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Boxing is a sport in which two opponents fight in a ring with gloved fists. They must stay within a set of preset rules.

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Can you kick in normal boxing?

"yes it is boxing" No, this answer is massively incorrect - you CANNOT kick in normal boxing (specifically the Marquis of Queensbury style). However, there were kicks (akin to straight push kick) and throws ("cross buttock" akin to a hip-throw) in bareknuckle boxing in earlier centuries ...
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What is thug hunting?

the official sport of taylorville Illinois so apparently its awsome T.H.U.G ...
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Why did rocky Balboa chased a chicken?

He chased it to build up speed, as in the ring he was flat footed. Trying to catch a chicken is harder than it looks, speedy little things! ...
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What is the average reach in boxing?

It depends on the weight class, different weight classes have different size people so the reaches vary from weight class to weight class. ...
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Who is famous boxer right now?

Muhammad Ali
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How do you shorten a heavy bag chain?

You can shorten the heavy bag chain by using an oval carabiner or s-hook to attach to the swivel and let the top portion of the chain hang down. I hope this works for you as well as it has for me. ...
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Answers with Danny Musico?

When do you recommend people drink protein drinks and where can readers find FitPro? The protein is in its natural state unchanged with 20% whey and 80% casein - that's why it's great before a workout, in between meals, as a meal, or at night before bed, because casein takes 4 to 6 hours to digest so you're not hungry. I don't go a day without it. You can find FitPro at FitPro - Real Milk...
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What colours did Mike Tyson traditionally wear in the ring?

Black trunks, no socks. And when entering the ring, instead of wearing a robe he cut a hole in a white towel and wore it over his head. ...
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Name some geography books about tourism?

If you need some books for travel guide, you should go to lonely planet. If you are looking for geography books to introduce the history, culture and people, try "People and Place" 2nd Edition. It includes all different countries around the world. Or try to search some books for the country you are planning to visit. It should include more details. ...
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Who are Mohammad Ali's grandchildren?

one of them is nadia n she go to marist
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Where was David Haye born?

David Haye was born in Bermondsey, London, England.
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Why is it better to ride the punch in boxing?

Moving in the same direction as the fist reduces the relative speed between the body and the fist. If the fist is going 15 mph, and the body moves in the same direction of the fist at 5 mph it is like being hit by a fist only going 10 mph. The momentum the fist has is dependent on the relative velocity between the two objects. The lower the relative velocity, the lower the transfer of momentum; i.e. the weaker the...
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Which heavyweight boxer had the fastest jab?

According to most in the Boxing game it was Ali.
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Who has the most powerful punch ever?

arguably either ernie shavers, george foreman or sonny liston, but i go with shavers. ...
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How boxing played?

If u don't know how boxing is played u really need to be out there and u can buy boxing video's, u can watch boxing on TV. hello use your resources people You can also go ask your friends if the box or ask your parents if they ever use to box of if they know someone that still boxes. You can actually go watch boxing matches {BUT U CERTAINLY HAVE TO PAY SO IF YOUR BROKE DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT} WHO...
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How much does a middleweight weigh?

180, Not correct in boxing Middleweight is 160 lbs
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Which fighters did Sugar Ray Leonard lost to?

Roberto Duran in 1980 (first fight) Terry Norris in 1991 and Hector Camacho in 1997 (his last two fights). Although he got a draw in his rematch with Thomas Hearns in 1989, even Leonard admits Tommy deserved the decision. ...
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How much did Tyson get for his last fight?

Mike Tyson vs. Kevin McBride - MCI Center, Washington. 11th June 2005. Tyson' purse was $5 million, in comparison McBride earned $150,000. ...
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Is Laila Ali dead?

Nope, she is still very much alive
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Who beat Ali last?

Trevor Berbick in 1981.
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Why boxing is not good?

because it hurts them
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Is amir Khan handsome?

Yes, Amir Khan is extremely handsome. He is gorgeous.
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How tall is Mike Tyson?