The Republic of Lebanon is a Western Asian country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. This 4,036-sq-mi country is bordered by Israel to the south and Syria to the north and east.

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Currency Conversions

What is the value of 1000 Mille Livres from Banque Duliban?

The rates change every day. Use this currency converter to calculate it.

Arabic Language and Culture

How do you say shut up in lebanese?


Farm Crops

What are Lebanon's chief crops?

Main crops in Lebanon include Cereals (mainly wheat and barley), fruits and vegetables, olives, grapes, and tobacco..

Baby Names

What are popular first names in Lebanon?

Charbel is very popular amongst the male christian population.

Also Tannous, Anthony, Rafik, Rami.

I don't know about girls though.

English to Arabic

How do you say come here in Lebanese?

come here : ta'aa la hawn ( in Arabic Lebanese accent )


How many saints does Lebanon have?

Lebanon has 9 saints:
Dorotheus of Tyre
John Maron
Marina the Monk
Nimattullah Kassab Al-Hardini
Pamphilus of Caesarea
Rafqa Pietra Choboq Ar-Rayès


What continent is Lebanon on?

Lebanon is found in the Continent of Asia, more specifically the Middle East (Southwest Asia), north of Israel and south and west of Syria on the Mediterranean coast.
Lebanon is part of the Asian Continent.

Questions en Francais
French Language and Culture
Grammaire Francaise
Postal Codes

Quel est le code postal de Beyrouth au Liban?


Non-English Names Pronunciation

How do you pronounce Lebanese name Srour?

Srour (سرور) should be pronounced SROOR or SooROOR. (long OO at the end, short oo in the beginning of the word). It means happiness.

Parenting and Children
English to Arabic

Lebanese word for aunt?

Aunt : Amto or Khalto

written as عمتي\ خالتي


What is topography in Lebanon?

This is more of a little topography with reasoning of how it helps Lebanon and how it's used:

Lebanon has many plains, where farmers plant. Heavy downpour in Mount Lebanon of winter rains has formed many deep clefts and valleys in the soft rock. The terrain has profoundly affected the country's history. East of the Mount Lebanon Range is the Bekaa Valley, an extremely fertile flatland where farmers have learned that the soil is fertile and that the plants could grow large with flat land and lots of space to grow in. Lebanon contains few rivers, and its harbors are mostly shallow and small. Abundant springs, found to a height of 1,500 m (4,900 ft) on the western slopes of the Lebanon Mountains, provide water for cultivation up to this height. Such rivers as Nahr Abou Ali, Nahr Ibrahim, Nahr el Kelb, Nahr Beirut, Nahr ed Dam our, etc. flow into Mediterranean, forming deep ravines. The coastal plain along the Mediterranean is narrow, and is found only around such cities as Tripoli, Beirut, Saida, Tyre, etc.


Where is byblos located?

Byblos is in Lebanon, situated to the northeast of Lebanon's capital Beirut.

it is believed to be the oldest inhabited city in the world.

Peer Pressure

Is it acceptable for Lebanese men to have a mistress?

It is not acceptable for any one to have an affair, to cheat on their spouse.

In some cultures, like in some countries in Africa, and The middle east, this is a criminal act against the law.


How do you excess the white pages in Kuwait I am looking for a person with a P.O. Box address in Safat Kuwait. Thanks?

side name of kuwait's whitepages

War and Military History
History of the Middle East

What are the causes of the Lebanese Civil War?

Answer 1

The Palestinians caused problems in Israel, so they were kicked out and they fled to Jordan. The Palestinians caused problems in Jordan, so King Hussein launched Black September and killed anywhere from 8 to 15,000 Palestinians in one month. The Palestinians then fled to Lebanon which caused the civil war that resulted in about 500,000 deaths. so many in fact that the Lebanese government didn't even bother to investigate the "mere 3,000" killed at Sabra and Shatilla by Lebanese Roman Catholics.

Answer 2

The main cause of the Lebanese Civil War was that the fragile balance between the Maronite Christians, Sunni Arabs, and Shiite Arabs was in a precarious position and the arrival of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) in Lebanon threatened to tip the scales. As a result, each faction took to battle in order to increase their stake in the country's leadership. This conflict eventually spilled over into Israel and Syria, leading to those countries ending the War.

Answer 3

The causes of the Lebanese Civil War included, but were not limited to:

  1. The rising percentage of Shiite Muslims and sinking percentage of Maronite Christians and the Shiites wanting more power.
  2. The arrival of Palestinian Militant Organizations like the PLO fleeing Jordan after King Hussein's Black September who brought unrest and chaos with them.
  3. The languishing, horrible conditions of the vast numbers of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon.
  4. The increasing militancy and radicalization of the Maronite Christian minority.
  5. The increasing Syrian support of Shiite Paramilitary Groups

Israel entered the Lebanese Civil War on account of the following two reasons:

  1. Palestinian Paramilitary Organizations began to rain rockets down on Northern Israel in an attempt to goad Israel to enter the Lebanese Civil War. The PLO believed that such an entry would unite the Shiites and Sunnis behind one banner to repel the Israelis. The Union did not form, but Israel did retaliate by crossing the border and hunting down the PLO.
  2. Christian Falangists, with whom Israel quickly allied, promised Israel a longer term ceasefire and more amicable relations in the future. Israel wanted a chance at peace with Lebanon and therefore supported those who would advocate for this.
Countries, States, and Cities

Which of these cities is the capital of Jordan - Beirut Damascus Ankara Amman?

Amman is the capital of Jordan.

Beirut is in Lebanon, Damascus is in Syria, and Ankara is in Turkey. All of them are capital cities of those countries respectively.

International Cuisine

Where is the food tabouli from?

i do strongly believe it is from lebanon since its lebanese


Why does Lebanon hate Syria?

Many Lebanese Christians and Sunnis hate Syria because of what the Syrian rule of the last 40 years has done to Lebanon. The Syrian government meddle in Lebanese affairs and have never respected the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon and have always had a great influence over Lebanon. Many Sunnis and Christians want Lebanon to be an independent state, and are supporters of Lebanese nationalism. Syria has never accepted this and the Lebanese have never been fond of them for this.

Postal Codes

What is the postcode for Beirut?

what is the postcode of beirut

Women's Suffrage

How do Lebanese men treat women?

Like men from any other country.

Some good, some better, some not so good.

Newspapers and Magazines
Palestinian Territories

What newspaper ran an advertisement on August 17 2006 that condemned the Hamas and Hezbollah organizations and was signed by 85 Hollywood professionals?


Los Angeles Times

Road Distance

How many road miles from London to Beirut?

2147 miles as the crow flies.


Is last name Saadeh Lebanese?

yes and no. it depends. for example, people in Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia can have that last name because they are all Arabic. botttom line any Arabic person can have that last name even if they live in different countries.


To which continent does Lebanon belong?

Western Asia
It is a Middle Eastern country. As such, it is considered part of Asia.


What continent is Beirut Lebanon on?

Beirut, Lebanon is in the continent of Asia. :)

If you look at the map using the Asian centric point of view (looking at a place from the view of Asia), it is in West Asia.

If you look at the map using the Euro centric point of view (looking at a place from the view of Europe), it is mostly referred to as part of Middle East. :)

Beirut is in Asia because it is located in Lebanon which is also in the middle east region.

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and is located in Asia.


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