Manatees are aquatic mammals found in the coastal regions of North America. They are an endangered species whose habitat has been encroached upon by the recreational water activities of coastal dwellers.

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Is the sea cow dangerous?

Manatees are very harmless, they can't do anything to hurt you.


What Florida mammals weigh over 1500 pounds?

The Florida manatee is a marine mammal that weighs between 1500 and 1800 pounds when full-grown. An adult measures up to 12-feet-long and lives to 50 - 60 years.


Does sharks eat manatees?



Does a manatee have flippers?

yes, although it is not a fish!


What part of the ocean do manatees live?

Manatees live in shallow, marshy coastal areas and rivers, not in the ocean.

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Which manatee species is listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service?

The Manatee Species listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Endangered Species List, as of 01/2010, are the Amazonian Manatee, the West African Manatee, and the West Indian Manatee. There is a Dugong also listed. While the Florida Manatee is listed as endangered by The State of Florida. For more details, please see the sites listed below.

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When did the sea cow go extinct?

The Steller's sea cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) was hunted to extinction within 27 years of it's discovery by Europeans, in 1741. So they were extinct by 1768.

The four remaining related species of manatee and dugong are currently in danger of extinction.

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What do you call a young cow?

A young cow, in the sense of it being female, is called a heifer. Heifers remain so until they have had a calf. However in the more general sense, a young "cow" is called a calf.

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What is census taking?

Recording the amount of people in a country.

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Do walruses live in the ocean?

No way

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How many manatees are alive on earth?

only 29 this year


Are Manatees and Dugong the largest sea herbivores?

Yes, they eat about a football field sized amount of grass each day. Making them the largest sea herbivores.


Do manatees live in the ocean?

Yes, the only place a manatee can survive is the ocean, or an underwater environment that had similar qualities to an ocean.


Is this a fact or opinion the ugliest sea creature is the manatee?



Are manatees Monotreme?

No. A manatee is a placental mammal, meaning it gives birth to live young. Monotremes are egg-laying mammals. Only platypuses and echidnas are monotremes.


Is a baby Manatee called a calf?

Yes! Baby manatees are called calves. They are called this because they are sometimes referred to as a sea cow. A cows baby is called a calf so it makes sense to call them this.

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Why do the manatees need to be protected?

Because the motor boats are killing them by the motors chopping the body under the water... :'(


Do manatees have tusks?



Why are manatees endangered?

The manatee on average, is facing several large problems. Most are habitat related, either due to a general loss of habitat, due to coast line construction and the increase in boat traffic that brings. As well, as development of the general area, which in turn brings more people to the areas they feed, and raise their young in. This creates run off, which creates problems in the water, and of course, the rivers need to be controlled so they are safe to build beside. Boat strikes are a big factor in everyday life for the manatee, and propellers do serious injury to them, even as far as amputating their tails, and flippers. They die of these injuries! When they move upriver seeking warmer waters, they face the "water control structures". Floodgates, navigational locks, flood pipes, and drainage channels, all can trap the manatee and they can drown or be crushed. These are some of the main factors, they still get caught in fishing gear, and nets, along with the effects of the red tide and algae blooms, which decrease the amount of oxygen in the water. For more information, please see sites listed below.
the manatee is endangered because sometime's boat's will run into them. The boat's propeller will cause injury or even kill the manatee.
There are several different reasons why the manatee is endangered. Some of which are boating accidents where the manatee came too close. Humans have been infringing on the manatees habitat as well.
Manatee are endangered because in Florida the motor boats go over their backs then manatee either die or get a giant scar. The motors also cut the manatee then they die or get a scar.
They are endangered, because they stay by the surface and sometimes boats with motors hit them accidentally, or not and it hurts them, sometimes can be fatal.


What is the most serious threat to manatees in Florida waterways?

Manatees are dying because boats are running over them.


How much does a manatee weigh?

Most manatees weigh about 900-1200 pounds (410-545 kg). The largest females may weigh up to 3910 pounds (1,775 kg). Baby Manatees have an average weight of 30kg.


How do you tell a female manatee from a male manatee?

There is a variety of ways to tell a male manatee from a female manatee. Females are generally larger than males as they have to give birth to a 3ft., 80lb. calf (average size for a baby manatee). Female manatees can get up to 3500lbs., and 10ft. in length, while males are generally in the 9ft range and 1200-1800lbs. The main way you can tell manatees appart is, just like humans, the location of the genitals. In male manatees, the genital opening is located on the underbelly of the animal right below the navel. This makes the anal opening, and genital opening farther appart. In female manatees, also on the underbelly, the genital opening is right above the anus; openings are closer together. If you can see the underside of the manatee, and locate these openings then you have the easiest way to tell the sex of a manatee.


Could the west Indian manatee be considered a keystone species?

no i believe not, this is due to the fact that otters have roamed society for many a year in west india, these are far more important for indian economy than said manatee.


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Are manatees monotremes marsupial or a placental mammal?



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