Everyone is born with emotions, they are very complex and wide ranged. People behave as a result of their emotional state. Some of the basic emotions are: anger, anxiety, boredom, compassion, depression, fear, frustration, gratitude, hatred, joy, jealousy, love, and worry to name a few. Emotions cause mood changes, temperament changes, and they are the center of our personality and disposition.

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What is the true meaning of love and being in love?

Love isn't blind or deaf or dumb - in fact it sees far more than it will ever tell. It is going beyond yourself and stretching who you are for someone else. Being in love entails seeing someone as you wish they were: to love them is to see who they really are and still care for them. Love isn't bitter, but you can't have love without pain: sacrifice is the hallmark of love , the coin of love.

Being in love usually is used in a romantic sense when you meet your significant other transforming a normal relationship into a deeper one without further interest in others.

Love means that you trust the person, would do anything for the person, know that person is with you through thick and thin, isn't afraid to be seen with you. make sure they treat you right.

Additional Contributor Opinions:

  • Love means having strong feelings for someone that can be close friends, family or even someone in a romantic relationship. Love is a strong feeling that represents affection toward someone dear to you heart.
  • There is no true meaning in love. love with meaning is not love.
  • The meaning of love is prolonged mutual protection. Love is real when it is found. It is free when it is grasped. Can you tell with a kiss? Love is the magic/mutual in a kiss. There is no magic in a kiss if there is no love/mutual within it. A kiss with magic has no forced for love makes it gentle. There is no magic in just a lip kiss. Love has a different kiss. Some kisses are only stolen breaths. If you need to ask: "is this love" then the Answer is: "no" for when/if it ever happens you will know. Ravonseed.
  • The possible real meaning/purpose of love is: to reproduce. To stay together to protect each other long enough to continue your blood line/genetics. The meaning of love is prolonged mutual protection. Love is real when it is found. It is free when it is grasped. Can you tell with a kiss? Love is the magic/mutual in a kiss. There is no magic in a kiss if there is no love/mutual within it. A kiss with magic has no forced for love makes it gentle. There is no magic in just a lip kiss. Love has a different kiss. Some kisses are only stolen breaths. If you need to ask: "is this love" then the Answer is: "no" for when/if it ever happens you will know. Ravonseed.
  • Love is when you are certain that you love someone, and then you think you love someone else, then you both realize that you could never live without each other
  • The true meaning of love is found in the word "unconditional". Loving someone through their flaws and all. Accepting and embracing each others differences and compromising with their offerings.
  • Bokonon tells us:" a lover is a liar to himself he lies the truthful are loveless like oyster their eyes."
  • "Being in love is the connection u have with someone and feeling the same way they do. u wouldn't have a problem fussing and fighting with them at times because you love them"
  • What is true love? This is the question that haunts our everyday being. well, my friend, you certainly are in luck. For I have the intangible answer.. -love is devoting your God given LIFE to a person who
  • In my eyes.... why should it matter? I'm happy for the time being. Why should I tire myself with those bothersome questions if it is "true"-truth is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Life is a constant wave of change, accept it all as it comes, for it can never be stopped.
  • Love is Change-I have found happiness because i have embraced that change, that change has taken me many places i never thought possible. the past now dwells in it's rightful home, the past. never to live again..
  • Love is finding the beauty in one's self, and finding another to embrace it. No matter how strange one's beauty may be.
  • Love is learning to see the beauty in everything.
  • Good is walking away when she comes up pregnant with someone's else kid; love is staying long enough to carry her through the miscarriage.
  • Good is heading for the door when he tells you he's been with other people while you were dating; love makes you pray for him.
  • Good is realizing it just won't work and calling it quits; love makes you stay friends.
  • Love is caring about somebody just as they are, how they were before, and as they will be in the future. Love and sex are different. Also, its probably a good idea to decide what you think love is yourself, and have a mind of your own.
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What is the secret of true love?

The secret to true love as opposed to sexual love is to under stand that it is unconditional, if you love some one or something you must love it warts and all, otherwise it's conditional love. A dog can spend its life being mistreated and still welcome its master. That is true love.

Before we can discuss the secret to true love, you must understand that true love is a gift that has to be valued and nourished. It's not something that you find one day like a beautiful seashell on a beach and put it up somewhere to be admired. True love is a part of life that has a life of its own. Value and nourish it, and it will grow and become deeper and more valuable. Find it, give it no value and forget to nourish it, and it will die. Simple as that.

The first secret to true love is knowing when you have found the love of your life, your other half, the one who is more important to you than even yourself, the one your entire being tells you is the one for you. That may happen one day when you look across a room and meet the eyes of her or him, your eyes lock and your heart jumps, and the eyes you are looking into tell you that the same is happening on the other side of that gaze. It could also happen when you are out with someone that you have dated casually for months, but never really felt much of anything for. Suddenly, one night, your heart could leap as your eyes meet or your lips touch. Knowing you have found true love might be just a quiet knowing that the person is the one for you. It happens differently for different people.

After meeting your true love, the secret to keeping the love alive is to unselfishly put the other person before yourself and communicate with that person in a positive and open manner. Many great relationships have lost their pizazz due to mistakes of one or both becoming selfish and not communicating with the other. Even those who have found their true loves have lost them because of the hurt and disappointment caused when the love of your life's actions and words say "you don't matter," "I'm for me first," and similar things.

When two people find true love and each puts the others hopes, dreams, desires, and feelings above their own and communicates in such a way as to build the other up and share their innermost thoughts, beautiful things happen! The true love that was found grows into something more beautiful than a rose, deeper than the deepest ocean, and stronger than anything imaginable. Anything less than being unselfish, putting the other before yourself, and great communication and it's tough for even true love to survive.


You must know how to distinguish between love and infatuation. The KEY to true Love and Romance are not like recipes that you can use for that perfect relationship. That Key is unique to every couple and relates to their social cultures and values. Almost every human relationship has its ups and downs. When people can focus on the important and valuable stuff that makes it all worthwhile, rather than curse the stuff that causes pain then they are on the way to finding true Love .

You must not get caught up with the superficial physical characteristics that you would like in your mate. You should preferably focus your attention on emotional qualities like compassion, respect, cooperation and dependability that you would want your mate to demonstrate.

Finding true love starts with your ability to find it first within yourself. You must be happy and contented with who you are. When you are able to create positive energy around you it will work like a sweet flower attracting the honeybees. You will be able to connect with the right person.

Parenting and Children

How do you get your parents to notice you?

u jst have to go near them n try to talk to them n if it doesnot work then, try to do something which will divert their attention towards u.

Communication is the best way to build a good relationship.Send them greetings,buy a card during special occasional a simple gift will do.If you love to cook,cook their favorite dishes or sometimes treat them in to their favorite restaurant.Always make them feel how much you care for them.

English Alphabet History

What is the meaning of each alphabet of love?

  • A- Adoring
  • B- Bride
  • C- Caring
  • D- Darling
  • E- Elegant
  • F- First sight
  • G- Groom
  • H- Happiness
  • I- I love you sayings
  • J- Joking
  • K- kissing
  • L- LOVE
  • M- Making out
  • N- Never Apart
  • O- Only one
  • P- Poems
  • Q- Quietness
  • R- Romance
  • S- Sex
  • T- True Love
  • U- Universal
  • V- Violin music
  • W- Wild
  • X- eXotic
  • Y- You're the One
  • Z- Zany
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How do you know when you are in love?

...or if it's only a crush?

There is only one way you can tell if you're truly in love: you don't wonder about it, you just know that it's there. (People have been asking this ever since love was invented.) ____

It is a very common question, "How can I tell I'm in love?", but it is not an easy question to answer. What feels like love to one person may be nothing more than attraction to another. Some people fall in and out of love quickly and often while others are never really in love as much as they are in lust. This can get confusing when you are a teen because romantic love is a relatively new concept for you and you don't know what to expect. You are overwhelmed with all sorts of new feelings and social pressures. They are confusing.

What is love? What makes you want a romantic relationship with one person and not another? How does your heart choose a partner? Why does love end? These questions can't be easily answered. Lust is a very powerful, very intense feeling of physical attraction toward another person. Lust is mainly sexual in nature - the attraction is superficial based on instant chemistry rather than genuine caring. Usually we lust after people we do not know well, people we still feel comfortable fantasizing about. It is very common for people to confuse lust for love. But why? What is it about lust and love that make them so easy to mix up? If lust is all about sex, how can a relationship without sex be about lust?

Teens struggle with this because they see lust in the Biblical sense, but lust isn't that sinister. Lust is about physical attraction and acting ONLY on physical attraction. Love is about much more than that. Yet many teens (and to be fair, many adults) confuse an intense attraction for some sort if divine love. For teens, since feelings of attraction are still new and since pop-culture sells sex and love as one package, it is very easy to get the two mixed up.


When you are in love, you are sort of paranoid when the person comes around. When you see them, you are trying to make yourself more to something that you know they'll like, even if it means pretending to be a person that doesn't know who they really are. When you are in love, you can't describe your feelings and you feel so blind because love removes all the pain you feel. When you come across your crush, you feel like you are melting and as if you are going to faint. Sometimes, when you feel that you want to faint, you try and play around that you fainted, just to fall into his/her arms. When someone says "Love is blind, as far as the eye can see", it's best to believe it.

____You know you are in love when you see them and you go tingly and warm. You know when you are into space. ____When you are in love (been there).....well, when you first start going out you are all nervous to see them....but then after a couple of months you don't get nervous any more but you still feel this giggly feel like you are floating and you are sooo happy and you want to spend so much time with this person it's great...but take it slowly, others aren't always as ready as you are for love. ____You know you're in love when all you can do is think about them day and night...when all you can do is fear of losing them, someone else replacing find them to be the most beautiful person whom ever existed...Everything they do is right in your eyes and they can do no wrong.. That person makes you feel special and you want to be with them 24/7...Its more of an emotional connection..That person makes you want to be a better do things for them you never did to anyone else just know you're in love (a feeling)..When you find the love of your life time stops with everything else and he/she is the only thing that moves... ____I've been in love before and when I see him I don't feel warm and tingly inside, but my stomach flips and it feels like I'm on a roller coaster! You're absolutely right that when you're in love, you don't act like yourself around that person. It's nearly impossible to act like yourself around someone you are in love with because you're afraid that they won't like the real you! But, to get them to love you for real you have to just be who you really are. It might sound cheesy but it's true!

You'll get a special feeling in your heart.. Something that will make you cry to sleep if you imagine that person being harmed or with someone else.. You want to be with that person. They enter your thoughts a lot... You get carried away sometimes. Yet you don't care, because it's all for that person... <3

Wow! congratulation, but wait is this person single or married? You will know if you are falling in love through your heart, it will beat faster every time you see this person. when your away from this person your heart feels a bit sad because you miss this person. You can't stop thinking of this person and most of all you feel excited every time you see the person..

In addition you will know by having this smile in your face every time you think of the person, your heart will have this little happy kick.

Unfortunately, I am describing hoe the man I marry fell in love with the woman he met on a dating site. But still it is how a person will feel when he or she is in love. I felt that way to when I fell in love with my husband years ago.


You never know when you are in love unless you meet the following 3 criteria:

The love is unconditional.

The love is forever.

The love must be in both of you.


You know when you're in love : you are able to be open with each other, and you make a commitment to that person. When that person tells you "I love you", you get butterflies and you feel special. Now if you are a guy it's different sometimes; but you know you're in love when your feelings are deep, and you see each other's eyes in the world.

I'm in love, i know, i know more than anything i love this person, you can just feel it! There's no denying it. It's built in there, somewhere, you just have to find it. Once you fall in love, it's all you can do to stay alive. I would die if i lost my better half. I can't live in a world where he doesn't exists.

You may be one person to the world, but to one person you are the world.


Well It sounds really stupid but every one knows in different ways you will know and have a gut feeling you will know i promise. You will feel butter flys in your stomach when you see the person, think about them, or if you smile by the mention of the name.




I think Love is when you hear his/her voice you melt. When you look at there eyes and you notice the color for the first time, and its the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. when you run to them with any issue you may have and you KNOW that they will do all in there power to save you as best they can, even if its something small. and they love you for just the way you are, they love every little weird face and silly laugh you have to offer. That to me is perfect love


You know you are in love when all you can think about is that special person.

When you haven't talked in awhile, anywhere from ten minutes to ten days, do you long for his/her voice?


  • Is there a moment where, if it were anyone else you would be embarrassed, but with them you feel proud?
  • When he/she is talking or just sitting there do you just stare at them in awe, then replay that image every night before you fall asleep?
  • Has he/she said something that you've gotten stuck in your head like a song; but instead of it growing annoying, you crave to hear it more and more?
  • Are they your first thought you think when you wake up?
  • The last thing on your mind before you fall asleep?
  • Is he/she someone you can see yourself growing old with, and in your old age will you still long for the touch of their hand?
  • When you don't want to fall asleep at night because reality is better than your dreams
  • When they're not just your boyfriend/girlfriend, they're your best friend too.
  • When you're with them, you don't think about anything. You're just there, enjoying that moment not matter what else is going on in your life.
  • When you don't need a big speech to tell them how much they mean to you.
  • When you want every moment with them to last a lifetime
  • its how they care and look you in the eyes and you can feel that you want to be with this person forever !
  • If you always stare at them or think of them & feel good around them


I say it is when you don't second guess it.


How do you know a guy loves you even if he won't show it?

  • Hey, I am a girl and my guess is not any better then any one else but I would say when Ya he wants top be around you and he really talks to you instead of brushing you off. And when he smiles at you just for no reason, and maybe he'll acted nervous.
  • Look, I'm a guy and I'll be honest with you. The guy will most likely look at you from time to time, want to be near you, and most of all, he'll want no other guy to be near you.
  • the guy that probably fancies you is probably the meanest to you he may try to look cool upfront of his friends or he just wants you to think he don't love you.
  • Honestly, from personal experience, love needs friendship as a solid foundation. If he's not comfortable enough to say it or show it, then he doesn't know you enough to 'love' you. If he's just not doing the romantic stuff you want, talk to him and tell him exactly what you want. Communication is key.
  • All of the answers above are good answers, but I think that the top one is the best. I am a guy myself. He will look at you at least 5-10 times a day. I am guilty of it.
  • i also agree with most of the statements that have been written above. however, lot of the time when a guy is mean to a girl its not because they want to be cool in front of their friends or they don't want the girl to know that they actually like them. its because its the easiest way to make the girl remember them. cos if they do something too romantic it may scare the girl away so instead the guy will do something cruel, so that she'll think about him later when he's not there.
  • yeah I'm sorry. I'm a girl. & him treating you like crap will not make me remember him. it makes them just more depressed than they already are about that guy not loving them. i don't think about that guy, i basically just try to block him out so i wont cry. so no i have to disagree with you on that on. sorry.
  • Well, I am a girl, and it would be easier to take these responses more seriously if the spelling was correct. Furthermore, I think once guys get into their mid- late 20's, the game needs to stop. If you're in a serious relationship, and he's "mean" to you because he loves you, then he has some form of mental illness. I think that if he really loves you... . you wouldn't be looking for answers as to whether or not he does. Truly loving someone is loving the whole AND particular things about them. If you're the type of person who needs that reminder, and isn't getting it as often as you need, he isn't paying close enough attention to love you properly. I do, however, agree with the communication bit. If you're in this situation, talk to him about it. If he REALLY loves you, it will break his heart that he's neglected to show you that.
  • Hey. Well the best way to find out would be to watch the way he is with you and compare that to how he treats other girls. I'm a guy and there was this one chick i liked and what i would do was i would help her with anything, listen to anything she had to say, and i would also ask if there was something bothering her when she didn't seem herself in front of me. I would also do the occasional staring but hey, what guy doesn't stare at a hot chick so the starring thing can be faulty. That's all i have got 4 u.
  • I am a girl as well, and I believe that if a boy loves you, he will express it in almost a childish way, unless of course, he is a bit old. But boys from say, 12-19 almost always will tease to get your attention, and the others aren't going into detail of what kind of 'mean'. I mean, if it is harassing and just being a big old jerk all the time, even when he's not in front of his friends, then there has to be something wrong. So, as two people said before, talk to him. Communication helps, and don't be afraid. If you truly love him and he truly loves you he will be willing to talk and make your relationship bloom or keep it going.
  • I am 12 and one of the few boys in my grade that isn't a complete jerk to girls. I was just was nice to the girl I liked and was a gentleman (Opening Doors for her, pulling out chairs for her, etc.) and she was the one who asked me out. I basically couldn't believe it, but now I try to be as nice as possible to all girls.
  • if he loved you he would show it at least once
  • Just to get it out of the way, I'm a guy. Different guys have different personalities, so logic would dictate they'd act differently than others. It all really depends on the type of person he is. From my personal experience, and probably the similar experiences of most (but not all) other guys, he will most definitely show it somehow no matter how discreet it is, such as the above mentioned looking over from time to time just to see the smiling face of the girl he loves. If he's absolutely sure he's truly in love with her, he will never wish any harm on her, he will talk with her and never be judgmental no matter what the topic, and he will defend her unconditionally. He will risk his life to make sure she's okay. He won't even care if you're "just friends," as long as he at least has the "friends" part in it. He will try his best to spend every single minute of the day with her. He will try -- and many times fail, sometimes to the point of seeming a bit creepy -- to act cute or make her giggle or blush, and the times that it gets creepy it's only because he's trying so hard to see it happen. When a guy is truly in love, he will try to impress her and will always think of her even when she's not there, thinking about what he should do the next time he sees her and fantasize on the what-ifs. It may even seem close to an obsession, and it's a shame how many times it can be confused as such and ruin something so meaningful to him. But the most amazing thing that I've noticed in my experience: The thought of sex will be the furthest thing from his mind as long as he has the greatest comfort in the world, the thought of you.
  • when someone likes you [from what i know] is basically 5 stages to watch for 1 not looking you in the eyes 2 tries to be near or far away as possible 3 practical jokes 4 staying by your locker at school and finally trying to be near you as much as possible.
  • From experience with boys myself, when they love you, they will normally want too be around you a lot, don't like it when family but in, look really unhappy if their parents say anything they may be embarrassed of. And most of them actually act really nice to me. Sometimes, he tries to put his arm around me, or at least sit as close to me as he possibly can. Normally they find it quite hard to talk to you. Also if you mention a thing you like, eg. music, hobbies. They will quite often say i like that too, or oh yeah that's my favorite. They try to show off a load! Sometimes it can get creepy the rest of the time i like it personally! It can be different in different boys, depends what their personalities are like.
  • If a guy loves you he will always try to be around you, always try and see you, be there for you, and most of all say he loves you over and over aqain.
  • One thing he will try not to do anything to stupid around you or he will try to stand out above the crowd and do something quite odd he will look at you and turn away when you look back and he will not make eye contact to often and when you will try to be serious and have a conversation he wont talk much and wont make to much eve contact
  • By the way he acts, the things he says when you're around and behind your back. He always checks upon you. Any little thing that happens to you will worry him. He always misses you. Always wants to be around you, always wants to know that you're safe, you're doing ok. He doesn't want to share you. He eventually builds his world around you.
  • Hey by the way I'm a women and if you are asking me if he loves you. He can only answer that question. Listen to this, would you say that if my boyfriends doesn't text me a lot nor he calls me everyday he doesn't love me? If he spends weekends with me sharing warm nights, movie times, long conversations, we cook together, he washes the dishes for me, he take out the trash, he listens to my kids stories and the painful things I went through in the past he doesn't love me or he does? He's made it clear that he needs a friend and he told me he can trust me. He also says that I'm his three serious relationship that he's had. He's had other relationships but like like this tree, which I'm the third now. So can anyone tell me what this is?
  • Okay so are you two friends? if you are, he already loves you in some way. It may not be the way you want, but he does. and he will not always be the stereotype what do you want, I'll do it for you guy. he may act in different ways. Show you like him or love him (only if you do) and see his response. or try to have a deep talk with him.
  • if a guy made clear his intentions to u from the start that he wants friendship then respect his decision. Maybe he is not ready to commit yet. Eventually if the guy he is ready he will definitely tell you about it if your still the girl of his choice. Whatever it is that both of you are sharing as of the moment, treasure it.
  • Well, I'm a girl and I personally think you should stop worrying about this kind of stuff. Not only are you in a relationship with a guy you care about enough to question if he loves you, but you have also made a wonderful friendship. Just enjoy each others company and have as much fun as possible. Another thing to consider is if you have told him that you love him, right? Is it difficult to get those words out because you're afraid of being rejected? Now you know exactly how he feels. Just because he's a guy doesn't mean he has the confidence to always make the first move, he gets nervous and afraid just as much as you do, though men usually try to hide this. However, if your relationship has moved so far down the line and you want things to move further and he's not stepping up, perhaps you should instead. Talking is key to a relationship, you shouldn't be afraid to express your feelings. If your relationship is in its early days, as I said before, just enjoy yourself and don't worry about this yet.
  • I'm a girl, and I think people show love in different ways depending on their personality. If your in a relationship, trust that he does love you.
  • I'm a girl and from personal experience, i'll say it's probably the stare that says the most. There is this guy who was in my class and all he did was stare at me and every-time I looked, he turned and tried to look like he was not, so if a guy does that, he is probably in love with you.

How do you know if it is love or lust?

It may be bothLove doesn't exclude lust, just the opposite: if you don't lust for her, chances are you don't love her. And lust may lead to love.
  • If you still feel attracted when your lust is satisfied, then it's love. Most people confuse lust with love; the difference is that while lust is self-serving love is unlimited and unselfish..

So how can you tell the difference between lust and love? Here are a few tips to help you sort things out.

It's lust if:

  • You're totally focused on her looks and body
  • Even before you know her name, you're already fantasizing about what she looks like naked and what it would be like to have sex with her.
  • You don't care about anything she has to say
  • It wouldn't make a difference to you if you never had a conversation with her. Furthermore, you don't bother to return her calls promptly and you can easily go for days without talking to her -- until you get horny again.
  • You only want to be with her to have sex
  • You make excuses not to spend time with her, except for sex. And if she asks you for a favor, you tell her you're too busy. But if you have to be with her and not have sex, she gets on your nerves and you find yourself fantasizing about other women.
  • After you go out trolling for tail with your buddies on Friday night, you then call her at 1 a.m. for some drunken action. Ah, the booty call.
  • You leave after sex
  • After having sex with her, you look for the easiest way to leave. No cuddling, no breakfast the next morning, just "I gotta go."

It's love if:

  • You have great chemistry
  • You get lost in your conversations, and the hours pass like minutes. You're more than willing to listen to her when she talks about her day. The chemistry between you is remarkable.
  • You find her beautiful
  • Even if you catch her with no makeup on and her hair pulled back while she's unclogging a toilet, she still looks beautiful to you.
  • You want to spend time with her
  • All you want to do is to be with her, whether you're having sex or not. Even if she tells you that sex will have to wait, you don't care.
  • You see a future together
  • You experience the strange feeling that your life would be totally empty without her. You tell your friends and family that she may be The One, and you're even thinking about marrying her.
  • You introduce her to your family
  • It becomes very important to you that your parents like her, and that she gets along with everyone close to you.
  • You include her in all your plans
  • Whether you're going out with your male friends or taking your dog for a walk, you want her there with you. And if she's not there, you can't get her off your mind and sneak off to give her a quick "I miss you" phone call. Of course, you don't tell your buddies.
  • You are more romantic
  • All of a sudden you find yourself listening to cheesy romantic songs and thinking of her. You send her flowers and love notes to work and set up romantic evenings candlelit dinners at home.
  • You always take her side
  • If someone says anything even slightly disparaging about her, you immediately rise to her defense. Furthermore, in social gatherings, you always agree with her even if you disagree behind closed doors.
  • She makes you want to be a better man
  • She challenges and motivates you. She makes you happy, and you'd do anything to make her happy.
  • When it is love, you catch yourself thinking about how much fun you have with that person and when it is lust you catch yourself thinking about their body.
Love is when you care about someone more than you care about yourself.

Lust is when you want to sleep with them.

  • Love is when you want to spend the rest of your life with that person, despite their weaknesses.Lust is a strong sexual attraction usually based on physical appearance. Once that physical desire ends, your interest in them may also end."Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind" --William Shakespeare Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • If you love being in their presence even when nothing sexual is involved. I think that if you are with a person that you truly are in love with, lust is a natural thing that comes with it.

  • Ask yourself, "If I could never have sex with this person for my whole life, would i still love this person?" Think about it.

  • It's love when you rejoice for your partner's happiness, even if that means being away from you. It's lust when you rejoice for being together, even at the cost of your partner's happiness. Usually, we are somewhere in between.

  • The KEY to true Love and Romance are not like recipes that you can use for that perfect relationship. That Key is unique to every couple and relates to their social cultures and values. Almost every human relationship has its ups and downs. When people can focus on the important and valuable stuff that makes it all worthwhile, rather than curse the stuff that causes pain then they are on the way to finding true Love.
  • When the two of you have no problems in committing yourselves to freely demonstrate such qualities as compassion, respect, compromise and dependability, then you may have found true LOVE.
  • If you love someone, you look forward every morning to waking up to seeing their face, and you genuinely care about what they have to think and say. Lust is seeing the person only for their physical attributions, and although you feel a strong attraction to them, you really don't care what they have to say or think.
  • lust is when u look at her and say damn she sexy i just wanna have sex with her
Mental Health

What are the 5 key elements of emotion?

F - Fear

L - Love

A - Anger

S - Sadness

H - Happiness

History of Ireland

What is a fear of Irish people called?


Anxiety Disorders

What phobia is the fear of shopping carts?

Gouwuchephobia is the fear of shopping carts. However, only one reference to this can be found on the web.

Jokes and Riddles

What do you call a person who doesn't laugh?

It would depend on the reason they don't laugh. They might be sad, depressed, or may not have a very good sense of humor. Melancholic means sad, down in the dumps, or blue. They could also be cranky, gloomy, or cheerless.

Women's Health

What does it feel like being a girl?

There is absolutely no way to answer this question because there are so many girls, each is an individual with different minds and bodies, so there are many different ways to be a girl. Each girl will feel differently and there is no one way for someone to be a girl so no one way to feel. Remember too that even girls bodies can differ, some will have menstrual cycles, breasts, vulvas and vaginas whereas there are other girls who have penises and no menstrual cycles.


How do you know when you are true soul mates?

Here a variety of opinions from Wiki contributors:

  • I believe that my boyfriend and I are true soul mates. We share many likes, dislikes and even friends say we have the same speech pattern. This has been from the very start. It's like I'm the female version of him and he's the male version of me. Similar backgrounds help, i.e. your family, faith and friends. He is only 4 months older than I am. Most of our life experiences are even the same.
  • You know when you have met your soul mate because you connect on a very different level to anyone you have ever met before. The other person understands what you are thinking before you say anything and when you are with them no one else exists, you exist for one another and experience great pain when they are taken away from you. With your true soul mate you are completely at ease, you never doubt that they are telling the truth or that they will prefer anyone to you and you feel totally secure and safe in their presence, like you have come home. When you first meet them you instantly recognise them as the other half of you and if it ends for whatever reason you never truly forget that person and find yourself comparing everyone else to them.
  • Well, there is nothing really like soul mates. People who think they are soul mates are just too deeply in love and connect in every level. They accept the other person as they are and comfortable in their presence like you would be with your brother. They do fight like the rest of us but it's not to breaking point. The deep seated love they have for one another always sees them through. However, this does not mean that they never divorce, they do cos there is nothing like soul mates.
  • If you have to ask yourself if you are soul mates then I doubt you are when you meet your soul mate you know i swear if listen to your inner voice follow it cause it is usually right. also, soul mates are very special not everyone will meet there soul mate it is something beyond explaining cause everyone experiences differently. LOVE IS LIKE MAGIC NO ONE KNOWS THE SECRETS BUT YOU BELIEVE.
  • I believe I just met my true soul mate. Time will tell. I am 37 years of age and have never had this experience before. Although we met on holiday, and live in different states we can't go a day with out talking. The funny thing is when we met on our vacation we went out with a group of people to restaurants, bars and clubs. All of the employees at these places actually asked us if we were on our honeymoon rather than the 13 people we were with. The sparkle, security and conversation between us was eventful and obvious to others. I believe in fate and karma. To anyone else don't settle and don't give up. This is a feeling that words can not express
  • How do you know its your soul mate? Like the vibe you get from them isn't enough of an answer to that.. Its not simple.. not at all.. but you know when it happens because there is an instant connection between the two of you.. the passion ignites your heart into dim flames which only get stronger with each growing day... And when there is distance between the two your heart longs for attention.. Sometimes its just too hard to bare and you go looking for someone else who cares.. but no one will ever compare to the first.. A soul mate is a memory that cant be reimbursed. That kind of fire will never go out.. soul mates connect on a different sort of level.. its almost as if you were psychic. But not quite.. You know its the one when from the moment you look into their eyes.. and I am telling you that NOTHING will ever feel the way that does.. No other human in the world can touch the bond you share... That's how you know its your soul mate....
  • If you ever meet your true soul mate, you will know without question. You will soon realize that you will never be the same. Everything changes for you whether you can actually be with that person or not. That person will be in your heart, your thoughts, and your very soul always after you meet him or her. You have no interest in anyone else at all. It is a deep connection with someone that is on a higher level of love. It will shake your world. You cannot control it or change it no matter how hard you may try. You may feel like you have known that person forever. You feel a very strong connection to them that cannot be explained even if you don't yet know them very well. You love them totally for everything that they are. There is total and complete acceptance of that person just the way he or she is. It is an unselfish, true love. You will absolutely know. Meeting your true soul mate is so very different from anything else you have experienced. It will rock your world and you will never be the same again.
  • When you meet the person who you think is your soul mate, then it doesn't matter how long you've known each other, love can happen in any amount of time. From 3 days to three weeks, to three months, to three years, you'll know if its them. If its not, then let go of the wheel and see where it steers you.

Does anger kill brain cells?

Actually, anger induces emotional stress, which takes a toll on brain cells by increasing adrenergic activity via the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis. This causes increases in cortisol, a stress hormone. Emotional stress also induces cumulative cellular damage due to increases in what is called oxidative stress (the increased metabolic breakdown of cellular materials leading to free radical production).

While young persons have bodies that have much less cumulative damage (due to youth), and have active DNA and cellular repair mechanisms, as people get older, these repair mechanisms accumulate damage themselves (through environmental factors and even the cells' own metabolic processes), and they work less effectively.

Since emotional/oxidate stress has been shown to increase the "load" on cells, increasing the rate of this damage, the older a person gets, and the more stress the body is under, the more likely their cells will be unable to repair this damage, and the more likely that brain cell death will increase.

Now, there are many other, more pronounced mechanisms that result in brain cell death or deactivation in the presence of emotional stress. The homeostatic, regulatory factors of the brain can sense prolonged adrenergic stress and will downregulate (desensitize) certain neural pathways in order to minimize the stress signal. It also "rewires" certain neural pathways to adapt to stressful environments. Large-scale changes based on high-stress are often found in neurotic (anxiety) disorders and in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Germany in WW2

What is the fear of Japanese people called?

Fear of Asians is called sinophobia.


Why are you emotionless?

I'm not sure what your asking but I'll explain about emotionlessness.

Before I start I suffer from that emotionless feeling, but its not all bad, it could mean somethings wrong but it could mean somethings just really right.

Feeling emotionless can be caused by lots of things, mental illness being the least common, anxiety which is very common as today's world isn't very happy. Why I feel emotionless is a mystery, My life's not great and full of stress, the biggest cause of anxiety. I'm not an expert but am talking from experience.

It can be caused by things like being rejected a lot, it could be your are just apathetic (look it up).

But no one is honestly emotionless, just because you are out of touch with your emotions. Get out there, see life for what it is, people with a really good perception and logical minds can feel emotionless, this being my other theory about my emotionlessness.

Let me prove your emotions are still there.... Listen to a song, an emotional and nostalgic one (research nostalgia) as this is one of my more powerful emotions it can break to the surface. Think about your happier memories, those times when you felt no worry, the times you wish with all your heart you could go back to, let the music take you back. Now think about how you feel, you may feel nostalgia, that unbearable sadness, you will see you still can feel, you just need to find out why your out of touch.

I'm not sure if you were looking for a deep post but I wanted to put this for those people who are looking for answers, as this is!

I hope many people benefit from this!

Human Anatomy and Physiology
Nervous System

What is permissive action as in the nervous system?


Tourette's Syndrome

Scope of MSc psychology in PAkistan?

i am also confused about this


Do narcissists cry when they have been emotionally hurt?

Yes. Great big crocodile tears. If you know anything about crocodile tears, you'll run quickly in the other direction.


If a narcissist is decompensated, usually after you break up with them (not the other way around) or they have lost a significant source of secondary narcissistic supply, then the facade can come tumbling down, and what is left is the despondent, depressed child that put up the narcissistic self so long ago. Then, they can shed very real tears, and they can be very forthcoming about "the facade" and how deep down they just want to be loved. But before you can bat an eyelash--usually a day or more, depending on how severe the narcissistic injury--the false self is reconstructed and the tears are gone, only now the narcissist will violently devalue you because you know what they are...

Self Help

How do you make yourself feel less guilty?

That depends on why you are guilty. You can always confess to the one you are guilty about. While confessing, be truthful and don't exaggerate. If you have damaged the person or his property, save money to pay for the damage. If you have cheated in an exam, confess to your teacher by telling him why and how you cheated. Make your teacher give you the correct punishment by taking away the points you got by cheating. If the one you want to say sorry to isn't alive anymore or otherwise can't contact you, write a letter of confession before burning it.

Parenting and Children

Why doesn't my mom want to spend any time with me?

If your mother works, she may not have much time to spend with you, it is because the cost of living is so high and she wants to be able to pay the bills especially for the food and every day needs you have.

If she works she is tired or, if she is a stay-at-home mom she may not be feeling well, so medications may make her tired or just very tired from looking after the chores at home.

You could help her with some chores: possibly in taking you to school; sports practices; doctor's or dentist's appointments.

Moms tend to get tired, but be assured your mother loves you very much. Sit down with your mother and let her know how you feel so she can explain to you how much she loves you and why she is so tired. Most of all be sure you are happy and have a good education.

Also, it depends on what your mom's social life is like. If she is divorced she may feel that she wants to be loved by a man who would care for her in a different way from you, her child would. This is natural she just probably feels lonely if this is the case.

Oil and Oil Filters

How did life change under the Factory System?

It changed because many people could now afford to buy food, instead of stealing it.


What is the word for thinking about the good old days?

nostalgia or being nostalgic...

~!! ;)


What musical note makes people cry?

No single musical note sounds happy or sad. It is only when you combine them with other notes in chords that they sound happy or sad.

To make people cry you will need to create much larger tonal structures. Study the works of Mahler.

Human Behavior

Why do you need to understand human behavior?

All of us are members of human society and we have to deal with our fellow humans, and to do so successfully we need to understand human behavior. However, if you were to find some remote cave that nobody ever visits, and live there in isolation from the rest of the human race, then it would not be necessary for you to understand human behavior.


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