Poverty remains to be one of the most long-standing problems facing governments, populations and organizations throughout the world. Despite commitments from world leaders to eradicate poverty, it still continues, with millions still having to face living with poverty on a daily basis. In this category you will find questions on causes of poverty, statistics on poverty and how to address and solve poverty issues.

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What are the similarities of economic growth and economic development?

what are the similarities of economic growth and development


How do you overcome Poverty in Pakistan?

Eradicate corruption. Eradicate extremist groups.

Transparency, safety and equality of freedom are necessary for the stability and consistency required to overcome poverty.


How does poverty affect health?

Well, I think one will be lack of many kinds of things, especially, health caring when one is in a bad condition of money. One can not make a well preparation for one's live without any properties.!!

yeah poverty affect the health for more info watch :



How can you minimize poverty?

the number of poor people in the 1800s was nearly 90% of all humanity, now the truly poor are mearly 10% and this is because of market economies. when people are allowed to choose what business to work for and to choose how mutch to pay people then the businesses compete to get employees. when there are laws and regulations on businesses it is better for the business because it makes it mutch harder for a person to get into that industry so it limits economic growth. the best way to end poverty is through allowing the people to run and iteract with businesses with out government involvement. the government only hinders the businesses and the governments welfare causes more poverty by making people ok with there current lot in life. the only way to minimize poverty is proven to be with capitalism and the only way to end poverty completely is for the government to not be involved in the market at all.

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How do you get a Grameen Bank loan?

Grameen Bank makes microloans in areas of extremely low income to foster entrepreneurship and, most notably, to help people bring themselves out of poverty.

Grameen Bank considers groups of people with commercially viable skills (e.g., baker, carpenter, etc.) for loans and goes through a long process to determine (1) who gets the initial loan, (2) how much that loan will be, and (3) the follow-up lending opportunity.

The usual steps include the following:

* Contacting a Grameen Bank Branch and establishing the state of poverty in your hometown/village/etc

* Working with a Grameen Banker to better understand what your group wants to do and determine the commercial viability given market circumstances

* Go through a one-day course/seminar to better understand the 16 decisions and how those must factor into obtaining a successful loan

* Fill out application and take tests of knowledge

* One or more in your group may be awarded the first microloan and terms/conditions will be specific to the situation

* Demonstrate success with the loan by paying the loan off completely, providing the other members of the group with an opportunity to get a loan as well

Latin America

What food do poor people eat in Mexico?

It really depends on the location. And what you mean by poor. Poor meaning still having a house and being able to thrive, just not having a lot of excess money, would mean cheap foods like bread, cheese, etc. Poor meaning completely homeless could still mean cheap foods from begging in the streets or finding money, or it could result in them finding food in the streets or any other place.

Religion & Spirituality

When is poverty becomes a sin?

Proverty is a sin when it is inflicted on someone through fraud, wastefulness, or laziness. "Sharing" is the first lesson I learned in school. But the Bible assures us that the poor will be with us always; we all have talents to share; and faith, love, and mercy are things you know you can always trust in.


How many people live in the poverty line in chad?

80% of the people in Chad are in the poverty line.

Jesus Christ

What is spiritual poverty?

Spiritual poverty is not knowing Jesus Christ as Savior. As a human being you were born in sin. You are spiritually dead to God. The only way to be spiritually alive is to believe on Jesus Christ. Jesus in John 14:6 tells us, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father (God) except through Me."


Is literacy a way to fight poverty and way?

literacy and education are essential if people want to succeed. Any types of jobs usually require educational degree and those who have had efficient amount of education are more likely to have jobs. by having jobs, there are wages and money that can support their living and improve their lives.


Is literacy a way to fight poverty?

  • In many empirical research, education has been proved to increase general living standard and economic position of people and literacy is the first step towards getting that education.
  • A person who is more literate most likely has a higher education and will therefore enter into a higher paying job than the people who came before him, therefore combating poverty.
  • Literacy and education are essential if people want to succeed. Any types of jobs usually require educational degree and those who have had efficient amount of education are more likely to have jobs. by having jobs, there are wages and money that can support their living and improve their lives.

In many empirical research, education has been proved to increase general living standard and economic position of people and literacy is the first step towards getting that education.
South Africa

What are the causes of poverty in South Africa?

The major cause of poverty in South Africa is the lack of infrastructure in the country. South Africa needs to improve:

  1. transportation
  2. water and sanitation
  3. energy
  4. information technology
  5. urban development

Other causes of poverty in South Africa are:

  • Lack of skill and experience.
  • Many diseases like HIV/AIDS
  • Lack of education

They are many different reasons why there is poverty in south africa. One is not enough food. Another is that there aren't many jobs. There is also mosquitoes that carry diseases, so when people are bit, that disease get transferred to them. Many people die mostly of diseases, and if it is a parent, then their children are parentless. Orphans. To help, you can go to a Feed My Starving Children organization, or help at the pantry at your church.
US Congress
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Where does extreme poverty take place?

Extreme poverty takes place all over the world. It is not only found in the "third world," like in many countries of Africa and Asia where children can be seen openly starving in the streets and eating scraps. It also happens in all other points of the globe.

Contrary to a popular misconception, poverty and hunger are not restricted to only the "undeveloped nations." There is extreme poverty in all parts of the world, even in North America and in the United States where homeless and hungry children are increasing in numbers and more openly and obviously in need. As in other parts of the world, the destruction of the economy and loss of jobs have increased the numbers of the impoverished and hungry in the US, too. Americans have traditionally willingly supported the unfortunate with our donations and tax money. We would continue to have our taxes feed the hungry, and could, if the politicians were working for the people instead of mostly only the rich people and big corporations.

In the USA, Congressional budget cuts to social assistance and food programs (e.g., SNAP) for those in poverty, are not supported by the majority of US citizens. However, due to the continued lobbying by the rich and big corporations for very large reductions in taxes for them and for relative increases in taxes on the lower segments of US economic status; inflation, causing a lowering of the buying strength of the minimum wage to no longer provide a living wage regardless of hours worked; and, due to the national budget choices of the Republican members of the US House of Representatives, many of those previously developed assistance programs are now being reduced or eliminated. Poverty among US citizens has reached shameful heights as these policies are approved and implemented by our Congress.

It is a good question to ask, and ask often, of yourself, your community, of world leaders and politicians; but, try not to ask only where, but why there is so much more hunger and disadvantage to large segments of the world population now. Many believe that this results partially from a reduction in help for the needy on the one hand, and vast and ugly greed, increasing the overabundance and wealth of a few on the other hand. The disdain for the poor, shown by a large component of the 2% of the wealthiest in the US, and their perceived total lack of any sense of Noblesse oblige and concern and empathy for those less fortunate, is obscene.

We should not stay blind to the realities of the growing poverty and the influence some of the most wealthy people and big corporations have on law and governments and with capturing and keeping the wealth, providing little, if any, help for the poverty-stricken, all over the world.


What is the explanation for the vicious circle of poverty?

Explain Vicious Circle of poverty related to supply-side and Demand -side


How does Islam address global poverty?

Applying the Islamic economical system & regulations is foreseen as the best recommended solution to the poverty on our planet. the following are somemain Islamic issues related to the subject.

1. First of all, due to Islam, being poor or rich is a fate from Allah (God) & in either case you are in a test that you have to pass, the poor mustn't be jealous, mustn't complain from Allah & thank him at all cases, mustn't steal anything from others. About the rich he has another kind of test, he mustn't boast or be arrogant due to his wealth, he must expend & invest his money only on good deeds that are allowable in Islam & never uses his wealth in bad deeds that are forbidden, he must thank Allah for his favour on him, & it's very important to help the poor people & give them their rights in his wealth.

2. Muslims believe that all resources created by Almighty Allah are enough for all creatures on earth including the humans. Allah says in the Holy Quran :

"Verily, all things have We created in proportion and measure"

(Al-Qamar"moon":verse 49 )

I'm not an economist but I've heard that planting some countries like Australia can produce food enough for all humanity!!!

Consequently, Muslims believe that the reason behind the hunger of a poor is that the rich is over-saturated "above satisfaction" ...so that both of them can't sleep but surely for opposite reasons!!!

3. Islam is the religion of moderation in everything, e.g. it prevents both stinginess & wasting. Also, the Islamic economical system is an independent system that is unlike capitalism or Communism.

Capitalism puts no limits into investments & doesn't prevent the Ill-gotton profits that depend on Illegal profit prices in the perspective of Islam ( which is called "Reba" i.e usury & considered as a sin that Allah threatened to be in a war with those who commit it as He says in Holy Quran:

" Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity: For He love not creatures ungrateful and wicked. " (Al-baqara : verse 276)

& He says :

"O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers. ye do it not, Take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. But if ye turn back, ye shall have your capital sums: Deal not unjustly, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly" (Al-baqara : verses 278-279)

Certainly, capitalism causes oppression to many people & increases the gap between the rich & the poor, because it increases the wealth of the rich as it increase the poverty of the poor. Then ,what kind of catastrophic results will be obtained?!!

4. Also Islam is against the ideas of communism which rejects the principle of communal ownership...& how much frustration this causes ?!!

Work & investments are allowed in Islam , the prophet himself worked in a period of his life in trading & He was famous for His honesty & good morals even before His prophecy!!

5. Not only does Islam encourage working but also we are ,as Muslims, commanded to work. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said to a worker after kissing his hand :" This is a hand that Allah & his prophet love"

And also ,he said a hadeeth that means :" He who sleeps tired from working (for feeding himself &/or his family) , sleeps while his sins are forgiven "

6. Islam makes Al-zakah one of its 5 pillars on the rich (after special conditions that mainly proves his wealth), Al-zakah is a compulsory amount of money that must be paid to the needy sectors of the community that are mentioned in Holy Quran.

Al-zakah is equal to 2.5% of the rich's wealth. It's not a favour from the rich upon the poor, on the contrary it's his responsibility in that wealth, & Allah the lord of all creations had decided & commanded it. The Almighty Allah promised those who pay al-zakah to be rewarded by Him & at the same time He promised those who don't pay it with a great punishment as He tells us in the Holy Quran.

7. Another concept in Islam is Al-sadaqa " charity "which has many types, & can be either compulsory or voluntary ,& can be either quantified or let as free ...according to its type. The prophet Muhammad PBUH said that " Al-sadaqa extinguishes the fault as the water extinguishes the fire "....& also,some faults in Islam, like swearing & not holding or keeping, have an expiation of feeding poor people .

8. The Islamic economical system was applied with all of its laws & morals & the Islamic community was perfectwith all of what this word means. For example, in the time of the famous great Muslim ruler, Omar ben Abd Al-azeez, money of charity & zakah was collected & the surprise was that no one accepted it ... None was a poor in the wholecommunity !! & none saw that he deserved that money .... after a long thoughts they decided to liberate the slaves by paying them money to buy their freedom & also they buy grains & spread them over the hills to feed the birds from the charity of Muslims. (How magnificent civilization Is it ?!)

Currently, we are in the 21st century & unfortunately the number of hungry people worldwide exceeds the one billion !!!


Comment on Answer above:

The above answer is excellent, from my point of understanding. Only one comment to be added, that is:

If the Islamic principle of Alms giving (zakat) is applied among countries (regardless their cultures, races, or beliefs), no poverty or hunger will exist on any spot of the world. All what is recommended is that for countries, with annual budget surplus, to allocate 2.5 % of that surplus to finance development projects in poor countries in the fields of industry, agriculture, and other fields (without any political or cultural conditions). This approach will reflect, later on, positively to those rich countries as these poor countries will be, later, forming strong purchasing and investment power for rich countries that makes more surplus in the country annual budgets and so on the world economic cycle moves to the better.

It also should be noted that the Islamic economic system isn't really an economic theory, as capitalism, socialism, and communism are. Rather, it is an integrated system where the basic principles of capitalism and socialism are blended together, with an eye towards maintaining "fairness". That is, the Islamic economic system is capitalistic in nature, with a considerable layer of socialistic regulation used to enforce the edicts of the Quran.

Also, please be careful not to overstate the benefits, as the ideal of Islam's system has never been approached, in the same way that no other system can be perfect in a human world. Human beings are sadly imperfect, and this is reflected in their inability to completely follow their religion's strictures, which leaves all human society imperfect (Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz's Umayyad caliphate is no exception).

And, one last note: the above ideal Islamic economic system generally hasn't included non-believers in its charity and consideration. That is, it isn't applied to non-Islamic people, even though those people may be considerably numerable.


What are the general principles of agroforestry?

ACCORDING TO AGROFORESTRY.NET:--Help eradicate hunger through basic systems of pro-poor food production in disadvantaged areas based on agroforestry methods of soil fertility replenishment and land regeneration; * Reduce rural poverty through market-driven, locally led tree cultivation systems that generate income and build assets; * Advance the health and nutrition of the rural poor through agroforestry systems; * Conserve biodiversity through integrated conservation and development solutions based on agroforestry technologies, innovative institutions and better policies; * Protect watershed services through agroforestry-based solutions that reward the poor for their provision; * Enable the rural poor to adapt to climate change and to benefit from emerging carbon markets, through tree cultivation; and * Build human and institutional capacity in agroforestry research and development

Mother Teresa

What does Mother Teresa mean by poverty of heart?

Mother Teresa meant poverty of heart,the lackadaisical attitude of the people towards poor and down trodden of the society. She gave us the teaching that it is a privilege and a joy to be able to serve the poor. They are very beautiful and have much to give us. We should thank God for giving us the opportunity to serve our fellowmen who live and die in poverty and hunger.


Ignorance is to poverty as error is to?



Is qatar living below the poverty line?

Actually the GDP of Qatar is highest in the Arab world and resembles that of Western Europe; however this dramatic rise of living standards compared to neighboring countries is heavily dependent on their natural resources. They rely very heavily on their oil and natural gas reserves, and if they continue to use and export those reserves at the same rate they are currently, they are expected to deplete said resources in the next 40 years or so.


What is the measure of progress of a country?

A well being index, which generally encompasses wellness in things health, wealth, and education.


Where does child poverty happen mostly?

child poverty mostly happens in Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, china and Iran AND THAS JUST A FEW

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How much money did Children in Need raise last night?

They raised 30+ million*

*Last night = Friday, November 19, 2010


Why is poverty so important?

Wealth in the hands of people. Makes them think themselves more important, or aloof from those who lack money. Pride develops (distinction), envy... when someone comes along with more wealth. Not that wealth is wrong but a person has "TO REALISE WHO THE WEALTH BELONGED TO BEFORE I GOT MY TINY PORTION OF IT" and into whose energy it will go back into after the annihilation of all material bodies, and worlds.

Humility is a diamond that has no monetary value, but it is the most precious trait of humans. Poverty, is important, because it keeps your head grounded on the reality of this temporary material world, and body of 100 years if your un?lucky?

How can a person claim to to be so powerful and rich if it's all going to be taken off him at the time of death? It's a fantasy and illusion, and for anyone who wants to experience the eternal youthfulness of the spiritual world, being possessive, greedy and miserly over the stool on offer on this planet, is next to insanity, when it all ends, and your faith is tested, and what you think about at the time of death denotes your next body... Yam Yam Vapi smaram bhavam

Bhagavad GIta (as it is) CH8 text6

God knows what he's talking about



What are the 3 types of poverty in India?

I hope there are only two types. The Absolute and Relative poverty.

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How many verses in the bible relate to poverty?

over 300...some say up to 2,000!


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