Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Native to North and South America, tobacco dates back to around 6,000 BC. Native Americans used tobacco in many different ways, including in religious practices and for medicinals. Tobacco is in the same plant family as the potato, pepper, and the poisonous nightshade. In this topic, questions about tobacco and tobacco products are asked and answered.

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Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Does cohiba cigar have nicotine?

Yes. All good cigars do.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Can you take tobacco to Italy?

Yes you can. I think the duty-free allowance is one carton of 200 cigarettes, or a similar amount in cigars or pipe tobacco.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

What are the two types of addiction while using tobacco?

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Law & Legal Issues
Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out
State Laws
Tobacco and Tobacco Products

What is the legal age to move out in Florida?

Legally Moving Out in FloridaFlorida's legal age of majority is 18. FRC: Title 1 Chapter 1. The exceptions are marriage and enlistment in the military at 17, both of which require parental permission. If there is a legitimate reason for leaving (such as abuse), the teen can contact state social services to aid him in his situation. Answer

Florida's age of majority is 18. The state does have early emancipation laws. One of the requirements that is needed for early emancipation is the consent of the minor's parent(s) or legal guardian. Florida Code... "Disability of Non-Age Minor Removed", Title XLIII, Section 743.015.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smokeless Tobacco
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Does chewing smokeless tobacco affect the eyes?

My optometrist tells me it does affect the eyes. He said that my eyes weren't getting as much oxygen due to using tobacco, and that it was just beginning to affect my vision in one of my eyes. I quit chewing 9 days ago, and I plan to stay off it forever.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

How much does a pound of tobacco cost?

Around $25 depending on quality.

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Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Newark New Jersey

How do you obtain a tobacco license in New Jersey?

u go 2 the police department and t8k a test under19 not allowed to t8k the the test

Drug Side Effects
Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Use

What are the side effects of quitting smokeless tobacco?

u nna be trippin brah

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Can a black and mild get you high?

Only if you replace the tobacco with some sort of magic herb. Otherwise, it will probably make you very sick if you don't smoke much

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Informative Speech

Why prevention better than cure tobacco addiction?

1.It' cheaper.

2.It's healthier not to take tobacco at all, then to take and then stop (the real problems begin when you stop)

3.There is a bigger chance to start taking tobacco again if you consumed it in the past. Addiction is never totally cured.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Cigarette Lighters

Who invented the cigarette?

World's first rolled cigarette!In 1743 an English beggar by the name of Horrey Thornfield propositioned a local butcher for some scraps. After enjoying the scraps, Horrey decided to have a smoke, yet discovered that his previous nights' drunken gambling rampage had caused him to lose his favorite smoking pipe in a card game. With nothing on him but his butcher scraps paper, Horrey ripped off a slice of the wax butcher paper and rolled the worlds first cigarette! A:The native Americans or the people in the far past invented cigarettes. They showed the British who came and made friends. They passed it on to us people in the present.
Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Cigarette Lighters

What does kuber tobacco do to the body?

What doEs to do tobacco with body

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Why aren't cigars addictive?

It's the pH of the smoke.

Nicotine is addictive if it enters your body in an acidic carrier. Cigarette smoke is acidic, so its nicotine is addictive. (The acidity also prevents the nicotine from being absorbed through the walls of your mouth, so you need to inhale cigarette smoke to get the effect.) Cigar smoke is alkaline, so it can enter your body through the walls in your mouth and it's not addictive.

There's also the part about cigars being so expensive you can't afford to get addicted to them, but that's a side issue.

- - - - -

I may be wrong here, but as far as I know, you aren't supposed to inhale cigars like you are with cigarettes. And then you won't inhale the nicotine either.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

What is dual purpose tobacco?

I would like to say that is it tobacco that is labeled as pipe tobacco to avoid certain taxes, but it's ok to roll in cigarettes as well.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Can the police confiscate tobacco?

Yes, if you're under the legal age, or if it was illegally obtained (smuggles cigarettes, for example).

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

How did the tobacco companies avoid bankruptcy?

Tobacco companies avoid bankruptcy because they are a multi-billion-dollar franchise and because of that the government just turns their heads and lets them do what they want and the should be ashamed of themselves.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Why is tobacco called tobacco?

tobacco means killing people

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Use

How much tar does old holborn rolling tobacco contain?

13.7 mg / 25g Yellow pack

Fruits and Vegetables
Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Does skoal make a watermelon flavor?

They dont have it yet but there are rumors that there is going to be a skoal watermelon for 2010

TV Programming and Commercials
Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Is snus good for you?

While snus is 90-98% less harmful than cigarette smoking, it increases the severity of heart attacks, doubles the risk of pancreatic cancer, and may cause gum recession. It causes fewer health problems than other smokeless tobacco products.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

What is another name for chew tobacco?

Snuff, Dip, tabacky

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

What are some slang words for tobacco?

snuff, dip, smokes, stogies, death sticks, cope, chew, chaw, cigs, there are a million of them

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Use

Does pablo sandoval from the giants chew tobacco?

yeap, winter green grizz. every game, every at bat, every play

Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Jamestown Virginia Colony

Which is true of Jamestown?

It was not a success as a trading colony.

Ancient History
Colonial America
Tobacco and Tobacco Products

In which colonies is tobacco a major industry?

In Virginia


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