The largest of the primates, this ground-dwelling herbivore inhabits the forests of central west Africa. There are three subspecies. Gorilla gorilla gorilla lives in the western lowlands and Gorilla gorilla graueri resides in the eastern lowlands. The Mountain Gorilla, Gorilla beringei beringei, lives in the mountains of Central Africa.

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Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Who Would Win

Who would win fight badger vs hawk?

In a tree... probably the hawk; down a hole... probably the badger.

Adjectives and Articles

What words describe gorillas?

Here are some adjectives that describe gorillas:

large, hairy, strong, intelligent, curious, social.

Who Would Win

Who would win in a fight between a knight and a ninja?

A ninja would win because they are mostly light and agile, while a knight wearing over 50lbs of armor would be slow and open for quick attacks. Knights were very good fighters but became obsolete after quicker and more skilled fighting styles were introduced to mid-evil warfare.


I disagree.

A fully equip knight in late period plate (ie about the same time period as the early Samurai and Ninjas) is pretty fast moving as well as armoured - shape of plate rather than weight being the key - and he has a shield, a longsword (which is a good weapon, designed for fighting on foot or horse and in a long melee), and probably a mace of some sort for close in work.

What removed knights from the top of the food chain wasn't lighter, better troops it was decent projectile weaponry which didn't require long training from childhood to use, ie Guns and Crossbows, and the training and drilling of cheaper more numerous troops, Pikemen especially. This leads to mass armies rather than household troops and the end of the single combat that knights were best at.

They become Heavy Cavalry, drilled soldiers rather than individual heroes, that still have a place in warfare for another 700-800 years. (The last charge of lance armed cavalry in the British army being successfully delivered during the opening stages of the First World War!).


Who is the bad guy in the movie tangled?

Mother Gothel is the bad guy in the movie Tangled. She takes Rapunzel in the middle of the night from her rightful parents and makes Rapunzel her own. She uses her for her magical hair.


How do giraffes display parental care?

Yes mothers stay with their offspring until they are old enough to fend for themselves


What do you call 6 babies at once?

They are called sextuplets!

Care of Horses

Could a gorilla kill a horse?

there is a chance that the gorilla can kill a horse when the gorilla hug the horse tight then the horse cant breath

no because the horse will kick the gorilla and then the horse will run

Jane Goodall

Who gave Jane Goodall her stuffed chimpanzee?

her mom

Who Would Win
Iron Man (superhero)
Fantastic Four

Who would win human torch vs ironman?

ironman... Only if he wore fire protective armor.

-The most recent time (and only time) I recall them fighting is in the middle of the Marvel Civil War in the final battle. Iron Man defeated him in a matter of seconds.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

What do tigers have that no other animal has?

The question, what do tigers have that no other animal has, is a question used in the English as a Second Language Program, better-known as ESL. The answer is baby tigers.

War and Military History

What is gorrilla war?

"Guerilla" warfare. Tactics designed to maximise the effectiveness and the survivability of a force (which may be paramilitary or military) that is usually at a disadvantage numerically, and often in terms of firepower, support elements, supplies, infrastructure, technology, and command and control. Such tactics have also been adopted by larger forces for various reasons, often in secondary campaign areas where the concern is more to harry the enemy and deny him control of an area while the bulk of ones forces are committed elsewhere (for instance, the British Commonwealth's Chindit forces operating in South Asia during the Second World War at a time when the War in Europe and North Africa prevented Britain despatching greater forces to India/Burma). The Swiss Army's primary strategy for defending the country from any invasion, which would almost certainly be by far greater forces, calls for guerilla tactics.

The main elements of guerilla warfare are keeping forces broken into small, largelly independent units, which are highly mobile, and try to avoid observation by, or contact with the enemy, except under favourable conditions, and usually relying on surprise attacks and ambushes. Key to success is ensuring the guerilla force is able to choose both the ground and timing of attacks, ideally against small enemy sub-units, far from timely support. After a successful action, the guerilla unit would not normally attempt to hold ground, but quickly escape and evade any possible reinforcements sent to aid the unit they had attacked. The object of guerilla warfare is not to seize or control ground, but to deny the enemy control of the ground, and to tie his forces up in a war of attrition.

It should be noted that this way of fighting has traditionally been relied upon for thousands of years by forces whose numerical disadvantage compelled them to, and where the terrain allowed it. Although such tactics are commonly thought of in connection with heavily forested, or mountainous terrain, they have also been adopted by forces fighting in vast, open terrain, where even a much larger enemy force must spread itself thinly. In such terrain, guerillas are often mounted, allowing themselves to quickly move to attack positions, and to escape and evade a following enemy force as rapidly. Examples include the Scythians in resisting the invasion of Scythia by the Persian Empire, and both Boer and British Commonwealth mounted units during the Second Boer War.

non traditional way of fighting, mostly surprise attacks


Can gorillas walk upright?

They technically can but they don't do it all the time

The Simpsons

Who was Homer Simpson's helper monkey?

Mojo. He appeared in 'Girly Edition' (21st episode, 9th season)


How does a Mountain Gorilla obtain its food?

They obtain food by foraging for it in the shrubbery throughout their habitat.


Can gorillas walk on two legs?

They technically can, however they typically don't as they find it much easier to walk on both their legs and their hands at the same time. If you tied a banana to a stick and waved it above them from a height they might walk on two legs for a while but that would generally be a bad idea as a gorilla can kill a man quite easily and probably will do as such to acquire food and stop you from annoying it further.

Word Games
English Spelling and Pronunciation

Are there any words with two w and two g in them?


Jokes and Riddles

What is as big as you are but weighs nothing?

Yourself in outer space.

Your reflection.

Your shadow.

Animal Life

What do animals with sharp claws eat?

It depends on what animal it is. There are a lot of animals that have sharp claws, but they all eat different things.


Do gorillas have any special features?

their fat


Could a wolf kill a man?

It's possible, but since there are really no known cases of a healthy wolf killing a man, it's not likely. Men kill more wolves than wolves kill men.

Answer 2:Yes. A pack of wolves can eat a human in less than 3 minutes. Answer 3:Yes, because a wolf can tear apart the unarmed man with ease if the man does not do anything to save himself. If the man has a rifle or a sharp, large knife with him, the man would kill the wolf with ease.
Dog Health

Is it safe for a puppy to eat crane flies?

Yeah, for sure! My dog (when he was a puppy) used to play and eat crane flies all the time.


What is a zoo barker?



What body parts of gorilla used in getting food?

They used their large canines, and a pointy teeth.............

Jobs & Education
Road Running
Boston Terriers

What is the average running speed of a man?

The original answer is misleading 15MPH is world class.

Sprinting up to 100 yards - record is ~23 MPH - average ~14

Running up to a mile /1600 meters record is ~16MPH - average ~10MPH

Marathon distance record ~26 Mile/42 Km is ~13MPH/21KmPH

reasonable 9MPH 14KmPH (NY marathon qualification time)

For figuring out how fast you can get between two points these are probably better values as they assume you can actually not spend too much time recovering.

The Average walking speed is 3-4 MPH 5-6 KmPH or about 100 yards/meters per minute

Running speed sustained is about twice that 8 MPH, 12 KmPH or 200 yards/meters per minute.


What does a gorillas natural habitat look like?

It looks like a monkey's enviornment, trees, rain forest, water, mudd, maybe fog, and a lot of noise here and there.


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