Seals and Sea Lions

Seals and sea lions are Pinnipeds or fin-footed marine mammals. Earless seals that lack ear flaps are true seals, while eared seals are sea lions. These mammals can spend their life on water and partly on land.

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Seals and Sea Lions

How much does a Mediterranean monk seal pup weigh?

A newborn Mediterranean Monk Seal pup weighs about 17-24 kg (37-53 lbs).

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Seals and Sea Lions

What animals have blubber?

The animals that have blubber are: whales, seals, sea lions, elephant seals, walruses and 40% of Americans most aquatic and/or semi-aquatic animals.

Don't forget penguins, a lot of seabird chicks have a heavy blubber layer which is lost before fledging.

Most animals with blubber live in freezing and/or arctic climates.

Seals and Sea Lions

Why do sea lions eat rocks?

To help them digest there food.

Seals and Sea Lions

What bird can swim as fast as a seal?

A penguin can swim as fast as a seal

Seals and Sea Lions

How does a harp seal defense itself?

They are fast swimmers and will attack with their claws.

babies are camouflaged

Seals and Sea Lions

What is a female bull seal called?

The female is a cow.

Seals and Sea Lions
Hamster Breeds

How old do hamsters live?

Most hamsters will live to the age of 2 years or even 2 and a half years. If you're lucky, they may even get to the age of 3!

Seals and Sea Lions

What does seals sound like?

seals usually make sounds like Oort Oort Oort. they bark like dogs but they have a higher pitch.

Seals and Sea Lions

Are seals hairy and slimy or just hairy?

Seals are mammals and they are covered in fur, they aren't slimy.

Seals and Sea Lions
Leopards and Panthers

Why do leopards have enemies?

so they can fight it

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Seals and Sea Lions

What does a seal eat?

The seal is a pinniped, and is carnivorous. They eat fish, krill, shellfish, squid, and other marine creatures (like the penguin, which is hunted by the leopard seal). Use the link below to check facts and gather more information.
a seal eats sardines (the little fishes) for extension white sharks mostly eat seals and sea lion

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Seals and Sea Lions

Is a leopard seal a primary consumer?


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Seals and Sea Lions
Similarities Between

What are the similarities between a walrus and a harp seal?

A walrus has tusks near their cheeks and no whiskers and seals have whiskers but no tusks

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Seals and Sea Lions

Do seals eat fish?


Seals and Sea Lions

What do seals like to play?

Seals like to play with toy balls.

Seals and Sea Lions

Can you buy a sea lion?

I'm not possitive, but it seems you'd be able to with a permit since they are found alot more then they used to, you could google it, because usually Bing is people who try to be smart off the tops of their heads.


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Seals and Sea Lions

Why do grey seals have small ears?

So the water doesnt get in there ears jade :D

Seals and Sea Lions

How do sea lions talk to each other?

they talk like dolphins swimming on the land

Seals and Sea Lions

How are sea lions predators to penguins?

Yes they are because they hunt them in the water barely any penguins can swim fast enough.

P.S. I like dead apples

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Seals and Sea Lions

Why do seals have broad flippers?

they have broad feet so they can walk on land

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Seals and Sea Lions

How do ringed seals move?

With their flippers

Seals and Sea Lions
The Moon

Can wolves bark?

Yes, wolves can bark. They can also howl, whine, and make other sounds. Wolves rarely bark like dogs. Instead they use a low-in-tone short bark, usually used to warn pack mates of intruders.


Wolves can bark, though they are most famous for their howl. Many stories have wolves in them, and the wolf is often described as evil, like The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. Wolves are misjudged for many things. They really aren't that bad...I have been studying them for three years, And I know a few things about them. In a pack, their barks and howls and growls help them, though some think that they are just doing it for fun. In a pack, wolves may howl at different pitches and volumes so that it sounds like there are more of them and that they are a stronger pack. That way, enemy and bordering wolf packs will know to stay out of their way because it seems like there are more of them. Wolves up in the snowy areas will bury their muzzle in the snow and howl so that their prey will think that the wolves are farther away, because the snow muffles their howl. Growls will warn other wolves to stay back. Whines will tell other members of the pack different things, at different pitches. Whelps (Wolf pups) whine the most of any member, though the adults and alphas and betas will whine in pain, if they smell something, etc. Barks often warn other wolves to stay back. I know that I'm saying more than you asked...oh, well.

Seals and Sea Lions

Is a leopard seal cold or warm blooded?

It is cold blooded for your information

Seals and Sea Lions

How does leopard seals adapt to Antarctica?

During the Antarctic summer (November-April), leopard seals hunt among the pack ice surrounding the Antarctic continent, spending almost all of their time (except for breeding) in the water. In the winter (May-October) they range northward to the sub-Antarctic islands.

Seals and Sea Lions

How much fish does a sea lion eat?

The average sea lion will eat around 35 pounds of fish daily, on average 6%-8% of its own body weight :)


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