Bengal Tigers

Bengal tigers are one of the largest and most numerous of the tiger subspecies although they, like all living tiger subspecies, are endangered. Bengal tigers are native to India, Bangladesh (where they are the national animal), Nepal and Bhutan. All questions about Bengal Tigers can be directed here.

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Bengal Tigers

How does the baby Bengal tiger get its food?

When baby tigers are very young, they drink their mother's milk to survive. When they get a little bit older, they start nibbling on the kills that their mother brings back to them. Female tigers must hunt more often when they have babies, so they can either sustain themselves so they have milk, or so they are able to supply for older cubs.

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Bengal Tigers

What is a female stallion called?

stallions can only be male. a mare is a female horse.

Bengal Tigers

How loud do Bengal tigers roar?

A tiger's roar can be heard more than three miles away.

Bengal Tigers

How many babies do Bengal tigers have?

The gestation period for Tigers is 16 weeks. The litter size usually consists of around 3 to 4 cubs. Cubs weigh approximately 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) each, which are born blind and helpless. The females rear them alone, sheltering them in dens such as thickets and rocky crevices. The father of the cubs generally takes no part in rearing them.

Bengal Tigers

How big does a Bengal tiger grow till?

Some large Bengal tigers of northern India and Nepal weigh over 600 pounds, while those of southern India weigh between 450-500 pounds. Females weigh around 275-325 pounds.

Bengal Tigers

Why are Bengal tigers endangered?

Bengal tigers are endangered partly because people have been poaching it for it's valuable fur coat. But the other part for the tiger's endangerment is due to the threat they pose to many communities and their livestock. People who have the means to defend themselves to do rigorously, but some areas that don't have as many defenses are still ruled and population even regulated by the man-eating tigers themselves. Bengal tigers are also endangered because they lost their habitat, because of their forest territories have been taken away, for building houses and making resorts. People are greedy and are willing to make money at the cost of the wildlife habitat they destroy. Unfortunately the tigers are negatively affected by this.if more selfish idiot pochers kill more of these beutifull animals they will find if there all gone they will have nothing to sell
The Bengal tiger became endangered because of serious poaching, habitat loss, and people wanting their skin, and body parts for Asaian medicines.
Where they live hunters illegally hunt them (poachers) kill them as trophies, even though they are illegal to hunt
They are killed for their furs

Bengal Tigers

Do Bengal Tigers live in caves?

If a cave is available, they may use it as a den, but tigers are top predators, and can sleep undisturbed wherever they find themselves, as their territory may be hundreds of square miles in area.

Bengal Tigers

What happened to the Bengal tiger's habitat?

Most of the Bengal tiger habitat is in India and it is being destroyed by people. People do most of the damage to the tigers habitat.

Bengal Tigers

What is a female hog called?

A female hog is called a sow

Bengal Tigers

Are Bengal tigers territorial?

Yes tigers are territorial animals. Their range depends on the abundance of prey. Their range can cover up too 100 sq km for a male which will over lap several female ranges of about 20 sq km.

Bengal Tigers

Are Bengal tigers cannibals?

No, Bengal tigers are not cannibals.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Bengal Tigers

What type of beetle is orange with black stripes on it's shell?

Its called a flower longhorn beetle I just looked it up on google:)

Bengal Tigers

Do Bengal tigers swim?

bengal can swim

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Bengal Tigers
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How much does it cost to visit a tiger in another country?

It is probably free, if you jack one from China or another foreign country.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Bengal Tigers

What is a young moose called?

A young moose is called a calf == == The baby moose are called calves. (Female moose are called cows.)

Bengal Tigers

What are the adaptations of a Bengal tiger?

Bengal tigers have:

  • strong legs to help catch their prey
  • whiskers to help them feel objects around them
  • long tails to help them balance when they're running
  • Vertical stripes to help them camouflage
  • sharp teeth for hunting
  • soft pads so they can creep up on prey
  • retractable claws to grip and tear fish
  • white spots on their ears to help cubs see their mother
  • they are nocturnal so they have eyes that enable them to see in the dark
  • different stripes so they can recognise each other
  • strong paws to bring down prey
  • a rough sandpaper tongue to scrape meat from the bones off a meal
  • Able, agile legs for chasing down prey. However, they do not have much stamina, which is why they need to be fast.
  • It is a large tiger species, second only to the Siberian tiger.
  • In winter they adapt to the cold weather by changing fur color to blend in with the snow.
Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Bengal Tigers

Can Bengal tigers eat leopards?


Bengal Tigers

Is the behavior of a white Bengal tiger aggressive or harmless?

white tigers are not dangerouse unless really hungry or you look like you will hurt them or their babies and never let them smell a wierd scent on you.And if you are in the wild and see a tiger back away slowly unless it attacks.

Bengal Tigers

How long does a Bengal tiger live?

They can live for twenty years or more.
15 years
to about 10 to 15 years and in zoos they live up to 25 years old
10 to 20 years
they live up to 25 years in captivity in that long in the wild the oldest one is 35 years

West Bengal
Bengal Tigers

Who is the state animal of West Bengal?

The Bengal tiger

Bengal Tigers

Do Bengal tigers eat king cobras?

tigers are carnivors so if they dont have enough food supply it may be there only chance to survive.........

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Can you lower a triumph tiger?

Yes. Any motorcycle can be lowered. There are advantages and disadvantages of varying degrees. Easiest, and free: set the rear shock(s) to the lowest setting. Loosen and lower the triple-clamp yokes down the front fork tubes. Not as easy, not free: Install shorter rear shock(s) and set them at the lowest position. Install shorter fork tubes and/or fork springs, besides lowering them in the clamps. Harder, and expensive: custom modified frame and suspension. Drawbacks will begin to show in suspension bottoming out under hard use and/or heavy load. Handling may be affected negatively.

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Bengal Tigers

Is Tom Dinkel a former Bengals player?

Tom Dinkel played linebacker and special teams for the Bengals from 1978-1983 and 1985.

Bengal Tigers

What community does the Bengal tiger live?

The bengali tigers live in the sunderband region.(a delta bank of ganga,yamuna and brahmaputra

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Bengal Tigers

What is a female rat called?

A female rat is called a doe.


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