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Ask questions here about the Central American country of Honduras and its history, geography, climate, politics and people.

Asked in Bats, Honduras

Does the Honduran White Bat have wings?

yes, also the wing span is about 6 cm
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Who discovered Honduras country?

Christopher Columbus
Asked in History of Maritime, Honduras, Spanish Armada

Where can you find information on the 1798 Spanish Armada attack on the British settlement in the Bay of Honduras?

I myself cannot give details of the Battle of St. George's Caye as it is popularly known, but see Emory King's History of Belize (3 vols), paper, for details and further references. If I recall correctly, against the Spanish Armada the British and the settlers had 2 frigates and a few floating gut rafts. The Spanish had many deaths due to illness and withdrew leaving the battle outcome a draw. I believe O'Neil was the commander of the Spanish fleet, which then...
Asked in Honduras, Mountains

Are there mountains in honduras?

yes there is mountains in honduras mostly in the east side
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What is the capital of Honduras?

Tegucigalpa (Tegus, for short) is the capital of Honduras and is located in the department of Morazán. Tegucigalpa was founded in 1578 and has been the capital of Honduras since 1880. The capitol of Honduras is Tequcigalpa Tegucigalpa is the capital and largest city of Honduras, a country in Central America. ...
Asked in Honduras, Flags

What does the Honduras flag represent?

The entire flag is described in the national anthem as a piece of sky, while the white stripe is described as a block of snow that crosses this sky. There is no snow in Honduras, but the national anthem latter clarifies this saying it is a sacred fondo? In this sacred fondo are found the five stars which represent the original central American countries. These are Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. The middle star, of course, represents Honduras. Honduras...
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What foods are common in Honduras?

Food in Daily Life. Beans and corn tortillas are the mainstays of the diet. The beans are usually fried, and the tortillas are small, thick, and usually handmade; ideally, they are eaten warm. A farm worker's lunch may be little more than a large stack of tortillas, a few spoonfuls of beans, and some salt. The ideal meal includes fried plantains, white cheese, rice, fried meat, a kind of thickened semisweet cream called mantequilla, a scrambled egg, a cabbage and tomato salad...
Asked in Thanksgiving, Honduras

When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Honduras?

Thanksgiving is a North American tradition celebrated by Canada and the United States. Honduras does not celebrate Thanksgiving. ...
Asked in North America, Honduras

Is Honduras in North America?

No. It is in Central America.
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How long does it take to fly from Munich to San Francisco?

The results of your search for Munich (MUC) to San Francisco, CA (SFO) Shortest Flight Duration 11 hours 50 mins ...
Asked in Christmas, Honduras, Santa Claus

Do children in Honduras believe in santa?

Go Read http://hondurasweekly.com/previousissues/920-honduran-christmas-traditions-endure ...
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What countries are on the ring of fire?

The countries that border the Pacific Ocean, and are therefore included in the volcanically active "Ring of Fire are: Australia Brunei Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Indonesia Japan Malaysia (*sometimes considered outside the Ring) Mexico New Zealand Nicaragua North Korea Panama Papua New Guinea Peru Philippines Russia Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand United States of America Vietnam The islands within the Ring of Fire also include: Kiribati, Palau, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Tonga, and Vanuatu, and others, as well as Hawaii (US) ...
Asked in Firearms, Honduras, Importing and Exporting, International Shipping

How can i send gun parts to Honduras?

First, you need to ensure the legality of the shipment, both from where you're shipping them from (I'm assuming it's the US) and where they're being received at. On the US side, you need licencing through ITARS in order to be able to export firearms, firearms components, certain firearms accessories, military surplus items, dual use technologies, etc. On the Honduran end... you should probably inquire with their embassy on this matter. ...
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Where is Honduras?

Honduras is in Central America (between North and South American continents). The country lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and is bordered by Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Geographically it is 15 00 N, 86 30 W on the world map. ...
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How many miles is it from Concord MA to Honduras?

There are 2,095 air miles between Concord, MA and Honduras.
Asked in Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay, Analogy

Paraguay is to Bolivia as what is to Honduras?

Nicaragua. Paraguay is southeast of Bolivia (in South America), and Nicaragua is southeast of Honduras (in Central America). Gualemula ...
Asked in Cruises and Ocean Liners, Honduras, Central America

What is the departure city in Honduras?

Many cruises use Roatan as their port of call in Honduras.