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This topic is for questions about the European country Norway. Norway lies north in Europe, bordering to Sweden, Finland and Russia, and the capital is Oslo.

Asked in Norway, Norwegian to English

What is the name for great great grandmother in Norwegian?

Great great grandmother in Norwegian is tippoldemor. See the related links, below, for more information about genealogical terms in Noregian. ...
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Which Norwegian King was canonized?

Olaf the second . Olaf Haraldsson
Asked in Norway, Fairy Tales

What is a norwegian troll?

A troll is the norwegian word for an ogre, but can not really be compared to anything. It is a beast often living in the woods, scary but it can have nice sides as well. Trolls are most often mentioned in norwegian tales or fairytales. They are big and stupid, easy manipulated. They are filthy and some of them have trees growing on their head. All of them have long hair. One do not believe that trolls exist, but rumor has...
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What does the norwegian word slura mean?

Slipped. Although it's not a common word at all, so it could be a misspelling. ...
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Does Norway use the Euro currency?

No, Norway do not use the euro. The currency of Norway is the Norwegian krone. ...
Asked in Home Electricity, Norway, Electrical Wiring

What type of electrical outlet is used in Norway?

Norway uses: Single phase 230 volts 50 Hz alternating current for small appliances in domestic dwellings (houses and apartments) and non-industrial non-domestic buildings (offices, shops, schools, etc.), for which the socket outlets and plug types are: Type C: Standard European "Europlug" Outlet (two holes) and Type F: Standard European Earthed Outlet (two holes plus ground contacts) For pictures of these outlets and the associated plugs see the Related link shown below. ...
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How do you say nice to meet you in norwegian?

Hyggelig å møte deg.
Asked in Norway, Airports

What is the closest airport to Bode Norway?

Bodø city has its own airport: Bodø Lufthavn.
Asked in World War 2, Norway

How was Norway affected by World War 2?

It was occupied by the German Army. The king and democratic elected government took refuge in allied countries like the UK, the US and Canada and organized sabotage and psyops from there. Many people were tortured and died fighting the German forces. Known communists, jews, gypsies, homosexuals and people opposing German rule was sent to German ran concentration camps and POW camps in Germany and Poland. A traitor (Vidkun Quisling) perpetrated a coup during the German invasion and installed an illegal traitor government backed...
Asked in English Football, Norway

How many professional soccer players are there in Norway?

There are many ways in which this question can be answered, first and foremost, there is only one actual way this can be answered. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Cheese on toast, this is the other way of answering the question. ...
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How long is the flight from manila to Norway?

A random search for flights from Manila (MNL) to Oslo Torp (TRF) shows: OPTION 1: 17hr 20min via Amsterdam (AMS) MNL - AMS KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flt 804 Dep 10:45am 04Jun,Fri AMS - TRF KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flt 1221 Dep 08:35pm 04Jun,Fri Flight Duration: 15hr 20min; Layover Time: 2hr 00min; otal Trip Time: 17hr 20min OPTION 2: 19hr 45min via Bangkok (BKK) & Zurich (ZRH) [Cheaper Option] MNL - BKK Philippine Airlines Flt 732 Dep 07:30pm 04Jun,Fri BKK - ZRH Swiss International Air Lines Flt...
Asked in Science, Norway, IQ

How does the average IQ of Norway compare to the average IQ of the rest of the world?

Quite frankly, this is a question that is not possible to answer with current technology. While Norway tested higher in earlier parts of this century the rest of the world has been catching up since 1991. It is suspected that Norway simply has better environmental conditions for learning thus allowing students to give better answers resulting in an apparent higher IQ. In theory IQ should not be affected by education but in practice we have not achieved that state as of yet. ...
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Why is Norway rich?

because of oil
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Where is stavanger located?

Asked in Literacy, Norway

How many people can read or write in Norway?

100 percent of the total population
Asked in Germany in WW2, Norway, Spain

What was the nickname of the defense built by the Nazis that stretched from Norway to Spain?

The Atlantic Wall extended fro Norway to southern France. Spain was a nuetral country, at least a non-combatant. See the related link. ...
Asked in Norway, Scotland

What facial features do norwegian people have?

Don't be racist, please. Norwegian people are like any other European people. Of course they have some common characteristics as a nation. Squared rectangle face shape. High rounded cheekbone. Eyebrow with only slight arch. Narrow almond eye with gradual downward slant to outer edge. Widish straight line mouth with slighty less than moderate lip fullness. Square jaw and prominent chin (cleft chin is common). Straight mid to longish nose with tip and nostrils ending flush and with not much nostril flare. Hair color...
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Why is Spain hotter than Norway?

Spain is closer to the equator while Norway is closer to the Arctic.
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Bon Voyage in Norwegian?

God reise!