With three species generally recognized, the hyena is a carnivorous, chiefly nocturnal mammal of the Old World family Hyaenidae. Although dog like in appearance, hyenas are more closely related to the cat family, Felidae, than to the dog family, Canidae.

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Why do the hyenas have a bone to pick with scar in the movie the lion king?


Are there hyenas in the rain forests?

No, Spotted hyenas are found in grasslands, woodlands, sub-deserts, savannas, forest edges, and mountains; but not in the rain forests.

Plural Nouns

What is the plural for hyena?

The plural form is hyenas.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

How did the hyena become endangered?

Hyenas are usually portrayed as a menace and many believe that they aren't needed. So when Hyenas are being hunted down not many really care meaning not many will do anything about it.


Do female hyenas have male genitalia?

Yes. All female hyenas have a false penis, although it does not function as an organ of reproduction.


Can you breed a hyena and a coyote?

No. Hyenas and coyotes are too different to breed together. Hyenas are feliforms (cousins of cats, distant from cats) and coyotes are caniforms and canines (cousins of dogs, close to dogs). Although feliforms and caniforms diverged from the same ancestor, hyenas and coyotes are both very different from the common ancestor of carnivora. Their genetics would be too different to create an offspring.


Is a cheetah stronger than a hyena?

It depends.. I have watched a show that showed hyena's v.s. cheetah's but they both ended up dead..So it just depends if the cheetah is strong or the hyena is strong, In my opinion I think that cheetah's are better and stronger, They are like fast,furious, And STRONG 0.0 So yea..But it's my opinion, If you think that hyena's are stronger then..Good for you :] Okay well i told you MY opinion and MY answer so bye :D

Cheetahs are built for speed, unlike the stout spotted hyena, which are built to overpower their prey. In a confrontation, I believe the spotted hyena will emerge victorious. If the hyena injures the cheetah's leg, then the cheetah has no real defense.

Reproductive System

What is unusual about a hyena's reproductive system?

The spotted hyena's reproductive system is extremely unusual in that that externally there seems to be no difference between males and females. Specifically, a female hyena's genitals resemble a male's to the point that unless a hyena is suckling cubs (and is therefore female), it is not possible for the untrained observer to tell the two sexes apart. More specifically:

  • The labia (vaginal lips) of the female hyena have grown together and are backed with pads of fat, making them look like a male's scrotum;
  • The clitoris of the female hyena has hypertrophied (that is, grown over-sized) to the point it looks like a male's penis, and a large one at that;
  • Through muscle control, the female hyena can extend and make rigid her clitoris, mimicking a male's erect penis.
  • A urogenital canal runs down the center of the clitoris through which the female urinates, like the male. It is also through this canal that the female takes the male's penis during sex, and through which her cubs pass at birth.

While there are visual cues wildlife biologists working in the field use to sex hyenas-for example, the female's clitoris is thick and terminates in a rounded and blunt tip while the male's penis is thin and terminates in a sharp and wedge-shaped tip-experience and training are required to employ them with any degree of success, and even the most experienced researchers will make an incorrect call at times.

The female hyena's mimicry of male sexual organs has severe consequences for the sexual and reproductive life of the spotted hyena:

  1. Sex is difficult for spotted hyenas because of this strange anatomy. With the vagina closed off by the pseudo-scrotum, the male must fumble to find the tip of her clitoris. To assist the male, the female can fully retract her clitoris and even widen the opening of her urogenital canal, but it is still several centimeters forward and above where the vagina would be, and on her underside, not her rump. The male must maintain the longest and hardest erection he can to achieve insertion-and that through blind fumbling. Worse, once entry is achieved, in addition to having his penis as far forward as possible, he must point it upwards in order to thrust.
  2. If sex is bad for the male, birth is worse for the female and potential cubs. The birth of the first cub will tear the clitoris, causing an injury that takes weeks to heal-provided it doesn't kill the mother. Estimates of death from first childbirth run about 10%. The injury and scar widen the birth canal, so subsequent births are easier, but there is still a high rate of death from asphyxiation for cubs at birth when labor times are long.

Why hyenas have such a strange and hazardous reproductive system is unknown. It is thought that some it conferred some evolutionary advantage to the species, but what that advantage is or might have been is currently a subject of debate among scholars studying the spotted hyena.


Where did the word 'Hyena' come from?


The Difference Between

What is the difference between a male aardwolf and a female aardwolf?

aardwolves are part of the hyaenidae family. Most female hyenas are roughly 1/3 larger than the smaller males.


What is sound of hyena called?


Pit Bulls

Is the hyena bite stronger than a pitbull?



Why the hyena laughs at dusk?

Only the spotted hyena "laughs". Laughter is a sign of excitement.


What is a Saki story with a main character that is a hyena?



How do you spell hyena in french?

une hyène (fem.)


Why does hyenas' have strong jaws?

the hyena has a strong jaw because of what it eats it eat rotting meat which is sometimes so hard it will break your jaw if the human tried to bite it so they need strong jaws to eat and live basically


What is a group of hyenas called?



Do lions hate hyenas?

yes they do


What continent does the spotted hyena live?

the continent is Africa

African Wild Dogs

Do wild dogs eat people?

yes wild dogs do eat people if you get close to it.


Is a spotted hyena worm blooded or cold blooded?

a hyena is warm blooded

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

Why is the striped hyena an endangered species?

Because there's a possibility they might go extinct.


Do hyenas have short front legs and long hind legs?

Yes it makes the hyena more agile.


How loud is a hyena?

really loud


Can a hyena get decomposed by eyelash fungi?

yes because the fungi will eat away at it


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