Dolphins and Porpoises

Considered not a fish, dolphins and porpoises belong to the group of toothed whales that have skin, not scales. The significant difference between them is that dolphins have a beak, a melon-shaped head and a dorsal, while porpoises have none.

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Animal Behavior
Dolphins and Porpoises

What adaptations does the dolphin have?

Dolphins have adapted to their environment in the following ways:

  • Fin shape: a dolphin's tail goes up and down to help it dive up to get air (compared to a fish's back fin which moves side to side). The shape of their fins also helps to propel them through the water.
  • To help dolphins save oxygen while they dive underwater, their heart beats slower during a dive and their blood is diverted from other parts of the body to their heart, lungs, and brain.
  • Dolphins also save oxygen via their muscles, which have a protein called myoglobin, which in turn stores oxygen.
  • Dolphins have blubber, or fat, which provides insulation, helping the dolphin stay warm in cold water.
  • Blubber also serves another function, streamlining the body for better speed in the water.
  • Dolphins have a body covering of skin (not scales). The uppermost layer of the skin produces an oil which forms a film that covers the dolphin's whole body.
  • Being mammals, dolphins breathe with lungs rather than gills, so they breathe from a blowhole which closes before the dolphin goes into the water, so water will not enter the blowhole.
  • The long nose helps the dolphin to kill sharks.
  • Dolphins have teeth, which they use to catch fish.
  • Dolphins have large brains in relation to the size of their bodies, and studies show they have exceptional intelligence.
  • Dolphins work together to find food, often "herding" school of small fish up onto reefs and sandbars. The dolphins then work together, taking turns to feed while the other dolphins keep the fish herded.
  • Dolphins have well developed echolocation, by which they locate other animals and objects in the water. It is also how they communicate with each other.
  • Dolphins have between 45 and 63 small, sharp teeth, which enable them to tear food into smaller pieces.
  • Dolphins sleep with just part of their brain, so that the other part remains constantly on alert for danger.
Dolphins and Porpoises
Zoology or Animal Biology

What do Humans and dolphins have in common?

Both are mammals, so both have mammary glands, and hair on their skin, and they have 7 cervical vertebrae as humans do.

They are touted to be one of the only 3 animals that mate for pleasure (humans, dolphins, bonobos), and socially with many partners as many humans do. They also mate face to face unlike other animals. Dolphins do give birth to live young, and as mammals, they nurse their young with breast milk.

They have very high communication skills amongst themselves. They are very social and prefer to live in pods rather than alone. Females will create a communal/ family creche for the young, so that others may go to hunt and feed. They show emotions of happines and sadness. They mourn the death of a member of the pod, especially an offspring. They also display working in teams to achieve a common goal. When hunting, they create tight balls of sardines by circling and herding them, and then diving straight through them to feed. Pods are very protective of each other and sometimes show compassion, and may adopt a young out of another pod if it has been left behind or lost its mother.

Additionally, they have mirror neurons, being able to pass the mirror test and detect themselves in a mirror. Mirror neurons may also indicate empathy.

In short, they display more "human" emotions and behaviors than any other non-primate mammal.

Dolphins and Porpoises

Does the dolphin die in dolphin tale?

No it gets caught in a fishing net and loses its tail. The tail gets replaced with a fake one and the dolphin lives happily.

What really happened is that the dolphin caused alot of damage to it's spine ( which caused problems). They built a fake tail. The dolphin is still alive. If you want to see her on a live web cam go to It's so awesome.

Dolphins and Porpoises

What family do dolphins come from?

Oceanic Dolphins are part of family Delphindidae, which also includes orcas and pilot whales.

Dolphins and Porpoises

Why do dolphins keep one eye open while sleeping?

Dolphins keep one eye open when they sleep so that if their enemies come to eat them they see them coming and can react and get themselves out of danger.

Care of Fish
Dolphins and Porpoises

What is a fish's breathing organ?


Dolphins and Porpoises

What are dolphin's favorite foods?

Fish, shrimp, octopus, and squid

Dolphins and Porpoises

Do dolphins breathe underwater?

Nope, they don't have gills like fish to breathe under water. They have to come up for air every once in while, because they have lungs much like humans and every other mammal. Unlike humans though, they actually have to think about breathing, they don't just do it automatically.
No, they are mammals and have a blowhole on their head so that when they go to the surface, they get a breath of air.

Dolphins and Porpoises

How do whales swim differently to fish?

Whales move their spines up and down where as fish move their spines side to side.

Dolphins and Porpoises

Does a dolphin bark?

No, dolphins use a series of clicks and whistles to communicate

Dolphins and Porpoises

Do dolphins have a nucleus?

Dolphins are made up of trillions of cells, most of which do have a nucleus

Dolphins and Porpoises

How old is winter the dolphin?

Winter the Dolphin is about 6 years old.

Animal Behavior
Dolphins and Porpoises

Is a dolphin a consumer or producer?

A producer is an organism that makes food from light energy. Do dolphins sit in the sun and make food? No, they eat fish and other living things, so they are consumers.

Dolphins and Porpoises

How many muscles do dolphins use to jump?

They use their tail muscles,and stomach musles so aproxamatly 34 muscles are used for a dolphin to jump?#@%!##$%$@#&%$@!!

Dolphins and Porpoises

What color can dolphins be?

they can be spotted, pink, grayish and sometimes black.

Dolphins and Porpoises

Are they dolphins or porpoise in Tampa Bay?

dolphins have lived there for century's

Dolphins and Porpoises

Is sawyer nelson character from Dolphin Tale real?

No, He is not. Along with some other aspects of the movie he is a fictitious character. Winter, however, is completely real, as is the basis for her story.

Dolphins and Porpoises

Do porpoises have blowholes?

Yes porpoises have blowholes.

Dolphins and Porpoises

Which is smarter a dolphin or a monkey?

Dolphins 🐬 Of course!!!!

Dolphins and Porpoises

How long is dolphin tale the movie?

113 Minutes

Aquatic Mammals
Dolphins and Porpoises

How does a dolphin attack a shark?

Dolphins have been known to ram sharks and 'butt' them, usually into the side or stomach of the shark.

Dolphins and Porpoises

Do dolphins get eaten by any fish?

yes on rare occasions they can be killed and sometimes eaten by large sharks.

Dolphins and Porpoises
Animal Life

What animal can live on land and sea?

A newt.

Dolphins and Porpoises
Healthcare Coverage While Pregnant

Can you stay on Medicaid after you have your baby?

Im not so sure but i think u cAn... :)

Dolphins and Porpoises

Can you eat dolphin while pregnant?

I don't really know.Questionable..♥ dolphins..8)


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