Geckos are small to average sized lizards that belong to the family Gekkonidae and are found in warm climates throughout the world. Geckos are unique among lizards in their vocalizations, making chirping sounds in social interactions with other geckos. They also have characteristic padded toes with suction cups for vertical climbing.About 2,000 different species of geckos exist worldwide, with many likely yet to be discovered.

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Do leopard geckos stink?



Do panther geckos bite?

Panther geckos usually are relatively docile and biting is rare. However, there's always a bad tempered animal that makes an exception and will bite, but it is more than likely you will find a docile one.

Paredura Picta - Madagascar ground gecko, Ocelot Gecko, Pictus Gecko, Panther Gecko.

Reaching a total length of only 3-4 inches STV, a diet consisting of mainly 1/2" crickets, these little fellas are a lot more timid. They will sooner run and hide than stand their ground and bite.


How much do leopard geckos cost at petland?

Price is not the proper question, quality is the answer. A lot of pet stores are in the trade for the income. Quality is where a lot of people have confusion. Quality of an animal is determined through the breeder. Does the breeder house the animals properly, have they received proper supplements, are the husbandry requirements being reached? Is it being cared for? And similar questions... A lot of chain stores will offer credit to customers in exchange for their pets. At this point is when and where sick animals will be accepted in the store for sale. An animal with a low price may mean someone needs to rid of it, it may be sick, or ultimately, if the owner did not have the time or finances, the animal is not guaranteed.


Can you use calcium for your leopard gecko?

Yes you can !

Cricket 'dust' is a powdered vitamin supplement, which is designed to be coated onto crickets, locusts etc - in order to get extra vitamins into a lizards diet.

The best way to apply it - is to take a small polythene bag, put six to ten crickets in, along with a pinch of cricket dust. Close the top of the bag, and GENTLY shake for a few seconds. This will coat the crickets in the dust.

Pop the coated crickets in with the gecko, and put any unused dust back in the container to keep it fresh.


How do you take care of a wild gecko?

It is always best to research any animal prior to bringing it into your home as a pet. It would be best to try and identify the species and research its specific needs.


What is the population tokay geckos?

The species is native to parts of Asia, but has become an invasive species to other parts of the world. They now reside in southern US, Mexico, Central south America, Indonesia, Philippine's, Malaysia etc..


Can geckos kill you?

No, they cannot. Although geckos are quick and can usually scaled walls or rocky surfaces, they are not dangerous and in most cases do not even have visible teeth.


Can gecko's eat red worms?

A gecko should not take in any animal found outside, especially in a larger populated area. insects, spiders, moths, butterfly's, worms, etc.. can carry disease, parasites or pesticides and can be extremely dangerous to your geckos health. Geckos can only eat specific types of foods as some are not as nutritious for them. You can find more information at


Do crested geckos have eyelids?

Nope - if they need to 'clean' their eyeballs - they use their tongue to lick the surface.

Crested geckos have a clear membrane covering the eye, this membrane is a clear, transparent eye contact more or less. it stops dirt, oxygen, water, substrates etc.. from entering the eye. when something external touches the membrane, they will lick their eye in order to remove anything. The Crested geckos come from the Diplodactylinae subfamily under the Genera Rhacodactylus. Geckos of the Eublepharinae Subfamily are known as "eye lid" geckos all have eye lids. These consist of the: Leopard gecko (E. macularius), the fat tailed gecko (E. Hemitheconyx) etc.. When sleeping, resting, swallowing, and of course blink, their eyelids will close.

Turtles and Tortoises

Can turtles live with geckos?

Turtles are a semi aquatic species, while the crested gecko is a semi arboreal species. It is best as a hobbyist to replicate the natural environment for reptile species. In the wild, it would be very unlikely that a turtle would co exist with a gecko, so in captivity it would be best to leave these two animals separate. Most geckos require an extremely humid or dry area to live, not necessarily wet and filled with water. There is also the possibilities that a gecko can drown in water deeper than a shallow drinking bowl.


What do leopard geckos sleep in?

In the desert they would sleep under a rock or some sort of plant. If you are keeping one as a pet they will sleep in almost any hide they can crawl under.

Naturally, these animals are native to North/East/N.Eastern Asia. These animals thrive in a desert environment and tend to burrow in order to find moisture. Nest's are usually burrows under slate/limestone rocks. During the days, these animals will bask on warm rocks to assist their digestive systems.

In captivity, most breeders will use a humid hide & a dry hide to ensure their leopard geckos have a selection in their sleeping quarters.


Can you leave leopard gecko eggs with the parents?

It is not a good idea to allow the eggs to incubate full term within the terrarium. Baby geckos are easily mistaken as a small feeder and can easily be scooped up by a larger gecko. Which ever side the egg is laid on, it should be removed a few days after lay. An egg has a much better success rate in an incubator because we are able to regulate temperatures and readings.


What looks like a baby gecko only it's red?

Some gecko species such as the Crested gecko or the Gargoyle gecko can be born red. Throughout their growth, some may loose the red coloration and others may have the red color brighten.


Are panther geckos sticky footed?

No. They have claws.

These animals are native to the rainforest's of Madagascar. They are known as: Panther geckos, ocelot geckos, Madagascar ground geckos, Pictus geckos. These animals have been documented forging through leaf litter on the ground of the forest. They are a small species only reaching 5-7" in length depending on sex and only weighing in around 25-30 Grams. They are insectivores, relying on a variety of live feeders such as insects, spiders and arthropod's. They are equipped with big eyes, a spiny tail and short claws.


How do you help a leopard gecko from dying?

It depends what's wrong with it ! First course of action would be to take it to a vet !


How can you tell how old a leopard gecko is?

It's nearly impossible to tell the exact age of any reptile by looking at it, since many factors will effect how fast it grows: If it's fed to much, it could grow faster then normal. If its neglected and not fed enough its growth can easily be stunted. If its in a cage too small, it's growth could be stunted as well.


How long can a leopard gecko last without heat?

Leopard geckos native area's include: Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afganistan. They live in temperatures ranging from 80-105F depending on season. These animals cannot survive for long without the temperatures reaching 80 minimal as a basking spot(2-5days max). A lot of people reccomend a heating mat with 2 or more inches of substrates so the animal cannot burn it's underside. A heating mat will keep your tank regulated at all times, incase of times without light.


Is a tokay gecko poisonous?

Nope - they're a harmless species.

Although this species is not venomous, they are pretty nasty. Tokay geckos have been known to draw blood. They do not have long or sharp teeth, it is more of a pinch. Tokay geckos are known to be the "pitbull" of the gecko family and are territorial towards other geckos and as well as their keepers. They can be "tamed" through daily handling. They have been known to show some compassion through feeding schedules and light cycles. Some Tokays will learn that once lights go out it's feeding time and will come out to grab a bite. They can be very sociable animals with their keepers.


Are leopard geckos dangerous?

The only Gecko that i would call dangerous is a Tokay gecko, they can be rather mean and have been known to bite your finger and not let go( not pain full but annoying). be careful holding the gecko, not for your health but the sake of the animal, most geckos are very fast and will go running out of your hands with no care of the height they will be falling.


Are geckos carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Generally geckos are insectivores (carnivores) however some geckos are omnivores and can live on a fruit or insect diet. It depends on the species of gecko though.


Can Leopard geckos make you sick?

It depends what you mean by 'sick'. All reptiles carry salmonella bacteria. HOWEVER - simple hygiene after handling the Gecko will be sufficient to keep you safe. Although - if you're ill, I would recommend you not handle any reptiles until you're fit & healthy again. A weakened immune system will not be able to fight off salmonella bacteria as well as your existing illness.


What is the kingdom phylum class order genus species of a gecko?

There are over 2000 species of gecko in the world so you'll have to be more specific than that. I can tell you that all species of gecko belong to the Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Reptilia, Order: Squamata, and Family: Gekkonidae.


Can gold dust day geckos live together?

You should only keep one male per cage due to territorial issues. You may have more than one female, or have one male with the females.


What forces enable a gecko to climb up a vertical surfaces?

Van der Waals forces.


How do you kill a leopard gecko?

If the gecko is sick, take it to see a reptile vet. If it is beyond getting better, the vet will handle the euthanasia. You can't just go around killing pets for the sake of it.

If you don't want the gecko any more, put it on a free-ad website or take it to a local re-homing centre, or contact your local vet for contacts as some have a list of people that will take in certain types of animals.


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