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Addiction is a dependence on a behavior or substance that a person is generally powerless to stop, and will increase in severity over time unless it is treated. Medically, it is the compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance. Questions related to substance abuse and dependency on nicotine, illegal drugs and alcohol, as well as other addictive substances, are asked and answered in this category.

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The proof value of an alcoholic beverage is?

Proof is twice the alcohol content by volume. So 80 proof would be over 9000000000% sperm cell value ...
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What conclusion of an drug addiction?

The conclusion of a drug addiction: months, possibly years of your life wasted; delay achieving your fullest potential, if not altogether never be able to achieve it. Drug addiction changes a person, rarely for the better. Putting aside the legal and criminal side to this question there is this: a Weekend Meth User spends about $1000 a year. A heroin addict about $26,000 and a Cocaine addict (Snow, not Crack) as little as $50,000. These figures based on people I have known. I...
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What is a poly addict?

poly-addiction--where an individual is addicted to more than one behavior genre. ...
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What does a Vicodin high feel like?

You feel slow, nauseous, drowsiness. A This answer does not do the high justice. I know, it is wrong to glorify a drug. A feeling. The escape of one's life into the beautiful, crystal-clear, warm-water effects of drug use. However, you asked, you might as well hear the truth on the matter. Drugs are incredible. They wouldn't be popular if they weren't. They calm me. Vicodin in particular is a very nice drug. About a half hour after taking 3 tabs the room...
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Should you tickle your boyfriend?

Why not? It's playful and it's a way of getting close to each other. Physical communication is one of the many things that naturally occurs in a relationship. ...
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Can you get dope sick from suboxone?

yes....not as bad as dope. but it will definitely cause withdrawal I would have to disagree with you on this, it will have to depend on how you ingested it and how much you where taking and what type ( the orange suboxone or the white subutex or the orange strip of suboxone) the orange suboxone, or sims or stop signs can only be ingested by letting it dissolve under you tongue, the orange strip can be smoked or dissolved under your...
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What is physiological addiction?

When your brain feels it need the drug to keep going. This is probably the biggest part of an addiction. Actually the physiological aspects of addiction are twofold. There is the initial physical need for the substance which will cause you to feel withdrawal symptoms such as: Alocohol: shaking hands, nausea, headache, thirst, dizziness (basic hangover stuff) or hallucinations and seizures in those severely addicted (aka The DT's). Opiates: Heroin, Oxies, etc. Nausea. cramping, sweats, itching, etc. Then there are also the secondary symptoms that...
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How drug addiction is acquired?

When you take your first drug, you are oblivious to everything around you. It could also make you feel good, it could change your emotions. The first drug is usually taken when you are around friends and are dragged into peer pressure. Most of the time when a person is introduced to their first drug and they are emotional or have personal problems, they think it will make them better and take it. The first few times it is usually taken...
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What are the two types of addiction while using tobacco?

Being an ex smoker myself, being addicted to the nicotine is one and then a person gets addicted to what I call (busy hand and finger syndrome) which is the actual performing of; taking the cigarette out of the pack, lighting it, arm up and down movement, taping off the ashes, putting cigarette out. All these things become a terrible habit. Addition: These characterize the two types of addiction: physical and psychological. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Your central nervous system has receptors that...
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What are effects of vices in human body?

That all depends on the vice you are talking about
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What is the primary drug of abuse in rural America?

Alcohol - followed by tobacco/nicotine.
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Can you become addicted to fun?

We suspect that most people who are excessively fun-oriented (with the exception of those who engage in extreme sports for the adrenaline and/or endorphin high) do so as a result of emotional problems, rather than addiction. Fun can be mood-altering, but much depends on how one defines addiction. The most accepted definitions involve engaging in activities that cause trouble in daily life, but continuing to do them despite the consequences. There are also the issues of compulsion and withdrawal. However, one must also...
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What happens when you're drunk?

Many things happens when you are drunk like: vomiting disorientation false feeling of joy and/or bravery ...
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Does i dosing affect your health?

No, I-dosing doesn't majorly affect your health accept certain accidents: 1: You may get addicted and need it, and if you can't get it you may experience cramps and such 2: If the I-doser did not check and used subsonic frequencies it could easily kill you (This has happened before, go look up 1000 Ways to die in google, go to spike, and look for Tone Death) 3: I-dosing can be expensive, and poverty can cause stress and lack of proper food. 3 Is...
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How long does suboxin stay in your system for a drug test?

Its spelled "suboxone" and it depends on how often you take it, i.e. if you take 8mg (one pill) daily it stays in your system for about 4 days. ...
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Will a GC machine distinguish suboxone from opiates?

Yes, but most drug screens done by Gas Chromatography target specific drugs or groups of drugs by testing the body's fluids for the metabolites left-over by them. For instance many opioid drugs metabolize into morphine in the body, which can, and is, tested for in the urine, or saliva by GS or by "dipstick" method. Some synthetic narcotic agonists like Methadone or partial agonist/antagonists like Suboxone(Buprenorphine/Naloxone) do not break down to morphine and their metabolites are not caught by the GC unless targeted. ...
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Can a non virgin girl say she is virgin?

Of course she can. She is just lying though.
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How addictive is gabapentin?

Gabapentin is structured similarly to of one of our brain's neurotransmitters gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA. GABA affects our brain in a way that it slows down the electrical impulses that flow within or central nervous system. There have been no studies that were able to conclude how Gabapentin works formally. Users have reported that the drug can replicate some of the features of an addictive drug in a way that it can cause withdrawal symptoms and some psychoactive effects. Some users of...
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How can Coca-Cola be harmful to your stomach?

The caffeine could slightly burn your stomach or put like a rash or a cut. ...
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Can you take suboxone and tramadol on the same day?

Yes you can, I do it every day and Im on the two right now. I recently took 16 mgs of buprenorphine in the form of subutex and half hour later took 400 mgs of ultram (tramadol). So the answer is yes you can. I do not recommend the doseages I described, your mileage may vary. There is a wealth of information of this subject of you Google tramadol suboxone bluelight. You MUST know that subutex is not the same thing...
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Dangers of lesbianism to your life?

There shouldn't be any dangers for girls who desire girls. As with anything in life, the danger comes from ignorance and stupidity. Most now believe that two females should be able to live as a couple without interference from society. ...
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Do narcissists often abuse drugs drink and have other addictions?

There are no hard statistics on narcissism because they often go undiagnosed. A true narcissist is less likely to become an addict because of the way that they view themselves in relation to the rest of the world. They see themselves as better than, and doing drugs/drinking/vices would bring them down to other, lesser peoples, level. This should not be confused with someone with a large ego, something that Brett Gyllenskog is famous for. Narcissits are also very commonly obssessed with their...
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How can you make working model of kidney?

You can't as it's a highly complex organic system, but you could simulate what it does. One of the kidneys primary functions is to filter out toxins in the blood stream which are then sent to the urninary system for explulsion from the body via the bladder. Therfore you could build an example filtration system which simulates the same job. ...