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A teacher walks into the Classroom and says If only Yesterday was Tomorrow Today would have been a Saturday Which Day did the Teacher make this Statement?

If a teacher walked into the classroom and said "If only yesterday was tomorrow, today would have been Saturday" then the day would have to be Monday. The day before Monday is Sunday, and if Sunday were the next day, the current day would be Saturday.

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Downloadable questions in neuro psychiatric exam?


Stephen Hawking

What is Stephen Hawking's IQ?

Although Professor Hawking discounts the value of numerical IQ's, he admitted that his own is likely very high (it has been suggested as 160 or more). He also said that "People who boast about their IQ's are losers". (see link to 2004 interview)

---a possibly dramatized anecdote from Introducing Stephen Hawking (2006)---

Near the end of his term at Oxford and no doubt beginning to feel the effects of ALS, Hawking took a terrible fall down a staircase in the university hall. As a result, he temporarily lost his memory. He could not even remember his name. After several hours of interrogation by his friends, he finally returned to normal but was worried about possible permanent brain damage. To be sure, he decided to take the Mensa test for individuals with superior intelligence. He was delighted to find that he passed with flying colours, scoring between 200 and 250!

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What is a 10 sided polygon called?

The anwser is a Decagon.

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Where can you take the WAIS IV IQ test for free?

WAIS-IV stands for Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-4th Edition. It a clinician administered test--i.e. it cannot be taken online. The test is only sold to clinicians--licensed psychologists--who are trained to use it. You need to see a psychologist to get it done. Sometimes you can get a free assessment at a university clinic with a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology. However, if you walk in and simply request an IQ test, your request might be declined, just like you might be refused and MRI if you walked into a neurologist's office and asked for one. More often than not, the psychologist will inquire as to why you want the test. In fact, it would probably be a violation of professional ethics to not discuss your history and presenting problems before tests are given.

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Are men smarter than women?

The fact is that neither gender is any more intellectually gifted than the other. It is true that females perform better at some tasks than males. The reverse is also true. Let's face it there are differences. That's biology, that's genetics, that is the reality of the differences between boys and girls, folks.

There is no debate here. There is no argument. For every male that anyone can drag up from history as a representative of the most intelligent, there is a female who can be found to match him.

Eleanor Maccoby and Carol Jacklin were two Psychologists who did extensive research into differences between the genders. The only differences that stood up to rigorous empirical testing is that, in general, females have greater facility with languages and males have greater visual/spacial ability.

In terms of intelligence there is no statistical difference between the genders, aside from in the specific areas previously mentioned.


It all depends on the individual. I don't think it's a matter of men being smarter than women or vice versa. I think it's still a men's world and they want to keep it that way. So, no matter how smart women may be it will never be equal in this world for women.


Is an IQ of 56 good for a ten year old female?


IQ is graded according to one's age and an 'average' person will have an !Q of 100..... this means that they score 100% of what their age would score.

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Where can you get a professional IQ test?

Psychologists and neuropsychologists give IQ tests as part of the battery of tests they have you do. There are also places like Mensa that administer tests.

But there's not really much of a reason for someone to have an IQ test. It doesn't mean much on its own and is pretty much useless in any day-to-day situation.

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How can you make 24 using only 1 6 6 8?

A way of doing this would be:

1 + 8 = 9;

sqrt(9)= 3

3 * 6 = 18

18 + 6 = 24

1+8=9; sqrt(9)=3; 3*6+6=24

Another solution can be:



The Great Gatsby

Is 161 a Great IQ or an OK IQ?

161 means you are a genius I am 11 my IQ is 138

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What is the highest documented Galaga score ever?

I thinl its 15,990,90


A line is related to a surface as a point to a?


a surface is made up of lines...a line is made up of points. :)

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What should you do when you can't sleep math question?

move closer to the edge of the bed so you can drop off


What are IQ's out of?

IQ scores have no set limit. The known regions of intelligence have reached 220, but there is no data for dramatically low scores. The base average however, is intended to be 100.

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Is an IQ of 135 good for a 19.9 year old?

Everything above 100 is "above average", but in your case, your score is verry, verry high. The actual father of the test, Einstein, just scored as low as 129 ( and that's actually high as well), and later was discided that everyone who scores higher that him would be refered to as : gifted.

Also please note that 135 is actually extremely good, and this only is your IQ score if you did the right test. The internet IQ-tests are bad since you can easely do the worng test. In that way, your IQ may be 15 points lower, giving you a total of 120 (stil verry high).

If you realy did the test in the right way, it also means you can have like autism. Being brilliant brings the chance to those "handicaps".

And as a last note: Your IQ makes an ballance with your EQ (linked to social capabilities). This means that if you have an high IQ, you'll proppably have an low EQ and vice versa.

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What is the different between chronological age and health age?

Chronological age is the years you have been alive and health age is the physical age your body is. If you are obese and not in shape for instance or if you smoke a lot, your health age is probably a lot older then your chronological age.

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How can you improve your concentration and focus?

First, have you gotten enough sleep? Lack of sleep is the Number One reason that human beings make mistakes when trying to concentrate or focus on activities or studies! Kids and teenagers need between 10 to 12 hours of sleep in one night to recharge their bodies and stay healthy - adults need 6-8 hours. If you're not getting enough sleep, it's time to decide what you need to cut out of your busy life so that you can be more healthy!

Next, make sure you start the day with a decent breakfastthat will provide fuel for your brain during the day. This means healthy food, not junk food full of sugar and caffeine - those will burn off in about an hour, leaving you even more tired and hungry than you were to start! Even if you do eat later in the day, missing this first meal sets up a train of events in the body that is hard to recover from. Learn about low GI eating habits which provide your body with fuel for the longest possible time and provide you with a consistent level of blood sugars. Symptoms such as trouble concentrating, feeling tired, and "zoning out" are typical of low blood sugar levels (NOTE: if you continue to have these problems even after eating a healthy mean, or if you have symptoms like excessive thirst or frequent urination, you need to see a doctor to check for diabetes!).

Some Specific Tips from Our Contributors

  • Focusing in school and in life is a learned skill. Popular thought is all about multi-tasking or doing several things at once - reading, listening to music. texting and driving all at the same time as an example. It does not work. Distractions are the cause of as much as 40% of automobile crashes - you cannot really concentrate on doing something else when you are talking on the cellphone, listening to loud music, or chatting with your friends.
  • When you leave one task for another, the mind has a lag time to "file" the previous task and pick up the next. This leaves you with a lot of dead air where nothing is being done mentally. To focus you must work at the one task either listening or learning or asking questions, or getting instructions, or watching the science experiment. Not all at once.
  • To get into this practice, make deals with yourself. Think "I will pay attention for 10 minute without doing any other task. If I succeed I will check my text messages (some small reward). If I fail I will turn off my phone for half an hour (some small punishment)"
  • It is not too different from improving muscle strength. Through repeated attempts at mental concentration, the strength of the mind increases and thereby improves mental concentration.

The first thing you need to do to improve your concentration and mental focus is to want to improve. Having a desire to concentrate more will improve your ability to do it. Here are some more tips for increasing concentration.

  • Avoid distractions. If you are in a classroom, stay away from the students who are talking and passing notes. Sit close to the front so that you can focus on the teacher. If you are studying, turn the music down low enough so that it does not distract you. Cut off the cellphone, computer chat rooms, IMs, and anything else that is taking your attention from your work.
  • Take notes. Yes, even if you are just studying. Writing information down will fix it in your mind more than if you just heard or saw it. It also focuses your attention on what you are writing, which improves your concentration.
  • Tune in. If you are listening to a lecture or speech, face the speaker so that you can hear best. Sit in a comfortable position and pay attention to what they are saying. If you find yourself thinking about other things, shift your position a little bit and re-focus. Think about what they are saying and make sure you understand it. You can usually ask questions if you have trouble, too.
  • Practice. If you really have problems concentrating (for example, if you have Attention Deficit Disorder), you can improve your ability by practicing. Start at home, where you can set a timer - watch an educational video or tv show and set your timer for short intervals like 10 minutes for beginners. Once you can hold your attention for that long, set the timer for longer and longer. You will be able to learn how to keep your attention focused on what you are trying to learn.
  • Concentration depends a good deal on your motivation - if you want to concentrate, you will do better. Concentration includes focusing on the material, listening and watching, and thinking about what you are learning. Focusing involves "tuning out" any distractions, or moving away to a quiet place where you can concentrate better. Pay attention to what you are studying, and if a distraction occurs, either move away or re-focus your attention to the study material. Listening and watching seem obvious, but you can improve your observation skills by pointing your eyes toward what you are listening to - this points your ears in the right direction so that you can hear better! You can improve your watching skills by ignoring any distracting sights around you, and focusing on whatever you are supposed to be studying. As you study, think about what you are learning and make sure that you understand everything - use a dictionary or glossary to look up terms that you don't know.
  • Most of all staying focused is about controlling the fluttering of your mind. The mind can be compared to wild horses pulling you in all directions. If you can control these wild horses and hitch them to your carriage then you can travel long distances at high speeds.

These are few ways which you can look upon to improve your concentration :

1. DO FIVE MORE :here are two kinds of people -- those who have learned how to work through frustration, and those who wish they had. From now on, if you're in the middle of a task and tempted to give up -- just do FIVE MORE.


"If I look confused, it's because I'm thinking."

-- make your mind a deal it can't refuse.

Write them down on your to-do list so you're free to forget them.

Don't feel like concentrating? Are you putting off a task or project you're supposed to be working on? That's a form of procrastination. "

Different people have different ways of concentrating. Some like to listen to music while they work and others like silence. I suggest you find a quiet corner with good lighting and no distractions. Try not to let your mind wander beyond your work, because chances are, your imagination will take over. In your new "working corner" make a comfortable spot for yourself with pillows and blankets. You may even want to buy a beanbag or comfy chair. You can also sit at a table so you can lay all your things out and have a hard surface to work on. Another suggestion is going to a quiet coffee/donut shop and finding a nice table. You can even hunker down with some food/drink. It helps me to have something to munch on or sip while I work.
They concentration such as some people like to be in a room that is completely silent, some people cannot work without a noise in the background but overall if you have the TV or radio on make sure your back is the TV so you cannot watch it and try and listen to music without lyrics. And lastly sucking sweets or chewing gum has been proven to increase concentration, some times you may even be allowed to have sweets and gum in a test to help with the concentration. Don't ask me how but chewing and sucking helps the brain concentrate, as long as you are not distracting anyone else around you.
Choose a quiet room with no distractions. Create a task list and break it down into smaller parts. Focus on the tasks that are more difficult or giving you problems. Excersise your mind by doing other activities such as drawing. Challange your mind by meditating.

US Presidents
Barack Obama

What is Barack Obama's IQ?

He has not released that information; it should be noted that few presidents have made such scores public.

From the information that is available, we know (or can surmise) the following:

  • The average IQ for a college graduate with a bachelor's degree in the U.S. is 115. Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University, so the assumption is he must have had at least an IQ of 115.
  • Barack Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School; such academic honors are only awarded to students in the top 10% of their class.
  • Obama's IQ has been estimated anywhere from 110-165. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he served as editor, and later as president of the Harvard Law Review; which is an extremely prestigious position. Obama also taught at the University of Chicago for 12 years, a top-ranked university in the United States. However, these achievement-based estimates fail to account for the possibility that Obama was a beneficiary of affirmative action, which based on collegiate averages would lower his estimated IQ to the 115-120 range. [However, it should be noted that other than partisan claims, there is NO reliable evidence Obama was an affirmative action student, nor is there objective proof that his academic honors had anything to do with affirmative action.]
  • Obama attended an elite private school in Honolulu as a scholarship student. Since all of the graduates from that school at that time took collegiate aptitude tests and he was not a National Merit Scholar, Semifinalist, or Outstanding Participant, his maximum possible score on the SAT was 1230, which is the 96.9 percentile. That would translate to a maximum possible IQ of 129. It should be noted, however, that one of the requirements for the National Merit Scholarship is taking the Preliminary SAT test. If Obama did not take the PSAT, he could very well have scored above 1230 on the SAT without being a National Merit Scholar.

Note: To many professionals in the 'IQ' field , this discussion is utterly absurd. We have no idea what Barack Obama's IQ is, but nobody with even a rudimentary understanding of what IQ means and how it is determined would suggest that any of the estimations methods (school grades and positions held at college) described in the answer have any validity whatsoever.


Is 126 a good IQ for a 24- year -old male?

It's above average at any rate.


What are the requisites of a good average?

Requisites of a Good Average

  • Should be rigidly defined.
  • Should be mathematically expressed.
  • Should be readily comprehensible & easy to calculate.
  • Should be calculated on the basis of all the observations.
  • Should be least affected by extreme values and sampling fluctuations.
  • Should be suitable for further mathematical treatment.
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Aspergers Syndrome

Do most people think people with autism are dumb?

Sadly, it is commonly perceived that people with Autism are not intelligent. This is in fact, not the case and I believe it is our job as Autism advocates to raise awareness about the fact that individuals with Autism can be productive members of society.

At a recent conference I attended on work opportunities for adults on the Autism Spectrum, world renowned Autism expert, Susan Bryson, noted that only approximately 25% of people with Autism have an intellectual handicap. She then continued to point out that many people on the Autism Spectrum possess valuable cognitive strengths including

  • excellent attention to detail
  • excellent pattern-detection skills
  • superior visual search skills
  • persistance
  • highly reliable
  • highly accurate and often perfectionistic, possessing a desire for precision and being unwilling to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

All of these attributes can make people with Autism extremely valuable employees so we all as a society have to start rethinking what it means to have Autism!

For more information on Autism, check out autism, your one-stop-source for everything related to Autism.

Brenda Deskin

------------------------------- It depends on whether the individual person has been educated on what autism is. Sadly, much of society, and even some individuals who may work with autistics, still can't tell the difference between "Asperger's/HFA" vs. "Kanner's". Along with all of the other disabilities where autism can also be effected. It also depends on where people get their information on autism from, and based on how accurate it is, along with updated. I truly think that the media in all forms are causing many complications for all of us to be accepted into society.


Are IQ tests really accurate and are their results a reliable indicator of one's true level of intelligence?

YesThey were designed by psychologists and educators, who studied the way mental acuity relates to the potential to learn and solve problems. They are not a measure of eventual achievement or accomplishment, because these require active effort beyond mere logical or computational ability.

Persons recording high scores on standardized IQ tests are generally those who find learning new things comparatively easy, sometimes trivially easy.

IQ tests also work on measuring how fast someone thinks and their memorization, something that is dependent on how natural it is, and how the individual's brain functions have developed. These things cannot be studied directly. Since some individuals can learn more quickly and easily, an IQ test is one way to determine how quickly and efficiently their brains work.

NoThere are a number of sociological problems that are thrown up by IQ testing. The main problem being with language - if English is not your first language or you're just no good at it, tests in English will yield a lower score.

IQ tests also only test certain thinking processes associated with intelligence, and individuals have different mental strengths and weaknesses. A low score on an IQ test does not specifically mean you are "less intelligent". For instance, a person who is highly intelligent in a non-academic field, for instance interpersonal communications or automotive maintenance, may score poorly on an IQ test because the test is based solely on performance in traditional academic subjects.

Scores on an IQ test are comparative by nature; they do not test a subject's 'true intelligence', merely their performance on the given tasks in comparison to those of the same age group. Test scores can also be affected by simple things such as a lack of sleep, or having not eaten enough that morning. IQ tests also fail to assess creativity levels.

It should also be noted that IQ test scores can vary, depending on the exact test that is taken.


I'm assuming you're referring to the Standford-Binet Intelligence-Quotient test first used in the 1960s.

It is not generally considered by mainstream modern psychology as an accurate indicator of intelligence. In fact, that lack of a satisfactory definition of "intelligence" still bedevils the discipline. Modern thought on what constitutes "intelligence" (Gardner et al.) has impacted Pedagogy significantly.

To borrow a quote, "IQ is that which IQ tests measure." It is a somewhat touching, yet uninformed, artefact that suggests the precociousness of the young discipline of Psychology; that intelligence could be defined so narrowly and accurately gauged so easily as Standford-Binet put forth is ludicrous.

However, whatever one considers "intelligence," it would, more than likely bear some positive correlation with test IQ test scores.

The definition and quantification of "intelligence" shall elude science for quite some time to come.

Albert Einstein

What is Shakira's IQ?

Shakira's IQ is 140.

Guinness World Records

Who is the person with highest IQ?

Marilyn vos Savant is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest IQ score in the world, 228.


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