Poisons and Toxins

Poisons are chemicals that adversely affect living organisms at the molecular level. Regardless of whether they're inhaled, absorbed, or digested; targeted toward a specific organism or broad in scope; or whether they're acute or chronic, a large enough dose of poison will result in severe illness or death. Please direct all questions regarding poisons, including their chemistry, uses, control, effects, and antidotes, into this category. If you are having an immediate issue with a possible poisoning, you should contact your local poison control or emergency medical center right away.

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Poisons and Toxins

Can the cyanide in Almonds give you a stomach ache?

Only the bitter variety, called flowering almond and planted decorative purposes, has sufficent cyanide to harm you. The bitter almond has a pink flower. The sweet almond tree has white blooms and the fruit contains no cyanide. The nut has a strong bitter taste and it is dificult to ingest more than a single one. Even that could give you a mild stomach ache. Both varieties contain a chemical pre-curser to cyanide which can become poisonous under damp conditions.

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What happens if you drink chlorine?

In the event that you ingest chlorine, you may encounter the accompanying side effects: Mouth and throat consume. Throat growing and agony. Stomach torment.

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Poisons and Toxins

Are beetroot leaves poisonous?

No, they are not poisonous.

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Does rat poison kill dogs?

yes it can

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Poisons and Toxins

Can black currant drinks poison you?

No they cannot, but they do contain a large amount of vitamin C and therefore could be beneficial to your health.

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Poisons and Toxins

When you burn petrol what gases are formed?

Petrol is a hydrocarbon ( made of hydrogen and carbon). When it burns in plentiful of oxygen it form carbon di oxide gas and water vapours. If oxygen is in limited supply carbon monoxide is formed instead of carbon dioxide.

Petrol sometimes contains impurities of Nitrogen and Sulphur. When petrol burns these elements combine with oxygen to make oxides of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide ( All of which are gases).

Poisons and Toxins

Is petrol is poison?

Yes, that's why it's only used for vehicles, motorbikes, and machinery.

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Poisons and Toxins
Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac

Name something in the woods that may be poisonous?

snake, ivy and mushrooms

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Poisons and Toxins

Do rats become immune to poison?

Yes rats are becoming immune to common poison. You can read more about it in the article I found (see related link)

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Can you feed your chickens green tomatoes?

The green fruit is fine for the hens, you may wish to crush them up since they can be too hard for beaks to break through to get at the meat. Do not feed them the leaves or stalks of a tomato plant.

Poisons and Toxins

How do poisons affect enzymes?

Generally the poison covalently bonds to the active site of the enzyme rendering it useless. Only in extreme cases will a poison be able to carry out such a reaction at cellular conditions. More likely it will compete with substrates for the active site by non covalent interactions or bind to a protein on a second site that distorts the proteins shape and therefor function. for example cyanide inhibits cytochrome c oxidase by binding to a separate site other than the active site and distorts the protein and renders it inactive leading to a build up of reactive ions and a destruction of the equilibrium in the cell leading to cell death and ultimate death of the individual.

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Are dry oleander flowers poisonous?

Yes, dry oleander flowers are poisonous.

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Poisons and Toxins

What dangers are associated with high concentrations of mercury in the body?

There are different levels of mercury poisoning, acute and chronic. Sudden exposure to high levels will cause breathing problems, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, etc. Chronic, exposure over time, causes nerve damage, (tremors,convulsions,) personality disorder, (anger, depression,) organ failure, (kidney infection, pulmonary edema) and many other physical/mental problems. Children are especially at risk since they are developing. If exposure is suspected the person should seek medical treatment immediately.

Mercury has a half life of several months in the body, assuming no treatment. One normally experiences a very trace absorption of mercury from food and industrial sources, and this lengthy removal time will not create any health issues for normal individuals- assuming mercury exposure is not in abnormally high concentrations. If one suspects mercury poisoning, seek medical attention immediately. Poisoning from mercury is a potentially life threatening condition that needs to be addressed medically with prescription chelating agents, not by homeopathic "detoxification" remedies. A simple follicle or blood test can be used to evaluate mercury levels and confirm a poisoning diagnosis.

Poisons and Toxins

Is carbon in silverware dangerous to ingest?

Well honestly if it was, then we would all probably be dead. It shouldn't be harmful, considering it goes through a dish washer and when they first make the silver in a factory they only put the carbon in them in order to hold there shape. They go through a series of test first to make sure no chemical is unbalanced. so don't worry about it.


If by silverware you mean eating utensils made of Sterling Silver, there is no carbon in silverware. Sterling Silver contains (by law) 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals - typically copper.

If by silverware you follow the American custom of calling all flatware "silverware" you might include iron, steel, German Silver, or stainless steel in the materials present. Of these, only the iron and steel items would contain carbon. In those alloys the carbon is bound tightly with the metal and will not be released.

As far as the toxicity of pure carbon - it isn't toxic. Well done steaks and toast would be very unpopular if carbon were toxic.

Poisons and Toxins

What is the most common mutagen?

Ionizing radiation is the most common form of mutagen.

Poisons and Toxins

Why do they put poison in shoe boxes?

If you are referring to the little rectangular packets inside of shoe boxes that are labeled as toxic, these are small packages of dessicant which absorb moisture. This prevents shoes or other items from being damaged by moisture or humidity which can increase depending on where the boxes are being stored or transported.

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Are tomatoes bad for chickens?

No, mine used to eat tomatoes. Don't let them eat the plant though it's toxic!

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Which toxic chemicals are found in most baby foods?

A recent report from the group Healthy Babies Bright Futures found that 95 percent of baby foods tested contained one of the following toxic chemicals: lead, arsenic, mercury, or cadmium. Out of the 168 foods tested, the chemical breakdowns are as follows: 94 percent contained lead, 73 percent contained arsenic, 75 percent contained cadmium, and 32 percent contained mercury. 1 in 4 of the foods contained all four heavy metals.

Although the toxins were found in small amounts, it is still concerning, as low levels build up over time and, according to the report, "can alter the developing brain and erode a child's IQ." Foods among the highest risk for neurotoxic harm were rice-based snacks as well as sweet potatoes and fruit juice. The study found that avoiding these foods could eliminate toxin exposure by up to 80 percent.

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Poisons and Toxins

What Orchids are poisonous to cats?

none that are known of. the cat fanciers society lists orchids on the safe cat- household plant list. vanilla actually comes from an orchid. it is still best to keep kitties away from them however, because of what pesticides, fertilizers, and potting media may have been used around the plant. i have cats and orchids, i try to use no pesticides, and i keep the fertilizers away from the plant leaves. i occasionally catch them nipping the edges of leaves or tasting the spikes, and always scare them off anyway. its usually new orchids that they seem most interested in. but i haven't had them damage one yet.

Poisons and Toxins

How long do symptoms of alcohol poisoning last?

Really depends on how quickly the liver and the rest of the body breaks down the alcohol.

On a personal level I have has this once many moons ago and I was very ill for about 24-36 hours. I was unable to keep any fluids down was going to call a Doctor was getting very worried.

But once my stomach finally settled down and I was able to replace fluids I felt better.

Needles to say I have never been this bad since.

the immediate symptoms will be OK once you are in the Emergency room,(if you are lucky to end up there). Then there is a 72 hour threshold for the risk of seziors. After that, the immediate threat will be gone.

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Does cranberry juice cleanse your system of toxins?

Cranberry juice can cleanse your system of bacterial toxins, through the process known as acidification of the urine. This is why cranberry juice has been scientifically proven to be helpful in curing UTIs (urinary tract infections). In addition, cranberry juice contains proanthocyanidins. This compound modifies bacterial cells, affecting the cell membrane, and condensing the bacterial cells. Furthermore, cranberry juice compounds interrupt communication between bacterial cells and creates an energy barrier between bacteria and the urinary tract.

With regard to cleansing your system of drug-related toxins and their metabolites, drinking cranberry juice only seems to have the same effect as drinking lots of water. It will dilute the toxins, but not really eliminate them any faster than your body can already deal with them, metabolically.

Poisons and Toxins

Is astatine poisonous?

That cannot be determined because it is impossible to get any more than a submicroscopic amount of it due to its being extremely rare and having a very short half life.

But it most likely would be because it is related to the elements chlorine, bromine and iodine.

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What rhymes with toxin?


Poisons and Toxins
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Is soap poisonous?

If you eat it, yes, very fatal. However washing yourself is not at all.

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Is food coloring poison?

anything is poison of you don't do it in moderation. Even something simple like vitamin C...............


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