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The plant-eating hippopotamus is the third-largest land mammal by weight and is often regarded as the most ferocious animal in Africa.

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Is hippopotamus internal fertilization?

Yes, as are all mammals.
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Can your dreams make you go crazy?

Dreams are a part of your sub conscious "revealing itself". Technically speaking a dream can not "make you go crazy" however a dream can be a early sign that there will be later problems with your mind. The study of dreams is constantly being investigated and it is an ever evolving science. ...
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Who is faster a rhino or hippopotamus?

In terms of how fast they can run, the rhino is faster. Rhinos can generally run 40 to 45 mph for short distances versus the hippo's 19 mph over short distances. ...
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Can a hippopotamus run faster than a man?

Yes, a hippopotamus can run faster than a man.
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How do hippos mate?

Hippos can mate, but they poygamous, which means they mate with more than one partner. ...
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How do hippos talk to each other?

Hippos talk to each other by opening there mouth and like screaming out like a little voice. The males talk louder then the females because the females have soft voices. ...
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Are hippos amphibians?

That's a good question, but no, Hippos are not amphibians. Hippos are semi-aquatic mammals. Hippos go in the water, and can even give birth there, but they are warm-blooded and give birth to baby hippos rather than laying eggs. yes there are amphibian..............what do u think they are I am sorry, but seriously do you think a frog and a hippo have anything a like? no hippos go in the water but they don't live there. A moose goes in the water sometimes...
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Do hippopotamuses have pink milk?

Yes, hippos produce pink milk. They also secrete a pink-like mucus that cools their body. This mucus is nicknamed "Blood sweat" although it does not contain blood. ...
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What color is hippos milk?

Hippos milk is pink. Some people say it is off white but I did a report on hippos. I should know.. ...
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What is the weight of a new born hippo?

hippo calves are 45 kilograms ( 100 pounds )
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What do zebras eat everyday?

Zebras are herbivores
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Can hippos be domesticated?

Only on Saturn
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What is the scientific classification of a hippo?

Animalia , Chordata , Vertebrata , Mammalia ,
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Who has a Yellow hippo logo?

Widely known by its yellow hippopotamus logo, Collex-Onyx, a division of Veolia Environment, is one of Australia's leading environmental services companies ...
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What is a hippopotamus's home called?

Hippos do not live in any kind of shelter, but rather spend their time bathing in lakes and rivers. ...
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What kind of skin does a hippo have?

it has spiky skin with bubble gum on their spikes
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What adaptations does a brown bear have?

Physiological: They have thick insulating coats and tend to be large which enables them to retain their body heat Behavioural: They protect their young by attacking any predator/prey (anything that can pose a threat or harm to the cubs) They hibernate during the winter. Structural: Sharp claws and teeth which help them during the attack of their prey 1. Their excellent sense of smell that helps them find food rather than their poor eyesight. 2. Their curved claws that help them dig for roots(food) 3. Their thick fur...
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What is the color of hippopotamus milk?

hippopotamus milk is bright pink it has a very thick texture,they also secrete a pinkish mucus to protect their skin from sunburn. Sources:- 1.The Freakshow 2.My Dad ...
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What is the difference between an elephant and a hippo?

Size, Physical build, territorial habits, Migratory habits, name, time to give birth, just look at a picture ...
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What weighs more a hippo or an elephant?

an elephant is the largest and heviest land animal so an elephant
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Do hippos live in the jungle?

No, they live in large bodies of water.
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What cartoon had a hippo wearing a tutu?

The new zoo revue is coming right at you. That was Henrietta. they also had a live version. ...
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Is hippo carnivore or herbivore?

Lucky for us, they are herbivore.