Aquatic Mammals

This section is for questions about those mammals that live most, if not all of their lives in the water. With specially adapted breathing abilities, these swimmers are some of the most intelligent creatures known.

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Aquatic Mammals

Where do you find whales?

Depending on the specific species, whales are found in all oceans and seas of the world.

Some popular whale watching spots include:

- Cape Cod, MA

- Los Cabos, Mexico

- Hawaii

- New Zealand

- Dominica

- South Africa

- Orcas Island, WA

- Quebec

- Palos Verdes, CA

- San Diego, CA

- Portugal

- Nova Scotia

- Antarctic Peninsula

Aquatic Mammals
Blue Whales

Do blue whales have a good eyesight?

Blue Whales dont have good underwater eyesight, but they have amazing hearing. Blue Whales are unfortunately endangered, and are the biggest underwater animal. Hope this helps :)

Im sorry but the blue whale has both amazing eye sight and hearing for the biggest creature that has ever lived on earth.

Aquatic Mammals

Do whales eat kids?

we love us some tasty children

Aquatic Mammals
Human and Animal Interaction

How are whales mistreated?

Humans mistreat small whales & dolphins by catching them and putting them into much too small pools and forcing them to do tricks for our own entertainment - very few of the dolphins you see in marine parks where born in captivity. Most were removed from their families in the wild. They end up with a lot of health problems and depression. It's a very cruel industry.

Watch the movie "The Cove" for more info.


They are mistreated because they are only trying to protect them selves when they destroy boats, and if not its accident, and if they eat all the fish or maybe harm a human by biting his/her arm of, then they are only trying to eat, and we all need to eat.

Whales are endangered, and instead of respecting there rights, and the illegal whale killing item, we go ahead and kill them with harpoons, which is a painful way to die. We also eat them and still use their materials for items such as perfume, clothes and furniture and other, and its not right for us to eat THEM because we eat the whole of them, and WE are not endangered.

They are mistreated in a very harmful way, and thousands of whales are killed each year, for really no reason, all because humans can be violent, greedy, and not at all kind at times.

I hope this answers your question.


This is a subjective question. It all depends on who you ask. I personally don't think they are by the vast majority of the world. When you compare what people eat in regards to their culture, what's available and were they are located, it can be seen as an acceptable food. Please consider other cultures and what's available to them before deciding whether it is mistreatment or not.

Mass slaughter of whales for experimentation is wrong, but they are not mistreated, unfortunately just killed. Mistreated tends towards consistent harm towards an animal, like say if one was kept in a zoo and was hurt or starved every day.

Aquatic Mammals

What is the structure of a marine mammals heart?

Marine mammals, like all other mammals, have a four-chambered heart with a complete divide. The right atrium receives deoxygenated blood from the veins and pumps it into the right ventricle. The right ventricle pumps it into the pulmonary artery, which delivers it to the lungs, where it is oxygenated. The blood then goes to the the left atrium, which pumps it into the left ventricle. The left ventricle pumps the blood into the aorta, which distributes the blood into smaller arteries all over the body.

Aquatic Mammals

Can you hear whales in a submarine?

Whales, Dolphins, shrimp, fish, you name it - if it makes noise in the water, it can be picked up and heard by submarine passive sonar systems.

As an old Submarine Sonarman myself, I can tell you that Humpback whales make the most beautiful (and haunting) songs in the ocean. Sperm whales make a high-frequency "clacking" sound, similar to whacking a pair of 2x4's together. Dolphins make a very high-frequency squealing noise, which can be irritating when they're really close. They tend to turn up when a boat comes to Periscope Depth, as do other fish, shrimp, and various other sea critters, especially at night.

Unless you're really close to a Humpback whale though, it's difficult to impossible to hear one through the hull directly because of the constant noise of machinery - electronic systems, electrical fans, hydraulics, engines, etc.

Aquatic Mammals

Which mammal has the longest tooth sea mammal?


Aquatic Mammals

What is a group of whales traveling together?


Animal Life
Aquatic Mammals

What is the deepest sea living creature?

sperm whale i know this from watching the most extream epicode: is divers, it is on animal planet hope this helped :)

Aquatic Mammals

Are whales the largest animals on earth?

They vary in size, some small like the white whale, but the largest creature known to man at this moment, is the Blue Whale at over 103ft.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Aquatic Mammals

How many whales were there in 1990?

approximately 5000.

Aquatic Mammals
Seals and Sea Lions

What does a seal eat?

The seal is a pinniped, and is carnivorous. They eat fish, krill, shellfish, squid, and other marine creatures (like the penguin, which is hunted by the leopard seal). Use the link below to check facts and gather more information.
a seal eats sardines (the little fishes) for extension white sharks mostly eat seals and sea lion

Aquatic Mammals
Dolphins and Porpoises

How does a dolphin attack a shark?

Dolphins have been known to ram sharks and 'butt' them, usually into the side or stomach of the shark.

Aquatic Mammals
Seals and Sea Lions

Is a leopard seal a primary consumer?


Aquatic Mammals

What is the name of a bunch of whales?

The proper term for a group of whales is a "pod" of whales.

Aquatic Mammals
Seals and Sea Lions

Do seals eat fish?


Aquatic Mammals
Seals and Sea Lions

Why do grey seals have small ears?

So the water doesnt get in there ears jade :D

Dolphins and Porpoises
Aquatic Mammals
Human and Animal Interaction

How many people have been killed in dolphin attacks?

People have not been killed in dolphin attacks, but bitten and pulled under water. Dolphins have killed porpoises and even other dolphins.

According to the National Geographic program Dolphin Attack, there is one confirmed case of a bottlenose dolphin killing an adult human male. However, it was a provoked attack. The wild dolphin was swimming close to the shore, and the man who saw it and waded in to get closer was drunk. The dolphin was apparently friendly, rolling over and allowing him to touch and stroke it, but he then tormented or hit it. The dolphin retaliated with a single ramming, before swimming away for good. The man died of internal injuries in hospital some hours later.

It should also be noted that the Killer Whale is a species of dolphin and not an actual whale, therefore there are recorded human deaths by dolphins, but due to mislabeling it would be seen as a whale attack rather than a dolphin attack.

Aquatic Mammals
Seals and Sea Lions

Why do seals have broad flippers?

they have broad feet so they can walk on land

Aquatic Mammals
Seals and Sea Lions

How do ringed seals move?

With their flippers

Zoology or Animal Biology
Aquatic Mammals

What appendage does the skeleton of a whales fin resemble?

On the outside, the fins of a whale resemble the fins of a fish, because they have evolved for the same purpose. But when you look at a whale skeleton, the fins look like arms and hands. That's because whales are not fish, they are actually mammals that have evolved from land-dwelling creatures with four legs.

Animal Life
Aquatic Mammals

What feeds on the largest whales?

Generally Killer Whales (They aren't actually whales.) in packs can take down the largest whales. Sharks can feed on whale calves and other small whales.

Orcas (killer whales)
Aquatic Mammals
Blue Whales

Does a blue whale eat octopus?

No.They eat a tiny sea creatures - krill or plankton. An Adult blue whale can eat up to 40 million creatures per day - that's nearly 3500 kilograms of it.. They need 1.5 million kilocalories of energy per day and so, they eat nonstop.

Aquatic Mammals

What are the names of all animals and their young ones?

Lion- Cub Deer-Bamby Dog-Puppy Cat-Kitten


The young of a fox, bear, lion, wolf or other carnivorous mammal.


A young deer in its first year.


A young swan


A young sheep


A young hare in its first year.


A young horse or related animal.


The young of a horse


A young goose


A child or young person, a young goat


A young eagle


A young duck


A young dog


A young cow or bull. Also, the young of some other large mammals


A young cat. Also, the young of certain other animals, such as the rabbit and beaver

A young fox is a Kit

Aquatic Mammals
Extinct Animals

When did the sea cow go extinct?

The Steller's sea cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) was hunted to extinction within 27 years of it's discovery by Europeans, in 1741. So they were extinct by 1768.

The four remaining related species of manatee and dugong are currently in danger of extinction.


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