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Senior citizens refer to persons who have passed the legal age for retirement, usually over the age of 65. The term is used to avoid describing a person as “old,” which might be considered derogatory.

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Senior Citizens
Emergency Medicine

How much does Life Alert cost?

There is no singular price for Life Alert.

There are different packages available, depending upon the specific needs of the member.

The "classic" package includes only the Life Alert button and the Master Unit (the 2-way speaker). The monthly monitoring fee is $29.95.

Life Alert has additional protection packages to suit one's needs regardless of living situation. These packages may include a monitored smoke detector, a monitored carbon monoxide detector and two types of emergency cell phones, which provide mobile protection on the go. The monthly monitoring fees for these packages range between $29.95-$59.95. It is recommended to call Life Alert for a quote.

There is a one time set-up and programming fee of under $99. This includes:

  • Professional installation and testing (to make sure there is no chance of error)
  • Programming of all medical and emergency contact information
  • Lifetime maintenance for all equipment (free equipment and battery replacement includedd

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Senior Citizens

What movies do old people like?

It honestly depends on the person.

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Senior Citizens

Do elderly pay taxes on lottery winnings?

Yes. The full amount of your (Lottery) gambling winnings for the year must be reported on line 21 other income of the IRS Form 1040 page 1.

The amount will be added to all of your other gross worldwide income and taxed at your marginal tax rate.

Aging and Life Extension
Senior Citizens

Why do old people get very tired very fast?

they have a slower metabolism and as you age your hormone levels change which influence energy levels

Senior Citizens

What is the place where elderly people stay called?

There are different names for places where elderly people stay, depending on the kind of care needed. Retirement home, nursing home, assisted living facility, skilled nursing, senior housing, special care facility, retirement community, and care homes are some of the names.

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Senior Citizens

Where can you get dental insurance for an elderly person?

I just signed my father up for the dental plan through AARP. It's ~ $550 a year for insurance coverage but it's a good plan. AARP is good. Also, many of the companies that offer Medicare Supplements also offer Senior Dental Plans. Here in California Blue Cross has a good plan. To find companies in your state that provide dental insurance or dental discount plans, go to the National Association of Dental Plans site ( which has a directory of companies that offer dental insurance. The directory can be searched by state and you can select "individual" and get the list of just those companies that provide individual dental insurance in your state. The listing also tells you if the company provides dental HMO, dental PPO, dental indemnity (traditional insurance without a network) or a discount plan (not insurance but a discount off the dentist's fees who are part of the discount network).

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Senior Citizens

How does arthritis affect elderly people?

The same as it does anyone at any age. it reduces the ability to use your joints and causes pain with movement. this can however be especially hard on older people as they are less likely to be muscularly fit, which is always helpful when arthritisis a problem.

Arthritis is a condition that can cause painful muscles, swollen joints, and the inability to move comfortably. It can also cause dangerous falls, especially in the elderly. It is important for the elderly sufferers of arthritis to be protected in the event of a fall, because often a bad fall can cause injuries and broken bones.

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What animal can an elderly person outrun?

A sloth and maybe a tortise

Aging and Life Extension
Senior Citizens
US Census

How people in the US are at least 100 years old?

There were 50,454 centenarians in the US in 2000 (according to the US Census) and an estimated 55,000 in 2005.

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What is the importance of peace and harmony?

Peace refers to absence of hostility. It refers to an environment that is characterized by healthy interpersonal and international relationships, acknowledgment of equality and fairness etc.

Peace is especially important in today's world. This is because if we look around us, we see a number of nations who are at war with each other. There are a number of factors that are responsible for unrest in the world. The bigger nations are not playing their true role in managing the world, in fact they are imposing their laws on the rest of the world.

Peace is important because we need a better world for our next generations. Peace is important because we can enjoy the benefits of the latest technological and scientific advancements only in times of peace.

Peace is basic requirement for our existence.

Senior Citizens

Why do the elderly need fats and oils?

Everyone needs fats and oils because they are sources of the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K. Without those vitamins you may suffer from malnutrition or deficiency diseases.

They also make your hair shine and your skin supple, and help digestion by preventing constipation which may be a problem for many elderly people. Fats and oils are digested slowly, so a person would feel full for longer, and this is helpful in elderly people who can no longer cook for themselves and have to wait for Meals on Wheels or for a Carer to prepare them some food.

Natural fats and oils reduce atherosclerotic plaque deposits that line the blood vessels, putting people at risk of heart attacks and strokes.

There is a lot of public misperception about fats and oils. When we hear about them, most of us think "fats and oils = very bad for you". But that is not true. We need them, preferably in a healthy unmodified form such as Olive Oil. The rule of thumb with fats and oils, as with almost everything, is MODERATION. Too much is bad for you, and too little is bad for you.

Senior Citizens

Why are young and old people susceptible hosts?

Because their immune system's are not good.

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General Educational Development (GED)

Can a senior citizen attend college as an undergrad when she only has a GED?

Some colleges also offer certain courses free of charge to senior citizens as well. Yes a senior citizen can attend college as an undergrad with a GED. Good luck and go for it!!!!

Senior Citizens

What is a specialist for elderly people called?

It depends on what type of specialist. In other words, a medical doctor specializing in older adults would be in the field of Geriatrics, ie a "Geriatrician", while other professionals from a variety of areas could claim Gerontology as their speciality.

Senior Citizens

At what age does a person become a senior citizen?

Within the United States, the federal government considers an individual a senior citizen at the age of 65.

In addition:

The age of a senior citizen depends entirely on who is making that decision.

Most governments use age 65 or higher for senior citizen status for pensions or other benefits. The AARP accepts members starting at age 50. Many businesses set their own age for senior citizen discounts, usually age 55 or older.

Senior Citizens

What is uncharacteristic or inappropriate behavior in old people?

"Uncharacteristic" or "inappropriate" behavior definitions have their roots in social norms, or in other words, how we expect people to act. However, people must be cautious in labeling any "different" behavior as being "inappropriate" since many age groups or persons can have personal habits, quirks, or preferences that differ from our own or even clash with society's usual expectations. For example, people who lived through World War II became used to "rationing" the resources they used in daily life. They may collect and hoard food in a nursing home, for example, in case of an "emergency", rationing, or scarcity. Although food hoarding is "inappropriate" in society's thinking, in this population it is simply based on years of deprivation and fear. Or, as another example, a bedridden 75-year old woman requires home health care. The workers report that the patient "keeps her house totally dark and never opens window curtains", as being "inappropriate" for what most people expect. However, the home is dark and curtains closed simply because the woman is unable to get up herself to turn on lights and open curtains. Therefore, based on her situation, these behaviors are not inappropriate.

An uncharacteristic behavior in an older person is any change from their routines. For example, Mrs. S. has always been frugal. She still uses the same dish towels she bought 50-years ago, and wears the same 5 house dresses year after year. However, her son dropped by and saw dozens of shipping boxes in the kitchen, containing everything from a back yard grill, make-up, frilly baby dresses, art supplies, etc. New fancy dresses and other clothing is thrown about the living room. When he asks his mom about all the 'stuff', she talks fast and is incoherent. She's appears unkept, ungroomed, and "wild" according to her son. He manages to get her to a doctor, who diagnoses "mania" which occurred from medication interactions and dehydration.

An inappropriate behavior is different than uncharacteristic. For example, society has certain "norms". We expect people to relieve themselves in a bathroom, to be clothed in public, and we expect that an adult would not "talk crazy" or walk up and bite us. We don't expect someone to be inappropriate sexually, for example, we don't expect a 89-year old man to drop his pants in the hallway and try to seduce a visitor to a nursing home. (However, an 89-yr old can be sexual with another adult in privacy.) We expect that adults control their emotions; for example, we don't expect someone to yell incoherent sentences or lash out to strike someone. We don't expect an adult to spit on us, or to throw body waste at us.

Most often when older people live at home, family members notice inappropriate behavior before it becomes severe. It may be a small thing that sets off alarm bells. Family says, "this is not how my mom / dad acts normally. If inappropriate behaviors continue, families often choose to place the relative for safety and for treatment. Medication management along with around-the-clock care can help reduce the inappropriateness and help the person return to normal behavior. However, some patients cannot recover so they remain institutionalized for safety, supervision, and to increase the public's comfort.

Nintendo Wii
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Do old people play Wii Fit?

Yes , it is used in old peoples homes.

Senior Citizens

How are elderly sibling relationships?

This is a difficult question to answer because each family is so different. Siblings can be very close through their lives and keep in touch no matter how many miles are between them. Some siblings will lose touch with each other for different reasons even though they may live in the same town or city because some family aren't close and each gets on with their own lives. Then there are problems between siblings over incidents in their lives and one of the worst is over Wills in the family. They could be a criminal, drug addict, alcoholic, etc., sibling or siblings in the family that cause one sibling to stray away from the other(s) ... called 'black sheep of the family.' If siblings stray from each other because they don't get along this can make it very difficult regarding genealogy because there are 'skeletons in every closet' and often as people age they simply don't want to talk about that person.

EXAMPLE: I am looking up my mother's Scottish/Irish side of the family. She had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I was able to research some, but one brother and one sister were alcoholics and there was a great debate in my mother's family at the time and not much was spoken of these two siblings. Like all families you hear bits and pieces that one or both of them were buried in a certain cemetery, but you can't find any records even by going to cemetery so that leads to a wide search of cemeteries to find out the date of death. Even going to Vital Stats is hard because my mother's sister was called Katie, yet this could have been her second name or obviously a nickname. Looking up Kathryn or Catherine didn't accomplish much. My mother said her sister Katie was buried with her parents, but there are no records regarding this burial so the search moves on.

Senior Citizens

What are good Christmas gifts for old people?

Eyeglass-holder, wallet, handkerchief, tie, books, warm pyjamas, scarf, magazine subsciption, photo album

Senior Citizens
Medical Billing and Coding

How do you find a health insurance for an alien senior citizen?

Check with the Dept of Insurance in your state or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website ( for links to the state officials where you live

Senior Citizens

What are Old people that like young people?


Synonyms and Antonyms
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What do you call having a fear of old people?


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Plural Nouns

What are the Attorney General's functions?

An attorney general is the top "law enforcement" officer in the jurisdication, be it federal or state. The U.S. attorney general is a member of the President's cabinet.

Senior Citizens

Does pernicious anemia affect the elderly?

Most patients with pernicious anemia are older, usually over 60

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What are the best things to eat for elderly?

i think that the best things to eat for the elderly is lots of fruit and vegetables so your are having a healthy but balanced diet. you can have a few sugary foods but not to many. you should eat some meat especially red meat because it gives you nutrients and it gives you extra tiny bit more fat so that you are healthy and if you don't then you cold get quite skinny. but if you are already a vegetarian then you're used to it so it won't really harm you.


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