Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can consist of knowingly leaving an incapacitated elderly parent or relative unsupervised. It can be physical assault. It can be the stealing of an elder's assets or SS check or living in their home without their permission, using their car insured in their name, etc. It can be an attorney in fact under a power of attorney raiding an elder's assets.

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Elder Abuse

Can you sue a step mother for allienation of affection for from my father?


Only a few states still recognize alienation of affection. An alienation of affection lawsuit is where a spouse sues their spouse's mistress/lover, claiming that the "other man/woman" destroyed the marriage. These are also sometimes called home wrecker lawsuits. Even in the few states that still allow such a claim, a victory is rare.

Elder Abuse

What do you do when a child is being charged with elder abuse when there was no elder abuse?

== == No elder, no crime. Read the statute your child is being charged with. If the prosecution cannot prove any part of it beyond a reasonable doubt, they have no case. You should look up any words in the statute that you are unfamiliar with to see what they mean in the eyes of the court. Your child should have a attorney; if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for your child at no cost.=)

Elder Abuse

How do you protect individuals with whom you work with from danger harm and abuse?

Go to the police.

Elder Abuse
Workplace Bullying

How often does bullying cause death?

In some cases the bullying gets to be so bad that they just either go into extreme depression or they decide to kill themselves. In some parts of the world bullying is an extremely common occurrence. Depending on what area you live in (and i don't want to know) but sometimes kids don't know how to tell you about bullying so they just try to ignore it. Then it happens again and again and they get stressed and never think it will end. So they turn to suicide as an answer that can take away the pain and worrying and suffering. So to answer your question bullying can cause death maybe everyday or week. Just because it isn't in you area doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Elder Abuse

How do you defend yourself against false abuse accusations by an elderly mentally ill parent?

  • Caregivers of parents is an extremely difficult job especially when the elderly parent could have Dementia or Alzheimer's. Dementia and Alzheimer's makes the elderly parent paranoid (they really believe what they say is happening to them); they can sometimes be destructive; wander away from home; lash out verbally and physically at their caregiver or tell other members of the family how terribly they are treated when, in fact, they are not. It is often the best no matter how painful to put the elderly parent into a decent nursing home where trained nurses can handle the situation and medications can safely be given to help the elderly patient have some peace of mind. Try to remember that your elderly parent is now a shadow of their former self and they drift in and out of recognizing you or, they may possibly not remember you at all and remember another member of the family or even one of your friends and this is no reflection on you. Try to remember the good memories you had with your elderly parent instead of how they are behaving now.
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Elder Abuse

Why do people make false accusations of Abuse or being Abused?

so many reasons why somebody may make things up, maybe too hurt somebody, maybe for attention, obviously they want something or want someone to feel something for them, example .. Janet was accusing Alfred of rape .. Janet was just upset with Alfred for cheating on him and wanted revenge you need to look at why the person is saying this, do they have a grudge against the person they are accusing, obviously there is some reason for it revenge tactic by women, a way to make someone feel sorry for somebody, if somebody just says it with no reason whatsoever then they need psychiatric help

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Does your brother who has power of attorney over your mother have the right to sell her home and take the money for himself?

Absolutely not. He has a legal obligation to keep that money in your mother's estate. Self dealing by a fiduciary is against the law. He should be reported to the authorities ASAP. A POA grants sweeping authority over the principal's assets. A dishonest attorney-in-fact can wipe out an elderly person's assets.

If your mother lacks the capacity to monitor your brother's activity you can petition the court to be appointed her guardian. If you are appointed the guardianship will extinguish the POA. You should discuss the situation with an attorney.

Answer: This is a sad reality, but it does happen. A friend of a coworker had this happen to her mother. The father put everything in the sons' name saying he wanted the mother to have somewhere to live in case anything happened to him. Sure enough, the father dies and the son gets rid of his mom shipping her overseas to live with relatives where she died. Probably of a broken heart. Anyway, please, please, please consult an elder care attorney.

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Elder Abuse

How does an adult caregiver deal with a genuinely narcissistic elderly parent?

Is this elderly person really narcissistic or are they suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers. My bet is on the last two. These are the symptoms:

ParanoiaAccusing others of stealing or doing things they are notArguementativeCryingRagesMemory loss Regaining memory for short periods of timeStriking out at the caregiver (kicking, slapping)Abusive languageAlienating themselves from family and friends

These are only a few of symptoms. I went through this with my own mother and took it personally for awhile. Then I realized through the doctor after she had an MRI scan done on her that she was indeed suffering from Dementia. They put her on a drug called "Resperidol" and she was almost her old self. Unfortunately, this drug is not a cure, but does slow down the retardation of Dementia and Alzheimers.

I do sympathize with you, but please, if you can, have this person evaluated by their family doctor before making judgment calls against them.

Good luckMarcy

AnswerThere is no dementia present in my father. He is a classic narssist. At the ripe age of 93 he only becomes more vile each and every day. I despise him for abusing my Mother, myself and sexually abusing both my children. My father so severly damaged my son that he lives on disability after graduating with a masters degree.

As my Mother lay dying in her hospital bed, he came to visit her once, I refused to bring him, she had suffered enough. One thing my Mother despised was to have her feet touched and the first thing he did was tickle her feet. After her death and during the funeral arrangements we had agreed on mid-grade funeral. My brother had ben buried in a copper tone casket, I found it more than appropriate to bury mother in the same kind of casket. My father was all for it, later that night I overheard him speaking to another family member that he had wanted her buried in a white casket. Liar, and classic N signature. I always bought my Mothers' clothes and chose what I wanted her buried in and that turned into another war. What does a 93 year old man know about fashion and how a woman should be buried and presented at death? She wore a beautiful Calvin Klein suit, which I knew she loved. So, now I am stuck with father all the time, leaving my own home and husband. My father and I constantly fight and I feel so guilty, but I know that is all part of his game. He will not take his heart meds, he must have them delivered like Mother used to do. I will not. He complains about his menu, because it is not like Mothers. On and On he goes about everyhting, until I explode.

My son was a huge help to me at first, but then father smarted off to him about leaving a faucet dripping. The faucet has been dripping for 12 years. My son, is very verbal and really ripped into him and I thought he might even try to kill him because he had picked up a knife. This is the posistion a N puts you in after years of abuse. My son not only suffers from his grandfathers abuse, but the trauma of knowing he physically beat myself and Mother. After that incident my son had to be hospitilized for four weeks.

My whole family has suffered so much due to this horrid man. Selfish,arrogant, and so much more he was, but to everyone else we were the perfect family. I keep his secrets no more and finally expose him for what he is-NOTHING.

Elder Abuse

The correct action to take if abuse or harm is suspected?

if i suspected a resident was in danger of harm or abuse what are the correct procedures to follow and how would i report and record this

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Elder Abuse

What is body abuse?

What you are calling "body abuce" is formally known as physical abuse. Physical abuse is in no way in any situation OK. It is when someone touches you or hurts you physicaly, as apposed to yelling, or using verbal or mental abuse. None of these things are okay and all of them lead to an unhealthy "abusive" relationship. There are phone lines you can call, and people you can see in total privacy to talk about your issues of any abuse whatsover, and if you are experiencing this, you should consider doing so.

Elder Abuse

What is an elder abuse attorney?

The term "elder abuse" encompasses both acts that result in injury to a vulnerable elderly person and lack of action that endangers an elderly person. Stealing from an senior citizen can also be considered elder abuse. Caregivers of dependent older person are generally the persons charged with elder abuse. Besides the obvious physical signs of injury, other symptoms of elder abuse are depression and lack of communication by the victim, disappearance of the victim's funds or belongings and overtly controlling, abusive or threatening behavior by the caregiver. A caregiver may be a spouse, family member or paid health aide.

What Are The Penalties For Elder Abuse?

Laws concerning elder abuse vary from state to state. The age at which one is considered an "elder" ranges from 60-65, although the federal Older Americans Act (OAA) sets the age at 60. Sentences for crimes of physical abuse against or theft from seniors are usually more stringent than the norm and may include fines and/or jail time. Some states may allow elders or their new caregivers to sue for civil penalties as well as pressing criminal charges. Nursing home neglect is another area of elder abuse law, and many attorneys specialize in that alone.

What Should Someone Do If They Suspect Elder Abuse?

Situations where an elderly person is in immediate physical danger should be reported to the local police. Suspected elder abuse may also be reported to Adult Protective Services. Social Services or the police can provide contact information for APS. Abuse can also be reported to the victim's doctor or minister, who may be able to offer suggestions as to how to proceed.

How Can An Elder Abuse Attorney Help?

Attorneys specializing in elder abuse have all the necessary resources for reporting possible abuse cases, such as the proper law enforcement and Social Services agencies to contact. Elder abuse attorneys can initiate investigation into possible financial mismanagement of an older person's bank accounts, help the victim make a new will if necessary and pursue civil action against perpetrators. Attorneys may also be able to recover misused funds or take the abusers to court where they may be forced to pay compensatory and punitive damages to their victims. While immediate law enforcement involvement is needed in cases of suspected physical or sexual violence or severe neglect, making the next call to an elder abuse attorney can be the reporter's best step in safeguarding their elderly loved one's physical and financial well-being.

Elder Abuse

What are the different forms that elder abuse can take?

Different forms of elder abuse:

  • If the adult child of an elderly person is looking after their aged parent it is a difficult and frustrating task to be a caregiver. The adult child may have children of her own and on top of that meet the needs of an aging parent. This can lead to short bursts of temper if the elderly parents refuses to take medications; eat, etc. This can lead into forms of slapping; force feeding the parent; dumping food on their parent; leaving the parent to sit in their own urine and feces as punishment and not meet their medical needs or leaving them alone while they go out. This is the time when the adult child should get a caregiver in or put their parent into a decent nursing home.
  • Some nursing homes can give limited care to the elderly and some of these cases have been made public in the media. Some nurses are not capable of the constant needs of several elderly people in the nursing home that they must look after and they can be rough as far as handling a patient with arthritis (often severe arthritis); they can bully by hitting, slapping or not attending to the needs particular patient. They may let the patient lay in bed without moving them into different positions so they do not sustain bed sores which can cause infection and are extremely painful.
  • If a mate in a marriage is elderly; has health problems or possibly the start of Alzheimer's or in full blown Alzheimer's it is not uncommon for their elderly mate to become abusive. In many cases the elderly abuser is not responsible for their abuse because they are often ill themselves. It is up to the children of those parents to be sure they have the proper care to be as comfortable as possible in their lives until their time comes to pass away. Children should check in on their elderly parents often. This can be difficult for one sibling, but if there are several siblings each should take turns looking out for their parents and their needs. If all siblings do not live in the same town or city as their parents they should visit their parents as often as possible to size up the situation their elderly parents are in and if need be put them into a nursing home where they will receive 24/7 care.
  • Even the elderly that are lucky enough to still get around in society are at the hands of those that seek to abuse the elderly by purse snatching; robbing their homes and possibly physically harming that elderly person. Society today (not all people) consider the elderly useless; mindless and that they do not know what is going on, but many elderly people are very aware (even though they are slower to react) and the elderly are often short changed while purchasing items; purposely confused to invest money, etc.
  • Siblings, relatives, friends of the elderly may feel that the elderly person does not need some of the expensive items they may have in their home and the elderly are often robbed by their own families. It is not uncommon before the death of the elderly that is some cases the adult siblings will argue who gets what from their parents.

These are a few of the forms of elder abuse and it's on the rise in the Western countries.

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Elder Abuse

How do you make a pamphlet on Microsoft Word?

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There is a template for a pamphlet that you can open. Then you just change the heading and put in your own text instead of what's there.

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Elder Abuse

Can the person abusing an elderly go to jail?

A person abusing anybody can go to jail.

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Power of Attorney

Your uncle has hired a financial advisor and signed over power of attorney to them and you believe they are ripping him off. What can you do?

Stay out of it.

Elder Abuse

False accusation by a caregiver of elderly abuse by another caregiver?

  • Elderly abuse is on the rise and even in some cases in some nursing homes or in the elderly person's home or if they are staying with one of their children. One must prove that the accused caregiver is actually abusing the elderly person. Some people use video cameras if they have hired a caregiver to come in an look after an elderly parent and in some cases children of the elderly who have a parent in a nursing home and suspected abuse have used video taping to catch the nurses involved actually abusing their parent. This is more common than some people realize, but there are good nursing homes. Taking care of the elderly is a daunting deed and some elderly people (due to no fault of their own) can be become stubborn such as not wanting to eat; not taking their medications; going to therapy; going to the doctors, etc. This can make an untrained caregiver very frustrated and if it continues for a long period of time there is more risk that the untrained caregiver may abuse of an elderly parent. The best one can do is to work on finding a safe place such as a nursing home or a trained caregiver to take over this difficult task of meeting the elderly person's needs. The elderly often have one or more health issues and they can be childlike in manner and many have Alzheimer's and cannot help themselves and are not responsible for what they say or do, so, to abuse the elderly is just as disgusting as abusing a child. If one can not prove the elderly is abused and if it is their parent or a relatives parents or even a friends parent then it is a good idea to discuss with the caregiver of their parent that it is time to get in a professional caregiver or their parent needs to be in a nursing home. If a caregiver is falsely accused then they can set up their own video camera so their duties will be monitored. One has to prove that caregiver has abused that elderly person. It would also be wise to seek legal counsel.
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Who do old people smell of urine?

  • Not all old people smell of urine, but some can. The body is breaking down and they can have urinary tract infections; loss of muscle control due to age; kidney problems and some medications may cause them to lose control and they may often wet their bed or themselves. If the elderly person is alone they may not be able to keep up their own hygiene and this is the time the family either needs to bring in nursing care or they may have to put the elderly person into a nursing home.
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How do you protect against danger harm and abuse?

describe some factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to harm or abuse

Elder Abuse

How power can be used and abused when communicating with individuals?

How power can be used and abused

Elder Abuse

What factors may lead to danger harm and abuse?

self-harmer/neglect alcohol and drugs abuse vulnerable group

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Elder Abuse

Was there chicken first or egg first?

Egg because an egg is a cell. All living things came from cells, unless you're Christian and you believe that God made humans, blah blah blah. But in the course of science, the egg came first :)

Elder Abuse

What hardstyle song has the hardest bass?

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Elder Abuse

What makes people vulnerable to abuse?

Low confidence.

Low self-esteem.

Being raised around abuse, may think it's alright.

Disability (whether it be physical or mental).

Culture (some cultures are taught to believe in stuff like this).

Being physically or mentally weak.

Elder Abuse

How many kids commit suicide in the US because they are cyberbullied?

Somehow, we have been led to believe that "cyberbullying" is worse than regular old bullying, where real kids in real schoolyards make real threats to real people. It seems that hanging the prefix "cyber-" onto practically anything makes it something new and ever so dangerous.

According to my research, only four instances of teen suicide have ever been associated -- even tenuously -- with "cyberbullying," that is bullying via the internet. We have to compare that number with nearly 2,000 teen suicides -- for whatever reasons -- in the US each year.

The most famous case of teen suicide associated with "cyberbullying" is that of Megan Meier. She committed suicide in Missouri in October 2006 after a period of online romance and recrimination. But Megan had been a psychiatric patient for six years before her death, since the age of 8. She had been diagnosed as being depressed and as having attention deficit disorder (ADD). She had been taking psychiatric drugs such as citalopram, methylphenidate, and ziprasidone for years.

In general, users of terms like "cyberbully" are promoting a political agenda, rather than addressing a real problem. Certainly in this case, after nearly two decades of the internet -- and the appurtenant opportunities for bullying online -- the results are in. Or rather, they're not.

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What is the statute of limitations for fraud in California?

It is three years from the time the plaintiff knew or should have known of the fraud.

In a long running, the statute of limitations may be tolled for undisclosed fraud.


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