virginia. Fannin was arrested in Wayne County on October 19, 1864, at which time he was age 16, with blue eyes, light hair, a farmer standing 5'6", a resident of Wayne County. He was taken to a prison in Wheeling briefly, and then sent on to Camp Chase, Ohio, where he died on January 13, 1865 of variola***. He was buried in grave #757, 1/3 mile south of Camp Chase. I hope that this information is helpful. Sincerely,Toni M. CarterAssistant Librarian Toni M. CarterAssistant LibrarianVirginia Historical
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How do you find information about the Meyers and Wenthe Badge Company in Chicago?

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Hello All, My husband has sign that was his father's. He worked for Brinks years ago. It is very heavy and in good condition, a few painted areas are worn but the overall sign in perfect. It is shaped like a shield. 13 1/4" Wide x 15" Tall. The sign says; BRINK'S INCORPORATED FOUNDED 1859 MONEY AND VALUABLES SAFETY AND DISPATCH on the back of the sign I was able to make out what it's embossed; ART BRONZE MEYER & WENTHE CHICAGO Can anyone tell me anything about this? What it is worth? Who might be interested in purchasing it? Thank you, Diane Brown ( I don't have too much information. However, the company was last at 7220 W. Wilson in Harwood Heights, Illinois. They were bought out in the mid 80's by Everson Ross in Spring Valley, NY. When they moved from here, most of the custom dies were damaged or lost in transit. Most of the Chicago style badges were lost at this time, and the new owners didn't care. Many of the styles they used were the same as C.H. Hanson Co. Ed Meyer & Wenthe office and factory were located at 24 t0 30 S. Jefferson St. A Loop office was at 108 N. Dearborn st. and on the west side at 28 S. Jefferson St all in Chicago, Il. This information was taken from the front of the 1925 Cataloge. I have an original copy as my husband's father was Herman H. Wenthe a partner with Gustuve Meyer who was a brother of Dominica Meyer Wenthe, my mother-in-law. The cataloge is 216 pages long and noonly were policeman badges made there but streetcar tokens , endless stamped metal objects and Herman Wenthe invented the pocket notary seal. The catalogue is facinating. I hope you can find one somewhere. If I can help you again - let me know I now live in NYS I am glad to have found this web-site. My company, Smith & Warren, acquired Everson Ross in 1999. Everson Ross did acquire Meyer & Wenthe in the 1980's. Many of the dies and tooling were preserved and are still located in our factory in White Plains, NY. Any inquiries with respect to traditional Meyer & Wenthe designs can be directed to us via our web-site at Lee Galperin Smith & Warren 1-800-532-2343 My January, 2004 answer to the Meyer & Wenthe question was in error. Dominica Meyer was Gustuve Meyer's daughter not his sister. Meyer was the business partner and Wenthe was the engraver. I am the grandson of John Meyer from Meyer & Wenthe. I have the information you need from the very beginning of the company. 4 generations. Please contact me if you would like this information. Barry Hansen
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How do you remove the Jimmy Wales Chrome extension?

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Go to the tools menu, then from there go to extension and click uninstall.
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Is Wikipedia trustful?

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Wikipedia is a good place to start - but since anyone can enter information, that information might not be correct.
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When a much older person for example an old woman has been so rude to you is it all right to also be rude to her?

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No, you should not be rude in return, because two wrongs can't make a right. It is never polite to be rude. I think if someone is rude you should be rude to unless you think their just having a bad day.=} You don't always have to rude, you should respect your elders. They have gone through a lot in their life and she is probably not happy that she still alive. Maybe her late husband passed away and she takes her anger on everyone else. You should just try to understand, ignore her or tell her politely that she doesn't have to be so mean to you. As people age, nerve connections in their brains deteriorate and that has the effect of removing tact and discretion. A very old person might say something that she would not have dreamed of saying a few years before. You can't in fairness penalise someone for something beyond their physical abilities. Nobody gets upset about a baby being incontinent because people know that babies do not have the physical ability to be clean and continent. If you believe that the person who was rude has not yet started with age related deterioration of nerve connections, replying with exquisite politeness may remind her of her own manners. You could say "I'm sorry - have I done something to offend you?" In this way you will show that you have class and that you are open to their feelings. You might better ask yourself why you would want to be rude to anyone? What would you get out of it? It would not make you a better person I don't think it matters. She is old as you say; she may be unwell and unhappy. Try to forget about it. Allow your compassionate and spiritual nature to develop. Carry goodness in your heart not hardness. Apart from anything else, it is an easier way to live with yourself.
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Why Wikipedia is not considered a credible source?

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Although Wikipedia is right 99% of the time, it can be easily user edited so some things may not be completely correct. Often times you'll find that dates are different for the same event listed on a different page, and this is because anyone can change something.
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What is the website called MadeBig about?

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== == MadeBig is a Salt Lake City based pyramid scheme, run under the guise of a social networking site which at one time enabled users to create, share and connect with other users but constantly changes and is currently attempting to collect money for charities, while skimming a large percentage off the top. It pretends to be "the next biggest thing on the Internet", yet has existed since at least 1999 and constantly shows a very small user base when analyzed with commonly available web traffic tools. Despite pretending to be a completely free site, what is not shared with casual users is that the site has agents who are paid little or nothing to recruit and boost the content and usage of the site. Unfortunately, many of the agents paid upwards of $297 for this privilege and many were also conned into paying around $70 a month for supposed site users who would rake in a percentage of sales made on the site. This entire scheme never got going and was re marketed shortly after, leaving the original agents with nothing to show for their investment or the money taken from their accounts month after month. Members once could create blogs, forums and groups, share photos and social feeds, make friends, trade goods in the MarketExchange, connect with local businesses and play games. Now, although a few of those functions remain the MadeBig website concentrates on the supposed 'social entrepreneur' side, with an unregistered charity foundation called "Grant Wishes Foundation", owned by Madebig President and owner, Richi Roane. If an agent or Presidential Leader of this company ever attempts to sell you an "opportunity" in this company, you would be wise to investigate further. Ask about the company's past; why its owner has a background in pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing and miracle products sold online. Ask why the company constantly changes the purpose of its site and has a reputation for never paying what it promises and above all, get any promises made to you in writing - so that when you realize you have been conned, you have evidence of what has happened. Another answer MadeBig is a social platform that presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage the power of people to create positive changes to worthy causes and make a difference in the world around us. People all over the world are facing an overwhelming assortment of social and environmental problems ranging from health care and education to global warming and economic disparity. For each of these issues, whether local, national or global in scope; there are millions of people who care passionately about working for change but lack the information and opportunities necessary to translate their interest into effective action. The MadeBig social platform aims to address these needs by first serving as the central platform for Social Entrepreneurs to inform and empower movements for social change around the most important issues of our time; and, second, creating ways that members can show support for these causes without emptying their wallet. A donation of time is just as good as a donation of money. Moreover, the fact that they are publicly telling the world that they support a cause is a donation of awareness. A local newspaper did a report on the company after several complaints were made to a 'puff piece' they had unwittingly printed in June. A useful link is provided below for people who wish to know more about Madebig, TMII- the company who runs it and why it keeps changing every year. == == == ==
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Who were the founders of the 13 colonies?

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Here's the list: Connecticut--Thomas Hooker Delaware-Peter Minuit and New Sweden Company Georgia--James Edward Oglethorpe Maryland--Lord Baltimore Massachusetts-- John Winthrop and others New Hampshire--John Wheelwright New Jersey--Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret New York--Peter Minuit and others but they named it after The Duke of York North Carolina--Virginians Pennsylvania--William Penn Rhode Island-- Roger Williams South Carolina--Eight Nobles with a Royal Charter from Charles II Virginia--John Smith and others
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Why are certain entries deleted from Wikipedia?

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Wikipedia runs on a "consensus" system, at least in theory. An article there can be deleted if enough people feel it is unworthy of an encyclopedic article, or if it meets certain other criteria. One complaint some people have with Wikipedia is that the deletion criteria seem to favor the opinions of a select few, rather than a true majority. This could be due to a lack of participation in the processes laid down, though. First of all, anyone can edit wikipedia. So people can put false information, or something innapropriate. Second, people can delete anything.
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Who was Phil Knight's Co-founder?

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Bill Bowerman was Phil Knight's coach at the University of Oregon. Phil Knight started importing Tiger running shoes from Japan and send some to Bowerman to see if he would buy them. Bowerman had already been experimenting with shoes, drinks and anything that would help his runners, and offered to become partners with Phil Knight. They put in $500 each and started Blue Ribbon Sports and their first order was for 300 pairs of running shoes in January 1964.
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Do Jehovah's Witnessses use their doctrines as the only source of information?

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The "doctrines" JWs follow most JWs really believe sincerely are all from the Bible. In reality many are directives from the Governing Body and not explicitly found in the bible. As an example, absolutely nowhere in the bible does it command that a man and woman properly married to each other should not have oral sex if both are agreeable. Yet the organization strongly condemns this practice. There are directives given to travelling overseers that also fit in this class. The recent move to call the Presiding Overseer (which is in the bible), the Co-ordinator of the body of elders (which is not in the bible) is another such example. The fact is that one of Jehovah's Witnesses is trained to view all other information through the filter of the Watchtower doctrine. All Biblical "interpretation" comes from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. So when a JW does read the Bible it is sometimes as a point of reference in conjunction with Watchtower publications. Reading "Crisis Of Conscience" by Raymond Franz would be stricly forbidden. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that one cannot truly understand the Bible without the aid of the 'faithful and discreet' slave class. Watchtower 1st Oct '94 p8 says, ''All who want to understand the Bible should appreciate that the "greatly diversified wisdom of God" can become known only through Jehovah's channel of communication, the faithful and discreet slave.'' The 'faithful and discreet slave' are represented by the seven member Governing Body. Watchtower 15th June '09 p24, ''today a limited number of anointed men have the responsibility of representing the slave class. They make up the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.''

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