Anger Management

Psychological therapeutic exercises and techniques to address uncontrolled and excessive anger are commonly referred to as anger management. Stress management, communication and forgiveness can help in controlling a person’s anger.

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Anger Management

How do you know if you have a termite problem?

Identifying damage

Dry wood with and against the grain of the wood with small fecal pellets - the damage will be smooth and clean. Subterranean will have no visible pellets, the damage will be filled with mud/dirt & will only go with the grain of the wood.

I once found that I had termites because there was a "tube" on the interior wall involved. Even though I had the wall taken out, luckily the termite colony had died. The outside wall had a faucet.

Identifying termites

Termite wings will be twice as long as the body, ants right around the same length as the body. Termite antennae will be pointed outwards, ants will be at a 90 degree angle. Dry wood termites are brown/maroon or gold in color. Subterranean termites will be jet black. Subterranean wings will have a whitish appearance, Drywood wings will have an iridescent appearance.It is a really good idea to go through a few termites pictures to get yourself familiar with how termites look like. Going through a few pictures always works better than reading text for me. You may use google image search to find some pictures. I have included a website focused on termites pictures (!) in the related sites list as well.

Getting an InspectionMost pest control firms will do an inspection for free. However, make sure you call a reputable firm and get a couple of estimates before having work done. Most lenders require a clear termite report before making a loan.

The termites can do can be very severe. Keep your eye open for termite swarmers in or around your house. Using spectrum terminate bait stations as a early termite detection kit may also help to protect your home from termites. Their pop-up indicators will let you know if termites are foraging in the ground close to your home. These should only be used as termite monitors and not a stand alone treatment to rid your house of termites.

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Anger Management

How do you tell your dad he needs anger management?

Telling anyone anything is unlikely to ever be helpful, except when you are invited to do so.

It might help, if when things are calm, you ask Dad if you can tell him about your feelings - if he says - Yes - that could be a time to gently tell him how you feel when he seems to be angry.

Anger Management

What are reasons for psychological tests?

Psychological tests are used to assess a variety of mental abilities and attributes, including achievement and ability, personality, and neurological functioning.

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Anger Management

Why are woman short-tempered?

Some men and women are born with a certain temper, that is just how we are. As we get older though there is more pressure to be able to handle it. She can also be haivng PMS and feel sick, be in pain, have hot flashes etc and therefor be ina bad mood and irritable. Or you are doing something that irritates her.

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Anger Management

Does medicaid cover anger management in IL?

No it does not

Anger Management

Do you no where any free anger management class in vacaville ca?

If you belong to Kaiser Health Maintenance or have Medicare, contact your provider. Another possibility is your county mental health care provider.

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Anger Management

What are the advantages and disadvantages of IQ testing?

IQ tests are very limited. They do not test how people see things. While someone might be a brilliant person they might not be able to paint a simple sunset well. They might be able to postulate the theories of the universe but are so inarticulate they can't carry on a conversation for more than a few seconds. Their mind maybe a fantastic place of formulas and ingenious plans but they're trapped there, unabled to be conveyed to others or vise versa.


An interesting perspective on intelligence is Howard Gardner's theory of "multiple intelligences". He identifies many areas of "intelligence" in which different people tend to excel in different ways. Some of the intelligences are: musical, linguistic, logical-mathematical, kinesthetic, and spatial. One can see how different disciplines would rely more on one than another, allowing for each individual to find his strength and pursue its corollary field.


IQ tests are often inacurate. They do not test perception. They also don't account for abstract thinkers. I am very intelligent, but my IQ is around 90 (below average). Some tests are designed for abstract thinkers (like me) and on one like that, I scored 125 (above average). They also don't account for things like dislexia. Einstien had an IQ of about 100 (he was dyslexic).


Problems with most IQ tests include:

1. It is unclear what they actually test.

2. Coaching can boost scores by 10 points or even more, so to a signifcant extent they test familiarity with the kinds of questions asked.

3. Research undertaken in West Africa (Guinea-Bissau) about 25 years ago suggested that the biggest determinant of all was whether or not kids had gone to school. Kids who hadn't been to school were bewildered by the question-and-answer ritual and only achieved low scores.

4. The so-called 'linguistic' questions are unrelated to ability to learn foreign languages at school.

5. Maturity (now somtimes referred to as emotional intelligence) is extremely important, but it isn't tested in IQ tests. For example, however bright you may be at maths and physics, it may be of limited use if get angry easily. You need to get along with others, stick up for yourself effectively without violence, be sensitive to those around you and so on. Losing your temper easily when you are frustrated will cause no end of problems - and not just with peers.

Having said all this, IQ tests may have some limited uses, but they are only a rough and ready guide and shouldn't be interpeted in isolation . An individual test (as opposed to a group test), given face-to-face by a psychologist, is generally more informative.


1. In most states, clinical psychologists or neuropsychologists are authorized to conduct psychological testing such as the IQ test. However, many professionals who conduct this type of testing do not gather supplemental information about the client, which negatively influences the client's test results. For example, none of the examiners have ever ask me, if I suffered from a mental illness, have performance anxiety, depression, or other psychiatric illnesses; these factors have a negative impact on one's IQ score.

2. According to Parnes, A .U. et. al. (2010), these researchers have concluded that mental illness, in fact, does impair one's IQ scores by at least" 3 to 7 points"(p.556). For example, those who have high anxiety levels have a difficult time performing well on an IQ test, because there is so much pressure to do well on these tests and most tests are timed.

3. Another contributing factor is that some clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists not aware of the impact medications(medical or psychiatric ) can impair one's intellectual ability. In fact, anti-anxiety antidepressants and anti psychotics may impair one is ability to perform well on these tests. For example, if a subject was recently given an anti-anxiety medication, while it may decrease their anxiety, it may also increase their reaction time and in many sub-tests are timed; therefore, have a negative impact on the subject's results. However, I could not find a peer-reviewed article that concludes certain medications may impede one's intellectual ability. However, I will conduct further research on this topic.


Parnes, A. U., Mortensen, E. L., Saebye, D. and Parnes, J.(2010). Pre-morid IQ in mental disorders : A Danish draft-board study of 7486 psychiatric patients. Psychological medicine , 40, 547-556

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Anger Management

Can you make a recommendation to the psychologist and explain the rationale behind your choice?

Yes, you can. However, the psychologist may or may not accept your recommendation, and might question your rationale, so be prepared for that.

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Anger Management

Sample report of TAT test for assessment?

What question being asked is not very clear.

However, the TAT (Thematic Aperception Test) is a projective test (can make up your own answer) that involves a series of ambiguous interpersonal scenes on cards that are presented to the subject, who then has to make up a story of what is happening in each scene. Because the scenes on the cards in and of themselves are ambiguous, the story the person makes up is then seen to be a reflection of their own personality.

Anger Management

What is anger management problem?

Anger is a normal human emotion. Anger is a problem when it is too intense, last too long, leads to aggression or violence, causes health problems, distress interpersonal relationships or impacts school or work.

Anger Management

How do you get rid of anger?

1. try to scream in a pillow

2. take some ice cubes and trow them at a brick wall or anything that cant be damaged band if your angry at a person just think that is them.

3. Write in your diary about them (if it is a person) or read.

4. draw a picture of the person and when your finishe tear it into peices.

5. eat a handful of nuts and eat yogurt 6.punch a punching bag 7.jump up and down I do not want to write anymore so theres your answer.

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Anger Management

Why would someone who is told they need anger management not believe they need it even if it is told to them by a loved one?

Surely you know that everyone is not going to value your opinion even if you love them or even if they love you. Some people just don't respond well to what others think about them. It may be very true that they need anger management but that is a decision that they have to make on their own and you being the loved one has to support their decision no matter what. Unless, they are doing things in their anger that directly affect your safety or your well being. Maybe they don't see how their anger is a major problem. Maybe they think it's normal to have excessive anger. Perhaps it has something to do with how they grew up or something that they've experienced in their past or something that they're still going through now that possibly you know nothing about. Just try to be understanding tho what they could be going through to. Abusers regularly deny the abuse ever took place – or rationalize their abusive behaviors. Denial is an integral part of the abuser's ability to "look at himself/herself in the mirror". More here:

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Anger Management

How do you manage your anger?

Anger Management. Controlling anger before it controls you:


C.Consider the situation as a problem to be solved.D.Think about what is causing your feelings of anger.

I use two things to calm down and they are :

1. close your eyes join your hands and breath slowly

2. Brake something

Sometimes the situation is stronger than your feelings , so obviously we don't usually have the power to control it epically when you deal with very difficult and weird people or bad conditions and you try hardly to handle it but you can't so anger management depends on many things on .


1. Whatever may be the cause, anger manifests as isometric contraction or hardening of the muscle Buccinator. and then as isometric contraction or hardening of our entire skeletal muscular system.

The muscle Buccinator extends backwards from the angles of our mouth and are attached to the jawbones adjacent to the molar teeth. Thus, they are in contact with the premolar and molar teeth.

We can be angry and feel the muscle that lie in contact with the premolar and molar teeth. We can also make it harder and softer and observe that our anger is increases and decreases proportionately.

We can control anger by isometrically relaxing (softening) this muscle.

2. The antagonist of this muscle is Orbicularis Oris.This muscle encircles the opening of mouth. If we contract this muscle isometrically i.e. if we harden this muscle it would induce fear that would neutralize anger.

3. We can soften Buccinator and harden Orbicularis Oris to have a synergistic effect.

It should be noted that,

1. Buccinator must be softened and not shortened.

2. Orbicularis Oris should be hardened and not shortened.

3. The muscles of the two sides should be used as a single unit.

This means that the angles of our mouth shouldn't moveduring the exercise.

The simplest way of ensuring that you are doing this Vedic meditation exercise properly is by feeling that your anger should decrease and shouldn't increase or remain unaffected.

Anger Management

Why do people get angry for no reason?

People get angry due to a process known as psychological projection. The human being has a defense mechanism that makes it easy to bury and forget painful and unresolved issues from the past. When there are any forms of non-harmonious feelings, we can almost always trace it back to projection.

Then good news: It's easy to cure by yourself, without a doctor, without medication, without years of therapy, or lifetimes of meditation.

It costs nothing. All you do is list the people who you have been angry with or hurt by or judging of or any person who causes you stress when you think about them.

Step 2: You write down exactly how you feel about them and how you think they SHOULD be.

Step 3: You ask the evaluation questions:

  1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3.)
  2. Can you absolutely know that it's true? (Yes or no.)
  3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought?

4. You turn it all around and find yourself free of that particular unconscious behavior for the rest of your life.

Caution: This method is only for those who are willing to take full responsibility for what is happening in their lives, bodies, and minds. If you aren't willing to do this, then that is the same as saying "I'm actually quite happy to continue projecting and blaming the whole world rather than growing up."

Occasional anger, directed to productive means can be acceptable; however the key is to recognize wasteful useless anger and stop it before it starts.

Anger Management

How do I control my anger when I seem to get angry over unnecessary things?

Sometimes it's hormones (oh yes, they are nasty little critters) so it's a good thing to have a good physical by your doctor. Thyroid should be checked out (T3/T4 blood test) and tell your doctor about feeling angry about many things. You may have had issues from childhood you have forgotten and it never hurts most of us to get a 'tune-up' from a counselor. You may be depressed, over-tired, not eating or sleeping well and loneliness can certainly make some people edgy and jaded.

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Anger Management

How can you convince your husband to not yell swear and throw things in front of you and your young impressionable children when he already quit anger management therapy and refuses counseling?

Right now you have another child that you are dealing with. he hung up his adult pants, and now acts like he pleases. When a child acts as such you say "child you better listen to mommy" if a power struggle follows you have to take away power by showing the child who is really in control. You take away all clothes (1 set to washed daily) all toys, things then are leaked back until the child has proven to mommy that "yes I understand you are the adult and i respect you, sorry" you, unfortunalty, must do this with a full grown adult. every second that your children are exposed to this behavior they soak up one hours worth of it. garbage in garbage out. Confront your husband state the problem. If he refuses to continue therapy and get treatment, reinforce you are afraid for your children. if you must remove them from the picture, including yourself, for their well being... so be it. when you signed up for motherhood you signed up for the hardest job in the book, and naturally that requires hard decisions. AND DONT THREATEN without full intent. if you dont follow through, he'll see right through you and call your bluff. you are only as good as your actions. just advice from a newly married man, no children. good luck and god bless. you know another thing, if dad is being careless and ANGRY then your children are looking to you for protection. its only going to take once icident, or one explosion for them to lose faith and trust in mommy. again no formal training, just my own two cents...


He might be willing to take an online anger management class. This way it is annoymous, and he can take it whenever he wishes. Our programs are available at

Ari Novick, Ph.D.

Anger Management

Concept of industrial relation?

Three things that lead to industrial Goodwill in an organization

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Anger Management

What does putting down a deposit mean?

A deposit is a way of holding an item till the full amount can be paid. Normally a company will let you leave a deposit on an item for a certain amount of time till you can come up with the remainder. In most situations a deposit is not refundable unless agreed upon at the time of the deposit. So in short make sure you understand what a deposit is, and the terms of the deposit or you my just throw money away.

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Anger Management

What are goals of the study of political science?

- Education for citizenship

- Essential parts of liberal education

- Knowledge and understanding of government

Anger Management

Why are redheads so angry?

wouldn't you be mad too if your southern region was on fire

Im a redhead and i can easily get mad.. its because redheads can have a fiery anger or a hot tongue... its not that were crazy its just our nature! and plus u bettr behave when ur around us!!!

This is just another lame excuse some redheads use to "explain " their lack of self-control. It's also a stereotype. Find me some statistical evidence to prove it if you can.

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Anger Management

Can marijuana help with anger management?

I think marijuana definitely has that capability, but it's also a good idea to learn how to manage your anger while sober. Marijuana might be the tool that helps you learn how to do that. Hopefully there will be more studies done to answer these kind of questions :)

Anger Management

Does the VA hospital offer anger management?

Not only does the VA Hospitals offer anger management, most of the research in anger management was conducted in relation to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the Palo Alto VA Hospital in California.

Anger Management is also offered at all U.S. military bases worldwide.

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Anger Management

How can you control your anger?


How do you control your anger. Well me myself used to get so angry that I slit myself but I am now under control. To control anger there are 4 main ways:

1) Take your anger out on a pillow, blanket, etc. by punching that object until your not so angry.

2) Tell some one about it. Tell a friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.

3) Distract yourself from your anger. Do this by playing video games, play some music or watching TV, etc. It's very helpful if you choose something that will give you satisfaction or accomplishment. That's when grandma used to turn all the mattresses and change all the sheets.

4) Laugh it Off. Yes, simply laughing it off can help it go away. Get someone to tell you a joke or watch a comedy. Or just laugh at your own foolishness at getting yourself into this position yet again.


You can learn about all the different emotions (there are many) and it can help you determine why you having trouble with anger. Sometimes when a person has been hurt emotionally by someone they love whether it's a parent, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, etc. they can end up with an underlying anger problem after the initial hurt feelings. It all depends on the circumstances. Everyone gets angry at times so that part is normal. You have to learn that throughout life there will be people and situations that can drive you right up the wall into a spastic anger fit. You have to learn to let a lot of it go when it's not really important - for example, not getting your way with something in a minor situation, someone pulling out in front of you while driving, someone cutting in line, stuff like this - small but annoying stuff. There is usually some underlying issue that needs to be resolved before anger can be controlled well. If you are not aware of what it is or if you are and you cannot resolve the issue it would be good to see a counselor who can help you work through it and resolve the issue. You can google emotional intelligence and learn a vast amount of information that can be helpful to you. I personally think every high school in the country should require a class on emotional intelligence before a person can graduate. The world would be a much better place from it. You might also want to think of how bad it looks when someone throws a temper fit in front of others. For an adult to display anger in this manner it makes them look childish, immature, and out of control of their own emotions. The people that are around them on a regular basis become uncomfortable and uneasy because they don't know when another explosion of anger will occur. In addition, people lose a lot of respect for someone who cannot control their anger. They will start avoiding you, not want to be around you, and many times will make fun of you either to your face and/or behind your back. You can basically become an object to avoid. No one wants to deal with a person who has anger explosions. You will alienate everyone around you and no one wants that for themselves. This in itself should be a good incentive to controlling your anger. Count to ten, walk away from the situation, stick your head in a pillow and scream, go for a run, listen to music that will help you calm down and then figure out what it is that is triggering the anger and why it makes you so angry. Maybe it's the people around you. Maybe they are the problem. Maybe they make everyone around them angry. There are people out there like that. Write down what is making you so angry and think about why it is making you angry. If you are a student in school talk to a school counselor. If you are older find a good counselor if you can afford one and if you can't there are usually county or state owned facilities that offer counseling. There are actually anger management books and classes. You can most likely find a anger management book at the local library. You can look up anger management on line and get good tips. Just do something because out of control anger will make your life miserable and it can actually cause physical harm to you over an extended period of time. You can get stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches, and you can eventually end up with heart trouble later down the road. There is nothing good at all about uncontrolled anger. I wish you the best.


I usually read. Your mind is so concentrated on the words and you forget the reason why you are angry. Other ways I noticed have worked include writing. Anything with words if you know what I mean.


For me, I listen to piano instrumentals.

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Can you take management classes online?

== ==

Yes on line Universities are being recognized more and more everyday. Are you looking for a degree in Business Management? or just some continuing education courses? If you are looking for a degree then there is a couple of things that you have to keep in mind though.

1. Make sure that the school is Accredited, check with the Department of Education and CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) Check out the sources below.

2. Make sure that they are a established school, check out their history and on ground campuses.

3. Instructors requirements is a biggie, some schools employee just about anyone with a bachelors... so be on the look out for it.


Anger Management

Why is anger management good?

== ==

* Anger management is a skills base class that teaches participants how to change their thinking and behavior. Anger management is good because it helps participants learn essential skills for improving communication, managing stress, becoming more empathic and improving judgment and impulse control. Anger management is also helpful because it teaches participants better coping skills and ways of improving their "anger response". While many participants take anger management classes for a court order, others may take them for personal growth and self improvement. Anger management should not be viewed as punitive, but rather a helpful course in increasing skills. Ari Novick, Ph.D. AJ Novick Group, Inc. - Anger Management * Anger Management can be very successful, but it takes some training and cooperation from the individual. Anger Management gives you the tools to combate stress, taking more control of yourself and understanding other individuals opinions. === ===


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